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I’ve been thinking about the topic this week and I’ve kind of struggled. I like to travel, but I’m the type that likes to explore wherever it is I’ve gone to. What are the funky little bistros or quirky stores…or museums…that kind of thing.

But a world in a book I wouldn’t like to truly visit. Hmm…. I’d have to say going back in time to Outlander times. I’m probably too free spirited and headstrong for those times. I don’t think I’d like to go to outer space, either. The lands of Star Wars just don’t do it for me. Doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone. Just means it’s not for me. šŸ™‚ I also doubt I’d be keen on a realm with robots that are so human-like that I’d get confused. For some reason, robots creep me out.

But those are my reasons. What about you? Where would you go? Where would you avoid?

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Blogging Challenge 2/27/2019 @MeganSlayer #longandshortreviews #blogging #fictionalworlds

  1. It’s funny you mentioned Outlander because I’m just about to start reading it for the first time. I’d heard so many people say wonderful things about Diane Gabaldon’s work that I decided to request that book from my local library.

    And now I’m very curious to find out why you wouldn’t want to go there. šŸ™‚

    My post.

  2. I haven’t read “Outlander” (pretty sure we’ve discussed how much I hate the book… well, the first few chapters since I’ve never been able to get past them), but earlier times were hard, dirty, germ-infested, awful times where you could easily die from a broken bone or scurvy. Yeah, I’ll stay in modern times, thanks!

  3. I AGREE with everything you said. And I mean, EVERYTHING. And for computers/robots? I still remember at a very impressionable age, the movie Demon Seed with that AI program, Proteus IV – nightmare city. And now those camera’s that are supposed to help you protect your home can be hacked into and you can by spied on! They can change your thermostats! What happens if a robot or program advances in AI to the level where it could control the house to do harm to you? Trap you? oh no — worlds like that are fine for books and movies but I’d never visit, not for a second.

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