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This week for my post about my grandmother, I’m focusing on my paternal grandmother. Shes’ a unique person. She always has been. Some people just see her as her disease – she has dementia. Others see her for her OCD. I see her as a woman who has lived through a lot and survived. She’s a little silly, very stuck in certain ways, confused, sad, but also fun and sweet.

I’m lucky to still have both of my grandmothers. When I was a teenager, I actually had four–no five–grandmothers. Four I knew and one I didn’t.  I spent time with my grandmothers and with the exception of two, I was allowed to just about destroy the house, with grandma’s help, if that’s what I wanted because she had fun making a mess, too.

But this column is about my paternal grandmother. I mentioned she’s got OCD and dementia. It can be tough talking to her because she remembers certain things the way she wants to because that version makes her happier than how the event really occurred. She’s 87. I won’t argue with her.

My grandmother has been good for some odd advice, but this one was one of the oddest. Not bad, but a little different. My Grandma used to say, you have to dust the legs of the table because you never know when someone will look there.

Yes. She said that. The legs of the table. I always wondered why she said it, but I was usually the one sent to do that dusting, too. I didn’t know anyone who crawled under the table during any family events. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized what can be done under a table. I’ll let you go where you want with that. But why would she care about dusting the legs of the table.

Looking back, I see what she meant. It wasn’t for shenanigans happening under the table. She meant, pay attention to the details. If you’re going to do something, do it fully and right. If you’re going to dust, make sure you’re getting all of it. She’s right. Why do something half-assed when doing it right is best? I’ve tried to follow that advice in my own life. Oh, sure. I’ve cut corners here and there, but if I want something done and done well, then I do it right. It’s best.

Do you have interesting advice from your grandmother? Something that might be a tad off the beaten path? Let me know!

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I love my local Friends of the Library group. Love them. The ladies are awesome and the events they’ve planned are fabulous. To raise awareness for the library and group, they threw a Cheeseburger in Paradise event, involving…cheeseburgers and books! They’ve got the used book sale every November, too. It’s always a good time.

I’ve mentioned it before, but they’ve got a smallish author event called Books and Brunch. It’s pretty straightforward. There are authors talking about their books…and brunch is served. Cool, eh?

I’ve said I’m helping with this event. I totally respect anyone who throws an author event. There’s so much to do! I don’t know how they get it all accomplished. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning.

Yesterday, for example, I had gone to help inventory items for the brunch, but it was also an inventory the things the group has so we can say it was inventoried. This is a fine job if everyone is on the same wavelength or at least working together. But we tried to sort out things for the brunch, things to toss, things to reorganize and before we knew it, we had a mess. Then we sorted books. I didn’t get a chance to stick around for that because I had to get to the dentist. Wooo hooo. Dentists!

But before I left the Fire Station – we share the building – I had to pick up more things to bring home to do for the brunch. Need author pictures and banners? That’s me. Bios and decor for the author tables? You’re looking at the artist. Anything written and sent to the papers for promo? I’m your girl. Writing for the posters and chalkboards? Right here. Various banners and gift bag ideas…you guessed it. Me. The other ladies helping are doing so much, too. It’s not all on me. But every so often, I wonder if I can get it all accomplished.

Then yesterday happened. I finished the placemats for the authors – a special mat to mark where an author will sit at the various larger tables during the brunch. We decided on a cozy mystery theme, so I went with puzzle pieces. They turned out great and the ladies loved them. Worked for me. That’s when it happened–I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. Oh, I still feel a little in over my head, but not so much now. I got one accomplishment down and the road doesn’t feel as bumpy. If I can do one, I can get the rest done.

Writing’s like that, too. You think you’re in over your head and you probably are, but then something happens that makes it worthwhile and a tad easier. A positive review, a contract, constructive feedback…kind words on social media. Hey, we all need it. So when you’re considering that con or deciding on buying a book, think about the work that went into it and maybe leave a kind word or two when you’re done. We all need that little push and encouragement. 🙂

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Life with Dogs

Note, that’s not my dog. I didn’t have a photo of her handy to post. I will next time. Plus, this photo was just too cute not to share.

I’d planned on writing blog posts for both days this weekend. Planned on getting a lot done. Yeah, I said planned. My dog had other ideas.

I love my dog. She’s my dog. People like to tell me she’s just a dog, but she’s not. She’s mine. She adopted me. For whatever reason, she’s decided I belong to her. Works for me.

Most of the time I don’t mind her shenanigans. I mean, she’s a dog. She can’t always control herself. I know that. But this weekend, she was a real pill.

It started out with a pair of matching socks. No, the more I think about it, the whole thing started Sunday morning at three a.m. I don’t sleep well. One noise and I’m wide awake. I hear the dog making noises and wake up to find she’d barfed. I clean it up, get her settled and go back to bed. She graces me with the same thing at five-thirty, but this time I got her outside before I had to clean anything up.

