His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon


His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon

Mystic Wolves Book Two

Niall is alpha of the Mystic Wolves. His life revolved around protecting his pack and son Nolan. He planned to do this alone until finding an injured woman who stirred more than just his lust.

When Alaina Strop woke in the tattooed arms of a strange wolf shifter, all she could think of was getting closer. Having no memory was a small thing compared to the feelings she had for the growling man. Before she could give her mind and body to him, she needed to find out who she was, and be sure she didn’t belong to another. Though deep in her soul, she knew she was Nialls.

Danger came to Mystic as Alaina’s memory returned and her father came to claim her for another wolf. But Niall, the big bad alpha, had found his perfect wolf, and wasn’t about to let her go, no matter the cost.

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And now an excerpt!!

Without hesitation he went to her, uncaring of what tomorrow might bring. He needed to reassure himself that she was here, that she was okay and that she was his.

Heat burst through his veins at the first touch of his lips on hers, careful of her split lip. He walked her backward until they reached his Camaro, and lifting her easily he placed her on the hood without breaking their kiss.

Her legs wrapped around him, trembling even as they pulled him in closer to her. She moaned, ripping at the ends of his shirt trying to tug it off.

God, he needed inside her. “Do you like these pants,” he asked between clenched teeth.

A pretty pink flush covered her face. “Yes. Don’t you?”

He was quickly losing the ability to focus on anything other than the need to get her naked. “I knew you were going to say that.” Moving back a couple inches he stripped her top and his, baring her gorgeous breasts covered in a matching grey lace bra. She lifted herself up, allowing him to pull the stretchy leather-like leggings from her legs, taking her panties with them. Her fuck-me boots had fallen off sometime during their short walk, which he was grateful for. Unsnapping the last article of clothing she had on, he let it drop to join the pile on the hood of his car.

His dick was so hard when he stepped back into the vee of her thighs. She locked her legs back around him and he could smell her arousal.

The urgent need to mate with Alaina was tempered by the knowledge she was unaware of his nature. Niall swore he’d love her so good she’d accept all of him. He brought his hands up to her breasts, cupping and massaging, his fingers tugging on her nipples until they were hard little points.

She ground against his cock, leaving behind evidence of her desire on the denim. Her fingers moved between them, unsnapping the button and releasing the zipper in an excruciating slow slide. He growled a low warning, letting her know he was close to the edge.

“I’m just being careful not to injure you here,” she murmured, brown eyes laughing up at him.

He tweaked her nipples a little harder, more of her orange blossom and ginger scent flooded the air attesting to her excitement. “Me too.” His voice was gravelly with need. “I think I’m in need of something to eat, and you are just the treat I need.”

Pulling her to the edge of the car, he dropped to his knees and with her legs over his shoulders, Niall licked Alaina like a favorite treat. He loved hearing her scream out his name as he plunged his tongue in deeply and drew more of her sweet flavor into his mouth. He found himself growling, more wolf than man as he devoured everything she gave. Taking little nips of her inner thighs, he licked and sucked until she was thrashing, her breaths coming in ragged little gasps as her orgasm crashed over her.

Only then did he stand and force her head back with one hand in her gorgeous brown hair. “Alaina, look at me. Watch me while I take you.” He held his rock hard erection in one hand.

Her breasts heaved with her exhalations, but she complied, looking at him. She moaned as he slowly entered, her pussy rippling along his shaft, making him groan.

“Oh, fuck. I don’t think…shit, don’t move.” Niall tried to still her hips from moving up to meet him. He loved how responsive she was, how her body seemed to be made just for his. He pulled back and plunged deep, kissed his way to where her neck and shoulder met and bit down just hard enough to hold her in place. She cried out, screamed, jerked upwards and rotated her hips. Her arms came up, locking around his neck and held him to her. Small teeth, sharper than he’d have thought, bit into his neck, making his wolf howl.

There was something magical happening, but Niall couldn’t think past the roaring in his head as his orgasm began. He let it take him, let his control slip, excited in the ability she had to make him, the alpha, lose all control. He felt her body clamp down on him, her pussy milking, squeezing, and taking everything his had to offer.

