Stocking Stuffer ~ Bareback Christmas by Sierra Brave

The featured Stocking Stuffer story for today is Bareback Christmas by Sierra Brave. I’m looking forward to this story and so should you.



Christmas, big, beautiful woman Scarlett was supposed to get an engagement ring, but instead she caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Heartbroken and humiliated, she rents a cabin in the mountains to spare the family her Yuletide misery. In the cabin next door, Davis Banks takes one look at Scarlett and knows he’s found a woman worth mounting. Ho! Ho! Ho! If Scarlett will open Davis’s package—and if she doesn’t freak out when she finds out the cowboy has a huge secret—she might just have a Merry Christmas after all.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Squirming, Scarlett moved her hands back to his chest and pushed away. “Stop.”

Breathing heavily, he slid his hands out from under her shirt and took a step back, his face awash with disappointment. “So…sorry.”

Grabbing the sides of her shirt, she turned her back to him as she lifted it over her head and dropped it on the floor. Closing her eyes, she lost her breath as his arms encircled her, pulling her bare back to his chest. His hands roamed her upper body, rubbing and squeezing her jiggly mounds over her lacy black bra. Her mouth opened, involuntarily releasing all manner of primal noises as her nipples stiffened beneath his touch. Wet lips pressed down on her shoulder just beside her bra strap before teeth grabbed the thin line of fabric, scooting it down and allowing him to get a handful of freshly exposed breast. She quivered in his arms, moaning and cooing with pleasure and melting into his chest. Her head rested against him and she lifted her chin, turning her face slightly. He dipped his head back down, kissing her swollen lips. As their smooth, velvety flesh connected, a tiny electrical shock urged her mouth open for their tongues to entwine. Her body sweltering, she reached up, wrapping an arm around his neck and fingering his soft, light-brown mane. Her belly turned a somersault as a large bulge pushed against her rear.

She gasped as both bra straps were snatched down so quickly, the cups flipped upside down over her tummy, releasing her breasts in a flurry of jostling. Repositioning, she slipped her arms completely free of the garment before returning one arm to wrap around the back of Davis’s neck. His tongue twirled against hers, working her senses into a frenzy. A breast in each hand, he lovingly stroked the pink protrusions with his fingertips. Pulling out of the kiss, she panted wildly, desperately attempting to catch her breath. The tingling and throbbing between her thighs was nearly unbearable. Turning to face Davis, she buried her face in his chest and he stroked her hair.

“You’re such a pretty filly.”

As nicknames and terms of endearment went, it wasn’t exactly her favorite but she was too worked up to balk. Rubbing his rear end, she brought her palms up to his belt, scooting her fingertips around until they lingered just over the buckle. As she started to unfasten it, Davis placed a hand over hers. She looked up, catching his gaze.

“You’re asking for it, pretty lady,” he said.

Huffing and puffing, she finally caught her breath. “That’s because I want it.”


About the Author:

Sierra Brave is a southern girl with a love for fantasy fiction and well-written yarns that celebrate the humor in everyday life. Her love of erotic fiction started in her last year of high school when she first read the sensual classic, Fanny Hill. She felt so naughty yet liberated with her copy tucked away in her book bag and hopes her work will have the same delicious effect on her readers.


Twitter: @BraveSierra


Stocking Stuffer ~ Upon a Midnight Bear by Aurora Russell

Today’s Stocking Stuffer is Upon a Midnight Bear by Aurora Russell. Check it out!!

Upon a Midnight Bear_Cover.jpg

Christmas has held no joy for Serena since her husband died. This Christmas Eve, all she wants to do is go home, shut the door, and curl up under a blanket with her cat until the holidays are over. When her sexy and mysterious neighbor, Ivan, invites her over for a cup of cocoa, the holiday starts to get interesting.

Later that night, she gets the shock of a lifetime when she finds the most unusual bear she has ever seen delivering an unexpectedmidnight gift destined to thaw her frozen heart—and body.


