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TGIF Changeling — New from Megan Slayer, Alexa Piper, Alice Gaines, Willa Okati, Marteeka Karland, Lou Sylvre, Kate Steele — Changeling Press Blog

What I’m Reading Fridays ~ The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone @meganslayer #iamreading

This week, I read The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone. I have to admit there are some ridiculously long sentences in this book. Now, being a writer myself, that seems like a silly thing to say–long sentences. The thing is, this woman, Elizebeth Friedman, was a complicated woman in a complicated time. She did complicated work, so it stands to reason the book about her would be complex. It is. But I got lost a couple times in the middle of the long sentences trying to figure out what the author was talking about. This is a long read, but it’s interesting. Elizebeth carried a huge load between her family and her cryptologist job. If you’re interested in how the USA helped win WWII, then this is a must read. Check it out!

Joining the ranks of Hidden Figures and In the Garden of Beasts, the incredible true story of the greatest codebreaking duo that ever lived, an American woman and her husband who invented the modern science of cryptology together and used it to confront the evils of their time, solving puzzles that unmasked Nazi spies and helped win World War II.

In 1916, at the height of World War I, brilliant Shakespeare expert Elizebeth Smith went to work for an eccentric tycoon on his estate outside Chicago. The tycoon had close ties to the U.S. government, and he soon asked Elizebeth to apply her language skills to an exciting new venture: code-breaking. There she met the man who would become her husband, groundbreaking cryptologist William Friedman. Though she and Friedman are in many ways the “Adam and Eve” of the NSA, Elizebeth’s story, incredibly, has never been told.

In The Woman Who Smashed Codes, Jason Fagone chronicles the life of this extraordinary woman, who played an integral role in our nation’s history for forty years. After World War I, Smith used her talents to catch gangsters and smugglers during Prohibition, then accepted a covert mission to discover and expose Nazi spy rings that were spreading like wildfire across South America, advancing ever closer to the United States. As World War II raged, Elizebeth fought a highly classified battle of wits against Hitler’s Reich, cracking multiple versions of the Enigma machine used by German spies. Meanwhile, inside an Army vault in Washington, William worked furiously to break Purple, the Japanese version of Enigma—and eventually succeeded, at a terrible cost to his personal life.

Fagone unveils America’s code-breaking history through the prism of Smith’s life, bringing into focus the unforgettable events and colorful personalities that would help shape modern intelligence. Blending the lively pace and compelling detail that are the hallmarks of Erik Larson’s bestsellers with the atmosphere and intensity of The Imitation Game, The Woman Who Smashed Codes is page-turning popular history at its finest.

#talking with #family with @meganslayer #evernighties

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I’ll start this out by saying I won’t discuss politics in public. I have thoughts and ideas, but I don’t air them publicly. Nope. Won’t do it.

So the answer to this topic is pretty easy. No.

That’s a little too easy. I can talk to DH about politics and I will happily talk to the tot about politics because he’s taking government class. Sometimes it’s easier for him to understand if we discuss the topic–whatever it is. DH and I discuss politics because he tends to see things in a way I hadn’t thought of and vice-versa.

But the rest of the family? BIG FAT NO.

It only ends in tears and destruction. Why? People don’t discuss their views. The people in my family tend to shout their views. I know going in we won’t all agree. I appreciate it when we don’t agree. I like seeing other points of view. Heck, I’m the one who says I have thoughts, but I’m open to convincing, so convince me.

But no, I don’t talk politics with family and friends. It’s just not worth the argument.

What about you? Can you talk about politics with family and friends? While you’re here, check out my Evernight Publishing title, Soft Iron. 🙂

Soft Iron by Megan Slayer

Evernight Publishing

Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Short Story


Celestial Mates, 3

A simple kiss could break the curse, but who wants to kiss a statue?

Bia is the goddess of strength and compulsion, but those traits have her trapped in iron. A simple kiss could break the curse, but who wants to kiss a statue? Especially a statue of a woman stabbing a man in the heart? She knows better than to hope her celestial mate will find her, but what if her hopes are justified? 

Oliver, a very quiet, geeky guy, knows his way around fabric and fashion. He excels at his job of dressing mannequins for storefronts, but he’s lonely. When he sees the statue of Bia, he’s smitten. She’s everything—strong, confident and sexy—everything he wishes to be. What will happen if the shy man overcomes his fears and gives in to his heart’s desire? He just might be able to harness the power of the goddess.

