Saturday Seven – 7 Records I Discovered Because of the Library – with @MeganSlayer #satseven #saturday7 #music #records #librarymonth

To conclude my ode to the library and for the last Saturday Seven of April, I give you the 7 records (yes, those big, flat vinyl things) I discovered because of the library. I loved going to the record section and finding new discoveries. Hey, you can find some great stuff if you just go looking. These are in no particular order. 🙂

7. American Graffiti – the soundtrack – how can you go wrong with that classic early pop music?


6. Invisible Touch – Genesis – I already liked the band, but with the pops and snaps, this record…well, pops!

5. The Stranger – Billy Joel – I’d already known about his music because my mother had his cassettes, but to hear the whole album and with the nuances…it’s wonderful.

4. Jesus Christ Superstar – this isn’t an easy listen, even though it’s all catchy. But I loved every second. 81gVXYUXj-L._SX522_

3. Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits – Patsy Cline – I never really got to know my maternal grandmother, but she loved Patsy Cline, so when I listened to her, I felt closer to the woman I didn’t know.

2. Huey Lewis and the News – Sports – they were all the rage when I was a kid. How could you not love their songs? If This is It and the Heart of Rock and Roll…besides, they mentioned Cleveland!

1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John – I loved his 80s music, but this was the classic 81-NCIxEzAL._SX522_stuff. I wanted this record so much. Like…a lot. I used to get this record out every time I saw it was back in. I’m pretty sure they hid it from me after a while. Lol.

Well, I love my library. Love it so much I joined my local Friends of the Library group. You should, too. Libraries are wonderful places and should be preserved.

What was your favorite thing to check out of the library, besides books?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Seven – 7 Records I Discovered Because of the Library – with @MeganSlayer #satseven #saturday7 #music #records #librarymonth

    • Our library now doesn’t have records. This was when I was a kid, but it was fun. I try new music out on CD, though. I miss the record section.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Alas, I haven’t been to a library in years (I live in southeast Asia) – except for quick visits to the Boston Public Library and the New York Public Library when I’m visiting the States. I do love several of the albums you cite.

    So you actually have a turntable?!!

    My brother borrows all his audio books from the library. Music CDs too.

    My Saturday Seven can be found here:

    • That’s an understandable reason to not visit a library. 🙂 I do have a turntable and it works. Actually, we have two! I listen to music on the computer and my iPod, but there’s something about the snap and crackle of records I can’t not have in my life. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. When I was a kid, my sister and I and my brother shared a bedroom in an apt. We had a sheet down the middle to give us some privacy (my sis and I had the door, and loved that he had to ask permission to come and leave. It’s the little things in life.). Anyway, he owned ONE record, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and played it over, and over, and over, and over. I can’t hear that song on the radio without remembering how much I hated it for awhile. Note: I love it now, and Elton is the king. Funny thing, I own most of the list you have and it’s ON vinyl. I love that it’s coming back.

    • I bought a copy of the record at our local book sale. I needed to have it since I loved it as a kid. Still love it. I love that vinyl is making a comeback, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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