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One Night With You onenightwithyou_800

From the Brothers in Arms Anthology

By Megan Slayer

M/M, Military, Contemporary, Anal Sex

From Pride Publishing

Short Story


One night to find the man of his dreams in the least likely place…

Airman Tate Gibson thought going to a party at the local college with his friends would take his mind off his troubles. He’ll head back to Korea in two days’ time—after the funeral of his baby sister. He’s always taken responsibility for her and he’s not ready to deal with her being gone. He wants someone to help him deal with his sadness and give him a reason to get through his deployment.

Raine has had a crush on his neighbor across the hallway, but once he spots the hunky airman his thoughts center on Tate. He wants to strip the handsome blue-eyed hunk down and lick him everywhere, but geeks like Raine never get the man. He’s stuck playing the perpetual wallflower.

Will one night tear them apart before things get hot or will it be enough to bring these two wounded souls together for a long-term engagement?

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released as part of the Brothers in Arms anthology with Pride Publishing.

And at Pride Publishing:

Available for only $.99!!



Copyright ©2017, Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved


Tate sighed and gripped the nearly empty bottle. He shifted on the seat enough to look at Raine. “You asked me, so I’ll ask you. Where’s your boyfriend?”

“Don’t have one.” The blush returned. “Single and ready to mingle or whatever it’s called.”

“Oh.” Perfect.

Raine waved his hands. The beer sloshed in his bottle. “Strike that. I mean… Christ, I don’t know what I mean. I don’t have a boyfriend. The last time I tried to date, the guy said I was too nerdy and turned me down.”

He placed his palm on Raine’s thigh. “What if I said I wouldn’t?”

Raine dropped the bottle onto his lap and yelped. “Wait. Wouldn’t turn me down?” He wound his fingers around the neck of the beer and stared at Tate. “You just met me.”

“So?” Tate stood, then put his bottle on the makeshift coffee table. “Sometimes things are meant to happen fast.”

“Fast maybe, but are you sure? I’m…no one. I bet Blake has a guy over there that’s more like what you want.” He scrambled to his feet. “Someone hotter.”

“You’re one of the sexiest men I’ve ever met.” Tate tugged Raine into his arms and stuffed his hands into Raine’s back pockets. He liked the way they fit together. “Dance with me. The music is just loud enough for ambience.”

“Sure.” Raine bowed his head and draped his arms around Tate’s shoulders. “I’m not very good at dancing.”

As they swayed together, Tate held Raine to his chest and breathed in the scent of him. Spicy, but fresh. He rested his chin on Raine’s shoulder and feathered a kiss over Raine’s neck. “You’re doing a great job.”

“Am I?”




You’ll Think of Me by @WendiZwaduk #romance #erotic #military #contemp

You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk youllthinkofme_9780857153418_800

Totally Bound



M/F, Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex

The man of her dreams finally came home from the war, but is he still the man she remembers or have his demons changed him forever?

Melanie Roberts loved her best friend more than she could ever imagine, and for longer than she wants to admit. Though once lovers, she’s resigned herself to being no more than his best friend and roommate. On the eve of his return from deployment in Iraq, in order to keep her heart from breaking, she decides she’s moving on—after one last sexy night.

Cade Nicholson has come to a decision. As he comes home damaged in both body and soul from his latest deployment, all he wants is to find comfort in Melanie’s arms. Unsure and unsteady in expressing his love to the only woman to hold his heart, he has to find a way to convince her of his true feelings.

Can two best friends overcome their demons to prove their love for one another before past decisions come back to haunt them and it’s too late?

Available from: Totally Bound :

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© Wendi Zwaduk, 2010, All Rights Reserved

“I’m still his housemate, not his personal chauffeur.”

Melanie Roberts waited by the ticket counter at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for her friends to arrive. Waiting by the gates ensured she’d see them faster than if she waited on the lower level by the baggage claims. She mumbled to herself as she gazed at the empty gateway. “I don’t know why I let him talk me into this.” A woman turned, glaring at Melanie who shrugged. “Who am I kidding? I can’t wait for Cade to return.”

