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week 20

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I have to admit, this week’s prompt is rather tough. Why? I’m on social media often, but I don’t live and die by it. I don’t. I’ve joined social media platforms that poofed (anyone remember Infield Parking? Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s attempt at NASCAR social media?) I’ve been on those that never really worked out (RIP MySpace).

So which platform is my favorite?

Uh…. To be honest, none of them. I’d rather be reading or writing than futzing around on social media. But that’s the quick and dirty answer.

Which one is my favorite? I have to say for images, Instagram. I like being able to flip through and see the various animal pictures. Does it help my author brand?  I don’t know, but it’s fun to have a place to post pix of my dogs and cats. I haven’t figured out how to use Instagram on my laptop, so there’s that.

I rather like Facebook, too. It’s not my favorite, but I like that I can talk to many friends and fans that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to speak to because we live in different places. I can post about books and I have my own page. Twitter is okay, but I have yet to figure out the right hashtags.

What about you? Which platforms do you like the best? Maybe I’ll head there.

Blogging challenge 4-24-2019 @meganslayer #books #discovered #socialmedia #meganslayer


Books I Discovered on Social Media… I decided to do this as a list. I like lists. Here are some of the books and authors I discovered on social media.

Morgan James – Escape – Loved this book.

Morgan Malone – Color My World – I found this one when I went looking for middle aged heroes and heroines. Plus, I met Morgan online. 🙂

Gracie Guy – Her Irish Passion – This one was sweet and there’s an Irish hero. Yum.

CC Dragon – A Dungeon, a Vampire, and an Infatuation: Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mysteries Book 6 – I read this author for years before I met her and found her books because wrote for the same publisher. 

Jocie McKade – Baer Truth – I found this book when I went looking for romantic comedy. It hit the mark.

Devika Fernando – The Prince’s Stubborn Bride: Royal Romance (Romancing the Royals Book 2) – this book kept popping up in my feed and I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I didn’t. It’s wonderful. 

What about you? What books did you find online? On social media? Let me know. My TBR list needs to grow (Okay, so maybe it doesn’t, but we’re talking about books. Who doesn’t need more books?)


Taking a Break with @meganslayer #smbreak #socialmedia #holiday

Old_book_bindings 1

I decided I’d take a break yesterday. No writing – except in my notebook – and no social media. No email, either. To some, that’s like a death sentence. How dare I not want to check social media or see what’s going on? How could I not want to fiddle with my email?

Easy. Yesterday was Easter. A family holiday. I wanted to spend the day with the family, not worrying about what might happen online.

I loved it. We had fun. Had a nice dinner, watched two movies and had a good time. I enjoyed myself. Oh, and I had chocolate.

But I kind of felt guilty. Not because I wasn’t online. I liked the break. It was refreshing. What made me feel guilty was when I got a reminder telling me I wasn’t online. I was missing out. How dare I not want to be where the action is? How could I not post in my group, post on my page or blog?

Because I wanted a break. I preset the blog for yesterday and ignored my facebook…everything. I do feel a little guilty. I mean, writing is my passion and my business. This is how I feed my family. You buy the books I write and I can buy school supplies and food. I should be out there pimping my books and promoting sales. I should. But…I didn’t want to…just for a day.

But everyone needs a break now and then. I needed to reset my brain. I’m glad I did. My brain is much happier. What about you? Do you need a day or two to reset? Or are you full-on all the time?