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This week’s words are: storm, push, swallow, morsel, square

I thought I’d take a step back from #findmolly, since my brain isn’t wanting to go that direction. So instead, here’s this week’s entry:

I love chocolate, especially brownies. Every chewy square, tasty morsel…I love it. Now, I’m told eating half a pan of brownies is probably more than I can swallow. I’d say it’s correct. I’ve never done it, but the desire is there. I know. I’m bad. I’ve never pushed myself to try, although, I can’t say I haven’t wanted to. What do I do instead? Especially when the craving hits?

I eat a hunk of carrot. I know. It’s not what I want, but any port in a storm, right? It might so happen that being a rabbit shifter, I’m not supposed to eat chocolate. I’m not supposed to, but there’s nothing wrong in living dangerously from time to time, right?


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #storystarter

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Today’s five words to use as the prompt are: essay, sound, question, game, defend

I’m taking a break from #findingmolly this week to let my brain settle.

Here we go where the words take me!

I knew how to play the game. Write the essay, answer the questions, finish before the bell sounded, and score high enough to get into the program. Not difficult…all I wanted to do was defend my country, but I had to take the test first. My stomach churned. I wish I were better at taking tests….

What do you think? Why don’t you play along! You should. 🙂

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #findingmolly #prompt

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This week’s words are: ban, cane, angle, firm, mind

In the continuing saga of #findingmolly , here we go!

Willie strode back through the bramble and mud to his truck. He wished he had a cane or walking stick to aid him in the journey. Light from the moon would help, too. At least then he could see where he was going.

He had to make a plan. She needed him and he’d be there. But where was she? The last he remembered, her phone had an app in it that would help someone find the phone. Once he got to the truck, he’d use the app.

Unless she’d banned him from seeing her information… No, she wouldn’t be that snippy.

Or if there was magic involved.

Damn. He wished he had a firmer plan in mind. He wobbled through the underbrush and spotted his truck. Thank God. He had a charger in the truck and plenty of gas to get him back to civilization. He left the woods and muck, then climbed behind the wheel of his vehicle. He closed the truck door and listened to the whip of his windshield wipers as the rain fell.

He had to think of this from every angle. Where would she go? Who was she hanging out with? Had she summoned magic?

He picked up his phone, plugged it into the charger in his truck, then swiped to the app. “Don’t fail me now. Molly, I’m coming.”

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #writingprompt #shortstory

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This week’s words are: increase, retire, dairy, hiccup, verdict. I’ve got them below and Willie’s back. #whereismolly

Willie dug the tin from the earth. He swore he felt his blood pressure increase as he swiped the dirt away. He’d said he’d retire. Said he’d be done by now. Then Molly…

He held the tin, but dropped to his knees. “Molly?” He opened the tin and the contents of his stomach lurched. Damn. He wished he hadn’t had dairy before coming out on this search. He hated the taste of milk the second time around.

His flashlight flickered and rain trickled down his face. He held the tin in one hand and the flashlight in the other. “Work, damn you.” He whacked the flashlight on his thigh, hoping the dwindling light was a mere hiccup and not the end of the battery life.

The light faded and dowsed, leaving him in the dark of the rainy night. He shoved the defunct flashlight into his jacket pocket and focused on the tin. He wiped the dirt from the lid and picked at the edge. The tin would give him answers. It had to–not that it could talk. He worked the tin open, then fumbled in his other pocket for his phone. There was a flashlight on the device. He’d probably ruin the phone in the rain, but he needed the light.

“And the verdict is…” he mumbled. He swiped until he turned on the flashlight and looked in the tin. “Molly, don’t do this to me now.” He stared at the piece of paper. Not the answer he wanted. Damn.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #shortstory #spooky #writingprompt

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This weeks’ words are: long, tin, party, witch, earthquake. Here we go!

Willie hated the dark. Always had. Bad things happened in the dark. Maybe it stemmed from his childhood trauma with the earthquake. The house shifted and moved in the middle of the night. When he woke, he realized he teetered on his bed, which would’ve ended up in the basement–had he moved the wrong way. Ever since, he hated long, dark nights and the uncertainty of being in the dark.

At least there weren’t any earthquakes expected tonight. But damn. This search party of one wasn’t his best idea. He should’ve asked for help, but Molly needed him–earthquake, dark night, or not.

