Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Preseason Week 3


Time for the Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback. So many players have switched teams. Some of them are hard to keep straight. But that doesn’t mean the comments have been any less funny. Oh my…

There are Honorable Mentions from last week, so…here we go…

“Punch it in.”

Ouch. Try a little tenderness.

“You can see the big arm there.”

If he’s the one punching, I’m telling you…tenderness.

“A big boom puts them up.”

Is that what he’s doing when he’s punching and using that big arm?

“Boy, do they have offensive weapons.”

Oh my… Arms and booms. Geesh.

Okay, time for the Quotes of the Week. These are a real rip.

“He’s a guy who has to come up big.”

Ah, so he’s a grower not a show-er.

“They couldn’t score when they got down into the red zone.”

Because they made a mess when they got there.

“Pushing it in.”

Because the last time he made a mess.

“Very impressive when he turns the corner.”

And we all took photos.

“Put a bunch of weight and tried to switch positions.”

 Too much oomph behind it and you’ll break something.

And now for the Doozy of the Week. Oh my…

This one isn’t bad at first, but it goes off the rails quickly.

“If he stays in that position, he’s going to see a lot of action all year long.”

Ah…but WHAT position is that? Can we watch?

Thanks for reading and please check out the other posts from the rest of the week.




Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

When the Sex isn’t Working… and Other Author Tales

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Saturday Spanking ~ Constant by @MeganSlayer ~ #satspanks


Find the rest of the Saturday Spanking Posts right here:

I love the Saturday Spanking posts and look forward to them on Saturday, even if I’m not posting. I find some great reads this way. For my entry this week, I’m posting about my book, Constant. It takes place in the same world of broadcasting as Permanent. I love the idea of a busy newsroom and work on television. I also love how the people who work in the business sometimes need a fun way to unwind.

Constant by Megan Slayer constant_pride_exlarge_PNG-180x288

M/M, Anal Sex, Spanking, Knife Play, BDSM, Bondage


Pride Publishing

He demands his submissive’s body and soul…but can he accept his sub’s heart?

Roddy Green never planned to fall in love and certainly not with his Dom, but every time he goes into Darkness, a fetish club, he falls for Vegas all over again. Being in love isn’t the same as being loved in return. Vegas is there to do a job—not to build a romance. But what if the main constant in Roddy’s life is also the one person he can’t live without?

Andrew Vegas knows his job. He’s a Dom. But there is more than one side to him and he’s tired of keeping the other parts of him hidden. One man makes him feel safe and comfortable enough to open up—his pet, Roddy. But will Roddy, the producer of a local news broadcast, want to be with a man with secrets?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to light knifeplay.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains characters who also appear in Permanent.

General Release Date: 21st July 2015

Available from these fine retailers:

Pride Publishing:


AllRomance Ebooks:

Amazon UK:



And now for the Saturday Spanking Post:

©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved

“You’re ready for this form of play.” He slapped Roddy hard on the ass with his bare hand. He slid his middle finger between Roddy’s ass cheeks. “Who does this belong to?”

“You, Sir,” Roddy answered. He held his reservations in check. Master Vegas had said the word play. Not love, not romance or desire. Just play. He shouldn’t have hinged his hopes on Master Vegas wanting him in a romantic way.

“You belong to me. Say it again.” Master Vegas punctuated his words with flat-handed spanks on Roddy’s butt. He tapped Roddy’s asshole on the last word.

“You, Sir.”

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Everyday Kinky Challenge #8 ~ Wolfie

EveryDay Kinky Challenge Art

I saw this wolfie and he inspired me. He’s so pretty. So enjoy this quickie story about wolfie and tell me what you think. 🙂


By Gary Kramer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

I’ve watched him for weeks. He’s beautiful and wild. He’s also not attached. I’m making my move today. I’ve waited long enough. I’ve stalked his every move and observed him in the wild. I know who I want. Him.

Will he want me in return? I’m not sure. He’s timid around most, but seems comfortable with me. It’s my day to make my move.

