Together Again by @wendizwaduk #lovelessons #hotread #bdsm @totally_bound

Together Again by Wendi Zwaduk

Book 3 in the Love Lessons series


Contemporary, M/F, BDSM, Erotic Romance

From Totally Bound

Sometimes the second time around is the right time for things to click.

Corey Murphy never intended to let his wife, Katie, become his ex-wife. But for the Murphys, convention and commitment are foreign concepts. Once he lost Katie, he decided to get his life in order. Now he’s healthy, happy with his job teaching physical education and ready to get his relationship back on track. He’s got to hope Katie’s still willing to give them a chance.

Katie Murphy loved being married. She loved the companionship, the connection…and the hot nights. Being with Corey surpassed even her wildest fantasies. But her ex-husband wasn’t big on commitment. She knows he’s got ghosts in his past, but is she willing to help him look to the future—their future?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex and the mention of teacher-student sex.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised, expanded and reedited for rerelease with Totally Bound Publishing.

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She sighed. As with everything else in her life, she’d adapt to the changes. So many things had happened during her fifteen years at Valley Elementary. She’d turned thirty what seemed like eons ago. She’d fallen in love with a good man, met his unique family, married that same man, the only one she’d ever loved, and watched him walk away. When she’d been knocked down, she had picked herself up. After the split, she’d managed to stay friends with her ex. Her friend Molly had called her a saint for being so nice to Corey. Molly claimed Corey didn’t deserve pity or a second chance. Katie disagreed, but that probably was why she still hadn’t moved on.

Oh, well. She’d adapted to being single again. Sometimes she wondered why she held on to the hope that there could be a second go-round with Corey. He had the way, but not the will and she couldn’t keep meeting him at the ninety percent mark.

She plunked her bag down on the desk. A shiver ran the length of her spine. From the air-conditioning system? She checked the thermostat. Whoever had been in the room last left the dial on the lowest setting. She rubbed her arms. Time to bring the temp up a bit. She changed the temperature to seventy-eight, then returned to rearranging her room. She nudged one of the tables with her hip. Holy crap. The tables were heavier than they looked. She wished Corey would show up to throw his muscle around. She picked up her phone and sent Corey a text.

Play to Him by @wendizwaduk #hotread #bdsm @totally_bound

Play to Him by Wendi Zwaduk

Part of the  Bound to the Billionaire Anthology

Featuring M/F, Toys, Spanking, Bondage, Anal Sex and BDSM

Short Story

From Totally Bound

The key to her freedom is accepting his bonds.

Rhiannon Dubois set out to find her own path in life—with her music, her career and what she wants in the bedroom. No more giving in to get what she wants. She’s making her own rules.

Except with the billionaire playboy she can’t get out of her mind.

Sebastian Chastain knows Rhiannon better than she knows herself. Despite her best efforts to hide her need for submission behind her independent streak, she blossoms when she relinquishes control. He’s got the tools to jumpstart her career and he’s not stopping until she regains her spot in the limelight.

She puts herself in his masterful hands, but can he also convince her to offer her heart?

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Bound to the Billionaire anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

Publisher’s Note: The other books in this world is Savin’ Me.

Available everywhere ebooks are sold.

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“You’re going on another date with him?” Kayla wrapped a lock of Rhiannon’s hair around the barrel of the curling iron. “I didn’t think he dated anyone twice.”

“This is our third date, but who’s counting? And, really, what’s a date? We’re not going anywhere special. I’m just playing music for his customers. Nothing exciting.” Rhiannon stared at her reflection in the mirror. Talk about scoring the best stylist in the business. She trusted Kayla to make her look beautiful before each show. Rhiannon pursed her lips and pinched her cheeks. The fat curls accentuated the sunken qualities of her face. She frowned. At twenty-seven, she already looked old. The black liner made the blue in her eyes pop and contrasted with her ivory skin well and paired with the inky colour of her hair nicely, but she worried everything looked too dark and moody. She shrugged. She played moody music, why not look the part? “Do you think I should ramp up the liner?” She squinted. “It’s too light, isn’t it?”

“You’re nervous for a not-really date, that’s a very-much-so date.”

“I’m not nervous.” What a liar. Rhiannon rubbed her sweaty palms on her thighs. Hell yes, she was nervous. Sebastian Chastain, billionaire playboy and owner of Rock Hard Toys and Gear, didn’t give second engagements. Unless the woman really tickled his fancy, he rarely offered a first chance for a play date. He’d signed a contract with her to play whenever he wanted and she’d agreed.

