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Rocking Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 5

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation


Pride Publishing

Can the geeky teacher moonlighting as a rock-and-roll metal god find the one man to see both sides and want it all with him?

Ever since Michael Jepsen walked into Cedarwood Elementary and spotted Niall Grayson, he’s been hooked. He wants to explore every inch of the sexy third-grade teacher in all sorts of hot ways. But Michael has a secret—during the summer months, he morphs into his alter ego, Bandit, and rocks stages all across the country. Can he keep his job at the school while living the rock-and-roll lifestyle and snag the man of his dreams?

Niall Grayson never thought he’d catch Michael’s eye. Becoming more than good friends never crossed his mind. He’s not good at letting people into his private life and he prefers to keep his heart guarded, but something about Michael makes him want to open up. Will he be able to accept the different facets of Michael or will the relationship fail before it gets started?

These two are determined to rock Cedarwood to its core.

Reader advisory: This book contains expressions of homophobia by multiple secondary characters, blackmail and a forced outing.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere under a different title. It has been revised, expanded and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.

General Release Date: 26th November 2019

EXCERPT: ©MeganSlayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

He donned his sunglasses then closed and snicked the padlock on his locker. He’d need another stretch to catch up to Niall, but the other teacher wasn’t running at a blistering pace so Michael might be okay if he joined him without much prep. He jogged along behind Niall until he felt comfortable then picked up his pace until he joined his friend.

Niall swerved and waved. “Go on,” he shouted.

Although they weren’t quite so visible, Michael noticed Niall had earbuds without cords in. Michael should’ve known Niall would need music, too. He touched Niall’s arm. “Hi.”

Niall frowned. He yanked his earbuds out and slowed his pace. “Michael?”

“Yeah.” He fell in step with Niall. “I’m happy to see you here. Isn’t it a great day for a run?”

“It is.” Niall smiled. He stopped and scrubbed his hand across his forehead. He panted. “I need a break. I’m at the end of my fifth mile, so it’s a good pausing point.”

“I would say so,” Michael said. “Are you training for a ten-k or just like running? I’ve done two and they kicked my ass.” He winced. “Butt.” He should’ve watched his language. He had no idea if any students or parents were around.

Niall laughed and walked over to the fountain. He took a long draw from the running water before wiping his face again. “We’re not at school and I don’t mind if you swear.”

“We’re still public figures and we should have decorum.” Michael rested his hands on his hips. Talking with Niall was so easy. Why hadn’t he tried to make deeper connections with Niall sooner?

“True,” Niall said. He stepped into the shade. “I’m glad it’s finally warm—I thought the winter would never end—but I’d rather run in the cool. You can add layers, but you can’t take them off past a certain point.”

“Are you saying you don’t run bare-chested?” Now wouldn’t that be sexy? Michael could only imagine Niall in the nude. How would Niall take the news that Michael did most of his stage shows without a shirt on and wearing leather pants?

“I’m not that comfortable with my body.” Niall blushed. “It’s a long story, but I’m trying to stay healthy and active. I’ll work on my internal self-image later.”

“You’re in fine form.” He swept his gaze over Niall. Mighty fine.

“You’re not so bad.” Niall’s blush deepened. “I didn’t know you exercised here. I didn’t know you ran, as well. You’ve done ten-k races? I’m impressed,” Niall said. “That’s what I’m training for, so if you’re interested in a training buddy, sign me up.”

“Yeah.” Michael nodded. He wanted more than a buddy, but he refused to get too far ahead of himself.

“Yes?” Niall rubbed his temples. His hair stuck out, slick with perspiration. “You want me to join you?”

He’d lost his train of thought. Shit. He’d been too enamored with the sweet, sexy man who wore the running shorts too well. Michael knew down to his soul that Niall would be hot as fuck naked. Would he be a moaner, too?


Rainbows Over Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #hot #secondchances #gayfathers @pridepublishing

Rainbows Over Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

From Pride Publishing


 Book 4 in the Cedarwood Pride series

Book four in the Cedarwood Pride series – a newly edited and expanded version!

The moment Ashley gave up looking for the right man, he showed up in the form of restaurateur Colt Harrison. Sexy has never looked this good.

