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Allie Ritch’s sexy shifters. Check ’em out. Dual Threat, by yours truly, is featured!

Allie Ritch, author


“I’m Rasik of Tribe Gahiji. My people turn into caracals and make up a large tribe of shifters on the Middle Continent of planet A’ata. I’m an excellent hunter and use my skills to help my brother, Taj, who is leader of our tribe. We are allies with Tribe Fahari — a mixed group of shifters that includes my beautiful, stubborn Kalya. I’ve known Kalya since childhood and have come to love her with an adult male’s passion. She can’t resist mating with me forever.

I’d like to welcome my fellow cats…at least those of you who haven’t come to make trouble in Allie’s domain. Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us your story?”

(Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch)

“Hello. I’m Alain. Alain Bellarose. I was last a human in the 16th century in France where a powerful witch saw me dying and gave me…

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Hard to Resist by Megan Slayer

Sometimes Crap Happens and You make bad decisions. Except Lacey’s sure her life is over. MIx in one hunk by the name of Chris Welch and her past might not be the disaster she thinks. A new contemporary romance from Megan Slayer