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It’s easy, fun and a little challenging, too. This week’s words are: green, tumble, meet, parking, concept

I’m going to get back to #findmolly this week, so here we go!

His stomach churned. The green slime on the floor of the pool smelled of death. His stomach wasn’t churning, no, it’s gone straight to tumble. It wasn’t Molly on the floor. It was Nikki, her best friend.

Where in the hell was she? He stood and fumbled with his phone, then called 911. Someone had to help him. Mostly, they needed to help Nikki. He watched the parking lot for the EMS vehicle. He wanted to be able to meet, warn and give them the story when the cops arrived as well. When he saw the flashing lights, he turned his attention back to Nikki.

“Honey? Are you okay?” He knew she wasn’t, but he had to be soothing. “Nikki?”

“Everything. Hurts.” She didn’t open her eyes and barely moved as she groaned again. “He got her.”

“Who?” He waved to the EMS, then focused on Nikki. “Who got her?” He wanted to shake her, but he had to be calm. “Nik?”

The paramedics muscled him out the way and one of the cops approached. “We need to take your story,” the cop said. “What happened and why are you out here?” The cop, Frank Miller, tipped his head. “Willy, you’re not even on the job any longer. What are you doing?”

Not on the job. What a concept. He’d forgotten about being removed from the case. Hell, he was one of the suspects in Molly’s disappearance. Always look at the spouse. But his cop instincts took over. He had to help. He had to find her.

“You need to go to the cruiser and have a seat. McMillian will talk to you.” Miller shook his head. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah.” Before or after they found Molly? And who had Molly? What did Nikki mean?

Damn it.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writingprompt #fun #writing #cutestory

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This week’s words are: storm, push, swallow, morsel, square

I thought I’d take a step back from #findmolly, since my brain isn’t wanting to go that direction. So instead, here’s this week’s entry:

I love chocolate, especially brownies. Every chewy square, tasty morsel…I love it. Now, I’m told eating half a pan of brownies is probably more than I can swallow. I’d say it’s correct. I’ve never done it, but the desire is there. I know. I’m bad. I’ve never pushed myself to try, although, I can’t say I haven’t wanted to. What do I do instead? Especially when the craving hits?

I eat a hunk of carrot. I know. It’s not what I want, but any port in a storm, right? It might so happen that being a rabbit shifter, I’m not supposed to eat chocolate. I’m not supposed to, but there’s nothing wrong in living dangerously from time to time, right?


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #findmolly

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This week’s words are : ally, fool, pool, revenge, tense. I’m going to go back to the saga of Willie and Molly. #findmolly

Maybe he was a fool, but he’d thought he had an ally in her sister. Now he couldn’t get answers from her. What the hell did she want? Revenge? He’d never even looked at Molly’s sister. The moment he saw Molly, he’d fallen in love. Molly was the only one who mattered.

He flexed his hands on the steering wheel. Driving so long made his hands tense. But he had to find Molly. He glanced over at his phone and reread the address listed. The city pool? What in the hell was she doing at the pool? Was she even there or was this another dead end?

He parked in the lot and made his way through the fog to the chain-link fence. He pushed aside the broken piece of fence and entered the property. Trespassing? Yes, but he had to find his wife. He inched up to the empty pool. The city drained the massive hole every October and it was already the 27th of the month.

He made his way across the sidewalk to the empty pool. His heart lodged in his throat and he slid his hand over his pistol. If she was there, then he’d rescue her, but he’d also shoot anyone else. He crept up to the edge of the pool and sucked in a ragged breath.

A rumpled form had been dumped in the deep end of the empty pool. He noticed a lock of dark hair.


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #storystarter

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Today’s five words to use as the prompt are: essay, sound, question, game, defend

I’m taking a break from #findingmolly this week to let my brain settle.

Here we go where the words take me!

I knew how to play the game. Write the essay, answer the questions, finish before the bell sounded, and score high enough to get into the program. Not difficult…all I wanted to do was defend my country, but I had to take the test first. My stomach churned. I wish I were better at taking tests….