The air in the terminal enveloped her in a personal sauna. What happened to the high-dollar air-conditioning system mentioned in the local newspaper? She fanned herself, trying to remember whether she put on deodorant this morning. Beads of sweat trickled between her breasts and dampened her bra. She blew out a puff of air and tucked her humidity-frizzed hair back under her hat.

An announcer interrupted her private sweltering. “Flight two-two-three-three from Dulles is on a thirty-minute delay due to heavy thunderstorms. Repeat, flight two-two-three-three from Dulles is on a thirty-minute delay.”

Melanie removed her ball cap. She ran a shaky hand through her hair. Her ruby ring caught on a few strands and she cursed under her breath. She replaced the tattered hat and tucked her hair under the frayed edges. Her heart thudded, making it hard to breathe. Her boys, Cade and Rhett, weren’t on that particular flight. She checked the nearby screen. Flight one-five-two-seven from JFK International Airport—their flight—was already on the ground and in the process of debarking.

Any time now, guys…

In the distance, someone’s cell phone played an old country tune, ‘He Loved Me’, and took her back to a time when things had been much simpler and her heart hadn’t been broken. She hummed a few bars and scanned the crowd once more.

The image of Cade and the words to the song stuck fast in her mind. If he hadn’t cheated, he’d still be mine… She fidgeted with the ruby ring and fought off the anxiousness that naturally came when she waited for him to return from a deployment. Nervous energy sizzled through her veins as she cracked her knuckles. She didn’t know what else to do with her hands when she couldn’t watch the world through the safety of her camera lens.

Where were they?

A barrage of laughter rang in Melanie’s ears and a shimmer of excitement slipped through her. She knew that baritone—Staff Sergeant Rhett Ione. “Give me sugar, Melanie!”

Opening her arms, she turned. “Rhett! How’s my guy?”

Crushing her in his grasp, he whirled her around. “You make coming home a blast, little girl!”

When he plopped her back onto her feet, she continued to clutch his biceps. “I missed you, but where is Cade? I thought you got leave together?”

Rhett tucked a loose lock of hair behind her ear. “Leave, yes. The same flight, no. Cade flew out of Germany and I came straight from the Gulf.”

Embarrassed by her lack of tact, she averted her gaze. Rhett tipped her chin. “Hey, I know you missed me, but you have a thing for him. But I’m still one of your best friends and only passing through. Chill. He’s due to land—” he glanced at his all-weather watch, “—in a moment or two.”

Melanie sighed. She opened her mouth to speak, when a voice from behind interrupted her.

“Excuse me?”

Ginnifer Larkin stood a foot away and narrowed her green eyes. “Are you here to give them a ride?” She folded her arms and shifted her weight. The pale yellow sundress clung to her slender figure and accentuated her pert breasts. Her silky caramel-coloured hair fell around her shoulders.

Why the hell did Cade’s fuck-friend have to show up? Melanie forced a smile to her lips. “I’m taking them home, yes.” Speaking under her breath so no one but Rhett would hear, she mumbled. “Just like an ex would…”

Ginnifer chewed her ruby-red bottom lip. “We never broke up, you know.” Her eyes lit up and a smile brightened her heart-shaped face. “You’re home!”

When Melanie tried to turn, a pair of strong arms enfolded her and restricted her movement. Warm breath tickled her cheek and the scratch of day-old whiskers abraded her neck. While her legs turned to jelly, her heart raced. Desire pooled low in her belly.

“I missed you, Melly.”


Guest Interview with Kris Jacen and Wait for Me

WaitforMe-JRI’d like to welcome my dear friend and fellow author, Kris Jacen, to the blog. She’s here today with her book, Wait for Me. Check it out if you haven’t already. I conducted an interview with her. Here’s what she had to say!

1. If you had to describe yourself in three words, which would they be?
Controlling; Focused; Nurturing

2. I’d say those describe you quite well. In a good way. So, if you had to, how would you cast your book? Tell us who would play the main characters in a movie and why.