She shivered. Tingles radiated over her back from the memories of his whip spread over her skin. Her pussy creamed and she clenched her knees together. Besides, there was a chance the concert wouldn’t lead to more.

“Whatever.” Kayla rolled her eyes. “Your hair is done. Thoughts?”

Not bad. Rhiannon twisted the cascade of curls on the top of her head. “I like it.” The updo would keep her hair out of the way during the session with Sebastian. …

Dancing Together by @wendizwaduk #hot #bdsm @totally_bound

Dancing Together by Wendi Zwaduk 

Book 4 in the Love Lessons series from Totally Bound

Contemporary Erotic Holiday Romance

Features a MF pairing and involves BDSM, Spanking, Toys, and Bondage

Can friends with benefits become a lasting love?

Allyson Benson has been in love with Jordy Murphy since she started teaching at the same elementary building. She wants the tall, blond gym teacher to notice her and, when he runs into her at a party, she summons her courage to ask him to be friends with benefits. Shouldn’t be difficult—lots of sex, but no entanglements and certainly not love…until love enters the equation.

Jordy Murphy doesn’t do relationships. He’s happy being free, but there’s one woman who has been on his radar—Ally. He wants to get her out of her boring clothes and kindergarten classroom for some serious one-on-one time. He’s all for the sex-only situation she proposes until he’s struck with a realization—what if this perpetual free spirit has met his match? Allyson could be the one. Can the commitment-phobe really accept the love he’s wanted all along?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised, expanded and reedited for rerelease with Totally Bound Publishing.

Available today: 

From Totally Bound:

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“Just don’t. I’m not that kind of girl you sleep with once and throw away.” If he learned her secrets, he’d either run his mouth or run away. “The rumors are right—I’m going to be the last teacher to get married because the right guy isn’t out there.”

“I disagree. I’d like to see you, Ally. Maybe we could dance and have a few drinks then get to know each other better.” He stepped up close to her again. “I won’t haunt you, if that’s what you’re worried about.” He paused. “See? I did watch the movie. I know what the Phantom does. I might whisk you away to my basement dungeon and have my way with you, but you have to give me the chance first.”

“Smart ass.” She debated wriggling free of him, but her body refused to cooperate with her brain’s request.

“I might bite—or, better yet, let you bite me.” He laughed. “I’m easy.”

Oh boy. She hesitated. He was the one she wanted. She’d fantasized about him and to actually be in his arms… She’d had her dream come true and her nightmare exposed. “Okay, but don’t do this so you can dodge someone.”

“I’m not that kind of guy. You’re my focus.” Jordy brushed his thumb across her bottom lip. “When I’m with someone, that’s it.”

“Uh-huh.” She allowed him to tug her from the main hall out to the foyer, then the uncharacteristically cool June night.

Jordy held her to his chest, then spun her around so her ass nestled in the vee of his crotch. He rubbed against her. He slid his hands from her hips to her belly and kept her tight to his body. “I wanted to dance, but out here because it’s chilly.” He dragged his lips along the back of her neck. “You’re one hot vampire.” He nibbled on her skin. “Maybe you should bite me.”

She turned around to face him. God, the man was handsome and strong. His embrace warmed her to the core. She draped her arms about his neck. She had him where she wanted him. “What would you do if I asked if we could leave?”

“I’d think you were ditching me.” Jordy kept her close. “Why?”

If she wanted a chance with him, she’d have to go for it herself. “Do you like me?”

“Ally?” He stared at her. After a second, he loosened his embrace. “Do I like you? You’re my sister’s friend.”

“Ah.” So that was the score—she was locked in the friend zone. She wriggled free and gathered her composure. “I understand. Thank you.” She started away from him. Damn it. She refused to let him see her crack. She knew she was out of his league.

“Ally.” Jordy kept up with her. “I didn’t—I’m confused. Talk to me.” He stepped in front of her, forcing her to stop.

Fuck it. Instead of explaining, she mashed her mouth on his. She hooked her fingers into his belt loops. The bulge in his pants rubbed against her again. Touching him stoked the fire deep within her. Ignoring him hadn’t done any good in getting him out of her system. He still managed to creep into her thoughts. Kissing him only reinforced her desire for him and confused her more. She should be pushing him away, not pulling him closer. If she’d only admit she wanted him, this would be a lot easier. Too bad she excelled in taking the pockmarked, potholed road.

