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I’d taken some time off from blogging. Translation ~ life got in the way. Blogging does take dedication, but sometimes it also just doesn’t work out. So to get back on the horse, I’m starting little by little and with my Saturday Spanks post.

This story is one that had a home at a publisher who ended up closing it’s doors. Well, I couldn’t shelve the story forever. I just couldn’t. So I decided to self-publish it. I even did my own art.

I’d always wanted to write a femdom story. I had the character rolling around in my head and well, she needed her story told. It just so happens her sub is in racing–another one of my passions. Grin. Enjoy my femdom short story, Saturday Night Special.

Saturday Night Special by Wendi ZwadukSaturday Night Special Cover 2

Scarred Hearts, #2

Publisher: Megan Slayer Publications

M/F, Femdom, Spanking, Toys, BDSM, Bondage

Product Description: 

She makes his motor run.

Blaine Haeferle drives fast and lives on the edge. He’s not afraid to risk it all for the win—unless his heart is in the mix. He loved once, but things ended in disaster. Can he accept the woman who holds his heart, despite all their jagged past?

Mallory Sweet never intended to leave Blaine without a word. But one night changed everything for her. Instead of facing her past, she ran. Is coming to terms with her past the key to winning the love of her life back?

Anything can happen on a Saturday night under the lights.

Available on May 3rd from

Amazon –

iBooks –

Kobo –

BN –

Now for that spanking 🙂 Getting these two together, even for a play session was difficult due to their jobs, but it’s well worth the wait. See what you think. 

“Naked. Now.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He remembered. Her heart leapt and heat simmered in her veins. “I’m waiting.”

He turned around. Instead of the embarrassment she expected, lust burned in his eyes. He kicked out of his shoes, then yanked his shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor. She gazed at the tug and flex of his abs as he moved. Damn, the man could model underwear. Not that she’d let him. No, he belonged to her.

His pants and boxers soon landed in the heap. When he knelt to remove his socks, she swatted his ass. Hard. A rosy handprint blossomed in her wake.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” came his reply. He didn’t stand, but remained in position with his bottom facing her.

Music to her ears. She missed hearing him address her in such a manner, missed their games…hell, she missed him most of all. She spanked his butt twice more, loving the feel of his tight buns under her hand.

“Stand, then get the water nice and hot.” She had no idea where to find the bathroom, but he’d show her the way.

Blaine rose to his full height. With a lazy smile, he strolled past her and into the room to her left. He flipped on the light and reached into the shower stall. He turned the knobs. Steam billowed out from around the shower curtain. He bowed his head and laced his fingers together over his erection.

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Getting Sucked In…

I’m a sucker for learning. Show me a television program, documentary or movie where I can learn something new that piques my interest… I’m there.

I could watch thigns like Ken Burns’ The Civil War and Jazz all day long. The human stories and the music, especially in Jazz, work for my writing. I love the music. I’ve always had a thing for Benny Goodman–maybe it’s the tall, dark and handsome vibe he’s got going… or that he played the clarinet. But I love to listen to the music and learn new facts. It’s a trip for me to then listen to the radio on the 40s/Jazz channel and recognize the tunes.

I think it’s also got something to do with feeling like I’m closer to my grandparents. Swing and Jazz are their music. I’m pretty sure they weren’t as multicultural as could be and I bet they missed out on some great tunes because they just weren’t exposed to some of it. But still. I don’t know my grandparents well. My grandmother has dementia and Alzheimer’s so sometimes she’ll tell stories and she doesn’t know who she’s talking to. Most of her stories take place during WWII. Fascinating stuff, though. The victory garden she grew, going roller skating and having to ration food. This isn’t stuff I know about–the closest I came to any of that was when I was a kid and we had to be on WIC because my father had been laid off again. So it fascinates me.

Then there’s my grandfather. He’s a WWII vet, but you won’t get him to talk about it. Nope. He even participated in a story for the paper, but turned his back on the situation. I can’t imagine what he saw over there in Europe or what he went through.

So listening to music like Jazz and Swing makes me feel somewhat closer to them.

But you see, this is just one of the things I get sucked into. Documentaries are a favorite, but then there are the movies with a message, like The Normal Heart. It’s rather depressing, but I could watch that movie all day. Okay, I’ll admit… Matt Bomer’s naked tush is worth the repeated views, but it’s the human aspect of the movie. Good grief… it’s another case of I can’t imagine what they went through. I can’t imagine seeing my friends die while I may or may not.

Speaking of tough situations, shows like Snapped and true crime programs… I’m a sucker for those, too. I really hope I never go through those kinds of situations, but I like to watch. Oh and around Christmas, but usually not during December I love to watch the cheeseball Christmas movies on Hallmark and Ion (yeah… figure that one out… November and I’m watching Christmas movies). I want romance. I want the happy ending with only a few sticky points. I want something in the midst of the chaos of the holidays to make sense.

