Guarding Me by @meganslayer #romance #hotread #contemporary #military

Guarding Me by Megan Slayer


Contemporary, Military


Megan Slayer Publications

Maya McCombs thought she had her life planned out—decent guy, a baby on the way and a solid job. That is until her plans blew up. Being single and pregnant isn’t high on her list, but she’s got to survive. No one said surviving meant she’d have to do it alone.

Master Sergeant Levi Court had big plans, too. He followed the woman he loved to a new state and a whole new set of circumstances. Too bad she isn’t interested in keeping the relationship going. On a whim, he heads to the Dinner Plate Diner. Maya is all he’s ever wanted in a woman. 

Can he prove to her that two hearts, no matter how broken, can be stronger together?

This book has been re-edited and re-issued in this edition.


Copyright© 2017 Wendi Zwaduk

“Hey, Maya?” Rose ducked into the kitchen. “Marty said you wanted a hot guy or two to come into the restaurant. He’s white, but he might fit your bill.” She opened the door just a crack and pointed. “Him. He’s like a pro-wrestler-looking, Thor wannabe but with short hair.”

Maya snorted. Rosie loved wrestlers, so everyone had a touch of pro wrestler to them. She looked in the general direction Rosie pointed. She paused. Sure, most of him was hidden in the booth, but the parts she saw were indeed half pro wrestler and half Thor wannabe. Under the hat she noticed his shaved head. The muscles in his arms bulged and stretched the T-shirt thin. She didn’t see any tattoos, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t sporting ink.

“He’s in your section and worth staying over an hour. What have you got to lose?” Rosie dug her elbow into Maya’s side. “Get him. You’re single.”

Single? Check. Ready to mingle? Not quite, once the hot guy realized she was preggo. But she did have a job to do. Maya grabbed her pad from her apron and headed in the direction of the sexy man’s table. “What can I get you?”

When his gaze met hers, sparks shot through her body. He didn’t just look at her. His gaze consumed her. She shivered and gripped her order tablet tighter.

“I’ll have a cola, fish sandwich and chips.” He tapped the menu on the tabletop. “I’ve never been here before. Hope it’s good.”

She jotted down his order. “The sandwich is good. I’ve had it a couple times. The chips here are all homemade and to die for.” She grinned. “I haven’t seen you around town. Glad you stopped in.” She sashayed from the table, a spring in her step. He might have been flirting with her. She wasn’t sure.

“He seems to like you,” Rosie murmured. “I went over there and he acted like I wasn’t there.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Maya filled the glass with ice and soda. “Maybe he had a lot on his mind?”

“You’ve been around Nicky too long. You’re making excuses.” Rosie picked up her order. “He might be interested. Might not, but don’t let him or anyone else walk all over you.”

As much as Maya hated to admit it, Rosie had a point. Nicky seemed to have a hold over her. He never used rational thought and none of his decisions had been smart. Maybe it was the thrill of dating a man she swore she could change. Maybe she’d lost her mind.

Then again, why not flirt a little? Smile, talk sweet and maybe she’d earn a bigger tip. Better than nothing. Still, the last time she’d flirted, she ended up with Nicky. This time she’d play it cool and calm. She put the order on the carousel and turned. She’d wait for him to come to her—then she’d pounce.

Running to You by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #romance @MLRBooks

Running to You by Megan Slayer

Picture This, book 4

Contemporary LGBTQ Novella

From MLR Press

M/M, Anal Sex and Masturbation

Dayton Sharpe wasn’t looking for a relationship when he went out for a run, but when he’s forced off the road, he finds the person missing from his life–Nicholas. Will he realize the man of his dreams isn’t out of his reach, but right beside him?

Nicholas Malone likes his privacy and his seclusion. He writes for the local paper, online magazines and novels. He has everything he needs–his cat and his writing. But he’s lonely. When Dayton, the hunky jock next door ends up at his doorstep, he has to decide if he wants to be alone for the rest of his life or if it’s time to break his norms to find love.

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©Megan Slayer, 2019

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“I’m glad you heard me.” Dayton sagged in the seat. “I have no idea who tried to run me over.” He paused. “It wasn’t you, was it?”

“No.” He parked in the first empty spot. “I was at my desk.”

“I figured.” Dayton groaned. “You came quick.”

“I heard you scream.” He turned off the engine. “It could’ve been you or anyone else, and I would’ve tried to help.”

“I’m glad you’re brave,” Dayton said. “Thanks.”

“I’m not brave.” He left the car and rounded the hood. He opened Dayton’s door. Most of the time, he was the timid guy. He shied away from physical drama. He’d rather write drama. But he couldn’t ignore the scream. He held the door for Dayton and offered his arm. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” He huddled against Nicholas as they went into the quick care clinic. “I’m sorry,” Dayton said. “I hate being a pain in the ass.”

“Huh?” Nicholas guided Dayton to a seat. “You’re fine.”