What I’m Watching Saturdays with @meganslayer ~ Brother to Brother

This week I nabbed a copy of Brother to Brother. I saw Anthony Mackie was in it and that’s what drew me in. I liked him as Falcon, and why not try this one, too? It was a good movie and taught me a few things about the Harlem Renaissance. I liked how the character of Perry was handled. it showed him as a real person, not a stereotype. My favorite character had to be Bruce. The man went through a lot and came out on the other side. I like how he taught Perry to be true to himself while being cognizant of the world around him. Good viewing.

A drama that looks back on the Harlem Renaissance from the perspective of an elderly, black writer who meets a gay teenager in a New York homeless shelter.

What I’m Reading Fridays with @meganslayer ~ The Beatles: An Oral History by David Pritchard #beatles

This week, I picked up The Beatles: An Oral History by David Pritchard. I’m a sucker for books on the Beatles and have read quite a few. I wasn’t born when the Beatles were making music together, so this is something that I enjoy reading about. That said, this is sort of a cobbled together timeline of their being a band. Some of the interviews are things from television programs and others seem to be exclusive quotes. It’s interesting because there are so many tidbits, but the cobbled together quality is a tad off-putting. If you’re a fan of the Beatles, give this one a try. It might be just what you need.

This is the real history of The Beatles, told by the people who really knew them – their childhood playmates, family, friends, rivals, lovers, teachers, fellow musicians – and by John, Paul, George and Ringo themselves.

Together these voices cast new light on the band’s history, with revealing accounts of the early days in Liverpool and Hamburg, the touring triumphs and burnouts, and the secrets behind the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. A chorus of distinctive voices tells us how The Beatles helped get The Rolling Stones rolling, why The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 at the height of their fame, and what really led to their breakup in 1970. This book is based on an award winning radio documentary. 

New Release ~ Her Faux Sugar Daddy by @meganslayer #changelingpress #mob #romance #hot

Her Faux Sugar Daddy by Megan Slayer

Jordan Brothers book 7

A Roosters Book

Changeling Press

Contemporary Erotic Romance

M/F, Older Man/Younger Woman

Mob Romance


Art by Bryan Keller

I protect. That’s my job, but I never thought I’d find her.

Jon McDaniels loves being Dash Jordan’s right-hand man. He runs security for the Jordan family and doesn’t expect love to factor into his job. Then he sees Lesley and every protective instinct kicks in. She’s so much younger than he is, but he can’t help how much he wants her.

I want to get away from my past, but when I see him, I know he’s my future.

Lesley Kane knows the dirtier side of life. The child of drug addicts, she wants to shed her past and move on. She thinks she’s safe on her college campus — until danger from her former life shows up in her present. Jon not only saves her, but he sees there’s more to her than what she’s been through. So he’s older than her… age is just a number, right?

Can two people, bent but not broken, find they have a future together?

Available from:

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2020 Megan Slayer

Jon left the vehicle and opened the car door for her. Before she exited, he noticed a man walking toward the building, but unlike the other students, this one wore all camo and had a girl in his grasp. Something flashed, and Jon recognized the item — a gun. Fuck. The jerk had a gun to the young woman’s head. “Get back.” He shoved Ripley back into the car and slammed the door. “Gun.”

“Fuck.” Natty threw the car into gear.

Students ducked, and a few ran screaming. The man held the gun up and shot toward the sky. The thunder of the shots split the air. Jon kept his weapon concealed, but held up his hands.

“Don’t try it, old man,” the guy with the gun shouted. He held the revolver to the young woman’s head. “I will shoot her.”

“Stop.” Jon waited for Natty to speed away, then inched up to the man.

The gunman shot at the retreating car. “Bring him back. I want to bag a Jordan.”

“Then let her go.” Jon kept his hands up. He wanted to disarm the man, but there were too many witnesses. There were also too many blind spots and tall buildings. If the man had accomplices, they could be anywhere. He growled. Who needed to have so many retaining walls and huge fucking juniper bushes? Jesus.

“I’m not doing a Goddamn thing you say.” The man pressed the revolver to the woman’s head.

Where in the hell were the police? Someone had to have called them by now. Natty should’ve, if no one else had. Even the campus cops would be better than nothing. “You don’t want to do this,” Jon said.

“Want to bet?” The man yanked on the woman, holding her tight to his chest. “I’ll fucking destroy her.”

Jon growled again. The young woman couldn’t be more than twenty-one. She had her whole life ahead of her. Panic shimmered in her green eyes. She paled and trembled.

“Help me,” the girl said. “Please?”

#favorite #things to do in the #spring with @meganslayer

This post is supposed to be my favorite things to do in the spring. Doing things for the spring seems like such a far off idea at the moment. I can’t lie. I’m getting cabin fever. Yes, there are books to write (my notebooks are crying because they’re so full) and books to read (the TBR pile is a mess), but I like being outside. I like going to the park and moving. I like KNOWING I can go out if I want to. I don’t really have anywhere to go, but I like having the ability to go if I so choose.