Then after I was up for the morning,  I found a puddle on the floor. Seems when I’d decided to wash the grays out of hair the night before, she had to go out, but couldn’t, so she left me a present. Needless to say, I found the puddle in those matching socks.

I get teased by DH. If I’m wearing matching socks, it won’t be a good day. If they don’t match, then it’ll be okay. Turns out, he was right yesterday.  After the multiple messes, my pup decided it would be great to wander the house. This isn’t bad, just…I have to watch her. Last month she had to have one of her eyes removed due to glaucoma that was uncontrollable. Not good. But she’s bounced back wonderfully. Really. For being 13 and down an eye, she’s a champ. She’s still got the spunk in her step and can’t wait to go for car rides. It’s just that sometimes she strolls the house for what seems like forever and occasionally if she doesn’t think anyone’s around, she’ll leak.

She didn’t intend to make a mess and I can’t blame her for having an upset tummy. It happens to the best of us. I honestly can’t blame her for the puddle, either. I should’ve been watching her. She’s old and leaks. If I’d have been keeping an eye on her, she might not have done it. Like I said, she has to be watched.

But I bring this up because I was told the other day that authors have brilliantly wonderful lives that are full of glamour and fun. I can’t say I don’t love my life. I have good dogs, good cats (well as good as cats can be), a great family and I get to do what I love by writing. But it’s not all rainbows and skittles. Not by a long shot. I ended up going through three pairs of socks yesterday. Got mud on my jeans when I watered the plants because I went to check one of them and transferred the dirt from my hand to my pants. See? Not thrilling stuff.

And yet, I managed. I’m still here. I’m breathing. I will get some writing done later. It’s a good day. Even with the puddles and mishaps, it’s good.

Saturday Seven ~ Old Hollywood Royalty with @meganslayer #hollywood #filmstars #movies #list #oldhollywood


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For the last weekend in February, I thought I’d do an honorable mentions list for my Saturday Seven list. There are those actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood that shimmered, but they didn’t make the other lists. I probably thought of them AFTER I made the earlier lists. Hey, it happens. So here is my list of Honorable Mentions. Check them out.

7. John Payne

6. Maureen O’Hara

5. Natalie Wood

4. Cesar Romero

3. Claudette Colbert

2. Myrna Loy

1. Ava Gardner

As I’ve said before, I’m sure I missed a few. I’ll do lists of more current actors and actresses, but these are my Old Hollywood favorites. Did I miss some? Let me know. And don’t forget to check out the other Saturday Seven posts!

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew with @meganslayer #tired #bookevent #authors #jeepauthor #reading #books

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I knew when I joined my local Friends of the Library that I was in for…a lot of work. I knew it. I’m not the kind of person to go half way with anything. I can’t. If I’m going to do it, I do it all in.

But the problem with going all in is that I think I’ve taken on more than I can handle. Don’t take this as a whining post. I’m not. It’s about seeing my limits and thinking…girl, you got in way over your head.

The plan was to do one or two jobs. Get my feet wet with this event, then really go for it. But I said I’m an all in girl. So that one or two jobs turned into fifteen. Oy!

Like oh my gosh, what were you thinking, too many jobs.

Sometimes I wonder how I’ll be able to do it all. I had a busy day today just planning and getting ready – and the event isn’t until April – and I’m tired. I can’t fathom how crazy this will get closer to the event.

But I have a healthy respect for anyone who plans and pulls off an event.  I respect the tie and effort put into what happens as well as the blood, sweat and tears involved. I don’t know how others don’t give up.

So I’ll keep on going and push forward. I can’t do anything else. I got myself into this and I’m going to make it the best event I know how to make it.

Things My Grandma Used to Say by @MeganSlayer #musings #grandma #advice #iamwriting #jeepauthor

Grandmother Banner

I’ve still got both of my grandmas, but I’ve always wanted to do a column about them. Not so much the women themselves, but the things they have told me. My grandmas have said these things, but also have said them in the past. I’m always interested in things you were told by your grandmothers, so feel free to leave your advice in the comments.

This, being the first of my columns, is about my grandma who didn’t have to take that role, but she did. It’s a long strange story, but she stepped up when she didn’t have to.

One of the things she used to say was ‘Find music and dance. Why not? It’s a way to be happy and how can you not be happy when you dance?”

This was also told to me when she was dancing in a circle, thing ring around the rosie, with my aunt and uncle.

She was right, though. Dance. Why not? If you’re happy and having fun, then others around you will notice. Yes, you might look ridiculous, but does it really matter? Doesn’t to me. I’d rather be happy and look a little foolish rather than being angry.

I’ve tried to keep this gem of advice in mind as I go through my day. Whether it’s singing to myself as I find the change in my purse, to singing along with the song on the store radio to singing in the car and doing my own thing…I try to stay positive and upbeat. It makes life a lot more enjoyable and my day better.