Almost before she knew it, she was nearing her little farmhouse at the edge of town. And in such a small place, saying “edge of town” wasn’t a figure of speech. There was a distinct line where the town ended and the country started. The roads stopped being paved, the houses grew much farther apart, and almost all of them had barns and livestock. Of course, the town had been even smaller when Nonny and Poppy had built the house as newlyweds in the 1940s. Sometimes Serena could almost hear Poppy’s voice lamenting how busy and crowded the neighborhood was getting when two other houses had been built on their little dirt road.

When Nonny had passed away last year, leaving the house to Serena, she hadn’t been quite sure what to do with it. Thinking about all the happy memories she had in the old farmhouse from many summers spent with her grandparents, and contrasting them with all of the ghosts lurking around every corner of the house she’d shared with Colin, she’d made a snap decision. Throwing caution to the wind, she’d given notice at her job, packed up a few suitcases and Chas the cat, put everything else up for sale or in storage, and moved to Greening, Minnesota.

Walking home, she had to pass by what her Poppy had called the Upstart Houses. A flutter of pleasure and excitement coursed through her when she saw that her neighbor had chosen that exact time to come out to get his mail from the mailbox next to the road. She slowed her steps a little bit, taking in the view. And Good Lord, he was worth getting a little chilly for.

Ivan Dorogev was tall and muscular, with dark eyes and a face that was as handsome as it was rugged. He wasn’t wearing a coat—presumably he hadn’t taken the time to put one on just to dash out of the house—and she could see his huge muscles moving under his dark sweater and jeans. She’d noticed before that he had a slight limp, but it didn’t prevent him from moving with a surprising grace for such a large man. His limp, and the indefinable air of sadness that always seemed to hover around him, made him just imperfect enough to draw her in even further. What had brought him to Greening? And why did he often seem so alone?

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Author Info:


Aurora is originally from the frozen tundra of the upper-Midwest (ok, not frozen all the time!) but now loves living in New England with her real-life hero/husband, wonderfully silly son, and two of the most extraordinary cats she has ever had the pleasure to meet. But she still goes back to the Midwest to visit, just never in January.

She doesn’t remember a time that she didn’t love to read, and has been writing stories since she learned how to hold a pencil. She has always liked the romantic scenes best in every book, story, and movie, so one day she decided to try her hand at writing her own romantic fiction, which changed her life in all the best ways.

Stocking Stuffer ~ Mistletoe Kisses by Cara Lake

Today’s feature is Mistletoe Kisses by Cara Lake. Check out the book!

MistletoeKisses_MSR [874723]


Izzy shares one perfect, toe-curling kiss at a Halloween office party with a work colleague disguised as Frankenstein, and now she wants more. The problem is, she doesn’t know who he is. As Christmas approaches, she hatches a plan to find him, which involves kissing every unattached male coworker under the office mistletoe. This could be her last shot at discovering the identity of her mysterious Prince Frankenstein. Too bad she’s going to have to kiss a lot of frogs first.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult contemporary holiday romance from Ellora’s Cave

And now for an excerpt:

I looked into his eyes. They were dark but then the room was pitch black so I couldn’t tell what color they really were. What I could see was fire. His eyes burned into me with an intensity I’d never experienced before. No man had ever looked at me like that. But then, he wasn’t a man—he was a monster. Those penetrating eyes sat beneath heavy brows ridged in a permanent frown. Slick dark hair was pasted flat against a square forehead in sharp contrast to the almost florescent green of his skin.

For some reason I couldn’t help focusing on the handful of stitched scars around his mouth and wondering what his black lips would taste like. They were full and lush, promising a sensual experience that I realized with shock I wasn’t averse to sampling. As I pondered my sudden weird attraction to the monster who had grabbed me and was now holding me prisoner, I found I couldn’t blame alcohol consumption for my predicament. I had only drunk half a glass of champagne, having spent most of the night dancing, only leaving the dance floor to avoid the unwanted attentions of a vampire.

