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This week for the Saturday Seven, I’d like to touch on the seven or so things I learned this week. You see, my laptop was down. Not just, oh it’s a little slow, but down. Not going to do much, practically bricked, down. DH got it back up and running without having to get a new one. Trust me, I’m glad. The next few months won’t be great and I don’t want to add a few more financial hits. Laptops aren’t cheap. Anyway… here are my seven things I learned while I couldn’t use the computer. Oh, and these aren’t in any order. 🙂 And no, this isn’t my laptop. 😛 

HP Pavilion G7-1317cl Notebook PC

By User:Seqqis [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

7. Silence is golden. Okay, sounds cliche, but not having to check the internet for goodness knows what is kind of nice.

6. Life doesn’t end because there’s no facebook. Sounds silly, right? I mean, it’s facebook. I use it for authorly stuff. But it was kind of nice to not have it blinking at me.

5. I miss writing my author updates on facebook. I love talking to my readers – that means you! – and giving that little update in my group was kind of nice. Reassuring. It made me feel like someone’s paying attention. Not writing it or being able to post it sort of stunk.

4. Sometimes you can’t make commitments. I had a guest blog I was supposed to post. With the laptop down, I couldn’t. The host told me to send the stuff to post and they’d do it for me. Generous and I love that person to death for the offer. But I couldn’t GET to the stuff because…yeah, it was on the computer.

3. That niggling feeling to copy folders onto the hard drive shouldn’t be ignored. I knew I should’ve done that last copy. I knew it. I mean, duh. That’s what I got the hard drive for. And I’d just copied to it the week before, but I added documents and photos. I didn’t want to lose them. So, yeah, I’m back to every other day copying and backing up.

2. Photos can’t be replicated. Here’s the thing. I like to take photos. Love to. Maybe it’s just silly stuff, but hey, I like to take photos. The dogs, the tot, the DH, landscapes, whatever. I can’t get those back if they’re deleted. I can try and there might be some bizarre way to do it, but I don’t know how. Knowing I can’t always recover them reinforces the notion I need to back up…EVERYTHING.

1. DH is the freaking bomb. Yep. He managed to find and fix everything. I’m not even sure how the whole thing shook out, but he managed to get the laptop fixed and everything back on it. He’s the man. Period.

I’m off to finally watch the Avengers: Infinity War movie. It’s late, but it’s about time. Enjoy! 

Saturday Seven – 7 Records I Discovered Because of the Library – with @MeganSlayer #satseven #saturday7 #music #records #librarymonth

To conclude my ode to the library and for the last Saturday Seven of April, I give you the 7 records (yes, those big, flat vinyl things) I discovered because of the library. I loved going to the record section and finding new discoveries. Hey, you can find some great stuff if you just go looking. These are in no particular order. 🙂

7. American Graffiti – the soundtrack – how can you go wrong with that classic early pop music?


6. Invisible Touch – Genesis – I already liked the band, but with the pops and snaps, this record…well, pops!

5. The Stranger – Billy Joel – I’d already known about his music because my mother had his cassettes, but to hear the whole album and with the nuances…it’s wonderful.

4. Jesus Christ Superstar – this isn’t an easy listen, even though it’s all catchy. But I loved every second. 81gVXYUXj-L._SX522_

3. Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits – Patsy Cline – I never really got to know my maternal grandmother, but she loved Patsy Cline, so when I listened to her, I felt closer to the woman I didn’t know.

2. Huey Lewis and the News – Sports – they were all the rage when I was a kid. How could you not love their songs? If This is It and the Heart of Rock and Roll…besides, they mentioned Cleveland!

1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John – I loved his 80s music, but this was the classic 81-NCIxEzAL._SX522_stuff. I wanted this record so much. Like…a lot. I used to get this record out every time I saw it was back in. I’m pretty sure they hid it from me after a while. Lol.

Well, I love my library. Love it so much I joined my local Friends of the Library group. You should, too. Libraries are wonderful places and should be preserved.

What was your favorite thing to check out of the library, besides books?


