Molten Steel by @meganslayer #romance #contemporary #erotic

Molten Steel by Megan Slayer

A Nathalia Hotel Novella



M/F, Anal Sex, Toys

(Also in Print!)

Breaking down was never this freeing.

Rory Speedle charms the world and rocks the stage with his band, Disaster Transport. He’s dealt with ex-girlfriends, overzealous fans and letters from a stalker, but nothing has prepared him for his next concert date. When the tour bus catches fire on the outskirts of Dallas, he loses more than just his instruments. His desire to create music is gone and he believes his hope is next. Then he meets Cady Hollister and everything changes. She inspires him and stokes his desire. 

Cady knows the handsome rock and roller won’t be in town long. He’s only at her hotel until the band bus is replaced. Still, he makes her feel like a woman again—sexy, desirable and beautiful. He claims he wants her in his life as more than a passing fancy. Can he convince her to give him a try or will his fame keep them from finding the love they both deserve?

Love could be his salvation, if he’s willing to work for the woman he wants. 

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©Wendi Zwaduk, 2018, All Rights Reserved

Rory stood in front of the door of room four and eased the key into the lock. The knob didn’t turn. Maybe it was sticky. He tried again, but with no luck. He rested his head against the door and sighed. Shit. He yanked the key free. He’d have to go back downstairs.

“There you are.” The woman from the foyer rushed up to him. “Matt gave you the wrong key. Sorry. He mixed up the one for room five with four. No idea why or how, but here you go.” She brushed her hair from her face and eased the new key into the lock. “We could probably get card readers for the doors, but I can’t afford all of that tech right now.” She twisted the knob and opened the door. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He headed into the room. Everything was white. White walls, white bedding, white desk and lamp, white couch. “It’s very clean in here.”

“Yeah, sorry. My grandmother liked white.” The girl shrugged. “It’s all vintage, so I can’t see getting rid of the furniture. Except the mattress. It’s new.” She massaged her temples. “Sorry. I get ahead of myself and don’t always say the right thing.”

“It’s fine.” He flopped onto the bed and breathed in the clean scent of the detergent. “I could sleep for a week.”

“Put the hang tag on the door if you don’t want to be disturbed. We don’t have food here, but the Chinese restaurant at the north end of the block delivers and the pizza place next door is good, too. We’ve got the pool on the ground floor and a lounge on the second floor. It’s not stocked right now, since I haven’t had guests in a while, but you’re free to go in there. We’ve got the piano and a stage.”

“A piano?” He rolled over and focused on her. In the better light, he saw her more of her features. He sat up. She stood no more than five-five and probably came up to his shoulder at best. The blue scarf he’d seen wasn’t a scarf, but rather a bright blue swath of her hair. Her blue eyes sparkled from behind dark rimmed glasses. He swept his gaze down her body. She wasn’t like any of the women he dated. Where she was short and buxom, his dates tended to be willowy and tall. The jeans hugged her curves and her tank top strained against her breasts. His mouth watered. He wasn’t one to fall in love at first sight, but she captivated him almost as much as the architecture.

“I’m Cady, by the way. If you call down to the desk, you’ll probably get me.”

Reasons I Stopped Reading a Series with @meganslayer #books #reading #longandshortreviews

This week’s post concerns the series I might have stepped away from and why. This is a tricky post to write. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Why have I been thinking about it and why is it tricky?

First, it’s tricky because what might have pushed me from a series is what might push someone to the series. Or it might put someone else off from reading the series. I would hate to persuade someone from reading a book. That said, there are some series that have put me off. Why would I be thinking about this topic? For the reasons above. I don’t want to put someone off.

So I’m going to stay broad with my answer. I’m so bad.

One reason I’ve strayed from a couple series is the introduction of gay characters and the poor handling of said characters. Some authors felt it would be good to write gay characters, but didn’t do it because the characters were there. They did it as a grab. That turned me off. Either write the characters true to who they are, or don’t write them. I love my gay characters and I love stories with gay characters. Treat them right.