See? I’m not all into doom and gloom. I can hear a friend of mine saying That’s so not you! You like loud and crashing and smashing.

Hey, when you get sucked in… you get sucked in. Even better when there’s hot tunes or an even hotter tush involved.

The Yikes Factor with @MeganSlayer

NOTE: This post also appears on Paranormal Romantics. Click here for that blog.

I’m about to complain about something that to some would be a terribly small problem, but I’m still going to grouse a bit.

Time management.

Now you might say, how is time management hard? You’re a writer. You write. That’s all you do.

Well, no, it’s not ALL I do. I have a family and pets who think they’re both human and my children. They are, don’t get me wrong. But it’s difficult when one of the cats thinks he’s a person, another cat thinks he’s a dog and the third cat is a boneless slug. Oh and the dogs? One has serious separation anxiety (from me), one thinks she’s a person, too, and the third one still can’t control his long legs – he’s four and all goofy, clumsy leggy hound. They’re all clingy and in desperate need of attention when I’m neck-deep in something important. I’m a mom and a wife, too. So yes, it’s a little hectic around my house.

Now back to the issue at hand. Time management. I’m looking at my writing schedule – most all of it takes place at night after everyone has (mostly) settled down – and getting a little freaked out.

This is in one way a great problem to have. I’ve got work that wants to be done and stories dying to be told. I’m a panster for the most part and just write as the stories flow. Scheduling was never my thing, but I’m a sucker for a hard deadline. So you’d think I’d be happy. Stories coming left and right.

But that’s where the rub is. Being that pantster I mentioned, sometimes the story isn’t flowing. That’s why I tend to have three or four stories going at one time, but still. If the deadline is fast approaching and the story isn’t working… I tend to freak out. I like deadlines, but I NEED to have space. I can’t write until the zero hour and have the story work. It doesn’t.

So to help my issues out, I set up my calendar with reminders… is this story done? Have you started this one? Where are you on this one? I’ve got the reminders a few days out and a few weeks out from when things are due so hopefully I stay on track.

But it’s still the YIKES! Factor. Yikes, how did I get myself into this? Yikes, I’m letting the characters run away with me. Yikes, how am I going to get this all done and correctly? Yikes, I’m in over my head…

What about you? Do you ever have those moments? How do you cope? Let me know. We can commiserate and help each other out.

In the mean time, here’s a little bit about my latest release, You Complete Me

Battle Scarred 4: You Complete Me by Megan Slayer MS_YouCompleteMe_coverlg


Paranormal, Contemporary


Loose Id

Art by Mina Carter

An AllRomance Ebooks Staff Pick!

I’ve got your back, if you’re willing to trust your enemy. 

Hagan Dean thought he was helping his friend. He was playing the role of savior…except he ended up left for dead in the sunshine. Vampires and sunshine don’t mix. Even worse? A Hunter—one of the sexiest women he’s laid eyes on—is ready to kill him. He’s got a lot to survive for and the odds are stacked against him, but he’s a fighter. Will the Hunter let him live another night? Or is this vampire destined to fry into a pile of soot?

Emily Cross is a born Hunter. Her life’s work is to keep the balance between the Supers and the Supers who have stepped out of line. She’s never been keen on the Rogues taking over the Hunters. She doesn’t want to kill all the Supers…she is one! When she finds a nearly charred vampire in the woods during one of the hunts, her thoughts turn from killing to keeping him alive.

Will these two opposites come together to find common ground in order to help end the war? Or will the passion crackling between them tear their worlds apart?

Available right now from Loose Id!

Authors in Bloom #BlogHop ~ With @MeganSlayer and @WendiZwaduk

Dianne Venetta_AIB Logo_2015

Welcome to my portion of the Authors in Bloom! I’m so glad you’re here. Be sure to comment to enter my contest and because commenting on EVERY post in the hop gains you entries into the grand prize giveaway. What’s up for grabs for the GRAND PRIZE? We are giving away a Kindle Fire or Nook (winner’s choice) along with a 2nd prize of $25 gift card.That’s pretty cool.

What can you win at my stop? I’m giving away a prize pack featuring a handmade by me handcuff necklace and signed swag. All you’ve got to do is comment with your favorite book or recipe AND leave your email. Easy! We can’t contact you if you win if we don’t have an email. I’ll choose a winner at random through Open internationally. Winner will be chosen on April 17th.

Now this is a hop about Blooms. I’m not much of a gardener. I tend to kill more plants than I grow. Why? I forget to water plants. That’s where I’m a horrible plant parent. So what tips on gardening do I possibly have? Remember to water the plants, that’s for sure. Keep an eye on them. When they look droopy and the soil’s dry, then water it is. If its soupy, then probably not time to water. Time to dry it out a little. That’s what I’ve learned. Not much of a tip, but then it’s better than having soggy plants or crispy ones.

