Coming in 2019 ~ Bound by Desire by @WendiZwaduk #contemporary #bdsm #romance #NSFW #hotread


Bound by Desire by Wendi Zwaduk boundbydesire_9781786864185_xlrg-180x288

from Totally Bound Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Romance

BDSM, M/F, Toys, Spanking, Older Woman-Younger Man



Stella wants her groove back after her divorce, but she never figured a younger man would be the answer to her prayer. He’s determined to do more than bind her wrists. He wants her heart, too.

Stella Barnes isn’t looking for love. She’s convinced it’s not in her cards. The guys she’s met seem to want her money and greeting card business. When her sister throws a freedom party at the local dance club, Stella meets a man who makes her think twice about giving up on love. Can the young buck command her body and soul in the sensual ways she needs or will her desire to be spanked send him packing?

Wes Chase has known he wanted Stella since the moment he saw her–at the club and two years before when she was still with her husband. Her plan to use him for her date to attend her ex-husband’s second wedding makes him cringe. He’d rather be with her out of love and kinky devotion, not as a dodge. Will he convince her they belong together and he can set her spirt free or will her fear keep them apart?

General Release Date: 29th January 2019

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Dancing Together is out today! by @wendiZwaduk #romance #bdsm #christmas #mf @meganslayer

Dancing Together by Wendi Zwaduk 

Book 4 in the Love Lessons series from Totally Bound

Contemporary Erotic Holiday Romance

Features a MF pairing and involves BDSM, Spanking, Toys, and Bondage

Can friends with benefits become a lasting love?

Allyson Benson has been in love with Jordy Murphy since she started teaching at the same elementary building. She wants the tall, blond gym teacher to notice her and, when he runs into her at a party, she summons her courage to ask him to be friends with benefits. Shouldn’t be difficult—lots of sex, but no entanglements and certainly not love…until love enters the equation.

Jordy Murphy doesn’t do relationships. He’s happy being free, but there’s one woman who has been on his radar—Ally. He wants to get her out of her boring clothes and kindergarten classroom for some serious one-on-one time. He’s all for the sex-only situation she proposes until he’s struck with a realization—what if this perpetual free spirit has met his match? Allyson could be the one. Can the commitment-phobe really accept the love he’s wanted all along?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised, expanded and reedited for rerelease with Totally Bound Publishing.

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The Times Are A-Changin’ with @meganslayer #romance #writing #market #shenanigans

I tend to be more of a head-down, chugging away kind of author. I’m horrible with trends and keeping up. I like to write what the readers and muse wants.

But things get sticky when the muse doesn’t want to cooperate. Even more so when life spins out of control. Hey, the tot going back to school, critters getting sick and DH changing schedules has been rather difficult for the writing schedule. I know. I should have dedicated time to write. Tell that to my muse. When the muse decides it’s not time, there’s nothing I can do to get the muse in gear. I’ve come to terms with that.

But in the last couple years, a few other curve balls have come my way. One of them, being one of the biggest, is having more than one of my publishers go out of business/shut their doors. I understand this business tends to chew people up and spit them out. Same goes for publishers. For a while there, a ton of new pubs came along, then just as quickly, the pubs disappeared. Others have been stalwarts, but things happen and they’ve opted to close. It happens.

In this climate of change, authors have to adapt. I know I have. One of the ways we adapt is by self-publishing those titles that were with pubs and putting them back out into circulation. We might add a few chapters that are new or re-edit the book to make it fresh, but often times, the authors will just put a new cover on it (because the pubs own the original) and put the book back out. We love to write, but a book doesn’t bring in readers if it’s sitting on the hard drive.

But there are shenanigans afoot. I’ve been accused of putting re-issues out and I have. I make sure I plainly label the books that are re-issues as such because I’d hate for a reader to buy two of the same book. I have two pen names and I had a series that I opted to put all under the same name. Again, labeled re-issue. I had one book that I’d put the wrong name on. It was a Wendi book and I created the cover with my Megan name on it. I’ve let readers know it’s still me.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m still learning in this business. I’ve been around for almost ten years and I’m still figuring things out. But I’m trying. I won’t let the market, shenanigans or anything else get me down. I love my readers too much to quit.

