@wendizwaduk’s Starting Over is going on tour! @goddessfish @meganslayer #romance #shortstory #99cents

I’m taking Wendi Zwaduk’s short story, Starting Over, on tour this week and you’ll want to join in. There are prizes, like a necklace made by me. Want to join in? Then come on the tour. You can do that here: https://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2021/08/book-blast-starting-over-by-wendi-zwaduk.html

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October 29:
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@wendizwaduk’s Starting Over is going on tour! @goddessfish @meganslayer #romance #shortstory #99cents

I’m taking Wendi Zwaduk’s short story, Starting Over, on tour this week and you’ll want to join in. There are prizes, like a necklace made by me. Want to join in? Then come on the tour. You can do that here: https://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2021/08/book-blast-starting-over-by-wendi-zwaduk.html

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October 28:
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@wendizwaduk’s Starting Over is going on tour! @goddessfish @meganslayer #romance #shortstory #99cents

I’m taking Wendi Zwaduk’s short story, Starting Over, on tour this week and you’ll want to join in. There are prizes, like a necklace made by me. Want to join in? Then come on the tour. You can do that here: https://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2021/08/book-blast-starting-over-by-wendi-zwaduk.html

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October 27:
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@wendizwaduk’s Starting Over is going on tour! @goddessfish @meganslayer #romance #shortstory #99cents

I’m taking Wendi Zwaduk’s short story, Starting Over, on tour this week and you’ll want to join in. There are prizes, like a necklace made by me. Want to join in? Then come on the tour. You can do that here: https://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2021/08/book-blast-starting-over-by-wendi-zwaduk.html

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October 25:
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Single in Space by @meganslayer #romance #space #astronauts #freeread #indiepubbed

Single in Space by Megan Slayer

Contemporary Spicy Romance

18,000 words

Megan Slayer Publications

He’s going to the moon, but if he has his way, it won’t be single man.

Charlie loves being an astronaut. He lives for the thrill of the ride, the science involved in exploration and the celebrity status that comes with the job–but his life isn’t complete. He’s tired of being single. When the space company decides to put him on a dating show to increase attention for the space program, he realizes he’s in a world of trouble—unless he can convince Luna to come to the rescue.

Luna is the only woman who can ground this astrogeek. She can’t stand seeing the man she once loved on a dating show. She still loves him, but the memories of their breakup are hard to overcome.

Can her intrusion on the show and in Charlie’s life prove to be enough to salvage what they had of their relationship or is he destined to be Single in Space?

Available wherever ebooks are sold!




Excerpt: © Megan Slayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

“I just finished undressing.” He returned to the stool. “Why?”

“Who are you undressing with?”

“You.” He snorted. “Christ.”

“And I’m on speaker.”

“How else would this work?” He wasn’t good at removing his clothes and doing anything else at the same time. Hell, he’d surprised himself by not falling down while removing the suit. He froze as someone thumped on the door. He snatched the phone from the counter and returned it to the regular setting. “Shit. They found me.” He massaged his forehead. “I never should’ve signed on for this bullshit.”

“You’re trending,” Luna said. “Charlie, by leaving that show, you’re a sensation. The publicity is working.”

This wasn’t how he’d wanted anything to work. “So?” Trending? What did that mean?

“You’re a publicity dynamo.”

He shook his head, knowing she couldn’t see him, and stepped into his loafers. A trickle of sweat cooled on his back. “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want those girls.”

The pounding increased.

“I know,” Luna said, her voice soft.

“I want you.” He should’ve kept those words to himself, but he couldn’t help how he felt. “I need to go. I’ve got to escape this mess, even if only for a little while.”

“Wait. Charlie?”

He stopped short. “I’m sorry. I should’ve kept my mouth shut. You hate me and I’ll get over you. I know.” He’d never get over her, but whatever.

“No, you won’t.”

“No?” She’d pushed him away. How dare she tell him how he was supposed to react?

“You won’t like I didn’t get over you,” she said. “I lied.”

“You did.” How could she do that to him? And she still had feelings for him? If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have called, but still. “So?”

“Give me a few minutes. Stall,” she said. “Please?”

“Stall? For what?” He didn’t understand.

“Do you trust me?”

“You know I do.” He still wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but he’d let her show him. When she disconnected the call, he tucked the phone in his back pocket, then opened the door. “I quit.” Not much of a stall, but what did she expect?

Gifted by @MeganSlayer #romance #hot #bdsm #erotica #clubq #indiepubbed

Gifted by Megan Slayer

Club Rules, #1

Digital List Price: $0.99

ISBN: 9781370590162

Books2Read Universal Link: https://www.books2read.com/u/mgKBRq 

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XGJFQCP/

BN: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gifted-megan-slayer/1114253050?ean=2940154302392

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gifted-44

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/gifted/id1218318556?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?

Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, it is so sexy.

