Want to Keep Up with Megan Slayer and Wendi Zwaduk?

Want to Keep Up with Megan Slayer and Wendi Zwaduk?

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Desiring the Leading Man – Club Desire, book 4 by Megan Slayer (HOT EXCERPT)

Desiring the Leading Man – Club Desire, book 4 by Megan Slayer (HOT EXCERPT)

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Desiring the Leading Man  Image

Club Desire, Book 4

Megan Slayer

Contemporary, LGBT

M/M, Anal Sex, Spanking, Voyeurism, Toys, BDSM

Resplendence Publishing


Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.

An actor with a mega-sized ego? Check. The role of a lifetime playing a submissive in a major motion picture? Check. A Dom with unlimited patience? There could be a problem with explosive results.

Dylan Tyler isn’t used to being told no. He’s the hottest actor in Hollywood with a long list of films to his credit. His specialty includes taking risks for his roles and immersing himself in the characters. He’s about to portray a submissive for his latest flick—except he knows nothing about the lifestyle. He’s at Club Desire to learn, but the line between performance art and…

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Cat Groove ~ The latest in the Stray Cats Series by Megan Slayer (M/F, Paranormal)

Cat Groove ~ The latest in the Stray Cats Series by Megan Slayer (M/F, Paranormal)

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Cat Groove (Stray Cats, Book 3) by Megan Slayer  MS_CatGroove_large

BIN: 06884-02217

Word Count: 13K

Page Count: 45

Changeling Press

He’s found his mate and his groove, but he’s got to convince her they belong together.

Watching his woman with another man just about killed Roman. His heart beat for Jessa. His ability to switch over to his human form has allowed him to show her his other side, but will he scare her away? He’s willing to work his groove in order to win the heart of the woman he loves.

Available here:



©Megan Slayer, 2014

Roman’s cock twitched beneath the towel. She would have to pick right now to want him to shift. He’d have to ditch the cover-up and she’d see his erection. Great. She’d think he was nuts and a perv. Whatever. No one had said finding his mate would be easy and he…

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Cuffed ~ A New BDSM Novella from Megan Slayer

Cuffed ~ A New BDSM Novella from Megan Slayer

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Cuffed by Megan Slayer

Black Velvet Society, Book 2Image

Changeling Press

Contemporary, BDSM, Toys, Spanking, Bondage, Anal Sex



Guarding her is the easy part. Not falling in love with her… impossible.

Molly Reynolds has the world at her fingertips. Her father is one of the biggest motion picture directors in Hollywood. She’s seen at the biggest parties and has shown up in the hottest magazines across the globe. But being famous doesn’t guarantee she’ll find love or the perfect partner to submit to.

Enter Black Velvet Society.

She’ll get what she wants… in every sexy way imaginable.

Buy link: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2213


Cuffed (Black Velvet Society)
Megan Slayer
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2014 Megan Slayer

“What Daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Molly Reynolds logged into her account at BlackVelvetSociety.com and scanned the open playrooms. She’d been a frequent visitor to the site for almost a year. Since her…

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