Speaking of re-issues and re-vamps, my novella, Molten Steel, is out now. Here’s a little bit about this book:

Molten Steel By Megan Slayer  Molten Steel NEW COVER

A Nathalia Hotel Novella, Book 1



M/F, Anal Sex


Breaking down was never this freeing.

Rory Speedle charms the world and rocks the stage with his band, Disaster Transport. He’s dealt with ex-girlfriends, overzealous fans and letters from a stalker, but nothing has prepared him for his next concert date. When the tour bus catches fire on the outskirts of Dallas, he loses more than just his instruments. His desire to create music is gone and he believes his hope is next. Then he meets Cady Hollister and everything changes. She inspires him and stokes his desire.

Cady knows the handsome rock and roller won’t be in town long. He’s only at her hotel until the band bus is replaced. Still, he makes her feel like a woman again—sexy, desirable and beautiful. He claims he wants her in his life as more than a passing fancy. Can he convince her to five him a try or will his fame keep them from finding the love they both deserve?

Love could be his salvation, if he’s willing to work for the woman he wants.

This book was previously released as Molten Steel by Wendi Zwaduk, a Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World story, and has been revamped for this edition.














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Roosters! Ryker (Roosters 2) by Harley Wylde #contemporary #romance #changelingpress #erotic #novella

Ryker (Roosters 2)

Ryker (Roosters 2)

Author: Harley WyldeJessica Coulter Smith

Cover Art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 08483-02741

Genres: Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary)New ReleasesRomance

Themes: MC RomanceMen and Women in UniformNew Adult

Series: Roosters (#2)

Book Length: Novella

Page Count: 85

Price: $3.99   $3.39


Ryker: After 20 years in the military, I find myself doing my dad’s dirty work. But as the “prince” of the Hades Abyss MC, it’s expected of me. Doing a little recon in a small Alabama town should have been boring as shit, until the hot little minx I met at a bar turned my life upside down. Women always fall at my feet, but this one was different. If I’d known she was a virgin, I might have backed away, but now that I’ve had a taste I just want to keep coming back for more. Little did I realize that I’d just fucked the sister of a Dixie Reaper, and my life was about to become all kinds of complicated. I had to wonder… had she fucked me because she wanted me? Or was it all some kind of setup?

Laken: My big brother Flicker is always ruining my fun, keeping the guys away from me, so when I finally get a chance for a hot guy to get rid of my V-card, I’m all for it. Ryker’s hot and has that alpha vibe, and the fact he’s ex-military just made me wetter. It never occurred to me that he was a biker, or that I might have just screwed up a big deal for the Dixie Reapers. It seems my sexy Ryker isn’t just some hot military guy. No, he’s the son of the President of the Hades Abyss MC. So I hide like big brother asks me to. Just one problem… Ryker doesn’t leave, and now I’m late. How am I supposed to tell Ryker that I’m carrying his child? When life fucks me over, it does it royally.

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Now for an EXCERPT:


Ryker (Roosters 2, Dixie Reapers MC)
Harley Wylde
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2018 Harley Wylde


I threw back another shot of whiskey, and slammed the glass down on the bar top. It was my tenth. Or was it twelfth? I’d lost count somewhere along the way, but I wasn’t even remotely drunk. There was a slight warmth spreading through me, but I was one hundred percent in charge of my actions. So when I slid my hand up the back of the thigh of the hottie standing next to me, yeah, that was all me. What can I say? That sweet, curvy ass of hers was calling to me.

She slowly turned her head to look at me over her shoulder as my hand slipped up farther, sliding under the hem of her too short dress. Mmm. No panties. I gave her ass cheek a squeeze and watched as heat flared in her eyes. Whatever schmuck she’d been talking to was forgotten as she turned to face me. Oh yeah. The front matched the back. Nice, luscious breasts that were barely contained by the stretchy top of her dress, and damn if her nipples weren’t poking through.

“Normally a guy buys me a drink before he grabs my ass,” she said.

“Guess I’m not a normal guy.”

She reached out and fingered the dog tags that I still wore, despite the fact I’d been out of the service for a month. “No, soldier, you certainly aren’t.”

“Marine,” I said.

She bit her lip and moved in a little closer. “Guess that makes you something of a badass, doesn’t it?”

I smirked and squeezed her ass again. “Something like that.”