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#thebest #couples on #TV #movie with @meganslayer #romance

This week’s post concerns my favorite TV/Movie/Book Couples. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to answer this. I mean, I could go a hundred different directions. But… I narrowed it down. They might be unconventional picks, but oh well. Here goes nothing…

  • Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man. William Powell and Myrna Loy played sophisticated so well. Love them. Plus, they had the dog. The chemistry was off the charts.
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  • Another choice of mine was a couple that never really got together, except in drive-by situations. Christine Sullivan and Judge Harry Stone in Night Court. I used to watch this TV show when I was a kid and even I could tell there was chemistry between the characters. The will-they-or-won’t-they worked so well.
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  • Those who know me well know I have a thing for my comic book heroes. Captain America is a particular favorite (ok, mild obsession). I might have named my cat after Cap and my dog after Cap’s best girl, Agent Peggy Carter. Maybe I’m odd, but I don’t tend to root for characters to get together in movies. Maybe I like the tension, but I totally rooted for these two. Plus the 1940s vibe was too cool.
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  • On to the unconventional-ist of my choices, but Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier from the movie, X-Men: First Class. Yeah, yeah, I know they weren’t a couple. Never said they were, but they had chemistry. A bromance. Whatever you want to call it, they had great lines in that movie and I liked seeing them together. #sorry #notsorry
  • And the last would be Zsadist and Bella from JR Ward’s Lover Awakened. First, I liked that the character was named Z. I’m a Z, so it stuck with me. Second, I loved that he sang and the only one who could calm Z was Bella. I liked their interplay and the romance. It might not be the love story for everyone, but I liked it.

What about you? What’s your favorite movie/tv/book couple? Want to know which one is my favorite couple *I’ve* written?

It’d have to be Cameron and Josh from The One I Want. They’ve got dogs, Winston, the Labrador and Dolly, the Collie. The dogs draw their masters together. How can you not love that? Here’s a little bit about them:

The One I Want by Megan Slayer

Must Love Dogs, Book 1


M/M, Anal Sex

From Pride Publishing


Who knew love could be found at the dog park?

Cameron Johnson wants to fall in love. He’d also like the man he’s interested in to like dogs, too. Why? He considers his black Lab, Winston, to be family. If the dog and the guy don’t get along, the deal is off. Except there’s one man who’s caught Cameron’s attention…and he’s got a Collie.

Josh McDowell didn’t start visiting the dog park to find a date. He wanted to exercise his Collie, Dolly. His dog, though, has other ideas. Once she meets Winston, she’s smitten. His owner is rather easy on the eyes, too. Josh gathers his nerve and makes the first move. Cameron is his kind of man—sweet, quiet, smart and a dog person. Their connection is strong, but with Josh’s insecurities and Cameron’s fear of commitment, will it last?

Redeeming Raygan by @meganslayer @decadentpub #gay #gayRomance #erotic #zeroohio

Redeeming Raygan by Megan Slayer

Zero, Ohio ~ book 5

MM, Contemporary Romance

From Decadent Publishing

Two rough endings can equal one hot beginning. 

Raygan Mason is done with love. After plenty of failed relationships, he wants nothing of the emotion. He’s broken inside and believes he’s not worthy of redemption…until he meets a man named after a car. Then his structured, but closed off world gets turned upside down.

Jamie “Jeep” Grusin isn’t big on love, either. Fresh out of a marriage filled with cheating and lies, he’s not looking for another partner. The writer wants a fresh start and is told Zero will cure what ails him. He’s not convinced…until he ends up at Eight Ball bar.

Can two men who think they are totally wrong for each other find out that redemption and a new start is so right?

Decadent publishing link:


Copyright ©2014 Megan Slayer

He drove nearly the length of the main street before he spotted the bar. The gigantic eight ball wasn’t lit, but there were lights on within the building.

“This must be the place. Jeep pulled into the parking lot, then stopped. He grabbed his wallet, phone and notebook. He refused to be anywhere without a paper and pen.

The bell dinged as he headed into the bar. Two men stood behind the counter.

“Sorry, buddy,” the black-haired man said. “We’re closed.”

The taller man shrugged. “Bobby, lock the main door. We can go out the back when we’re done. One patron won’t hurt anything, but I don’t want a group coming in.” The man turned his attention to Jeep. “What’ll you have?”

“Uh—” He’d always known what to say in every situation, but not now. Looking at the brown-haired man twisted Jeep’s tongue. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. “Which one of you has a place for me to stay?” Holy shit. What an unintentional come-on!