It wasn’t exactly warm, either. Colder than a witch’s elbow, his grandmother would say. But his grandmother hadn’t met Molly.

Where was she?

He spotted something shiny, then kicked at the object. The tin. Holy hell. He’d found her.

“Molly?” He opened the tin and held his breath. If she wanted to see him, then she’d show. If not, he’d be screwed.

A figure appeared in the distance. He exhaled and dropped the dying flashlight.


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writingprompt #writing #fridayfive

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Here are this week’s words: Hell, railroad, chief, abridge, past. Let’s see how this goes!

The road to hell had to be not a road, but a railroad. Willie swore up and down the scariest way to get to hell had to be a railroad in the dark. It never ended and always led not only to the future, but the past. He’d never be able to forget the mistakes he’d made as a teen, but why forget when those mistakes taught him lessons? He continued along the darkened railway line with his flashlight as his only source of illumination. This was how scary movies started. A man alone in the railroad tracks in the dark. How much longer until the batteries in his flashlight gave out? He had no idea. But he was sure if he kept looking, he could abridge the search for Molly. His chief purpose was to find her. He couldn’t go home until he did.


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #gay #gayromance #fridayfive

This week’s words are: Index, opposed, mark, suggest, depend. If you want to take part, then check out the other posts here and join in! Here goes nothing with the end of Sid and Mac’s story.

Sid scrolled through the menu on his phone and tapped one of items listed with his index finger. “Did you want me to suggest something or just order for both of us?” He still couldn’t believe he’d met up with Mac for dinner. Maybe the get together wasn’t much to Mac, but it was everything to Sid. He wanted this chance to hang out outside of the school setting.

Mac settled beside him on the sofa. “I’m not opposed to you ordering for the both of us.” He angled on the cushion to face Sid. “I’ll eat pretty much anything.”

“Are you sure?” He pointed to the pizza toppings. “What about mushrooms, onions, green peppers and pepperoni?” He wanted this evening to be perfect.

“It’s fine.” Mac took the phone from him. “I don’t care what we eat. All that matters is you and me being here tonight.”

Sid stared into Mac’s eyes. “I have a question for you, but I’m afraid to ask.”

“I’ll do my best to answer, but it depends on what you ask me.” Mac grinned. “Go for it.”

“I…” He forgot for a moment what he wanted to say. He had Mac there in his apartment, close enough to touch and kiss, yet he’d lost his nerve. Shoot. If he didn’t speak up now, he’d never do it. “You like me?”

“Is that a question or statement?” Mac laced his fingers with Sid’s. “If it’s a statement, then it’s true. If it’s a question, then yes, I do. You’ve made a mark on my heart. I like you very much and I’m glad we’re here tonight.”

“Mac?” He could’ve sworn he heard Mac say he liked him.

“Stop thinking so hard and come here.” Mac tugged him close and kissed him.

Sid’s synapses misfired and he closed his eyes. The moment he’d waited, longed and prayed for had arrived. Mac’s kiss was better than he’d imagined. He’d gotten his wish.

Mac stayed close, but broke the kiss first. “Does that answer your question better?”

“It does.” He barely recognized his voice, being so low. “I like you, too.”

“Then there we go.” Mac curled his fingers under Sid’s chin. “Here’s to the first day of the rest of our lives–together.”

“Here, here.” Sid brushed his nose along Mac’s and sighed. He’d gotten what he wanted. Despite the requirements for the staff meeting dinner, problems with his lack of mechanical skills and the rest of the problems, he’d forged a connection with Mac. He couldn’t wait to see where their relationship would go and have his happy ever after.

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I got a little behind this week, so it took me a bit to get back to Sid and Mac. But, I did. Here’s the next installment of their story. Sid is so nervous. Hopefully things start working out for him. As for now, the words are Sit, portion, fiber, inflate, beef. Enjoy!

Sid stared at the menu for the teachers’ meeting. He hadn’t expected having someone cater the event would cause the prices to inflate so much. It shouldn’t be so expensive to have roast beef sandwiches and salads for the meeting. Twenty dollars per portion seemed rather expensive, especially since the most plentiful thing on the menu was bread. At least the salad provided some fiber to balance the meal.