She reached out and rubbed a hand down my chest, her fingers trailing across my abs and stopping at my belt buckle. I could tell she liked what she saw, and I damn sure liked the way she filled out her dress. It would look even better bunched around her waist while I fucked her.

“You’re so big and strong,” she said with a purr.

“Oh, baby. You have no idea.”

I slid my fingers farther down the curve of her ass until they teased her pussy. She was already wet and so damn slick, and she looked like just the type of girl who would let me fuck her in the bathroom. I knew the type, and those hard nipples and wet little pussy told me that she wanted me bad enough to let me do whatever I wanted. Women tended to fall at my feet, always had, and this one wasn’t going to be an exception. Kneeling was a good place for them, easier access for sucking my cock.

“Bigger doesn’t mean better,” she said. “It’s all in how you use it.”

“I know how to use it. I can make you scream my name all night long.”

She shrugged. “Maybe you can and maybe you can’t.”

Oh, I could. It was a proven fact. Women always screamed in ecstasy whenever I was pounding into their pussies, or anywhere else I pleased. They begged me for it.

“What’s your name, sugar?”


Roosters: Bastard’s New Baby (Roosters 3) by Raisa Greywood #contemporary #BDSM #changelingpress #romance

Bastard’s New Baby (Roosters 3)

Bastard's New Baby (Roosters 3)

Author: Raisa Greywood

Cover Art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 08505-02748

Genres: BDSMGuilty Pleasures (Contemporary)New ReleasesRomance

Series: Roosters (#3)

Book Length: Novella

Page Count: 102

Price: $4.99   $4.24


Jackson: I need a wife. I’d much rather keep my string of submissives and the occasional lady I can take out in public, but my job — no, my very identity as Jackson McKenna, CEO of McKenna Logistics — is at risk if I don’t find some woman to marry. I wish I could find a woman who could do both. She would be intelligent, beautiful, of course, and be filthy enough to drop to her knees and service me in a parking lot before walking into a country club with perfect lipstick and manners. Nobody’s that lucky, though. That woman doesn’t exist.

Siobhan: I need a husband. I’d much rather focus my attention on Andy, my nephew and the son of my deceased sister. Despite my sister and her husband’s wishes, his grandparents want his trust fund and threaten to take him from me. They call me a whore and say I’m not a good guardian because I’m not married. In this small Ohio town, their argument holds weight. But Siobhan Jane O’Malley doesn’t roll over for anyone, and they’re going to find out I fight dirty. And I’m going to have to get very dirty when Jackson McKenna makes me his wife.

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Now for An EXCERPT:

Bastard’s New Baby (Roosters 3)
Raisa Greywood
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2018 Raisa Greywood

Siobhan glared at herself in the mirror. Unless she could find a good dry cleaner, her beautiful suit was a lost cause. She tossed the stockings into the trash and cleaned up her knees as best she could, stopping the bleeding with several bandages from the first-aid kit and wishing her skirt was long enough to cover them. God, she missed the monogrammed polos and black trousers of her old job.

The rain had washed away what little makeup she’d put on, leaving her freckled and blotchy. At least her hair looked decent. The rain had tamed the frizz, and if she could get the interview over with before it dried, she’d be happy with it. She’d managed to wash the mud and road grime off her hands and face, and the little polyester shell she’d worn under the suit had rinsed clean.

Nothing was dry, of course. She was uncomfortably sticky and the air conditioning chilled her damp skin, making her nipples pebble under the thin lace of her bra. If she got the job, she’d have to invest in some sweaters. The building was cold enough to hang meat.

With one last swipe at her skirt, she left the bathroom and made her way back to the receptionist, but she wasn’t at her desk. She sat down to wait in a plastic chair by the door, taking the time to go over her notes and straighten up her portfolio. Papers had come loose when she’d dropped her bag in the street, but nothing had gotten wet, thank God.

A photo of Andy slid free and she touched his sweet little face. He grinned widely, exposing his new teeth. He looked just like Susan when he smiled. She took out her tablet and opened the case. It didn’t appear damaged, and she set it aside without turning it on.

A door slammed and she stood, readying herself for her meeting. She’d spent the last few days drilling herself on all things McKenna that she could scare up on the library Internet as Andy napped in his car seat at her feet. Unfortunately, the one thing she hadn’t been able to find was a picture of Jackson McKenna. Despite being one of the richest men in Ohio, the man seemed to have no social media images anywhere.