Ashley Willis didn’t think he was interested in joining the dating pool…that is, until he catches a glimpse of Colt. The sexy diner owner makes him hot all over and has him thinking all sorts of dirty thoughts. But Ashley has to worry about more than his sex drive—he’s a single dad. What goes on in his life affects his son. Will Ashley play it safe or find the love he deserves with Colt?

Colt’s been happily single for the last few years. He likes his complications to stay at the diner. Then he meets Ashley. The geeky art teacher is everything Colt’s dreamed of having in his bed. Will the fact that Ashley’s a single father be the deal-breaker or will the naysayers in Cedarwood break up this couple before they get a chance to find love?

Available at Pride Publishing


And Kindle Unlimited

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©MeganSlayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

“There’s the man of the hour.” Steve stood first. “I wondered if you’d gotten lost.” He grinned. He might have been a mild-mannered teacher, but Steve could’ve made a killing in modeling. He worked the nerdy-chic look well, although Ashley preferred his friend in the horn-rimmed glasses versus the contacts, but whatever. He wasn’t the one in bed with Steve Moore.

“Colt?” Steve nodded. “We’re ready when you are.” He waved his hand then settled in his chair. “The service here is fantastic—especially when you know the owner. Farin and I come here way too often.”

Colt? The owner? Ashley sank onto the closest chair and gripped the edge of the table. Colt Harrison. Even thinking the man’s name gave Ashley shivers. When he caught sight of the diner owner, his heart hammered. Unlike most of the guys Ashley knew, Colt wasn’t blatant about his sexuality. He didn’t seem to have tons of female or male friends fawning around him, but he reminded Ashley of a movie star. Where Steve had the boy-next-door good looks, Colt was more like a bona fide sex symbol. From his just-out-of-bed blond hair in the perfect waves, to his blue eyes and that muscled body… Ashley couldn’t expect Colt to be attracted to him, but if there was a chance for miracles, he desired to be with Colt.

Of course, he’d have to gain Colt’s attention if he wanted to get together—like that would happen. Colt probably had a girlfriend or boyfriend and wasn’t looking for a replacement. Ashley tucked those thoughts away for now. He wasn’t going to pine for a guy he was pretty certain wasn’t available. Hell, Ashley wasn’t even sure the guy was gay.

Coming out in Cedarwood had become a bit easier, but just a little bit. The coalition against gay people had gotten stronger, but Colin and his small group of unwanteds had refused to be driven out of town. Ashley still had his job at the school, despite the district knowing he was gay. Would they let him go? He couldn’t be sure. What he did know was as long as he kept his job, he’d be fine. If the district decided to rescind his tenure, then he’d have to find another job. If he was nothing else, he was a survivor.

Ashley sat at the table with his son, his friends from the support group and their children, and pondered his future. He’d been asked at the group what he wanted from his life. When he looked at the people around him, he knew—he wanted a job that he loved, his son and a partner. Having friends was right up there on the list, but most of all what he wanted was to be happy. Unfortunately, hoping for happiness wouldn’t warm the chilly nights.

Ripples in Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #secondchances #gayfathers #romance @PridePublishing

Ripples in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 2

M/M, Contemporary

Single Gay Dads


From Pride Publishing


A newly edited version!

One never intended on being a father and the other isn’t looking for a relationship, but they’re about to find out that what they want and need might be the last thing they expected.

Steve Moore wasn’t planning on being a dad. He envisioned a life of teaching and professional swimming. Fast forward a year and he’s the guardian of his ten-year-old sister. He wants love and passion, but who wants to date a guy with a family?

Farin Baker believed love wasn’t in his cards—until he takes his nephew to swimming lessons. One glance at the water-slicked hunk teaching the class has him thinking about jumping into the dating pool once again. He’s ready for a fresh start and a hot guy for his bed.

Will these two men find heat between the sheets or will the guardianship situation be the biggest detriment to them finding happiness?

Available from Pride Publishing and these fine retailers:



©2019 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

Steve ambled up to the sedan, then collapsed in the driver’s seat. No more worrying about his lonely life. He could be lonely and emo about it later. Right now, he had to think about his sister and keeping her happy.

“I heard you talking to Mrs. Finch.” Genie buckled her seatbelt. “Yes, I have a boyfriend, but it’s just chatting on the computer and talking at lunch.”

“I wasn’t worried.” Not entirely. She was growing up too fast for his comfort, but he chalked that up to being a parent. He put the car into gear and headed home. “I’m worried about what she told you, though.”