Both men froze. Jeep knew exactly what he’d said and wished he could’ve taken it back. He scratched his forehead. Shit. He needed to unlearn that bad habit. Still, the nervous gesture gave him time to think.

“I meant, I’m new in town and need a place to rent for the next few nights. My publisher, Nelson Vickers, told me someone here has a place for me to stay. I need it while I’m writing.”

“You must be looking for Sam,” the black-haired man said. “He’s got half a duplex.”

“Yeah.” Jeep nodded. “Him. Which one of you are him?” Hopefully the taller guy was the man he needed to see. He wouldn’t mind spending some quiet time with the handsome man.

“Neither. This is Bobby and my name is Raygan. Sam, the one you’re looking for, works at the community center. It’s closed now, but I’d be willing to bet he’ll help you in the morning.” Raygan placed a coaster on the bar top. “Want a beer?”

Over My Head ~ A #valentine story by @wendizwaduk @meganslayer @totally_bound #romance

Over My Head by Wendi Zwaduk

Heart Attack Collection

M/F, Anal Sex


Totally Bound

What happens when two opposites realize they have more in common than expected?

I’m a dancer, a damn good one if you asked. I work at the Silver Steel Gentlemen’s Club. My hard and fast rule? No freebies and no office dating. Except for Slade. Hard, fast, slow, gentle…I don’t care.  I’ll take him any way possible. But he’s not that in to me.

Or so she thinks. I’m a bouncer at the Silver Steel. Astra doesn’t realize I see her.  I can’t help myself. She captivates me every time she’s on the stage. I want her, but I have a…problem. I’m not at the Steel to pick up chicks or even work the room. I’m there to stop the influx of drugs into the community. Yeah, I’m a cop. But if the job means sampling the dancers… As long as I keep my heart out of it, I’ll be fine.   

I hope.

This book has a kick ass hero, a dancer with all the right moves, hot sex, a little mutual anal play for good measure and mention of drug use.

A former AllRomance Ebooks Best Seller!

And now for a hot excerpt!

Astra laughed. She fucking laughed as he stood back up and struggled out of his coat. The vixen. “Better not be taunting me, little girl.” He tossed the tangled mass of coat onto the floor somewhere behind him. “I’m not one of those guys from the club.”

“Good,” she said and grabbed the hem of her shirt. “Fuck me.” Astra pulled the shirt up over her head and gave the crumpled fabric a toss. Her breasts heaved with every breath.

Damn, she wasn’t wearing a bra or anything. Rosy nipples beaded before him and the flush on her cheeks spread down across her chest. No matter how hard he tried, Slade couldn’t get his tight T-shirt up over his head fast enough.

Astra stared up at him through heavy-lidded eyes and plucked at one nipple. Her hips bucked with each twist. She bit her bottom lip and cupped both breasts.

Finally getting the shirt off, Slade dropped to his knees and wrapped his arm around her thin waist. “Mine,” he said with a grunt and pulled her to him. He closed his eyes and feasted on her nipples. Her sighs and whimpers matched his every lick and nibble. “Slade.” She ground her pelvis against his abs. “Feels so fucking good.” Her body trembled and she grasped his hair even tighter. “So close.”

Close? From sucking on her nipples? He smiled around her breast and gave her nipple one last lick. He pulled away and sat back on his heels, not to punish her, but to give himself a moment to breathe.

Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout. “Done already?”

Done? Not hardly. Slade hooked his fingers in the waistband of her jeans, flicking the button. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

Astra leant back on her elbows, granting him access to her jeans. She wriggled her ass and slid out of the cumbersome denim. Slade kicked the pants out of the way and soaked in the image of Astra in nothing but a skimpy pair of panties. The flame red contrasted well against her pale skin.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking my fill.” He took her left foot in hand and rubbed his nose along her calf as he removed her sock. “I can smell you.”

She shivered and pulled her legs together. Slade placed his hand on her right thigh. “Open.”

Gasping, she complied. Starting at her ankle, he licked a path up her leg. He loved women with long legs and hers didn’t fail to meet his standards—all lean muscle and alabaster skin. He pressed a kiss to her inner knee and glanced at her. Astra cupped her breasts and stroked her peaked nipples. A fresh wave of heat soared to his groin. He wanted to make her feel desired, but damn, if she kept toying with her breasts, he’d never last. He licked along her inner thigh, intentionally stopping before the heated flesh of her pussy.