Grandma was sure on to something. Why not dance in the band shell and be happy?

Available Now! Finding Michael by @meganslayer #gayromance #erotic #contemporary #pridepublishing

Finding Michael by Megan Slayer Finding Michael

Pride Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Gay Romance

Super Novel


Going home could be just the thing his muse needs and his heart desires.

Tristan Paulson needs the words to return. He loves his career penning novels of small-town love, but his muse has gone missing. If he can’t write, he can go back to his roots and sort through the items his newly deceased uncle left behind. Once in Sullavan, Ohio, he realizes just how much he loved the place. Then he sees the handsome librarian—Michael is just the kind of guy he’s always wanted. How can he go back to the big city when Sullavan calls to him?

Michael Kane wants nothing more than to be surrounded by his books and the written word. He knows heartbreak and isn’t in the mood to put himself out into the dating pool again…until he sees Tristan. He wants to be with Tristan, but he’s too shy. A handsome man like Tristan wouldn’t be interested in a quiet man like Michael…would he?

General Release Date: 20th February 2018, preorder up on 1/9


Here’s an excerpt! 

©MeganSlayer 2018, All Rights Reserved

“There’s a bookstore and it has a coffee shop. I go there. I spend a lot of time with Molly because she’s alone at the B&B. Her last boyfriend was a real peach and when he left, he screwed her over. Stole her money, wrecked her car…so she’s kind of touchy.” He stretched his legs. “Otherwise I do my own thing. I spend a lot of time at the library and working with the ladies group who helps the library.”

“No boyfriend?”

Isn’t he full of questions again? “No.”

“Me either.” Tristan blew out a long breath. “Why don’t we go down to the diner? I’m starving and…why not?”

“Sure.” He eyeballed Tristan. The guy wasn’t asking him to come home with him. Just a meal together. Why did this feel like more? Because he wanted more? Christ, he hadn’t gone out with anyone since Barry and even then, the connection wasn’t strong. He stood and stretched, then settled next to Tristan. He could be crazy, but he’d like to find out more about Tristan.

Tristan remained beside Michael as they walked to the diner. He could get used to being with Michael. He’d only been in town for twenty-four hours and he couldn’t fathom not having Michael in his life. As friends? Absolutely. As lovers? If he had his way, then yes.


I Get By With A Little #Help from My #Friends with @MeganSlayer #writerfriends #writerslife #jeepauthor #iamwriting

I’m all for helping my fellow authors. If I see a book up, I’ll try to share, post, tweet, whatever about it. Why? Because we can always use some help. This business is brutal. I don’t care who you are…writing a book, publishing it, and sticking your chin out there to get punched is hard.

But there are things that can knock you down, especially as a writer. I’m not going to get into seriousness, but there are things. One of those things can be reviews. I can say with all honesty, this wasn’t me, but a friend got a review for her poetry book that was really craptastic. I can see where it would’ve sent the muse running into the corner to rock back and forth. But that’s where friends come into play. Get a rough review? Don’t go to social media to lambaste the review. Get your friends to boost you up. An ‘atta girl can go a long way. That’s what I tried to do for my friend. Hey, they’ll try to knock you down. Just get up again and try again…kind of like Chumbawumba (If you don’t know who that is, then google it. I’m dating myself, but whatever)

Then there’s the odd feeling in the business. Sharing, posting, tweeting, resharing, etc…it gets overwhelming. But that’s what friends are for. We work together. We build each other up. Romance writing and actually any writing in general is hard. Think we just get up one morning and say, I’m going to write a book? Well, we probably did, but it’s not just putting words on the page. II’m serious. t’s not as simple as putting words together, putting them in a document and putting it up for sale. Seems like it, but it’s not. We have to put blood, sweat, and tears into those words. We have to research, think, edit and sometimes cry over those words.  So when you see an author posting about their work, share the post. Tweet about it. Tell your friends. Why? Word of mouth, support from our friends and support in general really does help.

That’s why I’m glad I have a great support system. I have friends, readers and family that care. When I have a hard day, I turn to them for help and support. I talk through what’s bothering me. We cheerlead each other and hold each other up. What about you? Do you have a support system? What have you learned through your journey as a writer? As a reader? Let me know!!

Speaking of friends and support, my latest book, His Valentine, features two friends who’ve decided to make their relationship more than platonic. Check it out!