A nurse approached with a tablet. “Fill this out. Did you check in?”

Nicholas handed Dayton the wallet. “We did.” He wasn’t sure how to help.

“Yeah.” Dayton accepted the tablet. He dug his insurance card from his wallet. “Dayton Sharpe.”

“Yes. You’re third in line.” She nodded. “We have a forty-dollar co-pay. Input your information, and I’ll make a copy of your card and license. Bring the tablet and payment up to me when you’re done. If you’re not mobile, your boyfriend can do it for you.”

Dayton handed over the needed items. “Thanks.” He paused. “Boyfriend? No.”

“Brother?” she asked.

“Friend,” Nicholas offered. He wanted to hide. Boyfriend? Not likely. Dayton tended to date blonds, and his hair would never work as a blond.

“I’ll bring it over.” Dayton nodded. “Thank you.” Once the nurse had left, Dayton mumbled, “I hate hospitals and clinics.”

“You’re hurt. You have to be here.” Nicholas folded his arms. He wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Maybe.” Dayton sighed and fiddled with the tablet. “I’m sorry I’m being a pain in the ass.”

“You’ve apologized already, and no, you’re not being one. You were nearly run over,” Nicholas said. “You’re always on the go. Let yourself have time to heal and rest.”

“I appreciate you giving me a ride.”

“I was there for a reason.” He still felt a tad pushy, but oh well.

“I’m glad,” Dayton said. “I doubt I would’ve made much progress crawling home without your save.” He grasped Nicholas’s hand. “Thanks.”

“Welcome.” Tingles shot from Nicholas’s fingers to his heart. He’d wanted Dayton’s attention for so long. He could have it if things were different. Right now, Dayton needed him, but not for more than a ride. He hated and loved himself for making such a fuss over Dayton. They were barely friends, but now they could be more. He wanted to date Dayton–not be his taxi driver. Would that be possible? Christ. He had to stop overthinking. He was just helping the guy holding his hand. Nothing big. Right?

Did you know Redz World gave Running to You 4 Twinkling Stars?

Redz says: “They have a very slow burn romance that is beautifully done. I did like the chemistry and how the story flows. Really cute read about finding love in the most unlikely of places. And discovering a little about yourself along the way.”

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I stared at the medal. I never deserved to be given this medal. I wasn’t central to capturing the bank robber. All I did was happen to walk into the building as the robber left and accidentally smacked him with the door. Granted, I conked him on the head with the door and allowed the cops to catch him, but that wasn’t worthy of a medal. It was a coincidence. Unfortunately, the gossip going around town claimed I’d grown super human strength to stop the robber. I hadn’t. I’m just a lawyer who showed up at the right time. I had a quarter-hour to get to the bank and back to the office. But everyone thinks I’m central to the arrest.

I’m not.

The chief of police handed me the medal, but I couldn’t accept it.

“I don’t deserve this. I wasn’t central to the capture. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Give this to the cops who arrested the crook.” I pushed the medal back into the chief’s hands and stepped off the platform. Let the real heroes get the accolades.

Not me.

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Thursday Flicks with @meganslayer ~ Woman in Gold #movie #whatimwatching

A fascinating movie about a woman who wanted to get her property back. I love the work of Klimt and had no idea this painting was among those stolen by the Nazis. It’s an interesting look at how hard it is to get back what was taken and how one action can have an equal and opposite reaction.

Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the Austrian government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.

A Show That Influenced Me with @meganslayer #shows #tv #nightcourt

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I can hear Marianne saying she knows what show I’d pick. M*A*S*H has been a very influential show for me, but it’s not the most. Honestly. I’m never going to be a doctor, even if I secretly had a crush on Hawkeye and Trapper. I can’t stand the sight of blood.

The show that really influenced me the most has to be Night Court.

An eccentric fun-loving judge presides over an urban night court and all the silliness going on there.

Am I ever going to be a judge? No. A lawyer? Not going to happen. But the heart of this show, that’s what got me. Now I was a kid when this show came out. Like a kid. This show was sort of an eye-opener for me. Judge Harry was a riot and I had a BIG crush on him, but I liked Christine. I liked that she was naïve, but strong. I didn’t like Dan, the DA, but I loved Bull, the bailiff.

There was a variety relationships, like Mac and Kwon Lee, showed the fragility of people (I think every one of the characters wanted to quit at one point and didn’t give up), plus it showed how groups of people who aren’t that much alike can work together.

Now I have to admit the part that influenced me the most was the end. If you haven’t seen the show, then you might not know what I’m talking about, but throughout the show, Christine and Harry always had a Sam and Diane will they or won’t they vibe going. At the end of the show, Christine is elected to congress so she and Harry can have a relationship. Harry decides he’s going to tell her how he feels once and for all. Dan, the slime ball the whole time, decides he’s going to tell her, too. It wasn’t the most satisfying ending to the show and I’ve been told there were suggestions there should’ve been another season to tie up the loose ends. I don’t know the particulars, but the series was never totally finished.