Search Terms: Short Story, Contemporary Romance, Bondage, BDSM, M/F, Erotica, Contemporary Erotic Romance  less


Copyright© 2018 Megan Slayer

The door creaked, causing her to open her eyes. The moment she caught sight of the man, her anger toward Master G evaporated. Long legs encased in tight-fitting leather. Muscle-corded arms with just a hint of hair sprinkling on the surface. He wore the standard leather-and-studs harness, which accentuated his broad chest. His boots padded on the thick carpeted floor as he stalked towards her. A shiver ran up her spine. She liked men who looked like they could take charge. She’d asked for a man just like him when she signed up for sessions at The Q—someone to make her forget the stress at work and to take the control from her hands.

He fit her bill. Like to a T.

Nadia forced her gaze to the floor. He deserved respect, no matter who the hell he was.

“So you’re mine?” He curled his fingers under her chin, forcing her to look at him. “My name is Master S. I’m told your name is Pet. Correct?” He removed the gag. “I do want you to answer me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The corner of his mouth twitched. She noticed the dusting of scruff on his cheeks. What would that feel like on her inner thighs? Heaven, most likely. Master S pulled at the bow between her breasts. Slowly and with the right amount of drag to remind her she’d been bound, the ribbon came away from her chest.

“Such a pretty present. You will address me as Sir.” He rubbed his thumb across her chin. “I’ve been given a list of your nos, per the club agreement, and I’ve been watching you with Master G. So willing and responsive to him, but he isn’t what you need. I’ll push you while making sure you’re pleasured the way you crave. Tell me your safe word.”


“Good, Pet.” He threaded his fingers into her hair and tugged. Electric sizzles surged from her scalp to her pussy. “You’re mine,” he whispered. “All mine.”

“Thank you, Sir. Punish me, Sir. Please?” She barely recognized the need in her voice.

He let go of her hair, then slipped the cuffs off the hook above her head. “The rest of the world ceases to exist once we start. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Saturday Night Special by @wendizwaduk #romance #bdsm #hot #hotread #novella

Saturday Night Special by Wendi Zwaduk

Scarred Hearts, #2

Publisher: Megan Slayer Publications

Product Description: 

She makes his motor run.

Blaine Haeferle drives fast and lives on the edge. He’s not afraid to risk it all for the win—unless his heart is in the mix. He loved once, but things ended in disaster. Can he accept the woman who holds his heart, despite all their jagged past?

Mallory Sweet never intended to leave Blaine without a word. But one night changed everything for her. Instead of facing her past, she ran. Is coming to terms with her past the key to winning the love of her life back?

Anything can happen on a Saturday night under the lights.

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E2LP98U/

AppleBooks – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1102706138

Kobo – https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/saturday-night-special-9

BN – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/saturday-night-special-wendi-zwaduk/1116122827?ean=2940153222882

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/saturday-night-special/id1102706138?mt=11

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/m2pZRb

©Wendi Zwaduk, 2016, All Rights Reserved

Mallory stilled his hand. “I saw you race. You did well.”

Her touch sparked the feelings he’d long since buried. So much for getting over her. “I had motivation.” Her picture in his pocket and the memories of her on his heart.

Her cheeks paled and her eyes widened. “Motivation?” Her brows knotted. “I see.” She straightened her blouse. “Well, good luck tonight.”

Blaine took a step back. Something happened between them, but fuck if he understood what. “Don’t tell me you came here for small talk. You hate making conversation for the sake of wasting time. What’s going on?” He touched her cheek. “You aren’t even smiling. What’s wrong?”

Her shoulders sagged and a tear slipped down her cheek. The old feelings rushed back into his heart. The longing, the need, wanting to fuck her until she screamed–God, he had it bad for her. He gathered her into his arms and stroked her hair. “Tell me who hurt you. I’ll make it right.”

Mallory stared up at him. “No one hurt me.” She wiped her face with the back of her hand, smearing her mascara. Instead of scrambling for a tissue to fix the damage, she continued staring at him. “I had a plan when I came here. And now it’s all fucked up. I lost my nerve.”

“Oh?” He brushed a lock of her hair off her forehead. “Why is that? What was your plan?”

“This.” She threaded her arms around his neck and bounced on her toes to meet him for a kiss.

The blood rushed from his brain to his groin. He closed his eyes. She still tasted like honey and lemon. He swept his tongue over her lips and moaned when she gave him passage. He tangled his tongue with hers and held her tight to his chest. So soft and strong in his arms. Her light whimpers and the scratch of her nails on his back added to his pleasure. He drifted away, lost in the kiss, drunk on her and in total bliss. If he had more time, he’d throw her over his shoulder and take her into the camper bay of the hauler to have his way with her.

“Thought I’d find you here.”

Blaine opened his eyes. Mallory hadn’t broken the kiss. She mirrored his surprise. She slipped away from him and swiped her tongue across her bottom lip. Blaine held onto her and turned his attention to the interloper.