The receptionist stormed into the entry, her eyes flashing angrily. Siobhan gathered her portfolio and blinked in surprise when the woman stomped up to her and waved a finger in her face.

“Why are you still here? Your interview has been canceled and won’t be rescheduled. You’re a mess and we can’t have someone like you in this office.”

“I beg your pardon?” What the fuck happened to small-town manners? Even in Chicago, she’d never been treated so rudely. And she didn’t give a good goddamn how rich McKenna was. There was no excuse for such unprofessionalism.

“You heard me.” The woman gave her a nasty grin, and said, “Don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.”

“Oh, honey, you are out of your weight class.” She shoulder-checked the woman, making her stumble backward, and strode toward the closed door bearing a brass plate with the name “Jackson McKenna.”

Roosters! With A Whie by Stephanie Burke #roosters #changeling #romance

With A Whie (Roosters 4)

With A Whie (Roosters 4)

Author: Stephanie Burke

Cover Art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 008527-02754

Genres: Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary)New ReleasesRomanceRomantic Comedy

Themes: Interracial

Series: Roosters (#4)

Book Length: Novella

Page Count: 50

Price: $3.99   $3.39


Evan Whie has a big brain, a big company and an even bigger issue… in his pants. Being that big can be a problem when it comes to dating… but he’s not interested in dating just anybody. He wants his queen.

Cleopatra Cockie has a big problem when it comes to love, and an even bigger solution to fix her woes… Seduce her business partner and man of her dreams, no matter what the rumor mill has to say.

They’re two gamer geeks on a mission and if they can work it out, Cockie will always be connected to a Whie.

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Now for an EXCERPT:
With a Whie (Roosters 4)
Stephanie Burke
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2018 Stephanie Burke

Evan Whie had a huge problem… right between his legs. He looked down at his crotch and winced, not only at the horrible bunching in his crotch area, but at the feel of having a good solid ten and a half inches of cock shoved into an area that was not designed to hold all that mass. Maybe he should have gone for the kilt?

“You have to come out of there sometime,” a nasally voice called, and Evan knew it had been the biggest fucking mistake of his life to bring along his best friend on this particular shopping trip.

“I’m not coming out and you can’t make me,” he shouted back, going up on one leg to try to pull down at the crotch. There had to be some more room in there… somewhere.

“Look, you big baby, either the pants don’t fit or they do. If they don’t I have a few more pairs of slacks for you to try.”

“Who says slacks anymore?” Evan grimaced in the mirror and gave up. The pants had to go.

“I do, you fashion disaster. And I want you to try the pleated front pants next. You’d be less prone to meat explosion that way.”


“What? You know it’s true. Those cute granddaddy little slacks you like so much don’t have enough give in the crotch. That’s why you need pleats. Reinforcements.”

“That’s it. I’m wearing a kilt.”

“At least you have the legs for that. Working off sexual tension in the weight room is good for a few things.”

“I’m your boss,” he called back.

“And if you just tell the woman how you feel –”

“I will end you.”

“No, you won’t. You’d get an anger boner and pass out before you could reach me. That much blood suddenly rushing down has that effect on people.”

Evan slapped a broad, calloused hand over his face. He was blushing. He knew he was blushing. He could feel the heat in his face and chest.

“Lydia Summerwell, you are the worst,” he grumbled as he tried to pull himself together. He was an adult. He was a business owner, a successful business owner at that. He could handle this.

“But am I wrong?”

“The absolute worst.” He really did hate his best friend sometimes.

Evan forced himself to stare into the mirror again and examined the reflection there.

He was a reasonably good-looking man, nothing to make him one of People’s “Sexiest Men on Earth,” but his looks wouldn’t curdle milk either. And he had nice eyes. It was like Mother Nature couldn’t decide if they should be green or blue so she threw them both in there in equal amounts and let the colors fight it out.

He was in decent shape for a glorified computer jock. A Boffin was what she called him. And he had to admit that Lydia was right in that working off sexual frustration with weights was a good way to keep fit, as proven by his twenty-inch guns. He flexed a bicep in the mirror and resisted the urge to giggle like a teenage boy. Yeah, after all those years of Dorito’s, 7-11 Big Bites, and Mountain Dew, he finally had muscle tone.

