Tuesday Tease! Cordelia from Faeries After Dark by @MeganSlayer #faeries #romance #mf #PNR


Time for the Teaser Tuesday post, where I feature one of my stories and a snippet to tempt you!! This week, I’m featuring Faeries After Dark, primarily my tale, Cordelia!


Cordelia by Megan Slayer Faeries_After_Dark_Cover_for_Kindle

Faeries After Dark by Madison Sevier and Megan Slayer

Published by WZD and Coffee Queen Publications

Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

M/F pairing



Faeries finding purpose, magic and love…


A faerie on the run with a stolen bear. An attraction neither can deny. Magic is the key when these two hearts collide. Fiona Blake has always been the faerie who’s done the right thing. She’s avoided trouble and love her entire life. Now, she’s unemployed and on the run–with a stolen bear. By using her magic, she’s unbalanced the laws of nature and Fiona is in deep scat. She must fix things before she loses her powers and her heart to a sexy stranger who might get her locked up in faerie prison.

Kash Bruin needed a break from his overbearing, matchmaking father. He never Cordelia LARGE COVER 2imagined he’d wake up in a cage, naked and kidnapped by a crazy, violet-eyed, beautiful woman who believes she’s a faerie. Can a spark of magic bring these two creatures from separate world’s together? Or will the truth be too much to bear and tear them apart fur-ever?


What’s a love faerie supposed to do without her magic?

Cordelia likes to play fast and loose with the rules. So she’s made a few mistakes with magic along the way? No one got hurt…right? The blue-haired faerie, prone to the occasional blue language and dirty jokes, loses her right to create magic after one goof-up too many. But she’s about to find redemption in the form of a merman named Henry and a human named Jinx. Fix them up and she’ll get her right to create magic back. There’s only one problem…Liam.

Liam could be the right man to help Cordelia rise above her troubles…but first she’s got to make him believe she exists. Not impossible, right?

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/mYRjxp

Print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546456066/

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1546456066/

Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B071KLBDFD/

Amazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B071KLBDFD/


©Megan Slayer, 2017, All Rights Reserved

She’d have to face the guy some time. She whipped around and collided with a solid wall of male muscle. He smelled like leather and stood at least eight inches taller than her. She splayed her hands on his chest to steady herself, then backed up. “Sorry.”

“I scared you?”

She met his gaze. Holy fuck. He had blue eyes. “Jinx?”

“That’s my brother.” He smiled. “Are you okay? You look lost and a little confused.”

A little? “You’re fucking serious? You’re not Jinx?” She swept her gaze over him. Christ. She’d cream her shorts at this rate. He had muscle in all the right places, a chiseled jaw, reddish blond hair and blue eyes. When he smiled, his dimple showed. He smelled good and when he spoke, shivers ran the length of her spine. And here she was with a wet tank top and hard nipples. She was so fucked.

“I’m serious.” He laughed and offered his hand. “Jinx—er—my brother, Jeremy, tends to be here. He paints. Why are you looking for him? It’s too late for him to paint tonight.”

“Oh. Right.” God. She sounded stupid. “I’ll stop talking now.”

“You don’t have to.” He slipped her hand into his and tugged her to the closest bench. “Have a seat, catch your breath and let’s talk. You look flustered. You can’t possibly be a hitwoman or out to find him because of a secret baby.”

“Why not?” Being a hitwoman wasn’t on her radar, but anything was possible.

“Despite your foul mouth, you’re too sweet.” He nodded to the bench. “Sit. Tell me your name and what’s going on.”

She plopped onto the bench and willed her chest to cooperate. She pressed her knees together. Christ, the heat in her body would overwhelm her sooner than later. She wanted to touch him again and feel that sizzle. “My name is Cory…Cordelia.” She shook hands with him. Damn. Firm grip. What would it feel like to have those hands around her waist during sex? Probably heaven… Shit. She had to focus. “I’m actually trying to find Jinx or Jeremy, as you called him, for a friend of mine. A mutual friend told me to get them in contact and put in a good word.”

“Is either friend a guy?”

“Yeah. One of them is.” She slid her gaze to him. “Why? Didn’t you know he’s gay?”

“I knew.”

“Before we go any farther, what’s your name?” Call her nosy, but she wanted to address him properly when she asked him to bed later.

“Liam. It’s short for William. William Darling.” He shook her hand again. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Cordelia.”