Also, I’ve been turned off by series where the author has said they wrote a specific trope because ‘it sells’. That drives me nuts. I’m serious. I don’t like when someone writes something and says bluntly, I wrote this because it sells. Write what you want or what the characters want. There are series that started out so well, then turned formulaic because the author wanted to keep making that return. It’s even worse when the author says, yes, that’s why I did it. Ugh.

But that’s me. I could just be picky. No, I am. I admit it. What about you? What has turned you off from a series?

Superhero by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #erotic #PNR @mlrbooks

Superhero by Megan Slayer

Hiding in Plain Sight Series, book 1


Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

M/M, Anal Sex

MLR Press

He can levitate objects and predict the future, but no one knows his powers…until he finds a man worth fighting for.

Chase Bender moves objects with his mind and can read the immediate future. If anyone found out the man behind the mask had a lot in common with the regular man character, they wouldn’t believe him. What’s a man with super hero abilities supposed to do to get a date?

Dylan Foreman isn’t interested in jumping into the dating pool, but can’t deny the attraction when he meets Chase. Can the burning lust between a simple book keeper and a man in spandex, and sporting a cape really last?

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Excerpt, ©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved


He shouldn’t say anything. Should keep on walking.

“Hi there. Do you come here often?” Hell. Of all the things he could’ve said, Chase picked one of the worst pick-up lines…ever.

Dylan’s eyes narrowed. “Do I—we’ve met, haven’t we?”

“I’m sorry. I’m horrible at manners sometimes.” Chase offered his hand. “I’m Chase. We met at the Riley party.” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “I’m Mind Bender.”

“Oh!” Dylan’s eyes widened. “I hadn’t recognized you…but I bet that was the point.” His cheeks burned bright red and the color spread down his neck. “Can I say that was a good show, or will I get you into trouble?”

“Won’t get me into trouble. I appreciate the kind words.” Chase nodded to the cart. “I needed to get a few things. Care to walk with me, or are you nearly done?”

“I’m trying to get my shopping done while Nathan’s at swim camp.” Dylan gripped the cart. “The kid is a fish.”

“He’s your only child?” Chase pulled up beside Dylan and walked the rest of the way down the frozen food aisle.

“Just one. My partner and I couldn’t decide on another one.” Dylan’s blush deepened. “It’s a long story.”

“But I bet it’s a good one.” Chase missed being able to converse with other adults. The people at the store were okay, but they weren’t Dylan. The spark from the party hadn’t been in his imagination. He and Dylan seemed to be able to talk quite well.

“The story has its good parts, but there are bad parts, too.” Dylan stopped. “How much more do you have to buy?”

“Truth be told, I’m done.” Chase grinned. “I didn’t need much.”

“If you’re done, do you want to grab a cup of coffee? The little shop allows carts. I’ve only got a few more things to get.” Dylan flexed his fingers on the cart handle. The indentation of a wedding ring was evident, but not deep. Divorced? Split up? Chase wanted to know and yet, he didn’t want to ask.

“I’d like that,” Chase said. “I’ll pay for my things while you finish, then meet you at the coffee shop in, what, ten minutes?”

“Sounds good.”

Paying for his items didn’t take the entire ten minutes. For once, the lines at the store moved quickly. Chase tucked his change into his wallet. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten through the line in less than fifteen minutes. He pushed the cart to the coffee shop. Most of the tables were empty and one of the booths was free. He pushed the cart behind the booth and plopped onto the wooden seat.

His skin prickled. Being around Dylan heightened his senses. What was it about the dad that kept him on the edge? He eased his phone from his pocket and switched the ringer to silent. If anyone needed him that bad, they could wait. As he sat there, the salt shaker began to levitate. Oh fuck. He grabbed the glass container and held it to the table top. No, no, no. His powers weren’t allowed to go haywire. They weren’t.

