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This week’s words are: extreme, heel, whisper, latest, clerk

I’m going to go back to #findmolly and see where the words take me.

Willie stared at the photo on his phone. Molly. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. Not that he wanted to. He loved her. He also couldn’t get the words ‘he got her’ out of his mind. What did her sister mean? “Who would take Molly?” he whispered.

Dennis, his former partner on the force, strode up to him. “So, I talked to the clerk for the parks service. The latest is that this pool has been closed for a month. I don’t know who would want to break in here, but there’s nothing to be had. It’s been empty. Even the racoons don’t want anything to do with it.”

“I see.” Willie scrubbed the back of his hand across his mouth. “Why would someone do something so extreme as to leave Nikki here and in such bad shape? How is she?” he asked. “They won’t let me see her.”

“The bruises are nasty and she’s got a concussion, but they’re keeping you away because they’re worried you’re the target,” Dennis said. “You haven’t given up looking for Molly and it’s been almost a year. She’s gone. She doesn’t want you and she’s not coming back. Get that through your head and move on.” Dennis turned on his heel and walked away.

Willie gritted his teeth. Now he remembered why he’d chosen not to be partnered with Dennis–the man quit too easily and wouldn’t chase leads. Now he wondered what in the name of God Dennis knew. He’d been too quick to dismiss this case and too quick to decide Molly was gone. What did he know? Was he the ‘he’ Nikki referred to?

Damn it.

A TV Show/Movie/Book that could be about me with @meganslayer #book #movie

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This week’s blog post concerns a TV Show/Movie/Book that could be about me.

Oh boy… I’m rather at a loss. I don’t watch much television that’s not true crime. I have no desires to commit a crime and I have no desire to do someone a mischief, so I’m pretty sure true crime shows aren’t going to be the story of my life. I love the show M*A*S*H, too, but I’m not a doctor and I’m not that fast at one-liners. Then again, I don’t have a personal writer to write my lines. All I’ve got is me. Lol. I don’t watch reality TV because I can’t stand the jerky camera angles and I hate watching the car races when they use the drone video because it makes me nauseous.

As for the movies I watch, I’m not going to be an Avenger any time soon and I’m not a member of the A-Team, so those don’t apply. Oh and I won’t turn into cartoon character, so Disney movies are out, too.

Books…I’d rather write them, then try to figure out which one seems the most like me, so that’s sort of a non-starter.

I guess the closest I could come to a book/tv show or movie being sort of, kind of about me would be parts of Are You Being Served? I’m good at being dingy when I’m not trying to be and I try to help, but it doesn’t always work out. I hated working at the five-n-dime I worked at back in the day because customer services wasn’t my thing. I won’t lie. I hated being yelled at when someone didn’t get what they wanted–lottery tickets that weren’t winners, products that weren’t in stock or products that weren’t what they expected them to be. I can say I did have an experience where a child aimed his toy/plastic gun at me when I was ringing out his mother’s purchases when I ran the register and I told the kid not to aim at people. Instead of the mother telling the child not to aim at people, she chewed me out for reprimanding her son. Mrs. Slocum, a character from AYBS? has a similar thing happen, but it’s a water pistol and she does get shot in the face. Not fun, but it happens.

What about you? What book/show/movie would personify your life?

Friday Five with @meganslayer #fridayfive #storystarter #funnystory

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This week’s words are: lot, pill, root, interest, obese

I’m going to let them take me where they want to go. So, here goes.

I stared at the plant. Honestly, I hadn’t thought the thing would grow. Not out here. It rarely gets watered and the critters get at it. I never thought the thing would take root. I mean, it’s a ridiculously sunny lot. Nothing wants to grow here. Nothing that’ll be this big. My goodness, the thing looks obese, it’s growing so well. How was I to know it would germinate and grow so fast? I mean, it was a spilled cholesterol pill. It wasn’t supposed to make anything grow and certainly not an arm.

Now the media’s taking interest. I think I need to hide…

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This week’s words are: storm, push, swallow, morsel, square

I thought I’d take a step back from #findmolly, since my brain isn’t wanting to go that direction. So instead, here’s this week’s entry:

I love chocolate, especially brownies. Every chewy square, tasty morsel…I love it. Now, I’m told eating half a pan of brownies is probably more than I can swallow. I’d say it’s correct. I’ve never done it, but the desire is there. I know. I’m bad. I’ve never pushed myself to try, although, I can’t say I haven’t wanted to. What do I do instead? Especially when the craving hits?

I eat a hunk of carrot. I know. It’s not what I want, but any port in a storm, right? It might so happen that being a rabbit shifter, I’m not supposed to eat chocolate. I’m not supposed to, but there’s nothing wrong in living dangerously from time to time, right?


Best Autobiography with @meganslayer ~ Just as I Am by Cicely Tyson #books

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This week’s post concerns the best autobiography or biography. I rather looked forward to this post because I just read a book that was darn fantastic. Just as I Am by Cicely Tyson, her autobiography. First off, I didn’t know much about her, but the photo on the front captivated me. Then I read it and wow. This woman lived and she was so cool. The book reads like a conversation between friends, too. I recommend it.

And I know there may not be as many Beatles fans here, but The Beatles by Bob Spitz is pretty darn comprehensive for a biography. It’s long, but recommended because it’s in-depth. I loved it.

What books do you recommend? I’m all ears…or in this case, eyes. 🙂

Friday Five with @meganslayer #findmolly #storystarter #suspense

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Sorry I’m so late in getting to this. This week’s words are: bullet, risk, groan, ignore, absence So…here we go. Let’s #findmolly

Willie crept up to the pool. He couldn’t mistake the form or the lack of noise coming from the pile of–was it a person? Clothes? He wasn’t sure. If he touched the clothing he risked upsetting a crime scene. If he left the situation alone, he risked potentially helping Molly–if that was Molly.