A strangled whimper worked past her lips. Her brow furrowed.

“Needy?” He switched his attention to her other leg, blazing a matching trail along her goosepimpled skin.

“You want to kill me, don’t you?” Astra abandoned her breast play and fisted her hands in the sheets. “God.”

“With sex?” He drew a long breath, memorising her scent.

“By making me wait.” She scooted forward, but he stopped her actions by placing his hands on her inner thighs.

“I should spank your ass.”

@Copyright 2012 Wendi Zwaduk

Off Camera by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #newadult #romance

Get your New Adult fix in this hot story featuring two film students learning about love on and off camera.

Off Camera, Book 2 in the Complicated series by Megan Slayer

From Megan Slayer Publishing

Contemporary, M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation


Navigating college is hard, but not as hard as learning to love and trust.

Kade Evans knew what he wanted to do with his life—write scripts for Hollywood. He’s poured his heart into his work and learning the tricks of the trade, but being only twenty-one he knows he needs experience. How’s a guy supposed to get experience when he’s shy and quiet? The answer might be closer and more forceful than he thinks.

Tony Victor’s goal in life is to make movies. He won’t quit until he’s working on the next blockbuster. First, he’s got to get through college and get the handsome guy from script writing class to notice him. Tony’s never had trouble getting attention, but something about Kade calls to him. Tony’s head says go slow, but his heart is ready to take things to the next level.

Will these two find common ground or will the simmering passion between them fall apart when their secrets are revealed?

And now an excerpt!! 

©Megan Slayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

Tony bobbed his head to the heavy beat and wandered around his tiny apartment. He needed to say the right thing to Kade. One wrong move and he’d screw everything up even more.

“Hi. We met during class today. I’ve been watching you for the last two months and hoped you’d notice me. You haven’t, so I acted like a jerk in order to grab your attention.” He shook his head. Yeah, that wouldn’t work. “Remember me? I still want to work with you on this project. I’m an ass, but I’ve got my heart in the right place.” No. He’d been thinking with his cock, not his heart.

Tony drummed his fingers on the table then picked up the telephone. Shit. He needed the class roster sheet the prof had passed out. That had everyone’s contact info on it. He found the paper. With shaky hands, he pressed the numbers for Kade and held his breath. Here goes nothing…

“Hello?” Kade’s voice came across the line. “Who is this?”

“Hi. It’s Tony. I’m in Scriptworks with you.” He balled his fist. “I wanted to talk to you about the project.”

“You do, eh?” Kade sighed. “I’m not interested.”

“Wait. Don’t hang up.” Christ. He hated the idea of being wimpy and begging. “I can do this project without you, but I’d like to talk to you.”

“You stole that book out of my hands.”

“Would you believe I did it to get you to talk to me?”

“What? No. I don’t believe you. I’m hanging up now.”

“Don’t.” He closed his eyes. “I’m really trying right now.” Something deep within him ripped in half. “Please?”

Kade said something Tony didn’t understand then growled. “If I decide to talk this over with you and think about doing this joint-project, will you give me the book back? I have to get the paper done by next Wednesday.”

“You drive a hard bargain.” As if he’d actually keep the book. He didn’t need a description of Hitchcock’s works. Tony gripped the phone tighter. “Deal. Meet me at Harvard Place in a half hour. I’m in apartment 5-C. I’ll wait in the foyer. Interested?”

Kade didn’t answer for a long time and with each passing moment, Tony’s heart sank. He opened his eyes and began to pace again. If he didn’t get an answer, he’d know the truth. He’d fucked up.

“Okay,” Kade said. “I’ll do this, but only because I want my book.”

“Sweet.” Tony loosened his grip. “See you in a half hour?”

New from Changeling Press! @changelingpress #newreleases @Kate27Steele @marteekakarland @Sylvre

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Arkham (Bones MC 5)Arkham (Bones MC 5)
by Marteeka Karland
Sale Price: $3.39

Rain needs protection, but who’s gonna protect her from me?

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A Shot at Perfect (Vasquez Inc. 4)A Shot at Perfect (Vasquez Inc. 4)
by Lou Sylvre
Sale Price: $4.24

New trauma threatens the love of a Dom and his sub. Investigating crime may threaten their lives.

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Feathers, Fur & Dreams
by Kate Steele
Sale Price: $4.79

Six couples meet their destinies at the hands of fate… with a little magic thrown in for good luck….

