Find Your Next Ebook to Read

Allie Ritch, author

I combed through my contacts lists and sent invitations to authors I know from my old SFR group, boxed sets I’ve participated in, Loose Id, Liquid Silver Books, and Samhain Publishing. I asked them to send me some of their indie books so that I can showcase them and give readers a chance to browse some great titles in one place. The response I got was fantastic. I received over sixty books, written under twenty-six pen names. These books cover the range of romance subgenres and are organized here by category, and then alphabetized by author last name. So have a look around and prepare to make your TBR pile grow. I know mine has!

Participating Authors: Kayelle Allen, Kay Berrisford, Charlie Cochrane, Leigh Court, Alianne Donnelly, PG Forte, Ann Gimpel, Ciara Gold, Sofia Grey, Treva Harte, Jenna Ives, Becca Jameson, Harper Jewel, Regina Kammer, Sotia Lazu, Roz Lee, Lynn…

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