Guest Writer Wednesday: Megan Slayer

Sara Jay's Erotica and Romance

SweetAndWildFinalToday we were going to have the ever-talented and prolific Megan Slayer with us again, and she was going to share some information about her book Sweet and Wild… But Callum from the book had other ideas! We are interviewing Callum instead, folks, so sit back and enjoy!


CD: I’m sitting here with Sara Jay, apparently doing an interview. I should tell you a little bit about me. My name is Callum Donaughue and I’m in the record business. Sounds crazy with everyone listening to digital music, but there is still a call for CDs and records. I’m on the scouting team. I look for new talent and help get them signed to the Decibel Records.

Thanks for having me here Sara Jay. Always nice to talk about the business.

SJ: You’re a shifter. Which kind of shifter are you?

CD: Oh, you wanted to know about that…

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