The orgasm ripped through them both, her passion filled cries overflowed his mind with pure love and joy. Niall’s mind and heart sang with love that he savored. Ecstasy unlike any he’d ever known shook him to the core, and instantly he felt guilty.

Very slowly he unlocked her legs from around his hips, and slipped from her body. She had a wondrous smile on her face that made him want to bend over and kiss her. The fact he’d put the look on her face, made him want to wrap her up in his arms, and take her inside and do it all over again.

Out Now ~ @MeganSlayer ‘s Superhero #mm #romance #superheroes

Superhero by Megan Slayer  SUPERHERO

Hiding in Plain Sight Series, book 1


Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

M/M, Anal Sex

MLR Press

He can levitate objects and predict the future, but no one knows his powers…until he finds a man worth fighting for.
He can levitate objects and predict the future, but no one knows his powers…until he finds a man worth fighting for.
Chase Bender moves objects with his mind and can read the immediate future. If anyone found out the man behind the mask had a lot in common with the regular man character, they wouldn’t believe him. What’s a man with super hero abilities supposed to do to get a date?
Dylan Foreman isn’t interested in jumping into the dating pool, but can’t deny the attraction when he meets Chase. Can the burning lust between a simple book keeper and a man in spandex, and sporting a cape really last?

Available from MLR Books:  http://www.mlrbooks.com/Bookstore.php?bookid=MSSPHERO

And at AllRomance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-superhero-1777466-349.html

Excerpt, ©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved


He shouldn’t say anything. Should keep on walking.

“Hi there. Do you come here often?” Hell. Of all the things he could’ve said, Chase picked one of the worst pick-up lines…ever.

Dylan’s eyes narrowed. “Do I—we’ve met, haven’t we?”

“I’m sorry. I’m horrible at manners sometimes.” Chase offered his hand. “I’m Chase. We met at the Riley party.” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “I’m Mind Bender.”

“Oh!” Dylan’s eyes widened. “I hadn’t recognized you…but I bet that was the point.” His cheeks burned bright red and the color spread down his neck. “Can I say that was a good show, or will I get you into trouble?”

“Won’t get me into trouble. I appreciate the kind words.” Chase nodded to the cart. “I needed to get a few things. Care to walk with me, or are you nearly done?”

“I’m trying to get my shopping done while Nathan’s at swim camp.” Dylan gripped the cart. “The kid is a fish.”

“He’s your only child?” Chase pulled up beside Dylan and walked the rest of the way down the frozen food aisle.

“Just one. My partner and I couldn’t decide on another one.” Dylan’s blush deepened. “It’s a long story.”

“But I bet it’s a good one.” Chase missed being able to converse with other adults. The people at the store were okay, but they weren’t Dylan. The spark from the party hadn’t been in his imagination. He and Dylan seemed to be able to talk quite well.

“The story has its good parts, but there are bad parts, too.” Dylan stopped. “How much more do you have to buy?”

“Truth be told, I’m done.” Chase grinned. “I didn’t need much.”

“If you’re done, do you want to grab a cup of coffee? The little shop allows carts. I’ve only got a few more things to get.” Dylan flexed his fingers on the cart handle. The indentation of a wedding ring was evident, but not deep. Divorced? Split up? Chase wanted to know and yet, he didn’t want to ask.

“I’d like that,” Chase said. “I’ll pay for my things while you finish, then meet you at the coffee shop in, what, ten minutes?”

“Sounds good.”

Paying for his items didn’t take the entire ten minutes. For once, the lines at the store moved quickly. Chase tucked his change into his wallet. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten through the line in less than fifteen minutes. He pushed the cart to the coffee shop. Most of the tables were empty and one of the booths was free. He pushed the cart behind the booth and plopped onto the wooden seat.

His skin prickled. Being around Dylan heightened his senses. What was it about the dad that kept him on the edge? He eased his phone from his pocket and switched the ringer to silent. If anyone needed him that bad, they could wait. As he sat there, the salt shaker began to levitate. Oh fuck. He grabbed the glass container and held it to the table top. No, no, no. His powers weren’t allowed to go haywire. They weren’t.