He still didn’t quite have a six-pack in the belly, but hey, it was flat as hell and hard to boot. It was when you got below his stomach that the problems began.

Evan Whie had a huge dick.

Writing A Vampire with @MeganSlayer #vampires #vampire #PNR #romance #meganslayer

I love writing vampires. It’s fun. I can create a whole new world and add characters I want and let them do whatever I want.

I had wanted to write a story about a vampire and a goddess. Seemed like a good thing to do. The goddess that showed up was Ariadne. A woman who ran away or escaped from the underworld. Who might she end up with?

A vampire? A creature of the night and one of the living dead.

How does this work? Very carefully. Haha. But I love writing vampires. I like having to figure out how they work and what they can’t do. It’s exciting and fun and challenging. This is my vampire story. See what you think. 🙂

Ariadne’s Vampire AriadnesVampire

A Goddesses After Dark Novel

Megan Slayer

Megan Slayer Publications



Artwork by Big ZDesigns


Ariadne defied her father for love, only to be abandoned. She married for what she thought was love, only to have Dionysus leave her for another woman. Even Aphrodite won’t smile on her because Aphrodite wants Dionysus. Ari can’t seem to win. What’s a goddess to do if she wants love?
Find a vampire.
Caden, a vampire and creature of the night, gave up on love long ago. Draining victims, sex and sleep are his orders for each evening…until he’s tasked with tracking Ariadne. He doesn’t expect the goddess to call to his wounded soul in ways he thought long since dead.
Can a vampire and goddess go the distance or will their happy ending die with the dawn?


Available from Amazon:

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©2018 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved


“What are you doing?” Caden stood in the middle of her path. In the pitch black of the evening, he’d found her. “Don’t run.”

Her blood chilled and she stopped short. How had he located her? What kind of paranormal was he? “What are you?” She hadn’t heard him move. “Where did you come from?”

Caden raked his fingers through his hair. His eyes blazed red, then silver. “I’m a vampire, all right? A fucking bloodsucker. Normally, I’d eat you, but I can’t. Trust me. You’re pissing me off and I’d love to drain your ass for that kick to the crotch.”

The dick. She trembled and hoped he couldn’t see her fear. Who was she kidding? He was a vampire. He was enhanced in everything—even his cock? Why did that turn her on? She shook her head and focused on her panic. With the vampire’s super senses, he had to have seen her panic. “Dio sent you.” She put her hand up. “I’m not going back. Never.”

“Who is Dio?” Caden frowned. “Look, I gave Hestia my word that I’d bring you to Eriewood. She wants you safe and I’ll make sure that happens.”

“I can take care of myself. You don’t owe anyone anything on my account.” She turned on her heel. The faster she got out of there, the better. Within seconds, she sprinted down the sidewalk toward the gate. Fuck him. Sexy or not, she wasn’t going to let some vampire deliver her to Dionysus and Hades.

“Stop.” Caden stood in front of her again, stopping her in her path. He grabbed her shoulders. “I don’t fuck up my jobs. I should be draining a few murderers right now, but instead I’m chasing you. Do you want to be next?”

“What?” The guy was crazier than Dio and Theseus put together.

“I’m done arguing.” He let go, giving her space. “You’re not safe here. Whoever is trying to find you knows you’re close. Either you let him have you or you take your chances with me. I can get us to Eriewood in four hours. The bus will take twelve and he will catch up to you. He knows where you are.”

She didn’t have much choice. Vampire speed trumped any combustion engine. He held his hand out to her. She debated what to do. He hadn’t bound her to him. No, he’d given her free rein to run if she chose. She groaned. If Hestia knew about him and if her father had given Hestia the go-ahead to find her, then Dio couldn’t be involved. Knowing her ex-husband, he would’ve come for her in person.

“If I’m making it there by dawn, we need to go now.” Caden stared at her.

She hesitated another second. A vampire… Zeus help her. She, the daughter of King Minos, would have to find a damn vampire for a travelling companion. What was worse…she kind of liked him, but kind of wanted to kick him in the junk again. She sighed. “Let’s go.”

“Thank you.” He wrapped his arms around her. “Hold on. You’ll probably get motion sickness. Wait until we stop to barf.”’

Motion sickness? Barf? Oh shit. She clung to Caden. At least her ride was handsome and easy on the eyes. He felt good holding her, too. What a pity he had the potential to kill her.