The monster had me pinned up against the wall inside the stockroom-slash-photocopy room on the fifth floor. I should have been uncomfortable but I wasn’t. His long hard body was pressed up against mine and I got the impression that beneath the black long-sleeved shirt and pants was a solid muscular frame that would make Mr. Atlas proud. His hands were currently palm flat against the wall by my shoulders while mine were clenched into fists by my side. I let my fingers uncurl and slowly brought my hands up to his chest, the urge to touch was just too strong.

Something hard twitched against my belly and my eyes widened when my own arousal echoed his and warm liquid pooled between my thighs. My monster jerked in response, his neck twitched, causing the metal bolts on each side to wobble. I gulped. He swallowed.

I had to speak to break the tension. “So, Frankenstein, are you stalking me?”

One large green hand cupped my cheek and he nodded. My skin tingled beneath his palm and a bolt of electricity shot right through me.

“You know my name isn’t really Frankenstein,” he said, his voice a deep baritone that stroked across my skin like dark molasses. My stomach clenched and I felt that spark of electrical friction again as his hand continued to stroke my cheek. His touch was featherlight. “I’m the monster. Doctor Frankenstein was the creator of the monster, who was never given a name, but I’ll let you call me Frankie.”

“Are you giving me lesson in English gothic literature?” I smiled up at the painted green face. There was something endearing about the way he was staring at me as if he had never seen anything so beautiful. I could almost feel myself glowing under his steady gaze.


About the Author:

Cara Lake has always loved fantasy, romance, adventure and all things mythical and magical.
Her urban fantasy world is populated with fantastical creatures, exotic landscapes and set in a universe on the verge of destruction. Cara loves creating sticky situations for her kickass heroines to enjoy passionate encounters with hot, alpha males. The universe of her first book Calm Before the Storm is infinite and full of sexy soul mates on a collision course with fate and destiny. The second book in the series, Rage to Adore is coming January 13th 2016.

Cara enjoyed writing Mistletoe Kisses and has plans for other employees of the Fosters Ad Agency.


Stocking Stuffers ~ A Christmas Shift by Angelina Windsor

Today’s stocking stuffer is A Christmas Shift by my good friend Angelina Windsor. It’s a hot one!! Check it out.

A Christmas Shift

A Christmas Shift

Angelina J. Windsor


Aspiring actress Lacy Kennedy arrives in Spirit Lakes, Alaska, a few days before Christmas to spend the holidays with her brother and his family. She’s expecting snow and trees and home cooking but finds instead something she could never have imagined…and doesn’t want.

Just who does tall, broad and sinfully handsome Jackson Stone think he is? Oh, him wanting to screw her is fine. She’s panting for him too. What’s a no-no is all that comes with it. Because they’re wolf shifters and—Lacy suspects—life mates, so once they bond, that’ll be it. It’ll be the marking and the binding and poor Lacy doomed to a life in the snowy north, a million miles from the bright lights of La-La Land and her dreams.

But maybe, just maybe, Christmas is a time for new dreams.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave


And now for an excerpt!!

“Oh my god! What were you doing just standing there?” A man looms over me. Not just any man, but “The Man” everyone talks about when they’re fantasizing about their dream lover. I might have been more excited about this burning hunk of love if I weren’t sprawled like a cat enjoying a patch of sunshine at his extra-large feet. His prominent package appearing to match his ginormous shoe size is at the perfect vantage point and I take a full second to enjoy it before I’m hauled to my feet. What is that delectable fragrance? I breathe in deeply and feel all my senses reel in recognition. No. No. Nooooo. Goddamn it all to hell! What’s he doing in Spirit Lakes, Alaska? No fuckin’ way. I’m not going to be bound by convention. Just because there is supposed to be one mate for everyone and you know that as soon as you meet them doesn’t mean I have to follow the shitty rule and fuck up my whole life. I am an LA kind of girl. Not a life mate for a mountain man. No way.

Still December 21st

“Well, darlin’, you didn’t have to fall at my feet for me to notice the likes of you.”