Thought I’d also include a recipe. Why not?

My recipe for Pizza Dough!

1 cup hot water

1 packet of yeast

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of oil

Pinch of salt

Heat water and add to large bowl. Add honey, oil, salt and yeast. Stir to activate the yeast and wait until it froths – about 5 minutes.

Once frothy, add 2 cups of flour gradually. Once combined, knead dough until smooth.

Place kneaded dough into a oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Place in warm area and let rise – approximately 2 hours.

After allowing the dough to rise, flatten on pizza pan. Prick with fork and bake approx 15 minutes at 425-450 degrees. After the initial 15 minute bake, add sauce, toppings and whatever you enjoy on your pizza, save for the cheese. Add cheese after 10 minutes and watch until fully melted. Enjoy!!

Since you’ve stopped by, here’s a little about my latest release, Wild Card. This is a story close to my heart. I hope you enjoy the book, too. 

Wild Card by Megan Slayerwildcard_xlrg-180x288

A What’s His Passion Novel

From Pride Publishing

M/M, Anal Sex, Multiple Partners, Voyeurism


Contemporary Erotic Gay Romance

Following his heart and passion will be his biggest role of all.

Kris Hunter wants out. He’s done pornographic films for the last six years. The pay’s been good, but his creativity is nearly dead. His passion is to act and to be a star on the big screen in mainstream films. When he auditions for famed casting director, Zayn Mason, he’s convinced he’s on the right path. He doesn’t want to take the casting couch route to success, but he certainly wants Zayn in his bed. Can he follow his dreams and the man he desires or will forces beyond his control derail his progress?

Zayn Mason sees the potential in Kris. As a casting director, he looks for the right actor to fill the roles in movies. He’s seen plenty of talent come and go, but no one stirs his soul both creatively and physically like Kris. But Zayn knows the pitfalls of the movie industry. Crossing over from porn isn’t easy and Hollywood isn’t always forgiving. Besides, he’s got demons of his own. Can these men get beyond their pasts and find a future together under the bright lights of the silver screen?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism and intimacy with multiple partners.

General Release Date: 12th April 2016

Available in April right here:

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Out Now ~ Renegade by Madison Sevier #recommendedread




The Road Is His Future… RENEGADE1200


Longtime steel hauler, Mason Kaine, a.k.a. Renegade, only needed a few things to be happy–The whisper of his tires on that long ribbon of highway in front of him, money and a life with no complications. Being an Asphalt Cowboy means long, lonely hours on the road, dedication to the job and going wherever the loads are needed. Mason liked it that way. Meeting a feisty blonde whose allure is more potent than the finest Kentucky bourbon was not on his itinerary. He knows he should just walk away and leave the woman to deal with whatever mess she’s in. But can he really just leave her alone and injured at a truck stop when he knows she’s in way over her head?


She’s Running From Her Past…


Savannah Somers has been on the run and in hiding for more than four years. Working at a truck stop hundreds of miles from her former life, she’s been able to blend in and stay safe. That is, until two people from the world she left behind and Mason Kaine walk into her new life on the same day. With her past chomping at her heels and Mason Kaine’s scorching sex appeal, Savannah finds herself on a path with twice the danger and more than just her life at risk.


Can Savannah find the safety she’s always needed…in the arms of a man like Renegade?


Will Mason be able to save Savannah without finding himself chained to a lifetime of complications?


It’ll take more than one hot load to find out if they’ll make it together…for the long haul.


**Asphalt Cowboys Do It With Straps & Chains**

Get your copy here: 









Now that Renegade has arrived, I think it’s time to share a bit more about it. So, check out this excerpt:

“Where’s your car?” The sound of Suzi’s high heels and squawkin’ like a hen in anger at their backs, made Mason pick up his pace a bit.


“It’s in the back lot. But I don’t have my purse or anything. It’s back there.” Savannah thumbed over her shoulder towards the store.


Damn. In his efforts to get her out of there, he hadn’t thought about the fact that she might’ve had personal items she’d need to take with her. “Okay. Look, I’m taking you to my truck. I want you to stay inside, lock the doors and don’t open them for anyone except me. Got it?” She nodded. “Good girl. I’m heading back inside to get your things. Is there anything else you need?”


“Ya know, you don’t have to do this. I can just wait until they leave and head back in by myself. I don’t want to hold you up. I know you’re a busy guy. And I’m not some damsel in distress. Besides, after the way I spoke to you last night, you’d have every right to just hand me over to them.”


Mason couldn’t figure her out. All he knew was that the woman needed a friend. She was a confusing mixture of sadness, courage and feisty strength. If he thought about it too much, he’d have himself convinced that she was perfect.