What do you think? Why don’t you play along! You should. 🙂

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writingprompt #writing #findmolly

Come play along. It’s fun. Here’s the link to the rest of the posts: This week’s words are: image, bar, express, redeem, privilege

Here’s the next section of Finding Molly #findmolly

Willie stared at Rachel. “Who said? Them? Who is ‘them’?”

“I’m not at liberty to tell you. It’s a privilege to know them.” Rachel shook her head. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” She had to be kidding. All he wanted to do was find his wife and her sister wanted to play games. “Do you know the people who did this? Do you any clues for me? A photo, a token from her? All I have is this container of cigarettes. You can get them at the Rooster Bar, but that doesn’t mean much. Do you recognize the brand?” He held up the package.

“I’ve never seen the image on there before.” She turned away, unnerved by the packet.

“I’m trying to save her. If I have to redeem her, too, then I’ll do it. I still love her.” He didn’t know how to make her understand. “You have to help me. Please?”

“Sorry.” She shook her head, but pushed a piece of paper toward him. “You have to go.”

“Then I’ll go.” He took the paper and left the house. She’d chosen a strange way to express herself, but he wasn’t going to argue. He slid behind the wheel of the truck and opened the note.

They took her. Them. They wanted her knowledge and intelligence. No names. Just Them. I don’t know where they went, but you’ll never get her back. She didn’t go of her own free will, but she’s gone. I’m sorry.

He crinkled the note. Them. Never get her back. What kind of screwed-up game was this? And why did everyone want to play it? All he wanted was to bring Molly back. He gritted his teeth. She hadn’t gone of her own free will. That had to mean something. Had to mean she might have wanted his help.

Fine. He’d help her. He’d never give up on his first love.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #shortstory #findmolly

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This week’s words are: resource, food, extinct, address, tumor. Now for the continuing story of Molly and Willie. #findmolly

Willie drove to Rachel’s apartment. Molly’s sister knew more than she let on, pretty much all the time. She’d be a good resource to finding Molly or at least information on Molly. He should stop for food first. If he didn’t, he’d have to listen to his stomach growl for the next twenty miles.

He ran through a hundred scenarios. Where was she? Did she have a problem? Medical issue? A tumor? Or had she been kidnapped? Jesus. He wished he knew.

He pulled into the parking lot of a fast food joint that was slowing going extinct across the country and ordered a burger and fries. Not great for his cholesterol, but he didn’t care. He had to get to Molly and this would be the fastest route.

He drove and ate, not the safest thing he could do, but he had to get to Rachel’s. Twenty minutes later, he pulled into her parking lot and stopped at her apartment. He barely got out of his truck and slipped in the mud from the recent rain, but managed to hustle up to his former sister-in-law’s apartment. “Rachel?” He pounded on the door. “Rachel?”

She yanked the door open. “What? Oh, it’s you.”

“Thanks.” He’d never been close to her, but this was different. “Look, I need your help. I can’t find Molly. This isn’t one of her luxury trip things or her wandering off to find herself. This is important. Do you have any information? A name? Address? Did she tell you something?”

Rachel paled. “You’re really worried.”

“I am.”

“You still love her.”

“Why else would I be running all over hell to find her? Yes.” HIs patience wore thin. “Please?”

“They said not to tell you.” Rachel fidgeted with the door. “I’m not supposed to tell you.”

“Who said?” He needed to know.


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writingprompt #writing #storystarter #findmolly

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This week’s words are: publish, loss, dragon, result, pest. I’ve been writing the saga of #findmolly so let’s see where the words take me and Willie.

Willie stared at his phone at a total loss. He’d gone to every one of Molly’s haunts, even stopped at the Purple Dragon, her favorite club, but no Molly. He knew damn well she’d been taken, but who would’ve taken her?

He’d spoken to her friends, trying to suss out information, but with no results. What the hell? If he kept bugging people, namely her friends who didn’t seem to care that she was gone, he’d be labeled a pest. Damn.

