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This week the blog topic is my earliest memory. Join me and the other #evernighties on this blog hop!

My earliest memory has to be when I was around four years old and my great grandmother passed away. I don’t remember her passing, but I do remember playing in her furniture which was left out on the front lawn. Now, slow up. Her furniture wasn’t on the front lawn for no reason. My grandmother and great aunt had decided to have an auction of her things. Her furniture was placed on the front lawn for the auction. I remember picking a ton of dandelions, which might have only been a small bouquet, but when you’re four, things seem bigger, and walking through the furniture. I made a maze out of the couch and chair situation. There’s a photo of me with my brother and great aunt out on the lawn on the sofa. It’s a weird memory and will probably make it into a book one day.

What about you? What’s your earliest memory? Share!

And since you’re here, why not check out my Evernight novella, Soft Clay!

Soft Clay by Megan Slayer clay

book 4 in the Celestial Mates series

#paranormal #romance #kindle

Celestial Mates, 4

Two souls trapped—can they find freedom in each other’s arms?

Nike, the goddess of speed, can’t move. She’s the goddess of strength and she can’t shatter her curse. The goddess of victory has lost her weapons—her shield and spear. She put her faith in a human, only to be cursed. Can another human be the key to her salvation and freedom from the clay?

Charlie needs someone who can understand him. A person to cherish him. Male or female, he doesn’t care. He’s intrigued by Nike’s statue. Call him infatuated. But she’s a statue and they don’t come to life from true love’s kiss, do they?






Love My Library Week with @MeganSlayer #library #reading #writing

library week banner

I love when I’m asked how I came to be a writer. I usually say something about reading a book and thinking, hey I can do that, too. But the truth is, I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a kid. I’ve loved to read since I was four. When I was a kid, my mother insisted we go to the library. For me, it was a treat. We went there because we’d been good or whatever, but I loved getting lost in the books.

The library in the town I grew up has changed since I was small, but when I was a kid, the building was kind of old already. It had this mildly scary winding staircase where you couldn’t always see who was coming and couldn’t always pass around each other, but that staircase opened up to the children’s section and I loved it. The circulation desk was this fantastic round counter. Seemed like the whole middle of the room was this counter. And over the counter? There was this gigantic (Well, it looked huge when I was a kid) stained glass window. I can’t tell you what the image was in the glass, but I remember spending hours staring at it.

I used to participate in every Summer Reading program the library had. As soon as I knew it was time, I signed right up. I loved to read and to get rewarded for it? Yes, please. I remember reading the Babysitters Club books and creating a diorama about one of the books. Totally self directed. I thought, okay, there’s this contest, I’m doing it. I don’t even think I told my mother. I just did it. The funniest part was, I’d done it because I wanted to ‘earn rewards’. That’s it. I loved the book wanted to get something out of it. I won. The project I did on the quiet got me on TV on the local channel. It wasn’t the greatest little program and I think I got scared into not saying much, but still. I got to have that experience because of my library. How cool is that?

So I ask you…what’s your fondest memory of the library? It’s national library week. Join in and share your story!

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Christmas Time with @MeganSlayer ~ the 21st Day of Christmas ~ #christmas #RIP #inmemoriam #pets #cats

Christmas Tree Blog 2017

I had something very unfun happen this week. I was told, the pet is just a critter, but I don’t agree. My pets are my children. They are my family. Having to put my cat down this week, well, it sucked. Big time. I know I did the right thing, but I still hate myself for having to do it. So this post won’t be long. I don’t want to dwell on what happened, not because I’m uncaring, because I would rather stay quiet or I didn’t love the cat. He was my cat. My baby. My writing pal. But it’s a raw thing and I’d rather just not go there.

Christmas Time with @MeganSlayer ~ the 16th Day of Christmas ~ #christmas #memories #lookingback

Christmas Tree Blog 2017

2017 has been the year for some big changes and exciting moments. There have been a few not so great moments, too. I thought I’d look back on some of the highs and lows.

Highs ~

RAGT was a success. I sold out of my books, had a great time and my presentation went fabulously. I’ve never had a book launch and Madison Sevier made out book launch for the Faeries spectacular.

Another high was writing not one but two books in the same world as Madison Sevier. She’s one of my best friends and when the Halloween antho we were in fell apart, we decided to run with what we’d written, but in her world. How cool is that? The stories worked well, we work together well and it was just a lot of fun.