“We all have bad days. I’ve heard worse. Believe me. I’m not leaving you here with them.” Unlocking the door to his Pete, he grabbed the chrome handle and used it to steady himself as he stepped on the first aluminum step and sat her in his seat. “Can you hobble to the back? Or do you need me to help you?”


She looked around his cab. “I’ll be fine right here. There’s no need to go back there. Ronnie will know where my things are. Just ask her when you get back in the store.”


“Got it. Sit tight.” He saw tears well up in her big, brown eyes and it made him slightly uncomfortable—angry even. He hated it when a woman cried. Mason had never known how to deal with it.


As he locked and started closing the door, Savannah put her hand out, stopping the heavy steel. “Mason? I’m sorry about last night and thank you for stepping in tonight. I really appreciate it.” A single tear slid down one of her perfect cheeks.


Mason swallowed the lump in his throat. “Don’t mention it. I’d do it for anyone. You’ll be home and away from this in no time.” He shut the door and jogged back into the plaza.


“Ronnie,” he found her sweeping up the mess left behind from Savannah’s falls. “I need her purse please. She needs to get home before they can find her again.”


Ronnie’s face was pasty white. “She’s in real trouble. Those people are no good.”


“Do you know why they were here?”


She nodded. “Yeah. She’s gonna run again. She needs to. They were on the phone with that Vinny guy. And then I overheard the manager talking to them. They convinced him they were her brother and sister-in-law from back home. Earl said they needed to know where she lived to protect her from some guy who’s looking for her. Before I could stop him, he gave them her address. You need to beat them over there.” Her lips quivered and tears streamed down her cheeks. “If Vinny gets his hands on her…”


“He won’t. Trust me. I’ll get her to her house and have the cops there waiting for us.”


“No! No cops. Just get her there so she can get her things and get on the road. You cannot involve the police. Trust me.”


“Okay. Fine. I’ll tell her to get in touch with you as soon as she can.”


“Thank you. But I know I won’t ever see her again. Tell her I’ll miss her and I love her. Godspeed to the both of you, Mason.”


What the hell had that girl gotten herself into? What had he done by getting involved with the ordeal? He certainly didn’t need this shit. He’d get her to her car and wash his hands of the whole thing. He was out.


In less than five minutes he was back to the truck with Savannah’s purse in hand. “Time to go, sweetheart. You’ve got to get a move on. Is your ankle any better?”


Savannah climbed out of the truck and only winced a bit as she put pressure on it. “Sure. Thanks, Mason. I’ll let you be on your way. Safe travels.”


He handed her the small purse and watched as she turned away from him quickly, limping away. Obviously she wasn’t doing any better. Mason ran his hand from his forehead to his chin. If Suzi and Earl were waiting for her at her house, there was no way she’d get away from them. Oh well, it wasn’t really his problem. He had a load to deliver and he needed to get on the road if there was any hope of delivering on time. Reaching for his door handle, Mason saw her stop, favoring her injured ankle and guilt washed over him. Damn it.


“Savannah! Wait a minute.” With a few long strides, he was at her side. “You can’t do this alone. They could be waiting for you at your house.” Taking her right arm, he looped it around his neck, propping her up as she gimped along.


“What do you mean? They don’t know where I live.” A tremor in her voice gave away how terrified she actually was.


He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Savannah, your boss told them where you live.” Mason explained everything Ronnie had said and watched as her facial expressions changed from anger to absolute terror. “So you see, you can’t go back there alone. Especially seeing as how you can barely limp along on your own.”


Savannah let go of Mason’s neck and leaned against the side of her compact car. “What am I going to do?” She covered her face with her hands, quiet sobs wracking her body and Mason thought he’d lose it right then and there.


After a few moments, he spoke. “You’re going to pull yourself together. Crying won’t solve anything. We’re going to your house and we’ll get you all settled in. After that, we need to call the cops and have them send someone over to watch the place so you’ll be safe.”


She shook her head vehemently. “No cops. They can’t help. They won’t help. In fact, you can’t even help me. I tried to tell you to let me handle it. This is my problem. You are right about one thing; crying isn’t the answer. They won’t go to my house. They probably gave my address to Vinny. The last I knew, he was in Florida and he hates flying. So, best case scenario, I have a thirty-hour start on him. I’ll pack a bag and catch a plane somewhere before he can even get close. I’ll be okay. Sorry for my little breakdown. It’s been one hell of a week.”


If she was going to completely skip town at the drop of a hat and if she’d truly been hiding for this long, Savannah was in real trouble. She might not think Earl and Suzi would go to her home, but Mason wasn’t as confident. Somehow he thought they’d be there waiting, watching—if not something worse.


“Give me the keys. I’ll drive you home, take a look around and grab a cab back to my truck if everything checks out. Deal?”