I got irked because (as a kid) I didn’t like that Harry and Dan were chasing Christine. A, I thought Christine deserved someone better than Dan, B, I was a romantic even as a kid and wanted Christine to end up with Harry and C, I didn’t think Christine needed to have a man. There was no answer to my issues on this topic and the unfinished-ness bothered me. I guess that’s what factored into me wanting to write happy endings for my characters.

So there we go. That’s the show that influenced me the most. What about you? What influenced you?

While you’re here, my latest release is Our Moment, showing how one moment can change everything.

Our Moment by Megan Slayer

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation


From MLR Books

Cover Art by Kris Jacen

Can the words I love you lead to lasting love? Or a moment in time?
Chase Snyder wasn’t looking for his perfect person when he crossed the commons on the Riordan College campus. When he passed the beautiful man with pink hair and dazzling blue eyes, he followed his instincts…and blurted I love you. He’s never seen the man before and doesn’t know his name. Is it possible to find forever with a man he’s just met?
Jamie McCullough hadn’t expected the sweet man in flannel to say the words I love you, but when he does, Jamie can’t deny the attraction or the inspiration. He wants to photograph the guy and paint him…naked. He’s determined to find the man again. A little cunning, a little cuteness and he’ll not only have his man, but his muse, too.
Their meeting might have only lasted a moment, but the sizzles just might last forever.

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Doc Cedarwood is on Tour!! with @meganslayer @goddessfishpromo #tour

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Revealing Me by @meganslayer #romance #gay #gayromance #hotread @mlrbooks

Revealing Me by Megan Slayer 

M/M, Anal Sex,

Short Story

Contemporary, Second Chance Romance 

From MLR Press

Can a one-night stand lead to the love of a lifetime?

Kenley Kissinger knew from the moment he met Peter, he’d never be the same. The white hot memories of their fling imprinted themselves on his mind. He can’t get over the handsome blond man. But since their night together, he hasn’t heard from Peter. Do they have a future or should he quit while he’s ahead?

Peter Barnes hasn’t forgotten Kenley, but he’s got a few secrets he’s not ready to spill. With the help of a masquerade ball thrown for the neighborhood and one nosy neighbor, he’s out to get his man. Once the masks are off, he’s ready to bare his soul. Will Peter be able to convince Kenley to give him a second try or is this pairing destined to be just a fling?

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©MeganSlayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved

Chapter One

Kenley Kissinger loved balls, but not this kind of ball. Fantasy gatherings with elaborate masks and groups of people together having fun-not awful, but not great for a guy who preferred to keep to himself.

He adjusted the mask over his eyes. He hated masks. Truth be told, he hated to have his face covered. He preferred honesty, but this damn ball wasn’t about honesty. It was a celebration, and no one gave a rat’s ass about his feelings.

He stepped into the Annex building and sucked in a long breath. His neighbor, Nadine, had rallied the neighborhood and conned everyone into holding a masquerade ball to celebrate the end of the summer. The kids were back in school and the floods that had ravaged the neighborhood over the summer were finally gone. The water levels for the Jeromesville Creek had reached record heights. But then the whole summer had been full of crazy weather and most people in Jeromesville, Ohio weren’t used to so much rain.

He turned his attention back to the dancers out on the street. He didn’t see how a party would make much difference, and boost morale after flooding, but whatever. He played along.

Maybe Peter would be there.

His breath clogged in his throat. He’d had a one-night stand with Peter two months ago, even called his cell phone a couple times afterwards, but Peter was always too busy to get together again.

In the course of one night, he’d fallen into lust with Peter Barnes. He had to be crazy. Peter wasn’t interested, but he kept thinking about the blond guy down the street. Why did Peter seem so sad? Why wasn’t he interested in getting together again? Why couldn’t Peter give him some sort of closure?

God only knew.

He and Peter hadn’t said anything about not wanting to share personal information. They seemed to be rather tight during the evening they’d shared, but then in the morning Peter disappeared. He wasn’t even sure what Peter did for a living.

He turned his attention back to the makeshift dance floor in the street. The DJ played 80’s dance music requiring everyone in the crowd to do the same steps. He’d never been good at those kinds of dances. His coordination didn’t work that way. He usually tripped over the person next to him or ended up five steps late on each move.

Leaning against the brick mailbox structure, he watched the dancers. A man with blond hair and a tailored suit danced along to the music. The black masquerade mask covered his eyes and forehead, but the rest of his face was up for viewing. When he smiled, a dimple deepened on his right cheek. Did he have scruff? Too hard to tell from so far away. He admired the build of the man’s body, strong like a bodybuilder, but wider in the shoulders and narrow around the waist with long legs. He sighed and bit back a grin. He liked men with long legs.

Peter had long legs and a dimple. He shivered. The memory of Peter’s kiss lingered in Kenley’s mind. He wanted to feel that desire again, and wanted to be loved.