Still the One by @wendiZwaduk #contemporary #bdsm #romance @totally_Bound

Still the One by Wendi Zwaduk

From the Switch Anthology

Totally Bound



M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Toys, Pegging, Anal Sex, D/s, Fem Dom

She’ll be his salvation if he’s willing to switch.

Being stressed out sucks, especially when you’re in charge of a team. Just ask Eric Trask. The pit crew of the Fifty-Four truck team depends on him. The stress of keeping things running smoothly is wearing Eric down. What’s a guy to do to get a little relief?

Janine Walters knows exactly what Eric’s up against. She’s the public relations face of the team. Pressure is all a part of the job. Her outlet for stress just happens to be wielding a crop.

Can Eric embrace her methods for stress relief or will her suggestion tear their fragile relationship apart?

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And now a hot excerpt:

©Wendi Zwaduk, 2014, All Rights Reserved

“Put the bags in the trunk.” She stood tall and slid the scarf from around her throat. “I need you to do something for me.”

“I liked the scarf where it was. Might want to use it on you later.” He slammed the trunk lid. “I can see the wheels turning in your head. What are you thinking?”

“Wrists.” Curt, brusque and to the point. “Now.”

Eric stared at her for a moment, his mouth opening and closing with no sound coming out. His gaze darted around, but he offered his hands.

“Good boy.” Her hunch had paid off. His inner submissive wanted to play, and had won out against his alpha needs. She wrapped the silk around his wrists. “You please me.”

“Janine, what are you doing? I wanted to do this to you, not me.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “I please you? Does that mean you think I’m sexy?”

She threaded her arms around his neck, rubbing her groin over his bound hands. “I,” she said between kisses, “am in control of what we do.” She feasted on his lips, licking his bottom lip and swiping her tongue over his teeth. The tastes of mint and cola exploded on her tongue. She ground against him, pleasuring herself against his thick fingers. “And I want to do you right here, right now, sexy man.”

Eric moaned and she backed away. Confusion burned in his eyes and colour filled his cheeks. Instead of giving him the lead, she reached forward and unzipped him. Red dusted his face and the tops of his ears.

“You’re not worried someone will see us?” he asked in a hushed tone.

“I’m not.” She pushed his jeans aside enough to stroke his cock through his boxer briefs. “They can’t see behind the car and, if you keep quiet, we won’t draw attention.” She worked his dick through the opening in his underwear and smeared her thumb through the pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock. “Right now, you’re in my hands and my control. You will do what I ask of you.”

He stared at her, but didn’t tell her to stop.

“No coming until I tell you.” She nodded to the back seat. “Lie down.”

Eric glanced behind her, then got out of the way as she opened the door. He fixed his gaze on her and sat down on the edge of the upholstered seat.

Janine gave him a gentle push and eyeballed her work. “Very nice.” She inched the hem of her skirt high enough to give him a tantalising view of her panty-covered pussy. His mouth opened a fraction of an inch and his eyes glazed as she hooked her thumbs into the flimsy waistband of the undergarment.

“You like what you see?”

Soul Debt: Paid in Full by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #dark #pnr

Soul Debt: Paid in Full by Megan Slayer

Number in Series: 1

BIN: 06226-02000

Word Count: 12K

Page Count: 40

Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal

Themes: Gay, Dark Desire

Ever danced with the Devil? I have.

You know how people make deals with God? I made one with the Devil. For what, you ask? A boyfriend. Little did I know, the Devil would not only take me up on the deal, but make it worth both our whiles — just not in the way I’d imagined. Turns out, nothing in my world is what it seemed.

Changeling Press:

Universal Link:






copyright Megan Slayer 2013

I didn’t have to wonder long. When I woke up, my back ached. I rolled my shoulders and climbed out of bed. Slamming my body into the wall the night before might have had something to do with the overall crappiness I felt and the dull thud in my back. Or maybe it was the reminder that I’d done something so stupid even I didn’t believe I’d done it.