Right now, since we’re in a stay at home directive. Unless you have a reason to go out, don’t. Now, I’m good at being a hermit if I have a book to finish, but I like knowing I can go out if I want.

That’s the fun of spring. The snow, for the most part, is gone and you can go outside. Running, gardening, opening windows (eventually), Easter, the annual Books and Brunch event through the Friends of the Library… It’s all happening in the spring.

We can go outside, but not in groups of more than 10 (I believe it’s still 10 or less). Can’t have the library (it’s closed), can go to the park, but can’t go to the bathroom at the park (it’s in the visitor center…which is closed), can’t go for ice cream unless we get it at the store…it’s too mushy outside to plant flowers or pull weeds (I don’t pull weeds in the rain), and I can’t open the windows yet.

Now, I know this has been a maudlin post. I get it. It has been. But spring just started, so there is plenty of time, things should settle down (eventually) and one day the space around me will warm with spring temps. So, I’m looking forward to 5k races, going to the park, writing while sitting on the swing on the front porch, the flowers and gearing up for the summer 5k season.

What about you? What are your favorite things to do in the spring?

Want a short story that’s big on story, but small on price while you’re stuck at home and need something (else) to read? Check out Simply the Best by Wendi Zwaduk! Only $.99 right now!

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A chance meeting leading to a lasting love?

Sam Rhodes swore he had his life sorted out. He loves his job at the Gates Mills Police Department and his dating life—all the guys he wants as long as he keeps things quiet. But a chance meeting at the library has him rethinking everything he knows. Can this seasoned officer accept what he never knew he wanted, especially if the love of his life could be a woman?

Emma Haeferle’s plans for the day included shelving books at the Gates Mills library, hanging out with her friend and avoiding the leering glances from her boss. When she locks gazes with the handsome bald man across the second floor of the library, all bets are off. She longs to wrap herself in his muscle-bound arms, but can a chance encounter really be simply the best?

Anything is possible when you only accept the best.

Trust & Consent by @meganslayer #romance #gay #gayromance #erotic #hotread #reissue

Trust and Consent by Megan Slayer

Available from Megan Slayer Publications

M/M, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Shibari, BDSM, Rope Play

30,000 words, novella

Releasing April 23, 2020.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A photographer and a musician find love in a blissful, tangled way…

Raylan Greene never expected the guy next to him in American History class to be so hot. Then again, he wasn’t looking for a relationship either. But this photographer knows a good subject when he sees one. The blond-haired guy with the sad eyes captivates him. The trouble is Raylan’s into rope bondage and he needs that special someone to be his partner. A tall order, indeed.

Chase Tate can’t take his eyes off Raylan. When they’re together, even if only in class, the words and tunes to songs fill his brain. He’s found his muse—if only he can grab Raylan’s attention. He’s scared his past and the secrets he’s kept buried will drive Raylan away.

Will Raylan be able to accept Chase despite the issues in his past? Will Chase run once he finds out about Raylan’s fetish? Or will these two scorch the sheets and find a love to last a lifetime?

This book has been re-edited for this reissue version.

Available at:

Universal Link:




BN:  coming soon

Google Play: coming soon


©Megan Slayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

Another semester, another class and no hotties in the bunch. Raylan Greene sat back in his chair and opened his notebook. He never should’ve waited until the summer semester of his junior year at college to take the American History class, but his schedule always ended up so full. He’d finally found the time—in the hottest months of the year.

The pale blue paint flaked at the corners of the room and the desks had seen better days. Most of the table tops were decorated with names carved into the wooden surface. Everyone from Albert to Zach had left a mark.

Footsteps thumped in the hallway and the building buzzed with conversation. Some of the girls sat together and chattered. Two guys near the door argued about a comic book movie Raylan wanted to see, but hadn’t been to the theater to view. One of the guys sported a football jersey and regaled his friends with stories from the latest practice session.

Raylan glanced around the classroom at the various students. He recognized a couple of the guys from other classes, but none of the men in the room appealed to him. He groaned. He had to be one of the older students in the room and all because he hadn’t worked the class in during his freshman year.

He hadn’t been a freshman in a long time, but he felt like he’d been in the photography thread forever. The students in the photography division all knew each other. Once they’d paired off in romantic relationships, those who hadn’t found a partner didn’t really date the others. He’d gone out with a few guys, but none for a great length of time.