“Her garbage about you being gay and going to hell?” Genie cackled. “I let her talk, just like you tell me to do, then smiled and went on my way. Yes, I told her I wanted you to get a boyfriend. I’d also like Mom and Dad to come back, but since that’s impossible and you getting a hunk isn’t, I figured I’d aim for the boyfriend.”

“Did you just say get a hunk?”

“Uh-huh. Like Jared.” She giggled. “He’s a hunk.”

“He’s also eleven.”

“I didn’t say for you to be his boyfriend. He’s mine.”

“You’re making me feel old, you know that, don’t you?”

“I do.”

When they reached the house, she bounded out of the car first and into the kitchen. “Stevie, you need a boyfriend. You’re lonely and getting dorky. Try one of those computer sites or something.”

“Mrs. Finch said she thought Grandma would be better to raise you.” There. He’d put that tidbit of info out for her to mull over.

“Grandma? Why would she do that? She doesn’t leave the retirement home that much.” Genie rolled her eyes. “I’m staying put.”

He tossed his car keys into the basket and his wallet onto the buffet. “Why don’t you go upstairs, get your shower, and get ready for bed? I’ll worry about men, okay?”

“Fine.” She grinned and shot up the stairs.

Steve massaged his temples. If he’d been told three years ago he’d be raising his sister, fighting to get permanent custody and living in his parents’ home, he would’ve laughed. Now, he was twenty-four and had assumed the roles of parent and breadwinner. He’d been given so much responsibility… He riffled through the mail he’d left on the counter and paused when he saw the thick envelope. The final custody hearing in court. Jesus. He’d spent a bucketload of money to keep custody of Genie and so many hours running to court. He was her brother, for God’s sake. Didn’t that count for something?

He caught a glance of his sister’s picture in the hallway. Maybe he would let Genie find him a boyfriend. Her taste couldn’t be much worse than the guys he’d already dated. She could be his good-luck charm.

Anything was better than being alone.

Silver Fox in Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #seasonedromance #hot @pridepublishing

Silver Fox in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 10

Contemporary, LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex


From Pride Publishing

Can two lonely hearts find their way to each other despite the odds?

Dr. Isaac McLean knows he’s not supposed to lust after a patient, but there’s something about Len Connor that he can’t forget. His laugh? His strong will? His sexy body. But will Len want to be with his former doctor?

Len Connor wasn’t looking to get back into the dating scene, but he’s never been able to get Isaac off his mind. Isaac is sweet, funny and oh, so handsome. But he’s also at least twenty years younger. Will this cougar get his cub and have a happy ending? Or will the relationship fall apart before it gets started?

Reader advisory: This book mentions a somewhat abusive ex, and deals with illness.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and reedited for rerelease with Pride Publishing.


©Megan Slayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

Brandon ushered him over to a knot of men. “So, guys, this is Len. He lives two doors down from me. He’s middle-aged, fit and looking for a good time. Len, this is Terrence, David, Patrick and Clyde. Oh.” He paused. “And Elise.”

“Elise?” He spotted the lone woman in the group. “Hi.” He nodded. “Nice to meet you, but I’m not looking for a good time. I’m still getting my legs under me here in the development. Brandon assumed he knows what I’m thinking.”

One of the men ushered Brandon aside. Len stayed out of the way. He refused to get involved in a spat.

Elise bumped shoulders with him. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” He smiled. “As you can guess, I’m new.”

“I figured it out by the way Brandon held on to you.” She laughed. Her blue eyes sparkled and she had pale streaks of lavender in her hair. She sighed. “What brings you to Cedarwood?”

“My son. He’s a doctor.” Oh God. He sounded like an old person. “I wanted to be close to him and his husband.” Yep, he sounded old.

“Nice.” She tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. “Is he at the hospital?”

“He works in the emergency room. Dr. Connor. Aiden.” He had to learn to talk to people again.

“I don’t know him, but I try not to visit the ER.” She bobbed her head. “I try not to get hurt, either.”

“Smart.” He hated small talk. “Since Aiden and his husband, Matt, live here, I thought I’d come back. Cissy doesn’t care where we live as long as there’s a big couch and space on the bed.”

“Is Cissy your wife?” She crinkled her forehead. “I hope she’s actually a dog. Making someone live on the couch sounds odd.”