Everyday Kinky Challenge #8


I thought I’d keep with the library theme. Also thought I’d check in on Evan and Lisa. That meeting earlier was pretty hot. Imagine being caught masturbating in the library and he’s interested in joining in! Here’s the next part of their story.


By Dr. Marcus Gossler (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)], via Wikimedia Commons

©Megan Slayer, 2017 All Rights Reserved – Do Not Copy or Redistribute Without Written Consent

I couldn’t believe what I’d seen. The woman I’d lusted after for the last month was in the library and masturbating. I hope it was because she’d seen me, but I wasn’t sure. I mean, I’m not awful on the eyes, but I’m not super hot. But her? My mouth waters each time I see her.

I’d plunked her on the writing desk, but there was something else I wanted to do. Sure, I wanted the windows up here on the tenth floor fogged, but I’d always wanted to fuck against the card catalogue. Sounds silly? I love books. Love the thrill of the chase and I prefer the little cards in the catalogue. I helped her to her feet, then kissed along the back of her neck. When she placed my hands on her breasts, I didn’t argue.

“You’ve been working out more,” I said. “I love the way the outfit clings to your curves.” So I wasn’t the best with romance. I tried.

“I wanted you to notice me.” She ground her ass into my crotch. “Did you?”

“I have now. Did from the first time I spotted you coming into the library.” I moved her hair out of the way. “I want you.”

“Then take me.”

I slid my palms down her torso to the elastic of her yoga pants. I’d never been fans of the pants–until now. I shoved the flimsy fabric down past her knees. Whoever had stacked the old card catalogues up here hadn’t given much thought to placement. But the stair-step stacking was perfect for sex. I helped her onto the wooden box. She waggled her butt at me. Her cream coated her pussy lips.

I groaned. Damn. This was the hottest thing I’d ever done. Scratch fucking in the library off my bucket list. I withdrew my wallet and grabbed the condom I kept there. Within seconds, I had the wallet back in my pocket and the rubber on my dick. I grasped her hips and guided myself into her heat. Shit. She clenched around me. I never wanted to leave her sweet heat.

“Fuck,” I bit out. I wasn’t going to last long. I seated myself fully within her and groaned again. “So hot.”

“Yeah.” She held tight to the furniture. Once I started moving, she bucked against me and helped me build up a steady rhythm. My belly clenched and my balls ached. I knew this wouldn’t be long. “Lisa.”

“Right with you.” She arched her back and moaned. “I need to come.”

Good. So did I. I growled and pushed hard into her cunt. I emptied my load into the condom and held her tight. She shivered beneath me.

For the first time since I’d caught her, I wondered if we’d been spotted. Of course I hadn’t picked a nice corner or a dark spot. Nope. Right along the wall beneath a window and the bright light. I didn’t hear anyone.

“Next time we do this in a bed,” she murmured.

“You bet.” I’d make damn sure there were at hundred next times. Now that he’d had a taste of her, he wanted more. Lots more.


Everyday Kinky Challenge #7


I love my books and could get lost at the library. This week’s challenge, which was supposed to be last week’s but was preempted for the blog hop, features the library. 🙂


By Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

©Megan Slayer, 2017 All Rights Reserved – Do Not Copy or Redistribute Without Written Consent

I’d met him there a hundred times before. Well, by met, I mean we passed each other and I caught his eye once or twice. I should say hi to him, but I’m shy. What if he’s not into nerdy girls who love the smell of books and wandering the aisles looking for new reads on the shelves? I’d be mortified. Besides, keeping him a fantasy is more fun.

I noticed him today. I stood in the middle of one of the aisles and watched him above the row of books. He was alone. He’d brushed his strawberry blond hair away from his forehead and hadn’t shaved in a while. The stubble covered his cheeks and chin. I never considered myself a beard aficionado, but on him the look worked.

Everything within me warmed. What if he saw me? Would he say hi? Stop? I had to be quiet. Still, I wanted to watch him. I also wanted to get off. Good thing I was up on the tenth floor with the art books. Hardly anyone except for him and me came up here.

I leaned forward against the books. The hard spines brushed my taut nipples. I suppressed a shiver and a moan. With the scent of the books, the fine eye candy two aisles over and my nearly non-existent sex drive in overdrive…I slid my hand beneath the waistband of my yoga pants. Good thing I’d gotten in my workout before coming to the library. I eased my fingers between the lips of my cunt. Holy shit. I was so wet. I imagined him kissing me. Holding me from behind and pinching my nipples while he pushed his dick deep into me. Did I just moan? I’m not sure. I rubbed my clit and basked in the waves of pleasure crashing in my being. Damn, this felt good.