Mac joined him in the lounge. “I hear you’re working on the menu.”

“I was.” Sid rubbed his forehead. “I don’t know how to make this work. I was told to use this catering service, but the prices are outrageous.”

“Mind if I sit and look at it?” Mac pulled the chair out next to him. “Have you tried this company yet?”

“What do you mean?” He liked having Mac so close. After the night he’d helped Sid put the shelf up, he’d been able to talk to Mac more. He liked his company and clear-eyed view on things. He also rather appreciated the scent of his cologne, too. Heat sizzled in his veins. If Mac happened to brush his arm, Sid might combust.

“Well, you can usually do taste tests ahead of time. If this group won’t let you, even with small portions, then that’s a red flag. If the powers that be told you to use this one, too, then that’s one as well.” Mac looked over the flier and website on Sid’s tablet. “I get why they wanted you to use this one.” He snorted. “It’s the superintendent’s wife’s company. You’d think we’d get a price break.”

“I had no idea.” The tips of his ears turned red. “I guess I’m mucking this up, too.”

“Nah.” Mac grinned. “They know you’re still new at this. I’ve been at the school for four years. This is your first and since you’ve volunteered to help, they’ll pile you with extra work.”

“Yeah.” He folded his hands on his lap. “They know they’ve got a sucker, eh?”

“Someone has to handle these details and they don’t want to, so it’s up to you.” Mac elbowed him. “But you’ve got me, so we’ll figure this out and make it awesome. They’ll see you’ve made it awesome and appreciate you. I know I do.”

Sid pressed his lips together to keep from gawking. Mac appreciated him? He’d touched him, too. Holy cow. He so needed to wind up his courage and ask Mac out. Soon.

“Ready to tackle this menu and catering issue?” Mac asked.

“Sure.” They’d hit it out of the park and maybe he’d get a date out of this, too. One could only hope.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #storystarter

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This week’s words are X-ray, fire, style, fate, wire. Here we go.

He should’ve known the hand of fate would swat at him, cat-like that evening. He should’ve known that wire wouldn’t be something simple or unattached. But he’d grabbed it–just his style. He saw the wire, thought it was a vine and pulled. Was it unattached? No. The stupid wire HAD to be part of the cable lines and tangled up with other wires. What did he know about wires? What did he know about electricity? Or projectile objects… The wire moved, the sparks shot out of the empty socket, then the rake flew in the explosion and all of the sudden, his lights went out.

He sat on the gurney and groaned. Not only had the house caught fire from him yanking that wire, but now he needed an X-ray. He’d managed to impale himself with the heavy tines of the garden rake. The cable wire had been tangled up with a fallen electrical wire and now he had no house, a bloodied leg and no insurance.

Go figure.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #writingprompt #shortstory #LGBTQ

You can find the other short pieces to the prompt here: Join in! It’s a lot of fun! Here’s my contribution:

Aaron stared at himself in the mirror. He wasn’t sure if the costume would be good enough. He wanted to look perfect for the event and details mattered. How best could he articulate his affection for Steve unless he wore this ridiculous costume? Didn’t everyone wear a bright red heart suit when going to propose to his boyfriend of five years–his favorite person in the entire world?

He stepped out of the bedroom and strode across the living room to the back porch. When he crossed the threshold to the back patio, he stumbled. Darn his nerves.

“What are you doing?” Steve tipped his head. “Aaron? What are you wearing?”

“I wanted to ask you something.” Aaron fortified his nerves. “It’s…I need to tell you something.”

“What?” Steve sank onto the half-wall ringing the patio. “You’re confusing me. It’s not Valentine’s Day. What’s going on?”

“I…” Damn it. “Will you marry me?”


He dropped to one knee and offered the ring. “Will you marry me?”

“You’re serious?” Steve’s eyes lit up. “You are.”

His hands shook. “What do you think?” God. This was the hardest thing he’d ever done. “Steve?”

Steve’s eyes misted over and he grinned, then held out his left hand. “I will happily marry you.”

Aaron slid the ring on his boyfriend’s finger. At least he hadn’t stumbled over asking the question. He stood and embraced Steve. The proposal hadn’t gone the way he’d expected, but he hadn’t been turned down.

Score one for the home team.