“My dog. I met her when I volunteered at the shelter in Springdale. She was there for a long time and I couldn’t pass her up.” He loved talking about Cissy. “She’s older, but you’d never know it looking at her.”

“The older ones, the ones with nuances, are the best. I met my cat, Grover, that way. He’s missing an eye. Almond, my dog, came from a breeder,” she said. “I adopt, but she was going to be put down because she was too old to breed. Made me mad, so I adopted her on the spot. Been the best decision ever.”

“Good for you.” And the dog.

“She’s twelve and going on six. I’ll bet she’d love Cissy,” Elise said. “Almond and I volunteer at the shelter here in Cedarwood. Stone, he runs the shelter, doesn’t turn any animal away and doesn’t put any one down. I’ll give you his number if you’d like to volunteer. We can always use more people.”

“I’d love to help out.” He nodded. Cissy would love having new dog friends to visit.

“Really?” she asked. “We get a lot of people who claim to love volunteering, but once they do it a while, they realize they don’t really love it.”

“I volunteered for five years in Springdale. I used to go over to the shelter when I had rough days in court and after I split from my then-boyfriend.” Len stuffed his hands into his pockets. “The dogs are great therapy animals—even if they don’t have the label. They helped me get through the rough times. Cissy has been the best.”

“Good.” She handed him a card. “Call Stone. He’ll like you.”

“Thanks.” He’d call on the next day the shelter was open. He yawned. “I’m heading out. It’s been a long day of moving and we’re not done.”

“We’re? Is there a boyfriend in the mix?” She grinned. “I hope so.”

“No. My son and Matt helped. The hired moving men will come tomorrow with the majority of my stuff,” Len said. “I didn’t want to burden Aiden and Matt with everything. They’ve got enough on their plate.”

“Understandable,” Elise said. “Since it appears you’re single, don’t let Brandon fool or spook you. He’s always on the prowl. He can’t settle down and doesn’t want to. He wants a good time. If that’s not what you want, then don’t even try with him.”

“Noted, but I hadn’t planned on it. He sort of attached himself to me.” He had his eye on someone else, but that someone wasn’t interested, so he’d be happy being single.

“As long as you know what Brandon’s up to, you’ll be fine.” She patted his arm. “If you yawn again, I’ll get a complex. Go home and rest. You deserve it. See you around.”

“See you and thanks.” He left without looking back or hunting for Brandon. He’d rather not have contact with him again. Bone-deep weariness had set in and Cissy probably wanted to go out.

Len walked back to his condo. He’d said he didn’t mind being alone—save for the dog—but it wasn’t the truth. He missed having a boyfriend. The nights were still chilly, despite the change in the spring air, and he hated having an empty bed.

One day, he’d find Mr. Right. Hopefully, Mr. Right would turn into Mr. Forever.

Cedarwood Cowboy by @meganslayer #romance #Gay #gayromance #hot #secondchances @pridepublishing

Cedarwood Cowboy by Megan Slayer

Book 11 in the Cedarwood Pride series

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

From Pride Publishing


Two men, one crush and a circumstance they can’t ignore.

Evan Conley left Cedarwood with dreams of fame and fortune. Twenty-five years and one hit song later, he’s now Evan James. He sings songs and electrifies crowds, but he’s got to come home. His grandmother is dying. To make matters worse, the man handling his grandmother’s estate is none other than his high school crush, Mick Ryan.

Mick Ryan wasn’t thrilled to see Evan James return to Cedarwood. He never got over his crush on Evan and isn’t sure being thrown together will do them any good. But Evan isn’t the man he seems and Mick’s desire hasn’t extinguished with time. Can these two men, seemingly opposites, find their mutual attraction is more than enough to make their love grow?

Reader advisory: This book contains expressions of homophobia, and a theme of death and mourning.


© Megan Slayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

He listened to the silence on the other end of the line as Evan hung up. What an odd guy. He didn’t understand the relationship between Evan and Martha, but the way they conducted themselves wasn’t his business. He stepped back into her room. “Martha?”

“Mick.” She’d closed her eyes.

“He’s coming. He’ll be here tomorrow.” Mick resumed his spot on the plastic chair. “I’ll collect him when he flies in.”

“Good.” She sighed. “Now we can all get some rest.”