Saturday Seven ~ Seven Series I Couldn’t Live Without with @meganslayer #series #satseven #saturday7 #books #love #longandshortreviews #lists

I’ve been covering books and libraries this month for Love My Library Month and National Library Week, and I thought I’d touch on the series that made me fall in love with reading. I started reading at age 4 because my aunt who was 13 at the time decided I should learn. I’ve never looked back and have loved reading ever since. I love hanging out at the library, too.

Not in an particular order, of course, here are my seven series at one time or another I had to have!

7. The Babysitters Club – Ann M Martin

6. Sweet Valley High – Francine Pascal

5. The Black Dagger Brotherhood – JR Ward

4. Immortals After Dark Series – Kresley Cole

3. Nancy Drew Mysteries – Carolyn Keene

2. The Ramona Quimby Books – Beverly Cleary

1. The Fudge Books – Judy Blume

Saturday Seven with @MeganSlayer #favorite #flawed #characters on #television #saturday7 #long&shortreviews

I love a flawed character. There’s something about a character that needs to be redeemed that works for me. I’m focusing on TV and the shows I’ve watched. I’m sure I’ll have forgotten a few or just haven’t seen all the ones you have, so feel free to suggest a few.

Here’s my Saturday Seven, in no particular order:

7. Mike Logan – Law and Order – he means well, even if he’s not always the best cop. He’s great at being the bad cop. The guy who will do what it takes to get the case solved, but might not always go by the book.

6. Hawkeye Pierce – M*A*S*H – he’s got a big heart, but he’s a terrible womanizer. I still say if he and Margaret really got together, they’d have a hell of a time.

5. Dan Fielding – Night Court – he took womanizing to the highest level, but he still had good in him. Okay, so he was a jerk, but when it came to helping the pregnant lady or Roz… he was okay.

4. Ryan Wolfe – CSI: Miami – the guy had gambling issues and lied a time or two, but was always good in the clinch. I rather liked that the show arc allowed him to redeem himself.

3. Sonny Corinthos – General Hospital – yes, he’s a gangster. Yes, he’s in the mob. Yes, he’s done things that aren’t good. He’s shot the wrong people, been shot by other people and ruined a few lives, but he’s still human. Plus, that stare he has is something else.

2. Greg Sanders – CSI – he could be more than a tad full of himself and tried way too hard sometimes, but I like him. He’s handsome, funny and geeky, and full of himself. Meh. It happens.

1. Captain Hook – Once Upon a Time – I have to admit, he wasn’t my favorite when he got all gallant and in love with Emma Swan. I thought they kind of diluted him. I liked the fire, the punch, the…hook. Okay, I liked him bad.

What about you? Who’d I miss? I’m open to suggestion.

Saturday Seven ~ Seven Favorite Are You Being Served? Characters with @meganslayer #britcom #britishshows #areyoubeingserved #saturdayseven

I am a sucker for British comedy. I love Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Keeping Up Appearances. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy these shows until I started watching PBS. The one show that’s my favorite has to be Are You Being Served? The silliness is just off the charts. Here are my favorite characters, but not in any particular order.

7. Captain Peacock – only he could make a randy floorwalker look cool

6. Young Mr. Grace -the guy was like 100 years old and wobbly, but he always insisted he could still chase women and was the young one.

5. Mr. Lucas – okay, the guy was a little forward, but he tried and could be a sweet guy when he relaxed a little

4. Mr. Grainger – he always reminded me of a crotchety grandpa. And how he could fall asleep so easily!

3. Miss Brahms – she was one of my favorites because she held her own with all those boys.

2. Mr. Humphries – he could work teeny lederhosen, a fairy costume, ballroom dance and glitter like a champion and still be himself. I love him.

1. Mrs. Slocombe – I wish I could have my hair that many colors and still look stylish. She had guts, swagger and could hold her own. Love her!!

What about you? What’s your favorite show? I love to binge Are You Being Served? Let me know. I might try your suggestions.