He’d just about given up hope when a young man strolled into the room. The guy quickened his pace and collapsed in the desk beside Raylan.

“That was close.” He plunked his books on the desk top. “I had the wrong room assignment written down.”

“That can happen.” Raylan smiled at his classmate. “I’m Raylan.”

“Chase.” He stuck out his hand. “I’m not usually late.”

“You’re fine. We’ve got another five minutes. Professor Alemonde walks at his own pace.” Raylan studied Chase. He’d seen his share of good looking guys before, but something about Chase caught his attention. Maybe it was the shaggy hair hanging to his collar or the slightly bewildered look in his brown eyes, but Raylan wanted to photograph him. He preferred strong men, but not overly muscled. Chase seemed to fit the bill. Was he a hairy guy? A top? A bottom?

“I feel so silly.” Chase opened his notebook and shook his head. “The wrong room number. I’ve been on this campus almost three years now. You’d think I’d check this stuff.” He moved his guitar case to beneath his seat. A myriad of stickers decorated the worn faux leather surface of the case. “If this gets in the way, tell me. I can’t control the thing sometimes.”

Giving In by @MeganSlayer #gay #gayromance #erotic #PNR #shimmer #readwhilequarantined

Giving In By Megan Slayer

A Shimmer Story

M/M, Anal Sex

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

From MLR Press

MLR Press:

Universal Link:





Mix two guys with simmering desire and add the new drink, Shimmer. What could go wrong?

Ronan’s been more than a little in love with Jaxon since they met four years ago. He wants a romantic relationship with his best friend, but they’re opposites. Jaxon’s bookish, quiet and observational, but Ronan’s the epitome of attention-seeking. Besides, Jaxon’s just out of a relationship. Would he want to start another love match, but this time with Ronan?

Jaxon knows how he feels about Ronan. He’d like to strip him down and kiss every tattooed and pierced inch of him. The thing is, he’s worried he’ll screw up the friendship if the romance fails.

The bar is closed for the night and there’s two shots of Shimmer left. So Shimmer creates a different sensation for each drinker. So it can cause unexpected results. It can’t make two guys on the verge of love fall for each other…can it?

EXCERPT: ©Megan Slayer, 2017, All Rights Reserved

“So there’s not much Shimmer left?”

“Like two shots at most.” He washed the rest of the glasses. “Did you want to try it?”

“Might as well. We’re supposed to push it. We should know what it tastes like and what it can do.” Ronan turned two of the ice-ball glasses over. “Fill ’er up. One for you and one for me. What do you

want to mix it with? I can’t remember half of the combinations.”

“What do you want to add? It’s your drink and your experience.” His hands shook. What the hell? He wasn’t a big drinker. Beer made him sick and the fruity drinks had too much sugar. For a guy who worked at a bar, he wasn’t much of an alcohol connoisseur.

“I’m going to mix mine with cola.” It worked with rum. Why not Shimmer?

“Hmm…I think…” Ronan picked up the soda hose. “Lemon-lime.” He poured the clear soda into one glass, then added cola to Jaxon’s. “You add the Shimmer.”

“Sure.” He poured the liquor into the glasses. “Ready?” He picked up his. “Should we toast?”

“Why not?” Ronan grinned. He licked his lips and screwed his face up as he seemed to consider what to say. “How about…to our health, friendship, and great sex. Bottoms up.”

Jaxon downed the drink and ignored the way Ronan’s words made him feel. Great sex. With him? He wasn’t sure. The booze burned on the way down. Shit. He should’ve asked someone how Shimmer and

cola made them react.

“Wow.” Ronan smacked his lips. “That’s awesome. It tingles.”

“The carbonation does that.” He finished his drink and turned away from Ronan. His brain buzzed—or was that the liquor? He wasn’t sure. Holy hell. Blood thrummed through his body. He shifted his hips. His cock throbbed. Was that the tightness of his jeans or the booze? Shimmer couldn’t be affecting him. Nah. He had control of himself.

“Hey, Jax?” Ronan gripped Jaxon’s shoulder. “Is this stuff supposed to make you hot?”

“Huh?” He turned around. “Like how? Is your tongue burning?”

“Kind of.” Ronan poured some more lemon-lime soda, then downed it. “Yeah, this isn’t making me hot.” He frowned. “Did anyone else order Shimmer the way I did?”

“I don’t know. Even if I remembered how it was ordered, I didn’t ask anyone.” Jaxon dropped his glass into the soapy water.


He stared at his friend. “I’m the only other person in the bar. What?”

Ronan’s eyes widened. “I like you and want to fuck you.”

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