I raked my fingers through my hair, then stopped short. When I touched my scalp, I had a bump. Had I hit my head during the hallway interlude and forgotten? I didn’t think so. The spot didn’t hurt like a goose egg to the noggin might, but I had to be sure. I ran into the bathroom. Adam and Alex had left the room in disarray, so before I could look at my reflection, I had to pick up the damp towels and my wrinkled clothes. Normally I’m a neat freak. A place for everything and everything in its place. Except after last night, nothing seemed in order. I tossed the clothes into the hamper and hung the towels over the railing then checked my head in the mirror. I needed to shave. I don’t mind a little scruff, but too much and I look like I stepped out of an old western movie.

I crinkled my nose and looked at the bump. I expected just a lump under my skin. When I pulled my hair aside, my jaw slackened and I teetered on my feet. My skin was black. Not like a bruise dark, but black. Whatever I’d done, I’d given myself one hell of a wallop. I was smoothing my hair back into place when I noticed the other lump. A twin of the first one. I tipped my head. Two black bumps on my head.

Oh, shit.

No wonder the Devil had said love wouldn’t come the way I wanted. I looked like him! I had devil horns. Okay, so they were small, but they’d get bigger, right? Fuck. I touched the bumps once again. They didn’t seem to hurt, and my hair covered them enough if I raked it forward. I fiddled with my hair. I looked ridiculous, but maybe that would be enough to keep the rest of the world from seeing my twin issues.

Behind me my alarm beeped. Double shit. My shift at the bookstore started at ten. We could wear hats while working, so I grabbed a ball cap. I wouldn’t look like myself, but I didn’t care. No one needed to see the dreaded horns.

I finished getting dressed and sprinted down the block to the bookstore. I loved living a city block from work. Hell, everything I wanted to do was within walking distance. Great for the physique, but shitty for the wallet. I ducked in the back door and swiped my ID card through the reader.


One of the problems I’d hoped not to run into. “Heya, Caroline.” I liked her, but she liked me a little more than she should’ve. I’m gay, and she’s not going to change that fact, but I’m sure she wants to.

“Nice hat.” She toyed with the bill. “Didn’t know you followed football.”

“I watch some.” I’d bought the hat for a costume to impress a hot guy at a Halloween party, and the whole thing had backfired. I spent the night talking about how much I loved the San Francisco Giants. That would’ve been fine, except my hat was for the New York Giants. Yeah, not so good.

“Antonio’s filling in for Gina. Something about an interview for the doctorate program.” Caroline shrugged. “Like she’s doctoral material.”

“I don’t know,” I said and grabbed a box of books to shelve. “She knows art history better than anyone. If she’s happy, let her be.”

“You would take her side.” Caroline flounced away from me, her too-tight skirt bunching around her ample hips. If I were straight, I might have gone for her, but I’m not.

I checked the spines of the books. Romance. Great. I didn’t mind reading romance, but when the man of your dreams doesn’t know you exist, well, romance is a non-entity. I peeked over the shelves and sighed. Antonio. The man oozes sex. Nice muscles, black hair dusting his collar, always wearing button-down shirts and those tailored trousers. It’s like he works for a clothing store, but hangs out at the bookstore. I’d love to be half as classy as he looks. Even his old-school glasses, thick black frames with the little silver decoration on the hinge, look sexy on him.

“You’re staring again,” Caroline whispered.

Of all the people I worked with, Antonio was the one I wanted to get with. Yes, the guy was hot, but he didn’t act like he knew it. Maybe that’s what drew me to him — his confidence. He glanced over his shoulder and caught me staring. Instead of looking away or frowning, he grinned.

My heart melted. I’d been fucked by a dirty demon the night before, but seeing Antonio smile made me feel better.