Kaity, one of Molly’s best friends, met him at the café. “Hi.”

“Hi.” He placed his phone on the table. “Can you help me? Do you want to help me?”

She sat across from him and sighed. “She did a lot of damage this time around. Left a lot of broken hearts and even threatened to publish what she knew. People aren’t exactly thrilled that she wanted to out them.”

He hadn’t known any of that. “What do I do? I think she’s really in trouble.”

“She probably is,” Kaity said. “She messed with the wrong people, but she knew you’d come to rescue her. I don’t know who has her, but I have an idea. She upset Martin Banks. Try there.”

Do tell. “Okay.” He’d heard that name. “Anything else?”

She nodded. “Yes. When you talk to him, bring a gun.”


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #findingmolly #prompt

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This week’s words are: ban, cane, angle, firm, mind

In the continuing saga of #findingmolly , here we go!

Willie strode back through the bramble and mud to his truck. He wished he had a cane or walking stick to aid him in the journey. Light from the moon would help, too. At least then he could see where he was going.

He had to make a plan. She needed him and he’d be there. But where was she? The last he remembered, her phone had an app in it that would help someone find the phone. Once he got to the truck, he’d use the app.

Unless she’d banned him from seeing her information… No, she wouldn’t be that snippy.

Or if there was magic involved.

Damn. He wished he had a firmer plan in mind. He wobbled through the underbrush and spotted his truck. Thank God. He had a charger in the truck and plenty of gas to get him back to civilization. He left the woods and muck, then climbed behind the wheel of his vehicle. He closed the truck door and listened to the whip of his windshield wipers as the rain fell.

He had to think of this from every angle. Where would she go? Who was she hanging out with? Had she summoned magic?

He picked up his phone, plugged it into the charger in his truck, then swiped to the app. “Don’t fail me now. Molly, I’m coming.”

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #writingprompt #shortstory

In the continuing saga of #findingmolly

This week’s words are: exchange, firsthand, friendly, jump, trick

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Here we go!

Willie scrubbed one hand over his face and considered the facts he had. He knew firsthand about the phone call. Molly only contacted him for two things: help and sex. So their relationship wasn’t average. Whose was? At least they were friendly while giving each other space. She must’ve wanted him if she’d asked for help.

But the tin…why had she led him to the tin? Because she knew if she spoke, he’d jump? He had in the past because he loved her and wanted to make her happy. He still did, truth be told. Was this because she wanted to play a trick on him? Nah… That wasn’t her style. She could be cruel, but she was always upfront about it.

He gritted his teeth. The last he’d seen her, she’d said she’d made advances in her life. Then there was the phone call where she sounded panicked and the text. He checked his phone again. He had to find that text.

From Molly: I figured out what I want in life and I’m happy. I’ve decided to exchange my worldly possessions for the best things in the next life.

HIs blood chilled. Her worldly possessions…damn. Maybe she wasn’t in as much trouble as he thought–but he had the feeling it was more. He had to find her and figure out what she’d done–or who had her and why.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #writingprompt #shortstory

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This week’s words are: proper, brand, husband, pigeon, offend. Here we go!

Let’s see what happened to Molly #whereismolly

Willie stared at the piece of paper. She hadn’t left a proper note, but then again, nothing about Molly had been proper. She lived her own life, didn’t mind if she offended and answered to no one.

He read the note again.

If you’re looking for me, don’t bother, husband. I’ve gone to Florida. You won’t find me and I’m not lost.

She might not be lost and might had intended to go off on an adventure, but the frantic phone call he’d received and the panic in her voice told him something had happened. He spotted a pack of cigarettes with a pigeon icon on the front. Back in the day, she smoked, but not in the last ten years. Besides, this wasn’t her brand.

Damn it. The battery in his phone would last much longer if he kept staring at the note.

The last words from her phone call echoed in his ears.

I need your help. He…you know…please…Willie…

That kind of panic couldn’t be faked. She’d been scared witless. He decided then and there, he’d find her. No matter what.