Hmmm, cast my book? I actually didn’t have any actors in mind as I wrote the book. The one actor that I can see as one of my characters is Michael Pena as Mooney but that’s the only one.

3. Nice. I like Michael Pena. What’s your favorite love scene from a movie?

I don’t know if I have one.

4. No crime in that. What’s your wildest fantasy?

Is it bad that my first thought was to have all my bills paid off and take my daughters to Disney and Universal?

5. Nope, because I’m right there with you on the bills. Grin. If you were to lose one of your senses, which would you rather lose and why?

Maybe smell? I’d need to keep my eyesight so I could still format/edit/design covers and I’d want my hearing so when in the distance future I have grandchildren I can hear them call me “Grammie”.

6. Awww!! That’ll happen soon enough. What is the naughtiest thing you did as a kid?

Climbed over the gate to get out of my room when I was a toddler? I was a goody-two-shoes in high school.
Hehehe. I can see that. You’re a good person, though, so it’s all good.

Quickies ~ Because it’s fun when it’s Fast!

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer briefs

Top or Bottom?

Top from the bottom?

Pajamas or nude?


Hairy chests or smooth?


Alpha or Beta?


Now here’s a little bit about the book, Wait for Me:

WAIT FOR ME by Kris Jacen

Master Sergeant Jeff “Mackey” MacNamara has been waiting for THE ONE for years. First it wasn’t too safe to find a partner and now his schedule is a nightmare with training soldiers and deployments.

Scott Ash has found where he always was meant to be after a brief bout of idealistic do-gooder after college. He loves his job as a child care director, if he could just find someone to love – perfect might cover it.

A chance meeting when Scott is doing a favor for a friend starts them on a journey that could take them to forever, it’s just a matter of waiting.

Get your copy here:



Now for an Excerpt:

“Well, Scott Ash, nice to meet you. The none of the above? Sure you’ve got the time?” Okay, wow. Was he really about to spill all to the ‘99 percent of the time not a bartender’?

“I’m not going anywhere until either the bar closes or the manager takes pity on me and lets me out of his favor.” Scott grinned and continued, “And I’m guessing you’re not going anywhere until those across the way pass out, get thrown out, or the bar closes.”

“Actually on that, you’re a bit off. The bride has put a curfew on the groom over there and I’m the enforcer.”

“A curfew? From the bride?” Scott sounded a bit surprised.

“She has threatened my balls if her groom isn’t on his best behavior tomorrow. I kinda like my balls where they are, and him being hungover puts them in jeopardy. Hence, he’s got a curfew.” Looking down at his watch, he finished, “He’s got another hour before I either gracefully escort him home or I drag him. It’ll be his choice. We’ve been friends way too long for him to not take me serious.”

“So an hour to tell me your tale of woe? Yeah, I think you can do it.”

Jeff lifted his beer and thought better of finishing it. Beer really wasn’t his drink of choice. “Can I get a drink before spilling all?”

“Another beer?” Scott asked as he started to reach into the cooler for another.

“How about water? Coffee?”

“You were serious that beer isn’t your drink of choice.” Scott seemed a bit impressed.

“Yeah, I don’t drink too often and never have gotten an ‘appreciation’ for the taste of beer.”

Scott handed over a bottle of water, took a quick look around then leaned against the bar. Guess it was time for him to fill in the none of the above.

With a sigh, Jeff started. “Groom with the curfew over there is one of my best friends. Has been for centuries it seems. This weekend is his third trip to the altar—okay well, the other two times didn’t have an altar, but you get what I’m saying.”

“Trip three with two with no altar?” The question just hung there for a minute. Yes, he wasn’t making sense.

“First two marriages didn’t have weddings with all the pomp and circumstance. Number one was in the courthouse with us in BDUs and the bride in a sundress. Number two? Oh, the romance, on a beach at sunset. Neither of those lasted too long. And even after I had to call and tell him that wifey number two was six months pregnant, he’s still looking for THE ONE.”

