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I’m taking Rogue Royal, out now, on tour and there are prizes to be won. Such as? Well, you could win a necklace made by me! That’s right! Original jewelry made by the author. Want to follow me on the tour? Then you can do that here. It’ll give you a chance at more tries at winning!

Where am I today?

November 1:
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Here’s a little bit about the book:

You are formally invited to the royal ball…to become the husband to the king!

King Charles of Lysianna needs a husband and fast. He’s up against the biggest time crunch of all—a royal decree stating he must marry or lose the crown. It’s already December and he’s running out of time. Throwing a royal ball to find a suitable man for the role of husband seems like the king’s only option…until he meets Nathan. This royal has always done things his own way—and maybe now it’s time to go rogue.

Nathan Pratt doesn’t want much from life except to raise his son and be happy. Dating isn’t on this single father’s radar until he sees Charles in the castle solarium and his heart goes out to the sad-looking man. Once he meets Charles, he starts to think love might be possible. There’s just the small issue of Charles being the king…

Will Nathan be able to handle the glare of the spotlight with Charles beside him, or will the notoriety that comes with dating a royal be too much?

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This week’s post concerns my favorite TV/Movie/Book Couples. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to answer this. I mean, I could go a hundred different directions. But… I narrowed it down. They might be unconventional picks, but oh well. Here goes nothing…

  • Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man. William Powell and Myrna Loy played sophisticated so well. Love them. Plus, they had the dog. The chemistry was off the charts.
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  • Another choice of mine was a couple that never really got together, except in drive-by situations. Christine Sullivan and Judge Harry Stone in Night Court. I used to watch this TV show when I was a kid and even I could tell there was chemistry between the characters. The will-they-or-won’t-they worked so well.
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  • Those who know me well know I have a thing for my comic book heroes. Captain America is a particular favorite (ok, mild obsession). I might have named my cat after Cap and my dog after Cap’s best girl, Agent Peggy Carter. Maybe I’m odd, but I don’t tend to root for characters to get together in movies. Maybe I like the tension, but I totally rooted for these two. Plus the 1940s vibe was too cool.
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  • On to the unconventional-ist of my choices, but Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier from the movie, X-Men: First Class. Yeah, yeah, I know they weren’t a couple. Never said they were, but they had chemistry. A bromance. Whatever you want to call it, they had great lines in that movie and I liked seeing them together. #sorry #notsorry
  • And the last would be Zsadist and Bella from JR Ward’s Lover Awakened. First, I liked that the character was named Z. I’m a Z, so it stuck with me. Second, I loved that he sang and the only one who could calm Z was Bella. I liked their interplay and the romance. It might not be the love story for everyone, but I liked it.

What about you? What’s your favorite movie/tv/book couple? Want to know which one is my favorite couple *I’ve* written?

It’d have to be Cameron and Josh from The One I Want. They’ve got dogs, Winston, the Labrador and Dolly, the Collie. The dogs draw their masters together. How can you not love that? Here’s a little bit about them:

The One I Want by Megan Slayer

Must Love Dogs, Book 1


M/M, Anal Sex

From Pride Publishing


Who knew love could be found at the dog park?

Cameron Johnson wants to fall in love. He’d also like the man he’s interested in to like dogs, too. Why? He considers his black Lab, Winston, to be family. If the dog and the guy don’t get along, the deal is off. Except there’s one man who’s caught Cameron’s attention…and he’s got a Collie.

Josh McDowell didn’t start visiting the dog park to find a date. He wanted to exercise his Collie, Dolly. His dog, though, has other ideas. Once she meets Winston, she’s smitten. His owner is rather easy on the eyes, too. Josh gathers his nerve and makes the first move. Cameron is his kind of man—sweet, quiet, smart and a dog person. Their connection is strong, but with Josh’s insecurities and Cameron’s fear of commitment, will it last?