“Really, it’s not your concern. I’m a big girl. I’ve gotten through all of it this long on my own.”


Her tough side was showing again and he knew another approach was needed if he was going to get her to agree. “Do it for me. For my own peace of mind. I’ll feel better knowing you’re able to get your things together and get away safely. I don’t know everything that’s happened, but I do know that I’d like to know you make it out of here in one piece.”


“Fine. Whatever. But you’re wasting your time. What if you’re late delivering wherever you’re on your way to? I’ll feel horrible if this whole ridiculous situation holds you up.”


Taking her soft, smooth chin between the pad of his thumb and the knuckle of his forefinger, he gazed into her eyes. “I’ve never been late before. I’m great under pressure. Trust me. I always deliver. No matter what it takes.”


They didn’t call him Renegade for nothin’.

Copyright © Madison Sevier2015

Available Now! You Complete Me by @MeganSlayer

Battle Scarred 4: You Complete Me

by Megan SlayerMS_YouCompleteMe_coverlg


Paranormal, Contemporary


I’ve got your back, if you’re willing to trust your enemy. 

Hagan Dean thought he was helping his friend. He was playing the role of savior…except he ended up left for dead in the sunshine. Vampires and sunshine don’t mix. Even worse? A Hunter—one of the sexiest women he’s laid eyes on—is ready to kill him. He’s got a lot to survive for and the odds are stacked against him, but he’s a fighter. Will the Hunter let him live another night? Or is this vampire destined to fry into a pile of soot?

Emily Cross is a born Hunter. Her life’s work is to keep the balance between the Supers and the Supers who have stepped out of line. She’s never been keen on the Rogues taking over the Hunters. She doesn’t want to kill all the Supers…she is one! When she finds a nearly charred vampire in the woods during one of the hunts, her thoughts turn from killing to keeping him alive.

Will these two opposites come together to find common ground in order to help end the war? Or will the passion crackling between them tear their worlds apart?

Available right now from Loose Id!

How about an excerpt?

Hunting helpless creatures seemed inhumane. Emily clutched her shotgun tighter and gritted her teeth.

“We’ve got to search high and low for these creeps. They could be anywhere and dangerous as hell,” Ben said and rushed in front of her.

She winced. Everything her partner said revolved around killing supers. She suppressed a groan. They could see the supers. She and Ben both possessed supernatural blood, allowing them to pursue their specific calling—hunting the supers as true hunters. The job description included killing supers in order to terminate those who went mad and were essentially dangerous to the rest of the population. They hunted the supers who’d gone rogue. No one said a word about killing the vampires, shifters, and faes—among others—simply for the sake of taking lives. According to Ben, they needed to eliminate all supers.

Emily trudged behind him. She could hold her own up front and defend herself from the attacks with ease, but she wanted distance from Ben. The negative vibe swirling around him unnerved her.

“I see it,” Ben shrieked. He bolted away, leaving her in the pitch-black woods. She gazed into the darkness and focused. She didn’t hear a sound, not even the critters creeping around, and that wasn’t right. There should’ve been something in the brush moving if he’d spotted anything. She crinkled her nose. The scent of a being came to her…dead? Decaying? Dead things left a definite gross smell behind, but this wasn’t the scent of decomposition. This particular pungent odor reminded her of a wet tiger or charred hair. What was it?

A round object caught her attention. Nothing in the woods was perfectly rounded…not like a shoe. She glanced over to where Ben had taken off to, and when she didn’t see him, she crouched to look at whatever it was in the brush. She figured she’d hear Ben coming when he returned. Unlike vampires, Ben wasn’t stealthy. Freight trains were quieter than her partner. She didn’t see him when she looked again. Thank God.

Emily crept up to the rounded thing and studied it closer. The thing was a shoe, connected to a foot. Were other hunters leaving their kills in the forest now? If the person was indeed a super, then the body wouldn’t be around—it would’ve disintegrated. A human body would decompose but still be evident. She moved the leaves aside. The leg led to a full body. The person was so still. She glanced around again and uncovered the face. The guy’s mouth was open, allowing her to see his teeth. Sharp, bright white teeth.

A vampire.

The super they were after was already dead? That couldn’t be. This super was still intact. She inspected his shoe and the exposed part of his leg. Burn marks. From the sun? He’d charred his skin, and she guessed he’d gone into the light long enough to get to the deeper darkness of the woods before he collapsed.

“Hey! Emily! Where are you?”

Shit. She didn’t want Ben to find the vampire. The poor super had been through enough without having her partner attack him. At least he deserved a chance to fight back when Ben struck.

She shoved the leaves back over him and crawled away into the underbrush. She refused to bring attention to the vampire.

“I’m over here.” She emerged from under a partially collapsed tree. “I tripped. The tree broke my fall.”

“You?” Ben stood over her and offered his hand. “You never trip. You’ve got the balance of a cat.”

