Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback, Regular Season, Week 8 #football #funny @meganslayer


Well…this hasn’t been the best of weeks for my team. Not good. The game…wasn’t good. But there will be another. Always is until the end of the season.

Let’s launch right into the Honorable Mentions because it’s time to laugh:

“Squatted on that route.” 


“Gonna go over your head.”

Better than in your eye.

“When he goes to the left side, he goes into the slot.”

I assume that’s where he wants it to go.

“A lot of leg on it.”

And they’ll feel it in the morning.

Now for the Quotes from Week 8. Sometimes…yeah, just think before you speak. This is live TV.

“Rips it out.”

Better than leaving it in too long.

“Got good penetration.”

Yet, he ripped it out. Hmm.

“Explosion to the second level.”

Now he’s working for level three and a high score.

“Just barely fits in there.”

Because he’s trying to fit it in there.

“Backs continue to mount.”

Orgy! Orgy! Orgy!

“Undersized in the middle.”

But no one’s complaining.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. There is always one quote that just…blows the mind. This one is a real ringer. 

“Tamp him on the butt and say let’s go do it here again.”

At least they have a plan.

~ ~ ~

Side notes:

  • Gruden’s Man Crush? Clowney and his big body. Get a room.
  • Why do the announcers only talk about the Steelers? There are more teams than just that one. They’re having issues and aren’t number one over all… find someone else for a change.

**Here’s to a good season, less CTE, more great plays and lots of fun! My Bengals are starting to look better. Whew. Oh, and WHO DEY!**



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0