Ripples in Cedarwood by @meganslayer @pridepublishing #gay #gayromance #smalltown #cedarwoodpride #romance

Ripples in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, Book 2

Pride Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Single Gay Fathers

M/M, Anal Sex

One never intended on being a father and the other isn’t looking for a relationship, but they’re about to find out that what they want and need might be the last thing they expected.

Steve Moore wasn’t planning on being a dad. He envisioned a life of teaching and professional swimming. Fast forward a year and he’s the guardian of his ten-year-old sister. He wants love and passion, but who wants to date a guy with a family?

Farin Baker believed love wasn’t in his cards—until he takes his nephew to swimming lessons. One glance at the water-slicked hunk teaching the class has him thinking about jumping into the dating pool once again. He’s ready for a fresh start and a hot guy for his bed.

Will these two men find heat between the sheets or will the guardianship situation be the biggest detriment to them finding happiness?


©MeganSlayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

“Maybe you should attend the support group for reformed gay men. They might be able to fix you.” Abigail smiled, her eyes narrow and her lips tight.

He wanted to answer her but didn’t. She wasn’t worth his time. Steve nodded once, then strolled down the walkway to the car. Some people refused to understand. He stopped partway to the vehicle, then turned back to Abigail. “Thank you for allowing Genie to visit with Violet. I appreciate it.” He’d take her with him to the next meeting if he had to. No more alone time with Abigail Finch.

Steve ambled up to the sedan, then collapsed in the driver’s seat. No more worrying about his lonely life. He could be lonely and emo about it later. Right now, he had to think about his sister and keeping her happy.

“I heard you talking to Mrs. Finch.” Genie buckled her seatbelt. “Yes, I have a boyfriend, but it’s just chatting on the computer and talking at lunch.”

“I wasn’t worried.” Not entirely. She was growing up too fast for his comfort, but he chalked that up to being a parent. He put the car into gear and headed home. “I’m worried about what she told you, though.”

“Her garbage about you being gay and going to hell?” Genie cackled. “I let her talk, just like you tell me to do, then smiled and went on my way. Yes, I told her I wanted you to get a boyfriend. I’d also like Mom and Dad to come back, but since that’s impossible and you getting a hunk isn’t, I figured I’d aim for the boyfriend.”

“Did you just say get a hunk?”

“Uh-huh. Like Jared.” She giggled. “He’s a hunk.”

“He’s also eleven.”

“I didn’t say for you to be his boyfriend. He’s mine.”

“You’re making me feel old, you know that, don’t you?”

“I do.”

When they reached the house, she bounded out of the car first and into the kitchen. “Stevie, you need a boyfriend. You’re lonely and getting dorky. Try one of those computer sites or something.”

“Mrs. Finch said she thought Grandma would be better to raise you.” There. He’d put that tidbit of info out for her to mull over.

“Grandma? Why would she do that? She doesn’t leave the retirement home that much.” Genie rolled her eyes. “I’m staying put.”

He tossed his car keys into the basket and his wallet onto the buffet. “Why don’t you go upstairs, get your shower, and get ready for bed? I’ll worry about men, okay?”

“Fine.” She grinned and shot up the stairs.

Steve massaged his temples. If he’d been told three years ago he’d be raising his sister, fighting to get permanent custody and living in his parents’ home, he would’ve laughed. Now, he was twenty-four and had assumed the roles of parent and breadwinner. He’d been given so much responsibility… He riffled through the mail he’d left on the counter and paused when he saw the thick envelope. The final custody hearing in court. Jesus. He’d spent a bucketload of money to keep custody of Genie and so many hours running to court. He was her brother, for God’s sake. Didn’t that count for something?

He caught a glance of his sister’s picture in the hallway. Maybe he would let Genie find him a boyfriend. Her taste couldn’t be much worse than the guys he’d already dated. She could be his good-luck charm.

Anything was better than being alone.

Home to Cedarwood by @meganslayer @pridepublishing #gay #gayromance #erotic #smalltown #cedarwood #cedarwoodpride #romance

Home to Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, Book 1

Pride Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Single Gay Fathers

M/M, Anal Sex

Will the naysayers drive Colin and Jordan apart, or will the two make their way together in this small town?