“There was a root. I didn’t see it until the last minute.” Good Lord. She had double the strains of super blood in her veins—part fae and part seer—and if he found out about the fae part, he’d kill her.

“Why do I think there’s more to the story than you’re letting on?”

“Ben, I fell down. It happens.” She dusted the dirt off her pant legs. Her hair hung in her eyes from where it had fallen loose from the elastic. “I’m good.”

“You’re good now.” He tugged her close and wrapped his arms around her. “Admit it. You wanted me to save you.” A wicked smile twisted his lips. “I knew it.”

She pressed her lips together. Not long ago, she’d wanted Ben to rescue her. She’d wanted him to notice her. She’d dreamed about them being a gruesome twosome in the hunters world. No holds barred except around each other. They’d be the best together—or at least that’s what she thought until she saw him with a vampiress. The poor girl hadn’t had a chance. He acted so sweet and nice to her in order to lure her away from the nightclub. She hadn’t been crazy or dangerous. No, she’d simply chosen the wrong place to party and the wrong man to go home with. She’d been a full super and exactly what Ben wanted. He determined she needed to die.

Emily had thrown up in the parking lot when she came across the vampiress’s mangled body. She hadn’t died yet, but was close as Ben stabbed her. If Emily had known he’d tear the super apart, she’d have stopped him. But she hadn’t. The guilt ate at her.

“Em, if you’d have just told me you wanted a date, we could go out.” He tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. “Be honest with me.”

Oh, she’d be honest all right. “I never could fool you.” She faked a smile. Ben hadn’t been her first choice as a partner, even though she’d once wanted to screw him senseless. Once she got to know him, his arrogance appalled her and his attitude cancelled out his good looks. On the outside, the man embodied sexy. On the inside, he was made of garbage.

“Name the time and place. I’m there.” Ben kissed her on the cheek, missing her mouth only because she turned her head. “I like that you’re being modest and letting me catch you finally. It’s hot.”

“Something like that.” She inched away from him. The vampire being so close bothered her. If he wasn’t fully dead and disintegrating, then she wanted to know why.

“Let’s go to the cars.” He waved his hand. “Come on. I’ll escort you.”

“I’m good.” She swung her shotgun onto her back and headed out of the woods behind him. Along the way, she memorized landmarks to get back to the vampire. An oak tree with letters carved into the trunk was five trees from his position. A rock with chipped edges and knife marks demarcated the bend in the path. She sniffed the air. His scent wasn’t as strong. How was Ben not detecting the vampire? She committed the vampire’s scent to memory. He was too strong to forget.

Once she reached her Jeep, she placed the gun on the rack behind the seats. Ben needed to go. Now. She could only stall for so long before he’d get antsy.

“So. When and where?” Ben asked. He leaned on the rear corner of the Jeep.

“When what?” She rummaged through her duffle bag, buying herself time.

“When do you want to go for our date?”

Okay, she’d let the charade go on for long enough. No need to lead him on when she wasn’t interested. “Ben, we’ve been teamed up for search and destroy, not romance.”

“We could have all three—the searching, the destroying, and the hot-as-fuck-sex. You said you wanted it all.” He bobbed his eyebrows. “Come on.”

“You’re right. I did say I wanted all that, but things change. Everything with Maslow and the war are escalating. Laing is planning an attack, but since we don’t have the most accurate info, I was afraid I’d lose you.” She’d only given him a partial lie. As a hunter, he was a damn good shot. He caught what he shot and very rarely missed. As a man…he left a little to be desired.

Ben winked. His brown eyes sparkled. “Fair enough. Should I escort you home?”

“I heard Laing’s army is growing. He’ll take over the world. We’re better to play it safe and be as subtle as possible.”

“Smart. I’ll wait for you to go, then I’ll leave.”

“Go ahead. I can handle anything in these woods. Get a good rest so we’re fresh for tomorrow night.” She patted his arm. She meant the move to reassure him, but instead he smiled and trailed his fingers down her cheek. She fought off the shiver.

“Until tomorrow night.” He winked and climbed into his truck. The man didn’t wave or flick his lights to say good-bye. Instead, he peeled out in the dirt and sped away. She waited for his taillights to disappear on the edge of the woods.

“Thank you,” she whispered. She headed back to the vampire. A thought occurred to her. He wasn’t fully dead. If he was still there, then he could’ve been playing at looking deceased. Did he want to lead her on? She doubted he was playing possum. She’d learned the ways of the vampires, and she’d done her research on Laing’s group. His army was supposed to be dangerous, but everything she’d learned pointed toward defense. They weren’t out to rule the world, just save themselves from death by the hunters.

Another thought occurred to her. The vampire could drain and kill her, especially if he wasn’t dead and was playing her. Christ. She was supposed to be a badass vampire hunter—not stupid as shit.