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Needing Desire by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #bdsm #hot

Needing Desire by Megan Slayer

A Beyond Club Desire story

M/M, Anal Sex, BDSM, Toys, Spanking, Bondage

Short Story, Contemporary

SuperNova Indie Publishing

Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.

Lonely hearts will find a way to mend and grow, especially with cuffs involved.

Jake Charles rules the Toy Box room of Club Desire. Whatever toys the doms want, he supplies. He’s happy with his job, but wants more—especially with Master Tony. There’s only one catch. Master Tony hasn’t noticed him. When the Master comes calling for toys, Jake’s got to decide if he wants to keep his happy but lonely existence or put himself in Master Tony’s arms and gain the desire he desperately needs.

Anything is possible at Club Desire.


©Megan Slayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

Jake made his way down the corridor. The thick carpet muffled his footsteps. The dim light made the deep blue paint on the walls seem softer, almost like velvet. He stopped in front of Master Tony’s door. Being in the blue corridor meant the dom had been at the club awhile and had earned a special room. Jake knocked on the door and waited.

“Come in,” Master Tony said from within the room.

Jake twisted the knob and opened the door. Master Tony’s space had been decked out with the same thick carpet and blue paint. “Here you are, sir. All the toys you’ve requested as well as the lube and rubbers.”

“On the table.” Master Tony stood beside the leather-upholstered table. Plastic had been stretched out under the furniture. He rocked on the balls of his feet, making the plastic crackle with each movement. “I assume you brought everything.”

“Yes, sir.” Jake left the tray on the table then stepped away from Master Tony. “Anything else, sir?”

“Yes. Do you wish to play?”

Jake wobbled on his feet. He couldn’t believe his ears. Master Tony wanted to know if he wished to play?  He hadn’t thought Master Tony was interested. The last thing he knew, Master Tony had a sub. Although Jake had been hurt before, he wanted to open his heart to the dom.

“I asked you a question.” Master Tony stepped up to Jake. He stood about five inches taller than Jake, but the difference seemed greater when they were next to each other. “Well?”

Jake’s heart hammered. He could say no and keep his situation uneventful or he could accept a chance to change his life for a few hours and submit to the man he craved.

Jake nodded then bowed his head. “Yes, sir. I’d like to play.”

What I’m #Reading Fridays with @meganslayer ~ Rocket Girl by George Morgan

I have a love of biographies. There’s something about learning about other people that appeals to me. I’ve always had an interest in rockets and NASA, too. I’ll never be a rocket scientist or astronaut (I hate being up high and math isn’t my friend), but it’s neat to read about those who understand both. The book this week that I’m reading is a biography with some creative license taken. I know the author, the son of Mary Morgan, doesn’t know the precise conversations his mother had as a child. She wasn’t a chatty person. But that’s okay. It’s still an engrossing read. Maybe it’s something you’d like. It’s what I’m reading today.

LIKE THE FEMALE SCIENTISTS PORTRAYED IN HIDDEN FIGURES, MARY SHERMAN MORGAN WAS ANOTHERUNSUNG HEROINE OF THE SPACE AGE-NOWHER STORY IS FINALLY TOLD.This is the extraordinary true story of America’s first female rocket scientist. Told by her son, it describes Mary Sherman Morgan’s crucial contribution to launching America’s first satellite and the author’s labyrinthine journey to uncover his mother’s lost legacy–one buried deep under a lifetime of secrets political, technological, and personal.In 1938, a young German rocket enthusiast named Wernher von Braun had dreams of building a rocket that could fly him to the moon. In Ray, North Dakota, a young farm girl named Mary Sherman was attending high school. In an age when girls rarely dreamed of a career in science, Mary wanted to be a chemist. A decade later the dreams of these two disparate individuals would coalesce in ways neither could have imagined.World War II and the Cold War space race with the Russians changed the fates of both von Braun and Mary Sherman Morgan. When von Braun and other top engineers could not find a solution to the repeated failures that plagued the nascent US rocket program, North American Aviation, where Sherman Morgan then worked, was given the challenge. Recognizing her talent for chemistry, company management turned the assignment over to young Mary.In the end, America succeeded in launching rockets into space, but only because of the joint efforts of the brilliant farm girl from North Dakota and the famous German scientist. While von Braun went on to become a high-profile figure in NASA’s manned space flight, Mary Sherman Morgan and her contributions fell into obscurity–until now.