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So now you’re here. How about a fun excerpt from my latest novella, Seeking Davi!

Seeking Davi Seeking Davi

Book 3 in the Sanctuary Series

Megan Slayer

Resplendence Publishing

Contemporary, M/M, Anal Sex, Shifters, Paranormal

Sanctuary, Book Three…

A place to belong and strong arms to hold him—but will this shifter get what he needs?

After being rescued and taken to the Sanctuary, a refuge for lion shifters, Talisman knows he’s safe. But he’s restless. All the other shifters have paired up, except Talisman and one other shifter. The guy is fine, but he doesn’t make Talisman’s heart beat or his lion roar. Talisman refuses to give up looking for what he wants, but he never expected love to come running, stark naked, through a hole in the fence.

Davi doesn’t understand what’s happened to him. One minute, he’s a happy lion at the petting zoo. The next, he’s being hunted and humans want to use his head as a trophy. When his hope is almost gone, two lions appear to show him an escape route. At the Sanctuary, he realizes his power to shift and the desires of a human male. He doesn’t trust humans, but there’s one shifter he wants to know better.

Talisman and Davi must decide whether to give in to their animal urges or let the ghosts of the past tear their world apart for good. No matter what they choose, there’s one person who doesn’t want anyone, especially the shifters, to get their happy ending. As Talisman and Davi seek forever, it just might be ripped right out of their hands.

Available at:

Resplendence Publishing: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/784-978-1-60735-900-0–seeking-davi-sanctuary-series-book-three-by-megan-slayer.html

AllRomance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-seekingdavisanctuarybookthree-1901007-145.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0160DN4AI?keywords=seeking%20davi&qid=1443652338&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0160DN4AI?keywords=seeking%20davi&qid=1443652316&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1


©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved

The guy waited for the longer haired man to walk away then he sat in the grass. He didn’t say anything, remaining quiet.

Davi watched him, unsure what to do. His cat wanted to sniff out the stranger and scope out the situation. Did Davi trust his cat? Yes, but not that man.

Neither Davi or the guy sitting in the grass moved for what seemed like forever. Finally, the man spoke. “Davi? My name is Talisman. I don’t know if you remember me from the petting zoo, but I was there with you.” He didn’t look at Davi or even in Davi’s direction. “I think I’m a few months older than you. I remember being in the pens, having the kids pet us and feeling wonderful. Then the good feelings stopped. I know you’re scared. I was scared, too. Unlike the humans at the petting zoo, we won’t hurt you here.”

Davi debated sitting up but remained hunched down. Maybe, he could trust Talisman, but he didn’t remember him.

“It’s scary. You’ve shifted, and you don’t understand why. I know. I’ve been there. I didn’t shift until I was safe, but when it happened, I didn’t understand what was going on. It’s okay.” He glanced over to where Davi hid. “If you don’t come out, I can’t help you. I promise. I won’t hurt you, and I’ll help you get used switching between your cat and human forms.”

“No.” Davi kept hiding, but decided to at least try to talk to Talisman.

“Can you come out?” Talisman crawled across the grass, closer to Davi. “Would it help if I shifted?” He didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, he yanked his shirt up over his head then stood and shoved his pants down his legs. He kicked out of the boots and stood nude before Davi.

Davi watched Talisman move. Wow. He’d never seen a naked man before, but if that’s what they looked like, he liked what he saw. His cat wasn’t upset, either.

Talisman dropped to his knees and placed his hands in the grass. He lowered his head then wriggled. Fur sprouted on Talisman’s shoulders and back. His teeth elongated and a growl ripped from his throat. The fur spread down his chest to his belly and covered his legs. His hands and feet shifted into paws. When he shook his head, thick fur sprouted behind his ears and beneath his chin. Before Davi’s eyes, the man shifted into the lion.

Talisman sniffed the air then stared directly at Davi’s hiding spot. He strode over to Davi with silent steps and stopped beside the bushes. He nuzzled the underbrush and scratched the earth beneath the bush but didn’t force his way through the leaves. Was he trying to gain Davi’s trust? Could be.

Davi inched his hand forward, allowing Talisman to sniff him. The trust thing Talisman was doing was working. Davi extended his arm through the thick leaves and twigs.