He couldn’t live with her absence any longer. He couldn’t ignore the ache in his heart, either. She made him happy, no matter how much she drove him berserk. He’d take a bullet for her–if he could find her.

He knelt next to the form and touched the hair. “Molly?”

The person groaned.

He moved the tattered clothing, revealing the face of the person. “Molly?” His heart hammered. “Babe?”

The person opened her eyes.

Not Molly.


Damn it.

A person who inspired me with @meganslayer #inspiration

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This week’s topic, which I am late to getting to is who inspired you. I’d initially thought this was a toughie. But then I got to thinking about it. It’s not that hard after all.

My dear friend, I’ll call her E since she’s not online and isn’t going to see this, is the type of person who is always on the go. Always moving, always doing, always helping. Then she fell. The fall wasn’t so bad, but she developed a blood clot. The clot moved around, as they do, and she started having other problems. She’ll need to a couple other surgeries, but one involves having her heart fixed. Now all while she’s dealt with this, she’s been so upbeat.

Then came the day she wasn’t herself. She’d come to a group meeting we had and just wasn’t herself. She’s normally on the ball and sharp but this time she wasn’t. Turned out, she was in the early stages of having a stroke.

Now on to why she’s inspired me. She’s inspired me because she sure did have that stroke and it sidelined her. She can’t go, go, go the way she used to. But she hasn’t given up, either. She’s gotten right on therapy and is home. She’s walking, talking and doing many things like normal, but she gets tired easily. She sometimes gets distracted, too. But she’s kept going. She may never get back to go, go, go, but she’ll darn well try.

That’s why she inspired me to never give up, no matter the odds.

What about you? Who inspired you? I’d love to know.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #findmolly

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This week’s words are : ally, fool, pool, revenge, tense. I’m going to go back to the saga of Willie and Molly. #findmolly

Maybe he was a fool, but he’d thought he had an ally in her sister. Now he couldn’t get answers from her. What the hell did she want? Revenge? He’d never even looked at Molly’s sister. The moment he saw Molly, he’d fallen in love. Molly was the only one who mattered.

He flexed his hands on the steering wheel. Driving so long made his hands tense. But he had to find Molly. He glanced over at his phone and reread the address listed. The city pool? What in the hell was she doing at the pool? Was she even there or was this another dead end?

He parked in the lot and made his way through the fog to the chain-link fence. He pushed aside the broken piece of fence and entered the property. Trespassing? Yes, but he had to find his wife. He inched up to the empty pool. The city drained the massive hole every October and it was already the 27th of the month.

He made his way across the sidewalk to the empty pool. His heart lodged in his throat and he slid his hand over his pistol. If she was there, then he’d rescue her, but he’d also shoot anyone else. He crept up to the edge of the pool and sucked in a ragged breath.

A rumpled form had been dumped in the deep end of the empty pool. He noticed a lock of dark hair.


Saddest Book I’ve Ever Read with @meganslayer #books #sad

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Check out the other posts and add your own. Meanwhile, this week’s post concerns the saddest book I’ve ever read.

I had to think about this one and came up with three.

The first one to come to mind was She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I remember feeling so distraught for the main character and overwhelmed by the situations she gets into. My heart hurt for her because she’d been hurt. I can tell you I never read the book again.

The second one that comes to mind is Charlotte’s Web. This is a cherished children’s book, but for me, it was devastatingly sad. I truly worried through this book about what would happen to the mail players and when I read it the first time, I had the luxury of not knowing what would happen. I love the book, but I can’t read it again. I haven’t seen the movie, but I did like the songs in the story. Still, it was too depressing at the end for me.

The one book that truly devastated me and wrecked me from ever reading it again is Where the Red Fern Grows. I even have some anxiety about discussing it now. I watched the movie first – big mistake – when I was in the second grade. I don’t know about you, but I was traumatized by the fact that the dog died. I know the dog was protecting the boy. I get it. But…it traumatized me. I went home that day and cried. Everyone thought I was upset about school. Well, yeah. I was upset that dog died. We read the book when I was in the fourth grade and subsequently watched the movie. I refused to finish the book and knowing what would be coming in the movie, I took the failing grade on the assignment to read the book, then took myself down to the office in protest of watching the movie. Seriously. I would rather sit in the office than watch that movie.

Maybe it’s a good book to some, but to me, never again. Then again, I’m the one who will read a book, get to the point where the dog/cat/pet dies and close the book, not to be picked up again. I’m teased at book club because I’ve DNF-ed a book that has a dog/cat/pet dying. Sorry. Won’t do it.

What about you? What’s the saddest book you’ve ever read? I want to know, yet I don’t because I don’t know if I can take more depressing books right now. :/

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #storystarter

This week’s words are: track, manner, chin, live, blonde

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I thought this week, since I’m super late, I’d go back to #findmolly The words just worked for it.

Willie got the mail when he returned to his house and rifled through the letters. He preferred to live conservatively – cheaply, as Molly would say – and there weren’t many bills, but one envelope stuck out.

He’d know that handwriting anywhere.


He should’ve checked the piece of mail for fingerprints before he’d touched it the first time. Drat. He grabbed a latex glove from his kit, then used his letter opener to get into the contents of the envelope.

A picture. Nothing more.

Willie stared at the photo of Molly. He’d always known her as a blonde, but this picture was of her as a brunette. In the picture, she’d jutted her chin out in a defiant glare. Whoever had taken the image must’ve upset her. She tended to smile in photos, not look at the photographer in such a manner.

He continued to stare at the photo, searching for anything that might give a clue to her whereabouts. Was she alive? Dead? He needed to track her but how?

It just might be time to bring in the experts…