I went back to shelving books and focused on the job. I couldn’t gawk at Antonio all day. The hours flew by. I broke down the cardboard box and heaved it into the recycle bin.

“Hi, Nicky.”

I didn’t have to turn around to know who spoke. “Antonio.”

What I’m Watching Saturdays with @meganslayer ~ Baseball by Ken Burns

I love baseball. I love the game, the atmosphere, the thrill of the win and watching my favorite players round the bases. I’ve been a Cincinnati Reds fan all my life, so I know the highs and a lot of lows. I’ve suffered the insults because of my affiliation. I knew some of the history of baseball, but the names Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle were just that–names. This way I got to sort of see them in action, see them at full glory and learn just what’s so exciting about these players. I enjoyed the pieces on Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and Larry Doby and Willie Mays. (To be honest, the most I knew about Willie Mays was Willie Mays Hayes from Major League). I wasn’t old enough to have seen the Big Red Machine dominate the league from 1970-1979 and win two World Series titles. It was so neat to get to watch the highlights and lowlights from those seasons, like I was there. Now, this series does end rather early. It ends at the end of the 1990s. If you’re interested in baseball after that, then you’re out of luck. And honestly, the 80s and 90s are sort of hurried, too. There’s no mention of the “Wire to Wire” 1990 Reds team who won the World Series after leading the National League for the entire season. None. That should’ve been a noteworthy achievement. Instead, there’s a decent chunk on the players being paid exorbitant amounts of money starting in the 80s. Still, if you want to learn about the early days of the game, see the beautiful old stadiums and see vintage footage of the players of all nationalities, then this is the series for you.

From the IMDB description: Ken Burns relates the history of baseball in a fashion similar to that of his Civil War mini series. Old-time photos and illustrations depict the games early years, while newsreels and video clips highlight more recent developments. Players and participants speak in their own words, and sports writers and broadcasters offer commentary on the sport and events they witnessed. Written by Eric Sorensen

What I’m Reading with @meganslayer ~ Swimming Without a Net (Fred the Mermaid Book 2) byMaryJanice Davidson #reading

This week I picked up a copy of Sleeping with the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson. I’ve read this author before and liked her books. This one…it wasn’t quite as much of a hit. Fred isn’t your average little mermaid type mermaid. She’s cranky, snappy and gives no…you know. She has two men to choose from Artur and Thomas. Here’s the thing and why it wasn’t as great a book for me…Fred is downright snotty sometimes. I didn’t like her. I had a hard time rooting for her. I had a hard time deciding if I should root for Thomas because he’s just sort of there. Artur is nice enough, but almost like someone to settle for. I didn’t feel the passion between any of the characters. And if I had to read about Jonas, her friend, and his girlfriend one more time…it’s done too much. But this is book 2 in the series, so maybe if I’d have read book 1 first, this one would’ve been more fun. I don’t know. It just didn’t hit the mark for me.

As Fred the Mermaid tries to fit in with her own kind, she finds herself hooked on both Artur, the High Prince of the undersea realm, and Thomas, a hunky marine biologist. She’s also caught between two factions of merfolk: those happy with swimming under the radar-and those who want to bring their existence to the surface.

Soft Alabaster by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #erotic #pnr @evernightpub

Soft Alabaster by Megan Slayer

Celestial Mates, book 7

Contemporary Paranormal LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

From Evernight Publishing

Art by Jay Aheer

One man out of time and another desperate to share his life with that perfect someone. Can their answers come from a broken curse?

Owen Reed loves his secondhand store, but he’d rather run it with a partner. He’s tired of being lonely and having one-night stands. He wants a love to last forever. When he ends up with a statue of a man in pain, he has no idea how special this statue could be. Is love possible with the pained figure?

Sydney Keeler knows he belongs anywhere but locked in alabaster. When he’s delivered to Owen’s store, the unexpected happens—he can feel Owen’s hands on him. He wants to break free and be with the man with the sparkling blue eyes. Can Owen break the curse? If so, will Owen accept a man who’s been cursed to exist in alabaster? Can they have the love they deserve?