Talisman rubbed his nose over Davi’s fingers then snorted. He licked Davi’s fingers.

Davi withdrew his hand. The fear still gripped him, but if Talisman had wanted to harm him, he would’ve jumped through the bushes and attacked. He didn’t. The lion within Davi wanted to investigate Talisman. Who was he to argue with the cat?

“I’m scared,” Davi whispered. He rose to his knees then crawled out from behind the shrubbery. He sat under one of the skinnier trees and hugged his knees.

Talisman, still in his lion form, sat beside Davi. He licked his paw then rubbed his paw over the top of his head. After a few licks and swipes across his forehead, he snorted.

“Messy.” Davi stole glances at the big cat. Talisman looked so powerful and graceful. He wanted to be like his new friend, but he couldn’t. Carlton’s insults came back to him. Worthless, clumsy, too big, lumbering…no good as a lion.

Talisman butted Davi’s shoulder with his head. He made a sound that resembled a cross between a grunt and a soft roar. Just as quickly as he’d shifted into lion form, Talisman shifted back into his human form. But this time, he wasn’t wearing clothes.

Talisman retrieved his wadded up garments and held them in front of his cock and balls. He settled beside Davi again and stretched his legs. He leaned back, bracing himself on his arms. The pants and shirt lay over his groin, but didn’t hide the erection tenting them.

“Welcome to Sanctuary.”

* * * * *

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Out Now! Both Sides Now by Megan Slayer #mmromance #looseid #contemporary #LGBT

Both Sides Now by Megan Slayer  MS_BothSidesNow

A Cedarwood Novella

Loose Id


M/M, Anal Sex


Can the geeky teacher moonlighting as a rock and roll metal god find the one man to see both sides and want it all with him?

Ever since Michael Jepsen walked into Cedarwood Elementary and spotted Niall Grayson, he’s been hooked. He wants to explore every inch of the sexy third grade teacher in all sorts of hot ways. But Michael has a secret—during the summer months, he morphs into his alter ego, Bandit, and rocks stages all across the country. Can he keep his job at the school, while living the rock and roll lifestyle and snag the man of his dreams?

Niall Grayson never thought he’d catch Michael’s eye. Becoming more than good friends never crossed his mind. He’s not good at letting people into his private life and he prefers to keep his heart guarded, but something about Michael makes him want to open up. Will he be able to accept the different facets of Michael or will the relationship fail before it gets started?

Available at:

Loose Id: http://www.loose-id.com/both-sides-now.html

AllRomance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-bothsidesnow-1901195-149.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0169K0US6?keywords=megan%20slayer&qid=1444579227&ref_=sr_1_8&sr=8-8


“You’re gay?” Niall’s voice cracked.

“You’re surprised?” Michael forced himself to smile. “I don’t wear it on my sleeve, but I prefer cock to pussy.”

“I’m shocked.” Niall settled in his seat and let go of the wheel. “All the girls love you, and the moms all line up to see you during conferences. Every time I look over there when you’re with parents, you seem to enjoy the female adulation.” He turned the car off and lowered his gaze. “Sorry. That’s rude. I assumed you were straight, and now I’m bashing you.”

“You’re not the first to assume and not the first to say what’s on your mind.” He debated what to say next. He needed to move with caution. “I’m gay and I’m attracted to you.”

“And you want to go on a date with me.” Niall finally looked at Michael. “I can’t believe you’re into me, but I’m all for it.” He grinned, although the tips of his ears were red. “When? I’m free pretty much every day once the staff meetings are over tomorrow.”

“How about Thursday night?” He’d prefer Friday night, but he was supposed to be leaving Friday midmorning.

“I’m free Friday. We could go then?”

“I’m busy on Friday.” He wanted to tell Niall the truth, but he couldn’t. No way he’d disclose his secret yet.

“Another guy?” Niall lowered his gaze again. “I should’ve known.”

“It’s not like that. I only date one person at a time.” He eased his hand free from the carrier. “I’ve got a second job, and I need to be at that Friday night.”

“Oh.” Niall covered his face with his hands. “I’m so…sorry. I speak before I think, and it gets me into trouble.” He glanced over at Michael. “What the hell? Why not?”