“Why would you have to tell him that his wife was pregnant? Wouldn’t he know? Been there for the happiness?”

“Nope, he had been deployed for eight months.” He paused to give Scott a bit of time to do the math. “Yes, she couldn’t exist without attention, if you get my meaning.”

“Okay, so groom over there is a romantic and is hoping for number three to be it?”

“He believes this is it for them both. I really hope for him and her it is. Watching her with him, gives me hope. She sees him, warts and all.”

“Sounds like what we’re all looking for.” Scott held up a finger and walked to the other end of the bar. The waitress had waved him down. Took him a few minutes to fill the order and Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. For someone that wasn’t a bartender, he sure was efficient. “Okay, I’m back. Warts and all…?”

“Yes, and this time his bride wants it all. Church, nights on the town, reception. Us all in dress uniform. She was a military brat and has dreamed for years for her dad to give her away in his dress uniform. He retired a full colonel, so you better bet our uniforms will be perfection. She’s ‘marrying under her’ according to Dad since the groom isn’t an officer.”

“Wow, that sounds like sooooo much fun.”

“It shouldn’t be too overly bad. My only problem at this point, besides a groom whose name is Kevin being not hung over tomorrow, is I promised a plus-one.” Talk about just letting it out there.

“A plus-one?”

“Kevin has decided that I need to be just as happy as he is and was determined he was going to set me up for his wedding. I scrambled and ducked and finally said I was seeing someone. And at the time, I was. Then I got sent on a training deployment for a few months and came back to find my…” Jeff paused to take a sip of water, to avoid finishing.


“Boyfriend bent over his couch with his personal trainer giving him some pointers.” And that statement just hung in the air—forever.


Scott just stood there blinking and finally said, “Ouch.” Oh, really eloquent. His brain was just having a hard time reconciling that this beautiful man in front of him was gay. He must have been a good boy this year and Santa was coming early? Okay, maybe Jeff wasn’t an early Christmas present for him since he probably wasn’t interested in a skinny nerd, but he could dream.

“Yes, ouch and now unless I can come up with a plus-one in the next thirty-six hours, I’m going to be blamed for throwing the numbers at the reception off AND then both Kevin and his bride will go out of their ways to make sure I’m matched.” Jeff didn’t even seem to breathe as he talked.

“No prospects on the horizon?” Scott asked while inside he was jumping up and down saying pick me, pick me.

Jeff looked under the bar, behind his back. He seemed to be searching for something. “Nope, not a one. Unless you’d like to offer yourself up? I know, last minute. Wait? You’ve got to wash your hair? Have a migraine?”

“You’re mocking me right?” Jeff had to be since he was using the same excuses he’d had about the next time Brian asked for a favor too. “Did Brian put you up to this?”

“Brian? Who’s Brian?” Jeff seemed genuinely puzzled at the name.

“Brian, the manager here. My soon-to-be-ex friend I did a favor for tonight.”

“I haven’t met the manager. I didn’t arrange the festivities for tonight since I was out of town. One of the guys over there did. Why would I be mocking you? Did you not understand how desperate I am? If anything, I was mocking myself because there’s no way you swing my way,” Jeff said, shaking his head.

“You’re not mocking me and Brian didn’t put you up to this.”

“That’s right,” Jeff replied hesitantly.

“No set up.”

“No set up.”

“Wait… you were honestly asking me?”

“If I’m not going to get my ass kicked for it, yes. Even though I probably wasn’t completely asking when I was ranting.”

“So full military wedding with uniforms?”

“Uniform fetish?”

Here’s a little bit about the author:

Kris Jacen grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts, met her soldier in high school but didn’t marry him until almost ten years later. She moved around with him and their daughters (born in two different states thanks to the Army) for the first 19 years of their marriage (they’ll celebrate their silver anniversary in 2018) before settling in western New York.

She has been the Editor in Chief and Formatting Director for ManLoveRomance Press and its imprints since January of 2008 and has never looked back. Working with the amazing authors at MLR has allowed her to both hone her editorial skills and indulge her inner fangirl. She also acts as editor, mentor and sounding-board for newcomers which lets her “pay-it-forward” and help authors realize their dreams.

