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This week’s blog challenge topic is Fictional Worlds I’d Love to Visit. Oy. I have to think about this. See, I’m not a big into sci-fi and the first thing I think of for this is sci-fi.

That said, I think the words I’d like to visit would have to be the Immortals After Dark world by Kresley Cole. I love her vamps.

Another would have to be the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. I loved her character Z and would love to meet him. I might be a bit afraid of him, but oh well.

The last one, for now, that I’d like to visit would be the shifter world of Dawg Town over at Changeling Press. There’s an entire series filled with Prairie Dog shifters. They are a trip. I love the world and would love to visit.

What about you? Where would you want to go? Middle Earth? Wherever Game of Thrones is (I’ve never watched it or read the books)? The world of Crowley and Aziraphale in Good Omens? Let me know!


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This prompt is much easier than last week’s prompt. I won’t lie. List my favorite authors in the romance genre? No sweat. (Cracks knuckles and stretches fingers) Here we go!

Cheryl Dragon

CC Dragon

Jocie McKade

Anne Rainey

Stephanie Burke

KA Mitchell

BA Tortuga

Kris Jacen

Gracie Guy

Morgan Malone

What about you? Who are your favorite authors? I’d love to know!

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I can’t lie. This prompt is hard. Well, it is for me. I’ve read plenty of books I’ve thought would make good movies, but I’m notoriously behind. I’ll think, this would be a good movie, then I find out it was a movie. I know. I’m behind.

Lisey’s Story comes to mind. It’s by Stephen King. I thought the book was very visual and I could see it being a movie. Now, checking IMDB, it looks like it might have been made into a movie. I don’t know. Maybe it was and was never released.

I thought Bag of Bones by Stephen King should’ve been made into a movie, then it was and had Pierce Brosnan in it. See? I’m behind the times.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris might be a good one to be a movie. It’d be heartbreaking, but being visual might make more people realize the Holocaust did exist and was beyond description.

The last one for now that might be a good book to movie would be The Taster by VS Alexander. Someone who tastes the food for Hitler. Yeah… it was moving as a book and could be really something as a movie.

If I were going to have one my books made into a movie, it would have to be Resisting the Rock Star. I can see the characters on the big screen and it would be cool. But that’s me.

What about you? What are some books you think would be great as movies? Let me know.

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So my favorite things to do in the summer. Oh boy.

I’m a homebody, but I do like to travel. I know, sounds silly. I like to explore new places and trying new restaurants. I explored the First Ladies Museum a couple years ago and it was a blast.

Another thing I like to do in the summer is get caught up on my huge TBR list. You don’t even want to know how far out of control it is. Right now, I’m reading Girls of Atomic City, Atomic City Girls, and the Lilac Girls. Notice a trend?

Still another thing I like to do over the summer has to be catching up on my needs to be written list. It’s long. Whatever deadlines I have coming up or whatever stories strike me, that’s what I work on.

I’m also a sucker for a good 5k. Now, I don’t run. Never have. Why? I blew my knees years ago. But I’m a heckuva power walker. I am. I’m working on getting my time under 40 minutes. It’s not fast by some measures, but that’s okay. I’m happy and that’s what matters. Oh and I don’t keep these to the summer. I love the chilly winter 5ks and the ones in the spring. Really, I just love the pressure to do well and the medal.

What about you? What’s something you like to do in the summer?

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This week’s post concerns cover love. I’m a particular person when it comes to covers. I love a hot cover. I do. I’m willing to buy a book if the cover is yum. I’ve also passed over a few books that the cover was kind of cruddy.

Here are some of my favorites:

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Kimberly Raye. For a while, if this guy (I don’t know who he is) was on the cover, I’d buy it.

Another one of Raye’s I loved was Dead Sexy. I don’t know who this guy is, but yum.

I’ve always loved MM covers and this one is for my all-time favorite MM book, Regularly Scheduled Life. It’s out of print and I wish it wasn’t.

This cover is a favorite for me because it shows a 1920s/30s style. It’s mistaken for being BDSM, but it’s about Houdini. See what you think. I love it.

For my last cover, it’s another historical. I love Jade Lee’s wedding series and this one, featuring a Wendy, is my favorite.

What about you? What’s a cover you love? Tell me! 🙂

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Okay, I’m going to admit something that’s probably unpopular, but I can’t (as of right now) think of a book I’d want a sequel to. That’s not true. I can, but they have been given sequels of sorts.

I always wanted a better sequel to Gone With the Wind. Scarlett and Rhett Butler’s People were okay, but since it tended to idealize the South…they don’t count. Maybe a book from Mammy’s point of view? Or from one of the sisters? Prissy?

Another is The Shining. But that was made with Doctor Sleep. I wouldn’t have categorized it as a sequel, but that’s because it felt like two stories in the same world, but not especially connected.

Now for the I’ll-probably-be-shot-out-of-a-cannon-for-this suggestion… Nancy Drew all grown up. Yes. Not the teen Nancy Drew (of course I loved her and have many of those books), but her as a younger adult or even in her late twenties/early thirties. You can’t tell me she’d still be hand-holding with Ned. Come on. I want to see her grown, with kids, married, divorced…but still solving those mysteries. Maybe she’d be the neighborhood watch kick-ass chick. Yanno? What if she hooked up with one of the Hardy Boys? It’s possible. Drew Hardy, Mysteries? Ya never know.

What about you? What would you like to see get a sequel?

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This week’s challenge involves lessons learned from a book character. Wow. This one… I’ve said others are tough, but this one requires a little thought beyond my knee-jerk answers I’d normally post.

I learned from Leigh Botts, from Dear Mr. Henshaw, to be yourself and not be afraid to get your thoughts and feelings out–even if it’s in the form of a letter.

I learned siblings aren’t terrible and that being yourself isn’t bad, via Peter and Fudgie from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Be true to yourself.

This book has taken a hit lately because it hasn’t aged as well as it might, but Scarlett O’Hara, from Gone with the Wind, showed me you can triumph over anything, if you want it and will work for it. But that you can also not win in the end…but it’s okay. You’ll live.

Dan and Abra showed me bands of roving RVs aren’t always happy-go-lucky old people. In Dr. Sleep, they were eating people alive! Beware the rolling Winnebago!

What about you? What lessons have you learned from books? I’d love to know. I’d love to add those books to my TBR pile. 🙂