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week 14

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This week’s topic is about learning from reviews. In particular, learning from the worst reviews.

I won’t quote them verbatim, but I’ve had a couple of reviews that stung. I mean…STUNG.

One review mentioned my writing was sh*+ and I should stop. That stung because I was a new writer and was still learning. What I took from that was I needed to up my learning game and thicken my skin. Just because that person didn’t like the book didn’t mean everyone didn’t like it.

Another review mentioned the plot was impossible. No one does that.  That’s not possible. Fantasy is silly.  This taught me that just because the story might be one person’s cuppa, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. That and sometimes books need to be clearly labeled as fantasy, if they are fantasy.

I’ve been at this writing gig for ten years. I’ll celebrate the official anniversary in May, so I’ve seen lots of cruddy reviews. I’ve seen lots of glowing ones. One big thing I’ve learned, and it’s not about one particular review, is not to visit Goodreads. I know that sounds stupid. It’s for readers. I’m a reader. But I don’t go there. I’ve been doxxed there, I’ve been insulted and I’ve had personal things shared because someone wasn’t happy with me. The reviews aren’t always glowing and can be downright mean. So instead of punishing myself, I just don’t visit.

Sorry, not sorry.

What about you? What do you do when you get a bad review? How do you handle it? If you’ve read a book that wasn’t your cuppa, how do you handle it? I’d love to know. 🙂

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This week is about my favorite hobby and why it’s my favorite. I have a couple of favorites. First has to be reading. I love to read. Most of the stuff I read for fun isn’t romance, either. I love to read rock biographies and old Hollywood biographies. I like to learn stuff. Right now, I’m reading Dear Martin.


Another thing I like to do is volunteer with my Friends of the Library group. This might not seem like a hobby, but it is. We do lots of things within the group and those are hobby kind of things–like creating artwork for the group, artwork for our author events, sorting books, talking about books. I love it.

KL Friends Logo - 2016

I love to draw, too. I haven’t drawn in a while so I don’t have any artwork to show off right now, but I love it. That’s what I got my degree in–art. 

Blurred art supplies (Unsplash)

so flow soflow [CC0]

What about you? What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite? I’d love to know. Be sure to check out the other posts while you’re at it. I know I will be.