You can find out more about Kris on her website

Saturday Cover Reveal ~ You’ll Think of Me by @WendiZwaduk #coverreveal #book #erom #romance #erotic #military



Out now and re-edited for this re-issue!!

You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk

Totally Bound



M/F, Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex

The man of her dreams finally came home from the war, but is he still the man she remembers or have his demons changed him forever?

Melanie Roberts loved her best friend more than she could ever imagine, and for longer than she wants to admit. Though once lovers, she’s resigned herself to being no more than his best friend and roommate. On the eve of his return from deployment in Iraq, in order to keep her heart from breaking, she decides she’s moving on—after one last sexy night.

Cade Nicholson has come to a decision. As he comes home damaged in both body and soul from his latest deployment, all he wants is to find comfort in Melanie’s arms. Unsure and unsteady in expressing his love to the only woman to hold his heart, he has to find a way to convince her of his true feelings.

Can two best friends overcome their demons to prove their love for one another before past decisions come back to haunt them and it’s too late?

Available from: Totally Bound :

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Friday Flirt ~ Sunshine of Your Love by @WendiZwaduk #fridayflirt #mfromance #recenthistorical #erom #1970s #mf


Sunshine of Your Love by Wendi Zwaduk  SUNSHINE

Recent Historical, M/F, Spanking

Novella (67 pgs)

Totally Bound

It’s 1970. The world is in upheaval. Can two people really make a difference and find love at the same time?

Noel Flynt signed up for the Army to carry out his family duty. He never expected the travesties of Vietnam to take their toll on him. He’s coming back to the world he thought he knew. With everything changing around him, he’s going to have to learn he can’t live in the past.

Cindy Stephens couldn’t wait for Noel to return. She sees the man within the uniform and has loved him for as long as she can remember. But times have changed. She’s not the timid school girl any longer. Can she accept his changes, too?

The only constants are time and love.

Reader Advisory – Contains one war hero, the woman who loves him, lots of hot sex, with a little spanking mixed in for good measure.

Totally Bound: 

Universal Link:


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©Wendi Zwaduk, 2013, All Rights Reserved

             “You tired?”  “No.”

“Good. I’m not either.” Noel got up from the chair and pulled her into his lap as he sat down on the bed. He situated her legs on either side of his and hiked up her skirt. He removed the elastic from her hair and ran his fingers through the downy strands. “Now about your request.”

“You don’t want to.” She scooted back on his lap. “Really, don’t patronize me.”

“You use big words to cut me down.” He threaded his fingers in her hair and tugged slightly, bringing her close. “Sunshine, I very much want to make love to you.”

“I’m not her and you love—”

Noel kissed the response from her mouth. Love wasn’t in his cards, but satisfying Cindy all night? That was a different story. He breathed in the scent of her perfume, something flowery and light. He brushed his fingers down her bare arm. Her soft skin reminded him of silk.

Cindy scratched her nails on his shirt and broke the kiss. Her chest heaved with each breath. He cupped one hand behind her head and used his other hand to slip the strap of her dress down her shoulder. The upper swell of her breast came into view. He kissed the soft spot behind her ear and worked his way down her throat.

Each of her whimpers and sighs imprinted itself on his heart. She affected him more than the champagne. He licked and nibbled along her collarbone. Her pulse thrummed beneath his lips. He moved the other strap low on her arm. Cindy wriggled free from the elastic bodice of her sundress and put her arms around him. Heat from her pussy sent a fever through his body.

“Sweet Jesus.” He leaned back, drawing her flush against his body. “I need you.”

Cover Reveal ~ Soldier Boy by @meganslayer #interracial #romance #bwwm



Coming this January from Megan Slayer!

Plenty of surprises in store when the party goes from costumes and fright to sexy delight.