His Valentine by Megan Slayer HisValentine_Slayer

M/M, New Adult Romance

Anal Sex, Masturbation
Short Story
Part of the Picture This series
Book 2
From Mlr Press
Brandon Kidd thought he’d overcome his demons. He thought he’d conquered his addiction to booze and his need to be promiscuous. He thought he’d left his depression behind. Why? He met and started dating Aydin, the man who stoked his muse. But the depression and his insecurity have come back, and he’s also got to pass his annual review for his fine arts program. He’s got to get through the grueling review, open up to Aydin and have the Valentine’s Day he deserves?
Aydin loves Brandon. He sees the changes in his boyfriend and wants to help, but how do you help when you don’t know the problem exactly? To compound the problem, Brandon’s brother, Benson, has started causing trouble. Benson doesn’t want his brother to be gay, let alone in a relationship. Aydin found the strength to admit he wanted to be with Brandon. Aydin’s come into his own. Will he be enough for Brandon or will the crushing outside influence be too much to overcome?
They’ve come together for Valentine’s Day, but can the romance last?

You Win Some…You Lose Some by @meganslayer #racing #randomthoughts

1024px-Dan_Wheldon_2011_Indy_500 1

I’m going to start this post by noting the photo above isn’t a NASCAR racer. It’s an Indy Car. It’s Dan Wheldon’s car.  I used his image because he could be a very polarizing guy. Most either liked or hated him. I tended to like him. Why? He was my age. Note, I said was. He passed away in a wreck at the Las Vegas Speedway. I know. I saw it live. It messed with my head. It did. This person, so full of life and bluster wasn’t full of life any longer. Someone so young…

Which brings me to the race today. The Daytona 500. I used to watch NASCAR religiously. I loved the roar of the engines, the thrill of the race and the excitement of who could win.

I’ve always had those drivers I don’t particularly like and those I do. I started out as a Rusty Wallace fan–even named my cat after him–because he drove a blue car. He was a villain for a while. Then when he retired, I moved to Dave Blaney. I took hell because he wasn’t very good. Turns out he’s better on dirt, but that’s another story. Then when he lost his ride to Clint Bowyer, I moved to him. Then he became a villain, too. Once he moved to Toyota…I went with my second choice, Austin Dillon.

Now, I’ve been a fan of his since he was racing dirt cars, so for over ten years. I liked him because I thought he and his family had class. But it appears by winning the Daytona 500, he’s become a villain.

Here’s the thing…whether they cheat (Bowyer, suspected) (Dillon, punting Almirola), stink (Blaney, depending on whom you ask), or are just plain jerks (Any driver on any given day – you don’t know what they’ve been through that day and we all have our off days), they’re still human. They want to win. Wheldon wanted to win and rode the edge…a lot. Bowyer was suspected of wrecking to help a teammate get into the playoffs thing NASCAR is doing.

Then there’s Dillon. The guy doesn’t seem to do much right. He’s rich and came from a racing family, so he’s been given everything. Um… so was Earnhardt Jr. So was Elliott. He won by wrecking Almirola. It’s the Daytona 500. Lots of people bump and dump–otherwise there wouldn’t be a catch-phrase for it. You can hate him. You can say he didn’t earn that win. Um…lots of drivers don’t lead a lap, but win. Lots of drivers wreck the other guys so they can win. I hold up Kyle Busch as a prime example. He’s been known to dump anyone he likes just to win. He’s a villain.

Then there’s the point that this was the 20th anniversary of Earnhardt’s win. Guess what? A 3 winning again is pretty cool. Don’t like him? Then don’t. But the coincidence is neat. I’d like to think Earnhardt had his hand on Dillon kind of pushing him along. Oh, and before you have a fit…Earnhardt bumped and dumped a lot. I think he got a water bottle or two thrown at him because of his on-track antics.

NASCAR needs villains. It needs heroes. It needs drivers to be themselves. I don’t like all of them, but I like some of them. I don’t wish ill on them. I like to see the underdog win (and yes, Dillon was an underdog.) I like seeing a little variety.

Don’t hate me because of my favorite driver. Don’t hate me because I have my opinions. That’s what makes our country great. We all have our ideas and opinions. We’re free to express them. I know I won’t have changed your mind and that’s okay. I wasn’t out to change it. I’m just stating my thoughts.

So, yay #3, Austin Dillon. You’ve won the 60th Daytona 500 and that’s pretty freaking awesome. Oh and RIP Dan Wheldon. You put on a damn good race. ❤

Saturday Seven ~ Screen Legends Ladies List with @meganslayer #movies #silverscreen #actresses #oldhollywood

This week, I’m a little late. I’ve been busy writing, so forgive me. For the Saturday Seven, I’m continuing my list of seven fabulous Old Hollywood actresses. I love the old black and white movies and these ladies really made my day.  Here they are, but in no particular order.

7. Mae West

6. Barbara Stanwyck

5. Olivia De Havilland

4. Joan Fontain

3. Alice Faye

2. Betty Grable

1. Ginger Rogers

I’m sure you’ve got input. Do add yours to the list. They might be some I’ve forgotten. Grin.

And don’t forget to check out the other Saturday Seven posts!