“That’s two strikes, buddy. One more and you’re out,” I whisper harshly as I smooth down my dress, giving him a full-on TV glare. I don’t want anyone else to notice this dismal entrance. But I realize with dismay that’s an improbability as the crowd behind us is growing quiet. I sense their full rapt attention as my eyeballs appear to be glued to him of their own accord. I gulp nervously. He’s too tall, too handsome and too full of himself.

His mouth curves upward into a smirk and my thoughts turn to kissing those fine, full lips. I try not to breathe but his overwhelming macho-man fragrance turns me on whether I want it to or not. Think John Travolta’s character in the movie Michael. This is great. This is really, really bad.

“See anything you like, beautiful?” he asks, his eyebrows rising as he gets his first good full-on whiff of my lush fragrance. Hell, even I can smell my arousal. My nipples are tightening, my clit is pulsating and my mind has gone to mush.

“Not really,” I deadpan as I bite hard into my bottom lip to keep a more honest answer at bay. My acting ability is all that stands between me and complete disaster.

His eyes bore into mine as if trying to see into my soul and I swallow hard. This is soooo not supposed to happen. I see indecision in his eyes for a full nanosecond. I relish taking down his alpha-male confidence a notch while my girly side goes into hyperdrive. What the hell are you thinking? Jump his bones—now! You know the true test.

He holds out his hand and I reluctantly take it. An electrifying shock almost makes me drop it but I hold on long enough to give it a quick shake. Then drop it like the ticking bomb it is.

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Stocking Stuffer ~ Christmas in July by Bella Brooke

Day Two of the Stuffers!! Today I’m featuring Christmas in July by Bella Brooke.


Christmas in July

Bella Brooke


When Texas Fire Chief Sam Mackenzie agrees to pose in a fundraising photo shoot to benefit the Kids at Christmas charity, he assumes he’ll be sporting a sexy costume like the other guys under his command. Wrong! But being a good sport, Sam’s prepared to appear even after he sees the itchy fake beard and unflattering fat suit he’ll actually be wearing.

But then the charity’s founder, the beautiful and caring July Jones, walks in the door. Instantly aroused—and grimly aware of how completely unarousing his current self is—Sam needs a holiday miracle or at least a little Christmas magic if he wants to get the only present worth unwrapping anywhere near his fireman’s pole.

Luckily Christmas is the season for magic. Even more luckily, Santa’s very secret helper is at hand. And in the twirl of a snowflake, everything changes.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult contemporary romance from Elloras Cave

Also available on Amazon.

And now for an excerpt!!

He came to with a start, realizing Sarah was saying something. “Mmh?” he said absently, his gaze never wavering from July.

He came to with a start, realizing Sarah was saying something. “Mmh?” he said absently, his gaze never wavering from July.

Sarah smirked. “I said the women are leaving, the TV crew are packing up and we’re about done here.”

“Okay,” Sam mumbled, breathing hard as July brought another cookie to her mouth and started licking the chocolate chips with a slight but audible moan. “Whatever.” He realized he was being a bit of an ass to the photographer, who was giving her time and expertise for free but… He swallowed convulsively—now the minx was licking a smear of melting chocolate off her thumb, eyes closed in ecstasy. It was sheer…blissful…torture.

Sam ignored the comments and catcalls. He stalked over to a pink-cheeked July and scooped her up in his arms.

“I can walk,” she protested, hiding her face in his shoulder.

“Not happening, babe.” Sam strode toward the door, a man on a mission.

“Sam.” Sarah scurried over clutching the Santa hat and a sprig of mistletoe. “These might be useful,” she winked, thrusting them at July. “And Sam…”

“What?” he growled.

“You might want to get dressed.”

Sam thought for a moment. Shorts and fire boots. He shrugged. “Nah, I’m good.”

He looked at the woman in his arms and grinned. “But I’m about to get real bad.”

And now for a little bit about the Author:  dreamstimelarge_7719259

Bella Brooke

Writer of Romance. Sweet and sexy. Wicked and wild. Nice and naughty.

Right guy. Right time. Right now. HEAs with heat!

Born in Scotland. Married to an American. Loves to write.


twitter @BellaBauthor


and find me at Goodreads.





Christmas in July