“Yes.” He stayed in the room until the nurse returned. He needed to get some sleep and recharge for tomorrow. If he had to drive into Cleveland, then he should be rested up. God, he hated traffic.

His phone pinged with a new text. He checked the screen. Evan had indeed texted him with his flight number, arrival time and gate number. Well, color me shocked. Part of Mick had expected Evan to stand him up. He hadn’t.

Mick sent a reply.

Thanks. Will be waiting in the baggage claims area.

He’d done what Martha had wanted and rounded up Evan. He couldn’t help but be intrigued. He vaguely remembered Evan from school and hadn’t been impressed. Evan had been self-absorbed and devoted to his music.

He’d also been very straight.

Mick paused.

If Evan was straight, why would Martha be trying to fix him up with Mick? He didn’t know and wasn’t going to try to figure it out.

He tucked his phone into his pocket. Before he went home, he needed to stop by his office. The paperwork had piled up and he hated being at the hospital. He should get work done and catch a nap. According to Evan’s text, he’d be on the last red-eye flight. If the plane was on time, then he’d have to get up early to be at the airport to drive Evan home.

He was too nice a guy. That was his problem. He helped too much for too little in return. Being nice wasn’t getting him anywhere or doing anything for his career. Sure, being the good guy and saving the day fulfilled him, but sometimes it seemed like he spent more time on things for others than on himself.

He left the hospital. If nothing else, he hoped Evan would do right by his grandmother and be an adult. There was no time to coddle him through the estate process. Martha didn’t have much time left and Evan would have to take over—whether he liked it or not.

Mick massaged his forehead and settled behind the wheel of his car. What have I gotten myself into?

Finding Forever in Cedarwood by @meganslayer #romance #gay #gayromance #hot #secondchances @pridePublishing

Finding Forever in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 9

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

From Pride Publishing

A celebrity can’t hide forever in a small town—not when love enters the picture.

Liam Blackwell’s career is in a slump and he needs a boost fast. What’s a celebrity to do when he needs experience in a small town? Go to Cedarwood. There are just three requirements—research the town, learn the script and don’t get romantically involved, because Liam hasn’t come out. No sweat, until a meeting in the center of town throws the plan all out of whack.

Stone McCartney lives for his job rescuing animals and finding them forever homes. He’s not looking for love, but when he sees Liam, he can’t help wanting to make a connection.

Can the budding relationship survive the ghosts from Stone’s past? Or will Liam and Stone part ways?

Reader advisory: This book contains a stalker, a shooting, and references to cruelty to animals.


©2020 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

“How about I send you the information? You can set it all up and do what you want, rather than depending on me,” Tanner said. “I’ve got a house, man and child to worry about. You’re not on that list.”

“I know.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Maybe a little.” Or a lot. He wanted a lover who cared about him, not his movie persona.

“You bastard. You are. Why don’t you just come out? You’ll be happier.”

“No, I won’t.” He couldn’t risk his marketability.

“Why? Because you’ll lose out on roles? You know that’s shit. If you’re half the actor you think you are, then you can play any role, no matter if the character is gay or straight.”

He’d once thought that, but not now. “You don’t know the business.”

“Why not play gay characters? They’re in the movies and part of the culture. We’re not invisible any longer.”

“Visibility is a relative thing.” God, he sounded like an asshole.

“I call bullshit.”

“Call it all day long, but I’m not asked to play gay characters. I’m a pinup.” He rolled his eyes. He hated posing for the cheesecake-type shots, but women wanted to see him in as few clothes as possible. “Do you know my best download is that picture of me stretched out across the hood of that Jeep?”


“Shut up.”

“I’ve seen you at your worst. You’re not a pinup, but you’re right. You’ve got a body women want. Hell, I bet men want it, too.”

“The fans think I’m hot and I’m not going to argue,” he said.

“Fine. I’ll send you the info and get you hooked up with the rental car place, but I’m not your guide. You need to experience and figure out Cedarwood for yourself—like everyone else.”

Fair enough. “You’re an asshole.” He didn’t have to play the jackass role he’d perfected for the public. He could be nicer.

“No, I’m not letting you walk all over me,” Tanner said. “I remember the last time we chatted and you tried to use me.”

He hadn’t wanted to admit he could be such a jerk, but Tanner was right. “Okay.”