I gripped the divider between the shelves and tried not to whimper. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d done something so risque. Probably like never. But I was close now. Just looking at him had me hot.

I peeked over the row of books and continued to rub my clit. The guy wasn’t in his aisle. I panicked. He wasn’t anywhere down the row. Where’d he go?

“That’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

I’d never heard him talk–not so close. I froze. He’d found me. I didn’t look over at him. I couldn’t.

He stood beside me. “I’m Evan. I’ve seen you here so many times.” He tipped my chin and forced me to meet his gaze. “Watching you masturbate in the library is hot as hell, but I’d rather be a part. Want to do more than just play with yourself?”

I nodded. I wanted to do so much more. “With you?”

“There’s no one else here but us.” He eased my hand from my pants. “Who is my mystery woman?”

“Lisa,” I managed. Oh my God. What was happening? Was he going to fuck me? Why did I want that more than ever?

He led me over to the writing desks along the back wall. With no trouble, he plunked me onto the warn surface. “We’re going out after this. You and me. Yes?”

“Yeah.” We were? He was interested in me?

“Good. Now let’s see if we can fog the windows up here.”


Saturday Spanking ~ Cuffed by @MeganSlayer #mf #bdsm #satspanks


Find the other Saturday Spanking Posts right here: http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.com/

It’s time for the Saturday Spanking post. I love these and wanted to grab one of my older titles that needed a little love. Plus, it’s a hot spanking/bondage story. Cuffed. She wants a specific hot man to help her bring her fantasies to life. He wants to protect her. When they get together? Someone will have a red bottom, but the best orgasm. Check it out!

Cuffed by Megan Slayercuffedbookpage

Black Velvet Society, Book 2

Changeling Press

Contemporary, BDSM, Toys, Spanking, Bondage, Anal Sex



Guarding her is the easy part. Not falling in love with her… impossible.

Molly Reynolds has the world at her fingertips. Her father is one of the biggest motion picture directors in Hollywood. She’s seen at the biggest parties and has shown up in the hottest magazines across the globe. But being famous doesn’t guarantee she’ll find love or the perfect partner to submit to.

Enter Black Velvet Society.

She’ll get what she wants… in every sexy way imaginable.

Available from Changeling Press: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2213 Or wherever ebooks are sold: http://books2read.com/u/4Ag1Ld

Now for that Spanking!

Copyright ©2014 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

“I wanted you to notice me, Officer.”

“I did,” he replied. Dominic smoothed more circles over her ass.

“I made the noise to get your attention.”

Instead of answering her, he spanked her twice more and then released her. “Such a bad girl.” He sighed. “Stand up. I want you nude except for those heels.”

Molly eased onto her knees and sat on her feet. Her nipples ached and she longed for his touch on her skin again. She wobbled to her feet and stood in front of him. The dress bunched at her waist, but the skirt slipped back into place. She fought to grab the zipper at the small of her back.

“Trouble, ma’am?”

“Yes, Officer. I’m trying to comply but I can’t.” She averted her gaze. “Help me?”

Dominic stood behind her. He kissed her bare shoulder, sending fresh sparks across her skin. He moved her hair out of the way and nibbled on her neck. “I want you on your knees,” he whispered.

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Saturday Spankings ~ Bed of My Truck by @MeganSlayer #ComingSoon #MMRomance #satspanks


Read the other Saturday Spanking posts right here: http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.com/

I’ve got a few books that were out and for whatever reason were pulled down, taken down or the publisher went out of business. I thought I’d revive a few. This one is a oldie, but a goodie, Bed of My Truck. It features a second chance romance, a dog named Dragon and spanking!!

Bed of My Truck by Megan SlayerBed of My Truck COVER ART 1.jpg

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc. / Megan Slayer Publications

ISBN: 9781370970513


Short Story

M/M, Anal Sex, Spanking

Can he have the house, the dog and the lover of his dreams or will it all fall apart right before his eyes?

The one Carson never thought he’d see again could be the one to save his life.

Carson never expected to see his dog or a man from his past ever again. His ex took Dragon when he left, then carelessly lost the dog.  Dragon’s been found and in the last place Carson expected to find him—a vet’s office.

But, the surprises just keep coming.

