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You know you want to join in. The Friday Five is a blast. You write based on five words. Can go with other stuff, can be standalone. It’s up to you. Where can you join in? Here:

This week’s words are: lot, pill, root, interest, obese

I’m going to let them take me where they want to go. So, here goes.

I stared at the plant. Honestly, I hadn’t thought the thing would grow. Not out here. It rarely gets watered and the critters get at it. I never thought the thing would take root. I mean, it’s a ridiculously sunny lot. Nothing wants to grow here. Nothing that’ll be this big. My goodness, the thing looks obese, it’s growing so well. How was I to know it would germinate and grow so fast? I mean, it was a spilled cholesterol pill. It wasn’t supposed to make anything grow and certainly not an arm.

Now the media’s taking interest. I think I need to hide…

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #storystarter

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Today’s five words to use as the prompt are: essay, sound, question, game, defend

I’m taking a break from #findingmolly this week to let my brain settle.

Here we go where the words take me!

I knew how to play the game. Write the essay, answer the questions, finish before the bell sounded, and score high enough to get into the program. Not difficult…all I wanted to do was defend my country, but I had to take the test first. My stomach churned. I wish I were better at taking tests….

What do you think? Why don’t you play along! You should. 🙂

Friday Five with @meganslayer #shortstory #challenge

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Here we go… seminar, mine, law, crisis, address

I had no idea when I was given the address to the seminar on family law that I’d come out with a whole different crisis.

Sounds bizarre, right? Going in with a problem and coming out with a crisis? You haven’t met me.

I went to the seminar to learn how to help my husband get custody of his children. He hasn’t always had a rosy life, but he’s turned things around and since his ex-wife was indicted for tax fraud, he wants custody of the children. But I wanted to help and figured the seminar couldn’t hurt. It’d give us some direction when we went back to the lawyer, right?

That was the idea.

I got there on time and even had my pen and notebook read, but when I set foot in the door I realized the mistake was mine. It wasn’t a seminar on family law. Nope. I’d gone to the comic convention! I went to the wrong address. I checked my information a hundred times and swore I was heading in the right direction.

I was. Then I realized I was in the right place–on the wrong weekend. Boy, I looked foolish walking around the foyer of the convention hall seemingly all normal while everyone else wore costumes.

Serves me right. I should’ve checked the date and location before heading out.

At least I made friends with an actor who plays a lawyer on television. Next time, I’ll check all of my information before leaving the house.


Smut Sunday ~ Flip Through My Pages with @MeganSlayer


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It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States and everyone seems to be out barbecuing. Don’t get me wrong. I love some good barbecue. But this weekend is to remember those who fought for our freedom–wherever they’ve fought. I thank all of those who gave all.

But this is also a Smut Sunday weekend. Time for something hot. Now, the books below aren’t necessarily hot, but they brought to mind all sorts of story starts…aka plot bunnies. What happened at this library? Is a private one or public? Who was there? What did they do? How kinky did they get? Yeah, these are the places my mind goes. Heh heh.

Bookshelf Prunksaal OeNB Vienna AT matl00786ch

By Matl (own work (photography)) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What about you? What kinds of fun smut do you see in this photo? I love books, so I can see lots happening here. In fact, I’m off to jot down the plot bunny that just showed up based on this image. Let me know what you’ve come up with and you just might see mind in one of my upcoming books!