“Good.” Tanner paused. “You’re going to be fine. Be yourself. Most people won’t know who the hell you are and that’s a good thing. Don’t be the movie-star jackass. Be the nice guy that’s buried deep inside you. They’ll like you. It’ll take a little bit, but they’ll come around.”

“Thanks, Mr. Greeting Card-slash-Motivational Poster Man. I’ll be in touch.”

“Just don’t be an asshole.” Tanner hung up.

Liam stared at the bar top and sighed. Tanner had a point. He could be a self-serving, greedy, needy pain in the ass. He’d let Hollywood and the business run his life. Ruin my life, more like it. He doubted he’d be happy in Cedarwood, but if no one knew him, he could be the guy beneath the veneer, like Tanner suggested. He might not be thrilled, but he’d make his time in Cedarwood work. If nothing else, he’d do his best.

Doc Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #doctor #medicalromance #secondchances #hot @PridePublishing

Doc Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 8

From Pride Publishing

Contemporary LGBTQIA Romance


M/M, Anal Sex

Can an accident and a rim job lead to lasting love?

Aiden Connor isn’t looking for a date. Sure, he wants one, but relationships seem to be too difficult to maintain. He’s an ER doctor and doesn’t have time for commitment…that is, until he runs over a curb and needs a new rim for his sports car. The mechanic isn’t anything like he expects, but could be the one man he needs if he’s willing to open his mind and heart.

Matt Phillips equates dating with disaster, but sees himself as an eternal optimist. When he catches sight of Aiden, he wants to give relationships a try. Every cell in his body screams to get the sexy doctor naked and in his bed. But Matt has demons and addictions he’s still working through. Will he fall prey to his past or learn and move forward with the hot doctor?

Reader advisory: This book contains reference to homophobically motivated physical and emotional child abuse of main character and parental neglect. There are scenes of robbery and shooting, hospitalization, and references to past substance abuse issues.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. it has been revised and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.

General Release Date: 19th May 2020

amazon CA:


©Megan Slayer, 2020 All Rights Reserved

“My name is Aiden and I’m not a parent.” Aiden stood in front of the support group and laced his fingers together. “I’m the not-so-rare breed called the child of gay parents. I grew up well-adjusted and happy. If my father, Keye, hadn’t died, we’d still be a happy family. My other father, Len, decided not to seek out another partner after Keye’s passing five years ago. Last year, he decided to try again with a man named Ross. Anyway, I knew I was loved, cared for, I had boundaries, and if I screwed up, my dads and Keye loved me enough to punish me.” He swept his gaze around the room. Meeting at the hospital wasn’t the norm for the group, but he couldn’t complain. They’d been able to come to him and he appreciated the gesture.
Colin Baker stepped up beside Aiden. “He’s leaving out the best part.” He grinned. “Aiden grew up big, strong and to become a doctor.”
            “Well, there is that.” The tips of his ears burned. He wasn’t embarrassed to admit his profession. Being a doctor was in his blood. Sure, he had a good job, but he wasn’t much different from anyone else. “I’m here at the hospital and I’ve put my work number on the business cards in case you or your children have questions. I’ve been in their shoes and know a lot of how they feel.”

He flexed his fingers and waited for questions, but none came. Some of the group members left their chairs and others turned to chat with those around them. He eased away from the people and made his way to the door. His phone hadn’t buzzed—good thing. According to the schedule, he was off for the next twenty-four hours, but that didn’t mean much. If the emergency room staff numbers weren’t up to regulations, he’d be called in until he maxed out his allowed hours. He’d racked up so much overtime that if he were hourly, not salary, the hospital would go broke.

“Good turnout tonight, especially since we scheduled it for a Thursday.” Colin straightened the pamphlets on the table, then arranged the various cards. “It’s not one of our usual chatty meetings, but the others will be happy to have another resource in you. The kids need to know they aren’t alone and can succeed.”

“Gage is doing just fine and I guarantee he knows he’s not alone,” Aiden said. “I’ve seen his artwork in the children’s ward. I’m glad the school teamed up with the hospital to do that for the pediatrics. It’s awesome and boosts our morale, too.”

“He’ll be thrilled.” Colin stuffed his hands into his pockets. “You’re going to be at the wedding, right?”