“You’re unsure.” Michael wanted to keep questioning Niall, but they were late in getting the food to the other staff members. “Clue me in after the meeting?”

“Don’t have to wait that long.” Niall opened his car door. “I’m crap at dating. I’ve only had one boyfriend, and we didn’t really…date.”

“All sex, all the time?” Not that so much sex with Niall didn’t sound wonderful. He wanted to be the man tangled up with Niall between the sheets.

“With Kurt when it was good, it was great. When it was bad, it was over.” Niall shrugged. “If you’re willing to give me a chance and to take things slow, we’ve got a shot.”

He grabbed Niall’s hand and squeezed his friend’s fingers. He needed to act on instinct and not fight his attraction to Niall. “Then let me give you a better perspective.” He leaned across the console of the car and kissed his friend. Sparks shot through his body, and his lips tingled. He never should’ve waited this long to give in to his crush.

Niall moaned and opened to him, allowing Michael to suck on his tongue.

Niall grabbed the front of Michael’s shirt. He broke the connection first and gasped for breath. “I like the new perspective.”

“That doesn’t have to be the only kiss.” Michael rested his forehead against Niall’s. “Come over tonight.”

“After the meeting, I’m all yours.” Niall let go of Michael, and when he climbed out of the car, he wobbled a bit. He wandered around the front of the vehicle and grabbed the bags from between Michael’s knees.

Michael didn’t bother to hide the smile. This was the start of something great, and he couldn’t wait to get through the meeting. He wanted so much more of Niall Grayson and in every way possible.

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Week 5 ~ Survival of the Fittest…


Hmm…Stafford got benched. Smith, Peyton Manning and Kaepernick are looking at down seasons. Vick’s not looking so slick. The Falcons and the Bengals are 5-0, but that won’t last forever. Oh and the Browns won in a last minute thriller. Considering how far down they were, yeah, that was thrilling. Thought the Bengals were going to blow it and I’m not going to lie, the Seahawks made them work for that win.

But I digress…and you came here for the funny quotes. Are you ready? Here are the Honorable Mentions:

“Comin’ inside.”

Better than on the outside–unless you’re into that.

“Opens himself up to it.”

He’s willing to try coming outside.

“Gone to some really dark places.”

Maybe he needed to in order to be free and heal.

“It somehow squeezes through.”

Huh. The skinny guy from last week must’ve got the blue pills to work. 

“He took it deep.”

After the squeezing and going to dark places, I’d assume so. Probably had to.

Ahem… Back to the point…. 

Now for those quotes of the week. It always amazes me what’s said on television. 

“Multiple tight ends.”

Better selection. 

“Getting his big paws around him.”

They like that kind of wrestling. 

“When you have them that wide open, you have to hit them.”

Spoken like a true master blaster. 

“Hold, hold, hold and then dump.”

Is this a suggestion for the bedroom or the bathroom? 

“Great penetration by the line.”

Orgy time!

“Really excited about these tight ends.”

Now that sounds like a discussion for the strip club. 

“Grinds it in.”

See? I mentioned the strip club. This smacks of Magic Mike.

Smacks… hee hee hee!

“Gets sucked back inside.”

Muwhahahaha! They didn’t want to let go!

And now for that Doozy of the Week. It’s fun, indeed!

“Didn’t give him a lot of room to fit that one in.”

But isn’t that what they like? Tight holes? Fitting it in snuggly? I’d think so. 

Thanks for reading and checking out my thoughts on the games. I’ve got release news and cover art to post this week, so stay tuned!!



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Week 4 (Really Late, but Present)


Week four is in the books. I’m late to get the quotes up, but that shouldn’t shock anyone much. The Browns fell apart. The Bengals seem to be going strong, but with all the chatter about how good they are, you know the fall is coming.  At least they’re good for drama. 

Let’s switch gears from drama to comedy. It’s time for the funny quotes. Are you ready? Here are the Honorable Mentions:

“A little stick route.”

Does that mean when you go down that road, you’re going to find a guy who isn’t well-endowed?

“Continuing to go to the tight end.”

