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I decided I’d take a break yesterday. No writing – except in my notebook – and no social media. No email, either. To some, that’s like a death sentence. How dare I not want to check social media or see what’s going on? How could I not want to fiddle with my email?

Easy. Yesterday was Easter. A family holiday. I wanted to spend the day with the family, not worrying about what might happen online.

I loved it. We had fun. Had a nice dinner, watched two movies and had a good time. I enjoyed myself. Oh, and I had chocolate.

But I kind of felt guilty. Not because I wasn’t online. I liked the break. It was refreshing. What made me feel guilty was when I got a reminder telling me I wasn’t online. I was missing out. How dare I not want to be where the action is? How could I not post in my group, post on my page or blog?

Because I wanted a break. I preset the blog for yesterday and ignored my facebook…everything. I do feel a little guilty. I mean, writing is my passion and my business. This is how I feed my family. You buy the books I write and I can buy school supplies and food. I should be out there pimping my books and promoting sales. I should. But…I didn’t want to…just for a day.

But everyone needs a break now and then. I needed to reset my brain. I’m glad I did. My brain is much happier. What about you? Do you need a day or two to reset? Or are you full-on all the time?


Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Click with @meganslayer #randomthoughts #blogging #writing #iamwriting

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There are some days when the story works. Like, just clicks and I feel unstoppable. It’s crazy, but fun. I mean, I know where I’m going and I can’t type fast enough to get the words down. The same goes for blog posts. Some days I know exactly what I want to write about. Every so often, I even have lists for what I want to write about. I know… crazy.

Then there’s today.  Yep. Today I’ve been stuck. It started yesterday, to be honest. I’d read some things on social media that sucked. Not about me, but about something that had happened. I know, vagueposting much? The post that bothered me doesn’t really matter. It’s done and happened and I can’t change it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t depress me. So that made wanting to write a tad difficult. The vitriol that followed the thing I read didn’t help.

I let the thing bother me, even though I can’t do much about it. That’s where I got myself into trouble. I didn’t comment. No way. But I tried to write. Just work on the story I had started. It didn’t work. Nope. I kept thinking about other things that bothered me–the loss of my cat back before Christmas, my 91 year old grandfather being in a very bad way, the stress from the EDJ, stress from the Author Brunch–and it all messed with my creativity.

So instead of getting totally bogged down, I decided to blog about this pothole in my road of creativity. Do you have these? Ever have a day when you just can’t think of anything to write about for the blog? The story gets stuck? I’d love to know about it. Maybe you’ve got suggestions for how to get beyond the block. I’m listening.

That Doesn’t Happen… Until It Does with @meganslayer #petsinbooks

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I was at breakfast this morning and talking to friends of mine about things only pet owners understand. We all have dogs and cats and shared stories about crazy things the dogs do.

I bring this up because one of my books, actually a couple of them do, but in one particular short story the cat the couple owns shows up when they’re in the midst of getting close. I’ll let you figure out what was going on. The cat hangs out and is pesty when they characters are getting close. The pair decide maybe they should shoo the cat away or go into the other room. I’ve been told by some readers that what happened–the cat being nosy and showing up–doesn’t happen.

That’s what made me laugh and bring it up at breakfast. I’ve never had a dog that wasn’t nosy and didn’t show up at the wrong time. I’ve never had a cat who didn’t believe cleaning themselves should take place when it’s not appropriate.

I’m not alone. We talked about how the dogs will show up when it’s not right or will watch no matter what. I’ve got a particularly clingy dog and she has to be wherever I am. I’ve been followed into the bathroom and protected while showering. Yeah, she’s clingy.

One friend mentioned her dog has to be right with her at all times. Another bathroom visitor. Another friend mentioned how her cat has to sleep on her pillow…right next to her head. Oh, and don’t think about moving the cat because that’s really the cat’s pillow.

I’m guessing some people don’t have pushy, nosy critters like we do. I know of some who keep the animals out of the bedroom at night or don’t let them on the bed. Whatever works. So maybe people don’t have the same problems I do, but that doesn’t mean fiction doesn’t always go along with fact. Grin.

What about you? Do you have pushy pets? Is it just me?

A New Tradition for Christmas with @WendiZwaduk #christmas #traditions #blogfest #lasreviews

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I’m over at Long and Short Reviews today and guest blogging as part of the blog fest. Come check it out. I’ve got prizes up for grabs. You won’t want to miss it. I’ll see you there. 🙂  http://www.longandshortreviews.com/guest-blogs/winter-blogfest-wendi-zwaduk-2/