Saturday Seven ~ 7 Favorite Law & Order Characters with @meganslayer #saturdayseven #longandshortreviews #tv #characters #lawandorder

This time around for the Saturday Seven, I wanted to list my favorite characters from the show Law and Order. Not the spinoffs, but the original. I’m very particular about this show. It’s one of the only ones I’ve ever been upset about it going off the air. Yeah, I was irked. I don’t care that some said it was tired. Bah. I loved it. The show was TV crack. So here are my 7 favorite characters in no particular order:

7. Jack McCoy – he kicked legal butt and took no prisoners. I liked that they made him human, too, by having the relationship with Claire and her not surviving.

6. Claire Kincaid – she held her own with all those boys and still took names. I liked her strength and her ability to be vulnerable while still being strong.

5. Anita Van Buren – she ran the precinct, battled cancer, had faults, but knew how to hold he own. I loved her strength. Get the hint? I do like strong women characters. 🙂

4. Ed Green – he could be street, smart, funny and bounced off Lennie so well. I liked the combo of Lennie and Ed.

3. Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers  – the medical examiner with the mostest. I loved how she could be so deadpan…pardon the pun. She rocked.

2. Mike Logan – he had some great lines and was fallible. Plus he had great hair. I loved the pairing of Mike and Lennie. They’re some of my all-time favorite episodes.

1. Lennie Briscoe – the guy had the quips. He was tough, hard, soft, and had a heart of gold, despite being able to break your kneecaps.

What about you? Did you have a favorite I didn’t mention? Probably did. Why? There were a lot of characters. Let me know.

Saturday Seven ~ 7 Romantic TV Movies I Use for Writing with @meganslayer #romance #television #iamwriting

When I write, I can’t have silence. I can’t. The quieter it is, the worse off I am. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. When I’d do my homework in school, my mother would chew me out for having my cd player going and watching television while I sorted through Algebra 2. Oh yeah, I’d be busting out the tunes, working the math problems and watching whatever was on the TV.

I’m still that kind of worker. Silence is deadly for me. I get bored and off-topic. If I have music or a movie playing and can sing along…not very well because my range is so low, but hey, whatever…I’m good.
So as I’m writing this post, it occurred to me, I wanted to write a list of some of my favorite television romances. Don’t knock it until you’ve watched them. Maybe they aren’t your cuppa. It happens. I don’t mind. I do have to admit, some of these are Christmas shows. Shrugs. I’m okay with that, too.
Here’s my list and it’s not all-inclusive or in any particular order:
7. A Princess for Christmas – First off… the guy from Outlander is in this movie and he grooves. Yes, he dances. It’s silly, funny and they unwind like regular people, despite being royals. I love it.
6. My Secret Valentine – Lacey Chabert is the queen of the Hallmark movies. She always has at least one ‘huh’ moment, but it’s realistic. Plus, this story is cute because of the notes left on the chalkboard. \
5. A Christmas Kiss – I’d watched Brendan Fehr in CSI: Miami and kind of liked him, but kind of didn’t. I don’t know why, but he had magnetism in this movie. I started watching halfway through, then had to find another showing to get the whole story. It’s cute, quirky and I know I’ll get a happy ending.
4. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas – The 12 days of Christmas gift giving and the way the heroine pours her heart out through the movie is endearing.
3. All of My Heart – Another Lacey Chabert movie, but in this one, she inherits half a house. The hero inherits the other half. Oh, and there’s a goat. Just sayin’, the goat makes the movie. Plus, I see a lot of my cats in that goat.
2. My Christmas Love – I have to start this one by admitting this tv movie drives me crazy. The heroine is more than a little self-absorbed. Okay, like a lot. But I love the hero, played by Bobby Campo. He tries so hard to win over the heroine, only to be thwarted by her desire to find that illusive Christmas love. He plays the role with sincerity and humor. I love it.
1. The Normal Heart – if you want romance, then watch the first half of the movie. If you want romance and to cry, then watch the whole thing. It’s the story of an activist during the 1980s dealing with AIDS and the AIDS crisis. The characters are realistic and the love leaps off the screen. I know what will happen at the end of the movie and cry every time. It’s worth the watch, even though you know you’re in for a sad ending. Oh and the Mark Ruffalo/Matt Bomer love scene….damn.
Those are my titles. I warned you there were a lot of Christmas ones. My question to you is, what are you favorite romance TV movies. Not big screen ones, but the ones for the small screen. I’d love to know. You might have a few I haven’t seen and would make my list.