Colin Baker owns a bookstore and he’s back in Cedarwood with his son. He’s looking for a new start after a bad breakup, but he never expected that start to include his old crush, Officer Jordan Hargrove. Jordan hasn’t come out, but if he can score with Colin, then he’s all in. He’s dreamed of hot nights with the quiet man.

After a speeding ticket and some hurt feelings, sparks fly between the bookstore owner and the police officer, but Cedarwood is a small town with small-town values, and a gay couple isn’t what the town expects. Colin’s created a support group for single gay fathers and he feels he’s making some difference in Cedarwood. Some folks are fine with these two men reconnecting, but others aren’t.

Will their love survive or will it fall apart before they get started?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.


©Megan Slayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

Colin let off the gas and continued down the road, but something in the mirror caught his attention. Red and blue lights. What the hell? Realization washed over him as he recognized the reason for the lights. A cop. Fucking balls. He’d been caught speeding. He pulled over to the side of the road and parked.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” Gage asked from the backseat.

“Daddy went too fast on this road and the cop is calling me out. I was wrong. I was speeding.” He sighed and leaned back in his seat. Shit. Of all the times to screw up, he had to do it in front of his kid.

“Sorry, Dad.” Gage curled up in his booster seat.

“Me too, kid. Now you’re super late.” Colin pressed the button to roll down the window, then reached across the dash to the glove box and retrieved his registration.

“Excuse me, sir.” A shadow darkened the window. “License and registration, please?”

Colin slid the card from his wallet. “Here you go.” He refrained from looking at the cop. Not because he disliked cops, but because the shame of his actions washed over him in epic proportions. He’d been speeding, in a school zone more than likely and with his kid in the car.

“Do you know how fast you were going, sir?” the officer asked.

“Probably twenty miles over the limit.” He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead.

“Thirty-nine in a twenty. This is a marked school zone. The lights were flashing.”

“I’m sorry, Officer.” Colin opened his eyes. The stress was no excuse to be a jerk. “I was trying to get my son to school and wasn’t paying attention. I accept responsibility for my actions.” And I’ve learned my lesson.

“I see.” The cop paused. “Colin Baker? I knew a guy named Colin Baker when I was in school. We played ball together. Huh. Well, I’m going to give you a ticket. Give me a moment.”

Colin slid his gaze to the officer as the man retreated to the cruiser behind Colin’s car. He didn’t need to read the man’s badge to know his name. He’d recognize that body anywhere—Jordan Hargrove. Why in the name of God did the guy who’d featured prominently in all Colin’s high-school fantasies have to be the guy who was currently writing him up for breaking the speed limit?

The dull ache from the night before developed behind Colin’s eyes. So much for being a good role model for his son. Horrible fucking luck.

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I got the chance to hang out with my dear friend, Morgan James this weekend and she’s featuring Scoring in Cedarwood on her blog. Go check it out!! Click the link or the button below. 🙂

Here’s a little bit about Scoring in Cedarwood!

Scoring in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 3

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

From Pride Publishing

Book three in the Cedarwood Pride series

Tanner Fox wasn’t sure being traded to the Cedarwood Wildcats was the right path for his life, but if Dr. Dane Bloom is part of the package, then he’ll play for keeps.

Tanner “Foxy” Fox knows he can do one thing—play baseball. His days in the outfield are numbered, but he’s a fan favorite. Everyone wants a piece of Foxy—almost everyone. The Anti-Gay Coalition wants nothing of a gay player on the town baseball team, but Tanner isn’t about to back down, especially when he lands sponsorship from the silver-fox doctor in town.

When Dr. Dane Bloom opts to sponsor the baseball team, he knows he’s going to be asked to sponsor a player. Having a younger man living in his home and invading his trust? Why not? Dane’s not wild about opening up, but when he sees Tanner, something in him shatters. He wants to get to know Tanner, beyond the Foxy façade to the man inside. Can he and the player find a way to score in Cedarwood, or will the coalition and self-doubts keep them apart?