I also have an announcement to make. He he he!! The first book in my former Ellora’s Cave series, Celestial Mates, has been accepted by Evernight Publishing. I’m excited to announce that. I’ve been sitting on it for a while, but now I can shout it out! I’m working on more stories for Evernight and hoping they’ll like the rest of the books in the Celestial Mates series. That series didn’t really get any traction since it came out when EC was going down big time. I wish they’d have had better traction since I love those books.

Unfortunately, for every high there is a low (Like that Sword in the Stone reference?)

Some of the lows for 2017 ~

The closing of Loose Id. Okay, so they aren’t closed yet, but still. That’s a crushing blow. I love Loose Id and working with them. I’m sure Crystal, my editor there, is probably tired of me, but she’s always been great to work with. I’ll miss them all. But the good news is that I’ll continue my Cedarwood series and Battle Scars won’t end, either. It might take me a little while to get back to them, but they aren’t done.

The biggest low of 2017 was losing my grandfather. He’s always been that strong presence. Want to get something done on time? Send in Pawpaw and it’ll go on in time. What if there’s a dinner that has to go off at a certain time? Send him in. He had a big heart and big voice. He stood taller than all of us for a long time (until a few of us–not me–got taller). He loved us all and is missed. I wish cancer hadn’t taken him. One day, no cancer. That’s what I want.

I’ve had some great times. I’ve sold a lot of books, had fun times, written some fabulous stories and made great friends. I’ll miss 2017, but I’m looking forward to the challenges of 2018. Here’s to a wonderful 2018.

Writing to Music and Memories with @MeganSlayer #music #inspiration #iamwriting

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and trying to write. Sounds a little odd, right? Trying to write? Sometimes the words are there, but getting them onto paper or the screen isn’t easy. Life gets in the way, despite the characters not stopping to understand that, and I can’t always get everything jotted down.

So I was thinking, driving and listening to the radio… As I’m going along on my way to a sporting event for my tot, a song came over the radio that reminded me of my characters. Not from the current WIP, but a new one. I’ve usually got two WIPs going at one time, but this one was way out of left field. I have the general outline in my head and did manage to get it down on paper so I can get to it later.

But that driving trip got me thinking about how music has been so influential in my life and writing. I need playlists to write. I need to be inspired. When I was a kid, I used to sit right next to my gigantic boom box and listen to the nightly top ten countdown on my local radio station. I’d write down the songs because if I called in and was the tenth caller (or whatever number they requested that night) who could recall the list…then you won a free cassette tape. I used to try and win every night. I had the list mostly memorized. I never did win, but those songs are still with me. I hear them and think of being a kid again. I remember the thrill of listening to the new tunes, being inspired to create art and maybe get lucky enough to win. I never did, but hey, it was still fun.

Maybe I should use that story for one of my books. Grin. Speaking of being inspired, the highly anticipated next book in my Sanctuary Series drops this week. Saving His Roar!!

Saving His Roar by Megan SlayerSaving His Roar

A Sanctuary Story

Book 9

M/M, Anal Sex

Paranormal, Contemporary

From Resplendence Publishing

Art by Tiffany Mason

Ryan ‘Blaze’ Burden knew his life wasn’t perfect. He’s a stripper at Stiff and a shifter, but he can’t tell anyone about his special ability. The popularity of shifters hasn’t come to Stiff or the town of Sugar Ridge, for that matter. Being a shifter is still frowned upon. Ryan knows he doesn’t fit in, but he does have one bright spot in his life—the mystery man who comes to the club and requests Ryan for private dances. The electricity between them is palpable, but if Ryan makes a move, will the hottie reciprocate?

Delaney Sullivan doesn’t come to Stiff for the ambiance. He’s there for one dancer—Blaze. He senses the shifter within the handsome young man. But Delaney works for the enemy—he’s the campaign manager for the mayor of Sugar Ridge. He doesn’t share the mayor’s desire to outlaw shifters because he’s a panther shifter. Can he get Blaze out of the club? To trust him? Or maybe even to love him?

These opposites certainly attract, but can they find the mutual trust to have a future together?

Available now from Resplendence Publishing

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2eXNrTN

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2h3oESD

Amazon Japan: http://amzn.to/2x2biKc

Amazon Germany: http://amzn.to/2h3DKHP

Amazon France: http://amzn.to/2f8yJNz

Amazon Australia: http://amzn.to/2x1dSjz

Amazon Canada: http://amzn.to/2h59snS

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2vVyfO1

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/3k0WqG

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