I’m sitting on the bench and waiting. He’ll be by today. He always comes through about now. My heart hammers. Please, let him show up today.

When I look up, I spot him. He steals my breath. I hold out my hand. “Hi, baby.” I don’t know if he’ll like that name, but it’s the one I’ve given him until I know what it is.

The wolf inches up to me and stares at me with those gorgeous yellow eyes. He tips his head, then sniffs my hand. Could he be interested in me?

He snarls and bares his teeth. The growl sounds scary, but I’m not afraid. I keep my hand out and hope for the best. He’s my destiny.

The wolf sat back on his haunches and bowed his head. In an instant, the beautiful animal shifted into a man. When he looked me in the eye, I gasped.

He uttered one word and I knew down to my soul he’d told me the truth.



Positively Cedarwood: The Numbers Always Add Up – BTB — Loosen Your Id

The Numbers Always Add Up Positively Cedarwood—focusing on the great places and people around Cedarwood, Ohio.Remy Bard, reporter In our town, there are so many wonderful businesses. Places to shop, to eat and to take a break. There is also a place where you can get the numbers to add up just fine. Maybe you’ve…

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Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Preseason, Week 2



Am I ready for football? Yes, I am. I’m also ready for the silly things the announcers say. You know, those things they spout out and have no idea how bad they really sound. Those are my favorites.

I’ve always got the Honorable Mentions. The quotes that didn’t quite make it from last week, but were too good to pass up. Enjoy.

“Great penetration into the offense.”

Better than tunneling the defense?

“Get the tight end behind them.”

Wouldn’t you want him in front? Then that way you can take advantage of the tight end and look at it, too.

“Sniffed it out and got a piece of the back.”

He must’ve gotten the tight end in front after realizing he was in the back.

“How many times did he take shots and just kept going?”

Wow. I’m not sure. Next time we should keep score or tally.

Now it’s time for those fantastic quotes of the week. 













Now for the Doozy of the Week. They should really screen these guys and what comes out of their mouths…Oy.





Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

Monday Movie Rundown on… Thursday

Monday Movie Rundown Banner

The Monday Movie Rundown is moving! Okay, to today…Thursday. 🙂 This gives me a little more time to write out my thoughts and also Monday reverts to the Football Funnies for the duration of football season.

So… what did I watch this week? Quite the mixture.

Sisters ~ Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler ~ This one definitely wasn’t the laughfest it could’ve been and that’s a good thing. There were moments that choked me up, like the growth chart. It’s the mom in me coming out. Then there were times that…yeah…the apple butt dance and the ballerina. You’ll have to watch it for those to make sense, but definitely a good run down memory lane.

How to Be Single ~ Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann ~ So I was on a contemporary movie bender. This was cute. It definitely had moments that made me laugh. I mean, Rebel Wilson is a trip. But there were moments that tugged at the heart, too. Moments that made me kind of feel like I’d been in their shoes–the Christmas tree incident, the baby shop blow up… and the last scene with Damon Wayans Jr. Yeah. Tugged at the heart. I also love Leslie Mann in this one. She stole the show. She cracked me up, but also made me root for her, too.

Friends with Benefits ~ Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis ~ This was a good I-know-how-it’ll-end type of movies, but I needed a feel-good movie that day. The chemistry is great between Kunis and Timberlake. I actually felt it. Really. I loved the flash mob and the discussion about the carriage and horse. It’s a good movie for when there’s nothing else on or for a rental.


Draft Day ~ Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner ~ I’m a sucker for football movies. I’m also a sucker for Kevin Costner. He’s sexy in a rugged sort of way. Now I have to admit, I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals fan forever. We’re either really good or… well… we’re awful. The same thing goes for the Cleveland Browns. I loved that the movie focused on the process for drafting in the National Football League. At times it kind of felt like an ad for the NFL, but it’s hard to talk about the process without talking about the teams. Good tension in this one. The chemistry between Costner and Garner is great. Plus, he pulls off being kind of a dick really well.

That’s what I watched. How about you? Suggestions? I’m waiting. 🙂