“I am.” How could he forget the wedding of Farin Baker and Steve Moore? He’d only known Farin since the seventh grade. Everyone in the gay community seemed to be invited to the ceremony. He wished he had a date. Going alone would suck and he despised hook-ups at such events.

“I’m ready to rip out my hair. I never realized how picky my baby brother can be,” Colin said. “If it’s not the flowers or lack thereof, it’s the music or the events at the reception. He’s got the whole damn thing organized. There’s a time for dancing and one for sitting and being quiet. Who’s quiet at a wedding reception?”
“The brother of the groom. It’s Farin’s day—well, his and Steve’s. Let them do it how they want.” Not that he knew anything about weddings. He’d never been married and his last relationship had lasted a whole three years. Other guys loved being with a doctor and the paycheck he received, but hated his hours and how much time he was expected to spend away from them. Maybe I’m dating the wrong men.

“I keep telling myself that. Jordan tells me the same thing, but I still want to clobber Farin when he goes Groomzilla on us. I wasn’t this bad when I married Jordan—at least I don’t think so. We walked, we stood, we said I do, then had one hell of a party at the house.” Colin shook his head. “I just wouldn’t have thought he’d be…like this.”

“It’ll be over in two days. You’ll live.” Aiden clapped Colin on the shoulder. “Speaking of days, I have exactly one day off before I’m expected back at the hospital. I’m on for an eight-hour shift on Saturday, so if I’m running late, that’s why.”

“We’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads-up and thanks for talking to the group. Have a good night.” Colin winked, then strode away.

Aiden grabbed his jacket from the coat rack. The weight of a twenty-four-hour shift had gotten to him. He wanted to go home but wondered if he’d make it. As he navigated through the halls of the hospital, he waved at a couple of the nurses and, in the foyer, nodded to the elderly woman behind the main counter. The moment he stepped into the chilly October air, he blinked and dragged a long breath into his lungs. Nothing worked to wake him up like crisp fall evenings. Well, nothing like those and a good blow job in the morning, but he wasn’t likely to get one. He’d need a boyfriend first. He’d worry about his lack of a partner later. Right now, he wanted to go home, slip into a warm bath or hot shower and collapse for twelve hours straight. Maybe he would meet someone at the wedding or reception.
Maybe hell will freeze over first.

Home to Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayfathers #secondchances #gayromance #hot @pridepublishing

Home to Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, Book 1

Pride Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Single Gay Fathers

M/M, Anal Sex

Will the naysayers drive Colin and Jordan apart, or will the two make their way together in this small town?

Colin Baker owns a bookstore and he’s back in Cedarwood with his son. He’s looking for a new start after a bad breakup, but he never expected that start to include his old crush, Officer Jordan Hargrove. Jordan hasn’t come out, but if he can score with Colin, then he’s all in. He’s dreamed of hot nights with the quiet man.

After a speeding ticket and some hurt feelings, sparks fly between the bookstore owner and the police officer, but Cedarwood is a small town with small-town values, and a gay couple isn’t what the town expects. Colin’s created a support group for single gay fathers and he feels he’s making some difference in Cedarwood. Some folks are fine with these two men reconnecting, but others aren’t.

Will their love survive or will it fall apart before they get started?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.


©Megan Slayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

Colin let off the gas and continued down the road, but something in the mirror caught his attention. Red and blue lights. What the hell? Realization washed over him as he recognized the reason for the lights. A cop. Fucking balls. He’d been caught speeding. He pulled over to the side of the road and parked.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” Gage asked from the backseat.

“Daddy went too fast on this road and the cop is calling me out. I was wrong. I was speeding.” He sighed and leaned back in his seat. Shit. Of all the times to screw up, he had to do it in front of his kid.

“Sorry, Dad.” Gage curled up in his booster seat.

“Me too, kid. Now you’re super late.” Colin pressed the button to roll down the window, then reached across the dash to the glove box and retrieved his registration.

“Excuse me, sir.” A shadow darkened the window. “License and registration, please?”

Colin slid the card from his wallet. “Here you go.” He refrained from looking at the cop. Not because he disliked cops, but because the shame of his actions washed over him in epic proportions. He’d been speeding, in a school zone more than likely and with his kid in the car.

“Do you know how fast you were going, sir?” the officer asked.

“Probably twenty miles over the limit.” He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead.

“Thirty-nine in a twenty. This is a marked school zone. The lights were flashing.”