Well, if one of the guys is small, then a tight end would be a good slot B.

“Trouble in the pocket.”

I guess they just don’t fit right.

“The technology is surely slipping.”

Huh. Sounds like the viagra isn’t working too well. Or it’s unreliable.  

“He tried to get it in there but he’s under pressure.”

So the little blue pills aren’t working, he’s small and the other guy is tight…Sounds like all sorts of bad going on. Hope they get it corrected. 

Hey, it’s always interesting when I listen to the football games. 

Now for those quotes of the week. It always amazes me what’s said on television. 

“He zips that one in there.”

Guess he got his fitting issues from last week sorted out. 

“He can zip it.”

Sounds like he’s very skilled or well-oiled. 

“Some arms never die.”

Does that mean there are zombie arms wandering around refusing to die and plaguing the area? I need to know so if I have to get my zombie kit, I can and am prepared. 

“Able to just find his way inside.”

With what? His arm? Something else? Or does this have to do with the zipping? 

“That’s big–Five guys up front.”

They’ve lined up for the zipping! 

“Just a little dump off.”

Guess that means he wasn’t allowed to the five-some. 

And now for that Doozy of the Week. This time around, I’m opening up the Doozy to my good friend and fellow author, Jocelyn Dex. Gotta give her big credit for this quote. Plus, she’s an awesome person and friend. 

“He’s high and hard.”

He must be in his mid-twenties and still a stallion. High and hard. Bet he’s popular, too. Bet he shows off his hard all over town. Just seems like that kind of guy. 

Thanks for reading and checking out my thoughts on the games. I’ve got release news and cover art to post this week, so stay tuned!!



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

Go Forth and Vote for Megan Slayer’s Bases Loaded!

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See you there!

Sneak Peek ~ Matt and Adam ~ Storming Love Series

Storming Love – Wild Fire – Matt and Adam  SLWildFire_MattAdam_Slayer_KJ

MLR Press


Short Story

M/M, Anal Sex

Where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire.​

Matt Holt likes his quiet life. He works at a sex shop and writes taglines for porn movies. In his spare time, he surfs. The jobs pay the bills, but don’t offer much in the way of romance. When a broken door allows smoke from the California wild fires into his apartment, he gets to do more than just chat with his next-door neighbor.

Adam Cook has had a thing for Matt since the first day he saw the blond surfer. He’s been waiting for an excuse to have more than a casual conversation with Matt. The fires aren’t a good reason to celebrate, but when Matt ends up at his door, he’s willing to stir the smoke up into a blazing fire.

Will Matt’s insecurity push Adam away or will the smoke bring them together for more than a white-hot night?

Available at:

MLR Press – http://www.mlrbooks.com/Bookstore.php?bookid=SLS5__MS

At AllRomance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-mattadam-1890200-149.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015ENSTTQ?keywords=megan%20slayer&qid=1443653063&ref_=sr_1_6&sr=8-6


©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved

​            “My sliding door broke. The handle’s jammed up, and I can’t get the sliding door closed. I tried tape and I closed the curtain, but I’ll be honest. My mechanical skills suck.”

“Why don’t you come over? Grab what you need for now, and when the landlord comes up to fix it, you can go back. It’s better than gagging to death.” Adam stepped away from the wall and opened his apartment door. “I guarantee my place is smoke-free.”

“You’re sure?” He didn’t want to impose, but he had been interested in spending more time with his neighbor. Other than chance meetings in the hallway and the rare conversations downstairs in the laundry room, they’d barely been around each other.

“Positive.” Adam smiled. “I could use the company.”

“Then let me get my laptop and my phone.” He headed back into his apartment. The smoke wasn’t much worse than when he’d left, but it was bad enough. He tucked his laptop, the cord, his phone and charger, as well as his wallet into his shoulder bag. Did he need anything else? The movie he was supposed to review and write the blurb for…shit. As long as he was over at Adam’s, he wouldn’t be able to watch it. Like Adam would be cool with viewing a gay ménage? He shook his head and slid the movie into the back pocket of his bag then headed over to Adam’s. Before he left, he locked his door. A streak of giddiness shot through him.Was he excited to spend time with Adam?