One kiss will determine their fate.

Excerpt ©2020 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

Sydney hated his pose. God, he’d been in the midst of begging for his life and for Arai’s life to be spared when Zeus cursed them. He hadn’t deserved to be reduced to stone. So, he’d been a terrible lover to Zeus and horrible at his job of guarding him. When he’d signed on to be a protector, he thought it was a joke. He hadn’t realized Zeus really wanted someone to play bodyguard for him. Sydney had been in love with the idea of living on Olympus and protecting a god. He never would’ve guessed Zeus truly demanded monogamy, even when he played around with everyone on the staff.

Good Lord. Who said things like, “I want you to come to Olympus and be my warrior”? No one that Sydney knew, yet he’d followed Zeus to a place that seemed like a dream and better than any fantasy.

Zeus hadn’t been joking.

Then again, Sydney hadn’t believed the silver fox was a true god. Were other gods roaming the earth? According to Zeus, the entire clan of Olympian deity lived there. Sydney hadn’t seen anyone besides Zeus, but he hadn’t been paying attention.

The adventure of living on Olympus was more than enough for him. He loved a good quest, especially if he could be himself. Zeus hadn’t minded he was gay. In fact, Zeus encouraged him to explore his sexuality. He spent his days guarding Zeus and his nights fucking him. All had been well until Sydney met Arai.

Arai had been everything Sydney ever wanted in a man—beautiful, masculine, sexy, and interested in him. He and Sydney guarded Zeus and stole off at night to make love. None of Zeus’s warnings had been enough to prevent him and Arai from getting together.

Sydney had been in love with Arai and felt confident about being out. He could love who he wanted and not be ashamed. He even embraced the idea he’d upset Zeus, but things would work out. They always did—until Zeus didn’t cooperate. He wanted Sydney to be his plaything and belong to no one else.

He winced, although no one could see the gesture. He still remembered the panic in Arai’s eyes when he’d been found guilty of being with Sydney and the pain of losing their relationship.

Now Sydney couldn’t tell anyone about his troubles or his curse. How could he if he couldn’t talk? At least he didn’t have that awful sheet over him and he wasn’t in the musty old house.

His brother, Max, hadn’t appreciated him and his younger brother, Stan, hadn’t wanted him. They had no idea he was locked in the alabaster. All they knew was a sculpture of someone resembling their brother had shown up in the parlor of the family home.

Voices caught his attention. He hadn’t liked when the woman caressed him, but he wanted the man to return. He could gaze at the fellow who seemed to run the shop where he was now housed. He’d been locked in the family parlor, moved to a barn, left in a garage, and then shipped to a house where Max left him in the back room. Now he lived in a “junk shop”—as the younger girl called the place.

The man with the sparkling eyes stood in front of Sydney. “Well, you’re all mine.” He folded his arms. “I’m not sure you’re worth anything, but I’m stuck with you.” His blue eyes flashed and the thin outcropping of hairs on his chin caught the light.  

Heat, like the rush of excitement he felt when he’d first seen Arai, washed over him. Who was this man and why did he seem to kick the temperature up so high?

Silliest Pet Peeves with @meganslayer #longandshortreviews #petpeeves

Find the other blog posts here:

This week’s post prompt is the silliest pet peeves. I’ve got quite a few, I suspect.

I hate having to pick up after other people. I mean, the weird little messes that fill the kitchen – you know, when someone makes something and doesn’t clean up after themselves? Or the socks…my family has a thing for leaving their socks wherever they please and wandering away. I wish the socks would walk away, but they don’t. They lay there like dead things on the floor. I’d have to say the biggest pet peeve has to be laundry. I hate having to do it. Now, I’m thankful I don’t live in an era where I’d have to use a wringer washer. That just seems like the beginning of a catastrophe. I’m not great with mechanical things. Plus, I’m not made for hanging things on the clothes line because every clothes line I’ve ever had to use was way over my head. I know, I know, those things droop, but when you can’t reach it to begin with…it makes using at first impossible. And don’t get me started on trying to stand on stools.