She located the brush and kicked at the vampire’s foot. He hadn’t moved, and his burns seemed darker. Her heart lurched. He wasn’t going to move. Not now. Burns shouldn’t have darkened unless the sun exposure had taken its toll on his body. He was truly dying a slow death. She gauged his size. Could she pick him up? Possibly.

Emily grasped his ankles and dragged him out of the brush. To her shock, he moved easily. The dead weight she’d expected wasn’t there. Leaves covered parts of his upper body, preventing her from seeing his face. She moved the debris from his burns, revealing him little by little. In another life, he’d probably been handsome. Dark hair matted to his head and scruff covered his cheeks, but the sexiness still shined through. The sickly paleness wasn’t attractive, but with a little blood and some soap, he would clean up nicely. Maybe that was the problem. She was attracted to him.

She rolled her eyes at herself. With a little blood? Attractive? Who was she kidding? He could kill her, and she was trying to figure out how to save him. She should finish him off and spare him the rest of a lingering death—except she wasn’t a bloodthirsty pleasure killer like her partner.

Argh. She scooped the vampire into her arms, shocked by how little he weighed, and carried him through the woods to her vehicle. She kept an ear out for the sounds of other hunters or Ben. When she reached the Jeep, she growled. Where in the hell was she going to put him in the two-seater? If she had him up front, someone would definitely see him. Headlights in the distance grabbed her attention. Shit, shit, shit.

Emily dropped him onto the ground and opened the gate of the Jeep. He’d have to suck it up in the cramped space. Once she stuffed him into the small alcove behind the seats, she shoved the gate door shut.

The light shined on her, temporarily blinding her. Thank God she’d closed the door. She noticed the shape of the vehicle. Ben’s truck. Damn it. He’d come back for her. He slowed beside her and rolled the window down.

“Hey? What’s taking so long? I doubled back past your cottage to make sure you’d gotten home, but you weren’t there.” He leaned on the window frame. “Huh?”

“What do you mean?” She tugged the elastic from her hair and regathered the ponytail. “I just took my time. I thought I heard something and had to hide. The noise left, and I was about to follow.”

Ben frowned. “Em, you’re not being yourself. You’re always the first one in and the first one out. No straggling. You’re being very secretive. What’s wrong?”

Beside the fact he’d come on too strong? She appreciated him acting human rather than like a jerk, but she still wanted him to get the hell away from her. “I’m just tired and moving slower.”

“Are you pregnant?”

She slumped against the side of her Jeep. “Pregnant,” she blurted. “How in the hell did you come to that conclusion? Slowing down one time automatically means I’m pregnant?”

“When Cassadee had her baby, she was so slow on everything, and it made her useless as a hunter.”

Emily sighed. She remembered her friend well. Cassadee’s hesitation during a hunt had cost her life and left her daughter without a mother. Emily wished she’d been there to help.

“I’m not pregnant. Not even a spark with someone, nor am I thinking about hooking up. Thanks for your concern. I’m leaving right now. Follow me if you want.” She slid behind the wheel of her vehicle. “Ready?”

“There are vampires in these woods. I would hate for you to get hurt. I’m on you like glue.” He nodded and kept right up behind her.

Emily pulled onto the paved road and gripped the steering wheel tightly. If Ben only knew what she had in the back of the Jeep. He’d flip out. Good thing she’d installed heavy tinting on the windows. Good thing, indeed.

Copyright © Megan Slayer

Race Recap ~ Atlanta

Racing Quotes of the Week

I’m a little behind on the quotes, but hey, things happen. Here’s a few quotes from Atlanta. These were real doozies. 🙂

“A little snug in the front and stuck in the back.”

Muwhahahaa! Sounds like a great threesome!

“Drivers do a good job getting on and off.”

So then that’s what happened with the threesome. Someone had a great time.

“They’re gonna free-swing it today.” 

Because they’ve been using it a lot and it needs to be accessible. Besides, they’re scared to see what they’ll be swinging with. Grin.

Sunday Snog ~ #SundaySnog


It’s time for the Sunday Snog. One of my latest releases is You Belong to Me. This is a re-release, but it’s been edited and enhanced for this edition. Check out the white hot kiss!!!

You Belong to Mems_youbelongtome

Battle Scarred, Book 3

Megan Slayer

Contemporary, Paranormal

M/F, M/M, M/F/M, Ménage, M/M/F, Anal Sex


Available from Loose Id


The vampire and wolf shifter will protect Ava with their lives—because they belong together as deemed by the Sources. Will their blossoming love wither before they get a chance to stoke the flames, or will it be strong enough to overcome their problems?


The world can crumble around us, but we’ve always got each other. Always.