“I’m sorry, Officer.” Colin opened his eyes. The stress was no excuse to be a jerk. “I was trying to get my son to school and wasn’t paying attention. I accept responsibility for my actions.” And I’ve learned my lesson.

“I see.” The cop paused. “Colin Baker? I knew a guy named Colin Baker when I was in school. We played ball together. Huh. Well, I’m going to give you a ticket. Give me a moment.”

Colin slid his gaze to the officer as the man retreated to the cruiser behind Colin’s car. He didn’t need to read the man’s badge to know his name. He’d recognize that body anywhere—Jordan Hargrove. Why in the name of God did the guy who’d featured prominently in all Colin’s high-school fantasies have to be the guy who was currently writing him up for breaking the speed limit?

The dull ache from the night before developed behind Colin’s eyes. So much for being a good role model for his son. Horrible fucking luck.

Scoring in Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #sportsromance #hot #smalltown @pridepublishing

Scoring in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 3

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

From Pride Publishing

Book three in the Cedarwood Pride series

Tanner Fox wasn’t sure being traded to the Cedarwood Wildcats was the right path for his life, but if Dr. Dane Bloom is part of the package, then he’ll play for keeps.

Tanner “Foxy” Fox knows he can do one thing—play baseball. His days in the outfield are numbered, but he’s a fan favorite. Everyone wants a piece of Foxy—almost everyone. The Anti-Gay Coalition wants nothing of a gay player on the town baseball team, but Tanner isn’t about to back down, especially when he lands sponsorship from the silver-fox doctor in town.

When Dr. Dane Bloom opts to sponsor the baseball team, he knows he’s going to be asked to sponsor a player. Having a younger man living in his home and invading his trust? Why not? Dane’s not wild about opening up, but when he sees Tanner, something in him shatters. He wants to get to know Tanner, beyond the Foxy façade to the man inside. Can he and the player find a way to score in Cedarwood, or will the coalition and self-doubts keep them apart?

Available from these fine etailers:

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©Megan Slayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

“Are you trying to fix me up? Or get me to sponsor him?” Dane narrowed his eyes. “You’re being rather persuasive.”

“You can’t date him.”

“Ah.” Good to know. He wasn’t looking for a boyfriend and preferred knowing Devlin wasn’t trying to hook him up. Still, he couldn’t shake his irritation with Devlin. Why hadn’t his friend told him about butting into the relationship with Phillip? Why keep his intrusion quiet for so long? He appreciated Devlin caring enough to get him out of a bad situation, but he could’ve said something.

“Well?” Devlin pointed to the tablet screen. “Tanner?”

“What do I have to do?” He couldn’t believe he’d capitulated. Then again, he hadn’t seen much of a reason to say no.

“Feed him, give him a place to stay and be supportive. That’s it. If you want, we have an app that shows you how he’s playing and when he’s in a game.” Devlin grinned. “He’s got his own transportation, so you don’t have to drive him anywhere.”

He should consider this decision longer with careful, thoughtful musing. He wasn’t one for snap decisions. “Sure.” Had he just agreed? So much for considering his options and thinking this through. According to Devlin’s widening grin, he’d not only agreed but must’ve looked pleased, too. Well, shit.

“I’ll give him your address and he’ll report to you tonight.” Devlin shook Dane’s hand. “You won’t regret it.”

“How can I? If this is as painless as you claim, I should be fine.” He stifled a groan. He’d just optioned to have a minor league baseball player live with him. He liked the sport and always wanted to play, but never thought he’d sponsor a member of the team. His fellow doctor at the medical group, McCormack Stevens, loved baseball. He should be the one sponsoring a player. He’d been the one to suggest the practice put their money and name into the team. He probably already had a player living with him, but still.

He shook hands with Devlin. “He’ll be at my house tonight?”

“Yes. I’ll send the information to you both. He’ll learn about you and you’ll know everything about him. Deal?” Devlin asked. “It’s a good pairing. You’ll temper him and he’ll bring you out of yourself.”

“Yeah.” Hadn’t Devlin said something about them not dating? If he was going to be good for Tanner and vice versa, there had to be more than just living together involved and that was off limits. Still, he couldn’t tamp down his giddiness. “I’ll look for the email.” He’d just opted to take in a baseball player. Swell.