This post also shows up on the Sexy Dude and Divas blog:

Saturday Seven ~ MASH Characters with @Meganslayer #saturdayseven #mash #tv #list #seven #longandshortreviews

This week for the Saturday Seven, here’s my list for my seven favorite characters on the television show M*A*S*H. I don’t remember watching much of the show during the initial run because I wasn’t old enough to view it. Plus, it was on after I went to bed. But in the years since it ended the initial run, I’ve watched the show many times. I love it. It’s like an old friend. I laugh, cry and have to watch until the end. There’s only one other show that catches me the way M*A*S*H does, but that’s for another list.

This isn’t in any particular order. As I’ve been thinking about the characters, it’s hard to whittle them down, much less put them in a countdown order.

7. Frank – The guy was misunderstood and kind of a jerk. Props to the actor who played him. Instead of playing him as a total jerk, he infused some heart into Frank. Okay, the guy had a few contemptible attributes, but who is perfect? Not me.

6. Col Potter – He’s the grandpa I always wanted. I had two grandfathers, but they weren’t as….outwardly caring as Col Potter. Plus, he had a horse. I didn’t want a horse, but I wanted to ride one, just to say I did. (It took until I was a mom and over 25, but I did finally get to ride a horse.)

5. Klinger – how he wore those heels in so many episodes. I give him props for that. I can’t wear heels and I’m supposed to have grace. He rocks.

4. Margaret – she totally grew through the course of the show. I liked how she evolved. She wasn’t just a puppet or arm candy. She came into her own and she embodied strong to me.

3. Henry – when his plane went down, I cried. I cry every time I watch that episode. He made me laugh and I liked his big heart.

2. Trapper – I always thought he was the handsome one. Women liked Hawkeye, but Trapper was the one I liked. It’s his smile.

1. Hawkeye – when I was a kid, I wanted him to be my dad. I don’t know why. He’s a letch on the show, but I liked him.

I know I forgot a few characters. Radar, Father Mulcahy, Charles, BJ… Yeah, I forgot a few. But the list only allows for seven. Grin. What about you? Who would you put in your top seven? Which show would you list characters for? I’m game to know.


Saturday Seven ~ Old Hollywood Royalty with @meganslayer #hollywood #filmstars #movies #list #oldhollywood


Look for the other Saturday Seven posts here!

For the last weekend in February, I thought I’d do an honorable mentions list for my Saturday Seven list. There are those actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood that shimmered, but they didn’t make the other lists. I probably thought of them AFTER I made the earlier lists. Hey, it happens. So here is my list of Honorable Mentions. Check them out.

7. John Payne

6. Maureen O’Hara

5. Natalie Wood

4. Cesar Romero

3. Claudette Colbert

2. Myrna Loy

1. Ava Gardner

As I’ve said before, I’m sure I missed a few. I’ll do lists of more current actors and actresses, but these are my Old Hollywood favorites. Did I miss some? Let me know. And don’t forget to check out the other Saturday Seven posts!

Saturday Seven ~ Screen Legends Ladies List with @meganslayer #movies #silverscreen #actresses #oldhollywood

This week, I’m a little late. I’ve been busy writing, so forgive me. For the Saturday Seven, I’m continuing my list of seven fabulous Old Hollywood actresses. I love the old black and white movies and these ladies really made my day.  Here they are, but in no particular order.

7. Mae West

6. Barbara Stanwyck

5. Olivia De Havilland

4. Joan Fontain

3. Alice Faye

2. Betty Grable

1. Ginger Rogers

I’m sure you’ve got input. Do add yours to the list. They might be some I’ve forgotten. Grin.

And don’t forget to check out the other Saturday Seven posts!