Excited didn’t begin to describe his feelings. Every time he looked at Adam, naughty thoughts entered his head. Adam stood a couple of inches shorter than Matt’s six feet of height, but what he lacked in stature, he made up for in sexiness. Adam reminded Matt of a movie star. From his perfectly styled, straight-out-of-bed hair, those deep brown eyes, and the little scar that reminded Matt of a dimple, down his toned body to his feet, he’d featured prominently in Matt’s fantasies. He wanted Adam as his partner in bed—or anywhere really. Was that crazy? Probably, but he’d done other things just as kooky.

Out Now ~ Aim High Anthology ~ Featuring Lifetime Hitch by Megan Slayer

Lifetime Hitch aimhigh_800

From the Aim High Anthology

Pride Publishing

Contemporary Short Story

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Sometimes the best laid plans are meant to be thrown way off course.

Hunter planned his life very well. He’s got his position in the Air National Guard, the family he’s always wanted and a life most people would love to have. Except he’s not happy. His friends all know his truths, but them knowing about his sexuality and him admitting it are two different things. Thankfully Ryder—his best friend—has always got his back.

Ryder has loved Hunter since they were in school. He wants to have more than Hunter’s back—he wants everything. Forcing his Guardsman to come out as a gay man wasn’t on his agenda, but Ryder isn’t above a bit of gentle nudging.

Will the things Hunter can’t control be his undoing, or will he accept who he is as well as the love he’s craved all of his life?

lifetimehitch_800 (2)

Links: Full Anthology:

AllRomance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-aimhigh-1897671-340.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Aim-High-T-A-Chase-ebook/dp/B014WJYEYW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Aim-High-T-Chase-ebook/dp/B014WJYEYW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1443651558&sr=8-2&keywords=ta+chase

Pride Publishing:  https://www.pride-publishing.com/book/aim-high


©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved

“Business is going well. When I’m not fixing the viruses people get on their computers, I work on the tablets and phones they bring me. Most of the devices can’t be saved, but some can. It’s like your radars, one big puzzle to work out. But I don’t have the time crunch you do.” He flopped down beside Hunter. “It’s a living.”

“Dating anyone?” Hunter gripped the bottle tight, not really wanting to hear the answer to his question.

“Nah. Steve wanted an open relationship. I’m the boyfriend type. I’m not happy playing the field.”

A baseball game played on the television but Hunter heard none of it. He shifted in his seat, facing Ryder. “I’m glad.”

“Yeah?” Ryder shook his head and snorted. “Being alone hasn’t been my idea of fun. I like a thick dick in my ass every now and then.”

Like mine? Hunter pressed his lips together to keep from saying things he wasn’t sure he wanted to admit. No, it was time to just be honest.

“I’m gay.” The two words held so much power. The weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Someone other than Shelly knew his truth.

Ryder grinned. “Congratulations.”

“Was it this scary when you told me?”

“Terrifying.” Ryder’s smile grew. “But I had this great friend sticking beside me.” He grabbed Hunter’s hand, squeezing his fingers. “I’m here for you.”

“Ryder.” Hunter glanced at their entwined hands. “I’ve been so scared to tell you. I’m supposed to be tough. The protector, not a pansy.” He shook his head. “Rumors don’t bother me, but what if the people around me realize I’ve been lying about myself and think I’ve lied about other things?” He scooted closer to his friend. “You were right all along. I wasn’t true to myself. I was living a comfortable, easy existence and dying inside.” A cry ripped from Hunter’s throat. All the frustration and pain pent up for the last fifteen years broke free. He released his grasp on Ryder’s fingers, then touched his best friend’s cheek.

Sparks shot from his fingers and blood surged below his belt. Hunter licked his lips. What would Ryder taste like? And why was he thinking, not acting? He bridged the gap between them, eye to eye with his best friend. The amber flecks in his eyes sparkled. A fine sprinkling of hairs dusted Ryder’s cheeks and chin.

“Kiss me, Hunter.” Instead of waiting for Hunter to take the lead, Ryder snagged his mouth for the kiss. The moment their lips touched, Hunter’s fears subsided. He knew all along he liked kissing guys, but kissing Ryder was a special kind of sexy.