What about you? What’s you biggest, silliest pet peeve? 🙂 Mine are truly silly.

Ribboned by @MeganSlayer #christmas #contemporary #PNR #romance @Changelingpress

Ribboned (Red Velvet Christmas) by Megan Slayer

Number in Series: 5

Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, BDSM

Themes: Elves, Dragons and Magical Creatures, Christmas

Changeling Press

Ribbons aren’t just for decorating anymore.

Daria Elf never expected to be moved to the velvet ribbon department right before Christmas. She also never expected her boss to be the object of her wettest fantasies. Can she keep her cool, or will she end up on Raven’s Naughty List?

Raven Elf has his sights set on Daria. He wants her for his department, his bed and bound in his thick velvet ribbons. He’ll get his girl, but the hard part is convincing her that their connection is meant to last.

Available here:

Universal link:




And now a hot excerpt!!

She clicked the handle and eased the door open. There, in all his red-and-green, towering glory, stood Raven. His blue eyes blazed and a grimace marred his face. “You were summoned ten minutes ago. Where have you been?” He folded his muscle-corded arms. “Hmm?”

His gravelly voice drew a shiver from deep in her being. She cleared her throat. No way she’d let him scare her — not yet. “Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I ran right down here.” And worked up her courage to talk to him. She rested her hands on her hips. “I thought maybe Santa was in the nog again and made a mistake.”

Raven stepped toward her. Unlike the rest of the elves, he didn’t wear a hat. His dark hair slid over his brow, obscuring her view of his eyes. “This request is very real and binding.” His voice dropped to a growl on the last word.

Her heart and brain warred. Working in the ribbon room was a year-round commitment. Unlike those in the other parts of the Christmas plant, the people who worked with Raven didn’t seem to have much of a social life. Then again, did she recall anyone admitting they worked with him? Looking at the strapping elf in front of her, she wondered if it was the binding part of the job that scared people.

Raven was the stuff of rumor and innuendo. He didn’t just use his ribbon for package decoration or house décor — he dabbled in BDSM and used the velvety strips to bind his lovers. Her body tingled. Would he wrap her in nothing but his ribbons? Make her scream his name? Oh, holy night, she hoped so.

“I’m willing to take on the standard hitch down here,” she said, praying her voice hadn’t wobbled.

“Perfect.” His eyes glittered and a small smile curled on his lips. “Absolutely perfect.”

* * *

Raven widened his stance and drank in the sight of the tiny elf. She had no idea what the frost she’d gotten herself into. He suppressed a bigger grin. He loved newbies, especially ones with soft brown hair and crimson lips. His cock twitched behind the buttons of his pants. Something about her screamed innocence. She didn’t know how pretty she was. His jacket suffocated him. Pine nuts. Few women affected him, but she brought the arousal from deep in his soul.

Little did the faux-fur-wearing minx know just how binding the ribbon room could be.

“This is the Ribbon Room.” He put one arm around her shoulders and guided her to one of the three chairs in the room. “I prefer to work alone, but this year the requests for red velvet ribbon are on the rise. Santa agreed to my request for help.” He sat her down on the plush black velvet chair. “You.”

How’d she like that little revelation?

“Me?” she squeaked and stared at him. “I don’t know anything about ribbons other than they belong on presents.”

“I’ll train you.” In every way he knew how. “We’ll be working tonight until the wee hours. Can you manage?” Could she take the strain of working with him?

“Yes, sir.” She smiled and gave him a mock salute. “You tell me what to do and I’ll do it as best I can.”

Yes, she would.

copyright Megan Slayer 2013