Carson hasn’t seen Alec since school, but the feelings he had for the man haven’t abated. When he’s reunited with Alec at the veterinary office, Carson’s got to face his feelings.

Includes scenes of spanking, oral sex, anal sex and male-male sex.

This book has been re-edited and re-issued in this edition.

Available on 2/14/2017 at major retailers where ebooks are sold.

Now for that spank!!

©2017, Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

I peered up at him through my lashes and stayed put. I wanted to hear his official commanding tone again. The part of me I rarely let loose wanted his hand on my ass, spanking the sass out of me.

“Do I have to punish you?” He crooked his fingers under my chin. “You’d like a spanking wouldn’t you?”

I had to have blushed because his eyes went wide, then filled with heat. Alec nodded once. “Go.”

I climbed onto the bed and waved my ass at him. Hell, I’d gone that far. I might as well encourage him to go the rest of the way with me. I glanced at him over my shoulder. Alec had the bottle in hand. He squirted lube on the fingers of his right hand. With his left hand, he connected with my butt. Tongues of fire speared over my flesh from his spanking.  The pain quickly turned to pleasure. He spanked me again. This time the crack ricocheted through the room. The sound also made the dog bark. The tips of my ears burned.

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Saturday Spankings ~ Blue Satin by Wendi Zwaduk


I’m trying something new this week. Saturday Spankings! I don’t write a ton of spanking books, but every so often it’s nice to feature the ones I have written. This week, since it’s the first one, I’m featuring Blue Satin. Grin. I love this story and had a great time writing it. Want to read more spankings? Click here: http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.com/

Now for my spanking story, Blue Satin!

“Never let anyone make you feel less than you are.” He swatted her ass once. “Never.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” She tensed, expecting the next spanking.

“Relax, love.” He smoothed the flogger over her butt. “Breathe.” James lightly slapped the tails over her skin. He raked his fingernails down her backside, adding another sensation to the mix. She shivered but attempted to relax a bit.

“Good.” He spanked her again, sending streaks of pain and pleasure through her body. Two more blows landed on her tender skin before he stopped. She tipped her head to the side to better hear what he’d do next.

Blue Satin by Wendi Zwaduk getthumb

Club Desire, book 7

Resplendence Publishing

Contemporary, M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Fetish, Wax Play, Toys, Anal Sex


Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.

Two souls can heal with the right amount of heat and kink…in or out of the club.

Can old wounds really be healed? Meghan Stone isn’t sure. She’s at Club Desire at the urging of her agent. As a writer, she needs to add grit to her stories—grit that can only be acquired at Desire. When Meghan spots the handsome man in the suit, she’s smitten. After a conversation with him, she’s taken by him. But will the sexy man want more than conversation when he learns about her motivations and past?

James Richards comes to Club Desire to forget his own past.  He wants a sub and a lover, but as far as he’s concerned, that person doesn’t exist—until he meets Meghan. She awakens needs he thought had been long buried. Once he sees her, he wants to possess her. But a sub and a life-long love aren’t always easy to find, especially in the same person. Will she be the one he’s searched for or another face in the crowd?

RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/727-978-1-60735-848-0–blue-satin-club-desire-book-seven-by-wendi-zwaduk.html

ALLROMANCE EBOOKS: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-bluesatinclubdesirebookseven-1730785-147.html

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Satin-Romance-Desire-Seven-Zwaduk-ebook/dp/B00SK8QSN2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1421888983&sr=8-2&keywords=wendi+zwaduk

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Love of My Life

Today I thought I’d share a snippet, ten lines, from Love of My Life, from the Smut in the City anthology. Grin. Love this story. Hopefully, you do, too.

“Let me take your mind off your problem.” He turned her around and held her in his arms, albeit loosely. Torin began to sway and sing. “I’ve never found a woman like the love of my life.”

She sagged against him and clutched his shirt. She figured he’d try to get into her pants. Zoe rubbed her cheek on his shoulder. She settled into the rhythm of his movements, transfixed by him.

“You broke my heart, so I gave you your freedom,” he sang. “My mistake to live with for so long. How can I say I was wrong?”

Zoe processed his words. She’d heard the song a thousand times on the radio, but never with the passion and pain in his voice. Tears shimmered in her eyes. She shouldn’t melt into him. Shouldn’t want him so much.

Where to purchase Smut in the City? Amazon.com, http:/

Amazon.co.uk, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0096DIBW6/ref=as_li_ss_tl?

All Romance Ebooks, https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-smutinthecity-932965-