Ava Grant learned the hard way not to trust anyone. Trust equaled opening up to another person and allowing herself to be hurt. She’s done with pain—until she’s summoned by the Sources. Her world is thrown into upheaval. Two men can help her, if she’s willing to let them in. Will she able to open her heart to a vampire and a wolf shifter?

Joachim Stokes and Padraig O’Malley are the best of friends. The attraction between them is palpable, but there’s something missing. When they are tasked with protecting Ava, they realize they’d found what they’ve been missing—her. A bond forms between the three, but some bonds are meant to be broken. With the war heating up, her past won’t stay hidden forever.

Will their blossoming love wither before they get a chance to stoke the flames, or will it be strong enough to overcome their problems?

Available here:

Now for that kiss!!

Copyright ©March 2016 by Megan Slayer

Joachim stopped moving. The muscle in his jaw tightened. “I didn’t think I was capable of attracting anyone until I met you. You weren’t scared of me and you’re hot. I— I thought I’d…I don’t know.”

“You thought you’d like to give me a try?” Padraig asked. He stood. “Come here.”

“Eventually,” Joachim murmured. He stared up into Padraig’s eyes. “I’m with you.”

Padraig tugged Joachim into his arms and they both tumbled to the bed with Joachim on top of him. “You wanted to try with me when you found the courage?” He tipped his head, his lips a whisper away from Joachim’s. The shifter’s breath warmed his cheeks. Padraig noticed the deep blue flecks in Joachim’s eyes. A man could get lost in those eyes.

“Yeah. I want to give you a try.” Joachim inched closer and licked his lips. He smoothed his hands along Padraig’s forearms. The spark between them damn near caught fire.

“I’m right here,” Padraig said, but he didn’t give Joachim a chance to answer. Instead, he captured Joachim’s mouth in a kiss. The moment their lips touched, Joachim’s gritty sweetness exploded on Padraig’s tongue. He threaded his arms around the shifter’s neck, tugging him tight to his body. His cock twitched within his jeans and rubbed against the growing bulge in Joachim’s pants. He greedily swallowed Joachim’s moan.

Joachim broke the connection first and blew out a long breath. “You’re dangerous.”

“How’s that?” He toyed with the hairs at the base of Joachim’s skull.

“I could get real used to kissing you.” Joachim smiled and flattened his palm on Padraig’s chest. “But the war would still go on, and Kynan would probably get pissed that we skipped out.”

“I’d say he’d understand.”

“What about Ava?” Joachim bumped noses with Padraig. “She’s the wild card, isn’t she?”

Padraig shrugged. “She can watch or join in. I don’t care.” He loved the way they moved in time together and wished he hadn’t waited to so long to kiss Joachim.

“You’re nuts—but I like it. Think we can try kissing again?”

“You bet.”

Saturday Spanks ~ Always by Megan Slayer #SatSpanks


I’m too late for this week’s Saturday Spanking, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play along. By all means. Check out the other Saturday Spanks!! They’re red hot! Here’s mine–and homage to Peter Pan, but with a hot twist. Gotta have the twist!

Forever Wicked: Always by Megan Slayer1813

BIN: 05660-01813

Word Count: 18K

Page Count: 55


Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella. Paranormal, BDSM

Themes: Magic


Peter Pan grew up, all right.

Peter Pan was supposed to be the boy who never grew up. Then Neverland blew sky high. Now he’s very much an adult and playing adult games. There’s one woman he wants for his bed, his cuffs, his toys… yeah, he’s ready to do all sorts of naughty things to Wendy. If he can find her.

Wendy Darling never expected Peter to come back. She’d grown up and moved on — to write white-hot BDSM tales. Can her perfect Dom be the one man she never thought she’d see all grown up?


Changeling Press:

AllRomance Ebooks:



Now for that Saturday Spanking!!

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Megan Slayer

Peter flexed his fingers on her hips and ground his cock against her pussy lips. “Goddess, this feels so fucking good. Like silk.” His fingernails bit into her skin. “I’ve got you.”

Her entire body trembled. He did have her. From her body, to her mind, to her very core, he owned her. He tapped the tight rosette of her ass.

“This is mine. No one else.”

“Yes,” she panted. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Yes, what?” He emphasized his question with a crack against her butt.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Peter tossed the empty condom packet on the floor near her feet, then impaled her on his cock and gyrated his hips. The blunt head of his dick rubbed against her G-spot, sending new shivers through her body. The slow rhythm of his thrusts became quicker. The thrusts turned to ragged pistoning.

“Fuck.” With each push into her pussy, Peter slapped her ass. “Mine, mine, mine,” he chanted.

Her hair tickled her face, and the ball pulled at her nipples and clit with each movement. He had a hold of her, but everything around her seemed to move in slow motion like she was floating. He hadn’t said she could come, but damn it, she was beyond holding back.

“Oh… fuck.” Peter raked his nails down her back and grunted. “Come with me.”