Vada hadn’t planned on finding a man at the Halloween party. No, she came to hang out with her best friend, Maya. She’s not there to snag a date, especially not since she’s sworn off men. When a handsome man wearing an Army uniform shows up, Vada begins to rethink her decision. Halloween is a time for rebirth and change. Maybe change—in the form of the blue-eyed, handsome man—is just what she needs.

Features Maya and Levi from Guarding Me

That Wonderful Urge with @MeganSlayer – #Writing while the #Idea Strikes ~ #writing #inspiration #dirtybirdies @madisonsevier

I recently went to a local aviation museum. I wanted to branch out and see some of the sights close to home that weren’t the usual tourist locations. There are lots of places

C-46OHIOang_(4440238708) (1).jpg

By Bill Larkins (C-46OHIOang) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

around that have some awesome exhibits and are just begging for visitors. So, we went to the aviation one. It was a blast. Planes, planes and more planes. There was also a medical tent set up like ones used in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. You could not only look into the planes, but climb in a few, too. There was even a cabin of a blimp! There was a section on Rosie the Riveter and a Hall of Heroes. I’m glad I visited.

But this post isn’t just about the planes or Rosie. It’s about how the visuals inspired my writing. I’ve got new story ideas for a few different series and one I’m co-authoring. It’s fantastic. I love going places with no plan to use the visit as a story inspiration and having one land in my lap.


By Tech. Sgt. Matt Hecht [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The planes got me thinking about my Air National Guard guys. They need more stories. I’ve got two men who’ve shown up and are talking.  I won’t go into details, but there will be angst, love and fun. I promise. Oh, and maybe a separation that will require the heart to grow fonder. Hey, you’ve got to do what they military tells you to. Besides, a little angst is worth it.

Then there was the Rosie exhibit. My connection to Rosie the Riveter is more that my grandmother had a victory garden and sold veggies at a road-side stand to help the war effort.


By The U.S. National Archives (We Can Do It!) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

She wasn’t old enough to be a true Rosie, but hey, who is counting?

But Rosie got me thinking about the Faeries book I penned with Madison Sevier. Rosie has a job and does it…kind of like the original Rosies. Of course this Rosie is involved with paranormal creatures, like faeries. Doesn’t matter. She’s dedicated and has a great time with what she’s doing–kind of like our faeries. Rosie is a true hoot and I’m glad I got an idea for the next story in her world. Madison and I can’t wait to bring them to you!

I’m off to get writing — at least the outlines — and until I’m back, here’s a little about Faeries After Dark.

Cordelia by Megan Slayer

Faeries After Dark by Madison Sevier and Megan SlayerFaeries_After_Dark_Cover_for_Kindle

Published by WZD and Coffee Queen Publications

Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

M/F pairing



Faeries finding purpose, magic and love…


A faerie on the run with a stolen bear. An attraction neither can deny. Magic is the key when these two hearts collide. Fiona Blake has always been the faerie who’s done the right thing. She’s avoided trouble and love her entire life. Now, she’s unemployed and on the run–with a stolen bear. By using her magic, she’s unbalanced the laws of nature and Fiona is in deep scat. She must fix things before she loses her powers and her heart to a sexy stranger who might get her locked up in faerie prison.

Kash Bruin needed a break from his overbearing, matchmaking father. He never imagined he’d wake up in a cage, naked and kidnapped by a crazy, violet-eyed, beautiful woman who believes she’s a faerie. Can a spark of magic bring these two creatures from separate world’s together? Or will the truth be too much to bear and tear them apart fur-ever?


What’s a love faerie supposed to do without her magic?

Cordelia likes to play fast and loose with the rules. So she’s made a few mistakes with magic along the way? No one got hurt…right? The blue-haired faerie, prone to the occasional blue language and dirty jokes, loses her right to create magic after one goof-up too many. But she’s about to find redemption in the form of a merman named Henry and a human named Jinx. Fix them up and she’ll get her right to create magic back. There’s only one problem…Liam.

Liam could be the right man to help Cordelia rise above her troubles…but first she’s got to make him believe she exists. Not impossible, right?

Universal Link:


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