Well, shit.

Craving by @wendizwaduk #romance #pnr #mythology #nativeamerican #shortstory #free #kindle

Craving: A Native American Mythological Erotic Romance by Wendi Zwaduk

Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mythological Romance

Short Story

Megan Slayer Publications

$.99 on Kindle

FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

A man of power meets a woman of the sky…

Hawenneyu is the Great Ruler. His power is limitless, except when it comes to love. That is the one power that he cannot control.

Noya has loved Hawenneyu from afar for as long as she can remember. The daughter of Kaakwha, the old man of the sky, she is destined to live in her father’s shadow. A place where she can gaze at Hawenneyu at her leisure without fear of being seen—or so she thinks.

Hawenneyu not only sees Noya, he yearns for the warmth of her love. Can the Great Ruler and the daughter of the old man of the sky find love, or will Hawenneyu be forced to banish Noya to the Earth?

Get it today! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096KW42W7/

Embracing His Roar by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #hot #shifters #PNR #indiebooks

Embracing His Roar by Megan Slayer

Sanctuary, Book 11

Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance


From Megan Slayer Publishing

A bobcat who doesn’t think he belongs and a lion who believes he is unlovable…can they make a relationship work?

Avan has made his share of mistakes, but those are in the past. Moving forward means forgiving himself and having a life at the Sanctuary. He wants just one shifter—Oscar. The bobcat shifter soothes his soul and seems to see the best in Avan. But will he want to be with Avan, even after everything Avan’s done?

Oscar’s lusted after Avan since he first saw him. He doesn’t care what Avan’s done because he believes everyone deserves a second chance. But Oscar’s got a past, too. He’d never felt like he belongs, even at the Sanctuary. The one place he feels safe is with Avan.

The odds a bobcat and lion should be together are low, but the passion between them sizzles. Can they find common ground and embrace their roar or will their differences destroy the blossoming relationship? 

Available at

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087QTZ4MX/    

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/4EkqNO



Find the whole series in order here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088FB8WCT?ref_=series_rw_dp_labf


©MeganSlayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

He left his seat. “I’m going out. I need some air.” He walked out of the library and collided with a solid wall of man. “What the hell?” He knew the scent wafting around him. Oscar? He met the gaze of the person he’d run into. “Oscar.”

“Hi.” Oscar blushed. “I meant to find you.”

“You did.” He wanted to run his hands all over Oscar. The lion knew the bobcat was there, and he wanted to keep him. The lion yearned to rub his scent all over Oscar. He held back, despite the cat shredding him from the inside.

Oscar opened his mouth three times before he said anything. “Are you going to leave?”

No way in hell. Oscar was there, and he’d take advantage of the situation. “With Markas? Or those two?” He gestured to the library.

Oscar edged his shoulder up in a tiny shrug. “Either.”

Was he trying to be coy? Was that hunger in Oscar’s eyes? Desire? Well, fuck him, yes, it sure looked like desire. Avan nodded to the doorway then brushed past Oscar. The lion hated Avan for making it wait.

“Let’s go to the porch.” His voice cracked. Damn. He didn’t care if Oscar knew he was nervous, but he didn’t want the truth to be so obvious.

“Yeah.” Oscar followed Avan outside. “Phew. It got hot in there. Did they have the heat on? It’s May. Isn’t it too warm out for the heat inside?”

“I doubt they turned on the furnace.” But it was nice to know Oscar was affected, too. Avan had thought he was the only one with a fever. He needed the change in temperature to clear his thoughts. “Here.” He pointed to the swing. “Join me?”

“The guys won’t make fun?” Oscar sat with him. “I’m not exactly popular with them. Ryder even jokes about me, and he’s supposed to be a friend.”

“Why?” Once Avan found out why Ryder had said anything to upset Oscar, he’d give Ryder a new asshole.

“I stuck up for you.” His blush deepened. “He’s a jerk.”

“He is.” He paused. Oscar intrigued him. He hadn’t thought Oscar cared—not enough to say anything. “I’m glad.”

“You’re happy he’s a jerk?” Oscar frowned. “I wish he’d lay off.” He stared at Avan. “Ryder told me I’m attracted to you, and everyone knows. I didn’t know.” He froze, and the color bled from his face. “Shit.”

“What?” He didn’t care who saw them. “Do you like me?” He and his lion wanted the attraction to be mutual. “Oscar?”

“I don’t know.” Oscar sagged in his seat. “Avan.”

Avan faced Oscar and tipped up Oscar’s chin, forcing Oscar to meet his gaze. “I get the feeling you do like me.” He wanted to look into those green eyes forever—especially when he sank deep into Oscar. “But I understand you’re not ready to admit it, and that’s cool.”

“It is?”

Restoring His Howl by @meganslayer #romance #gay #gayromance #IR #indiepubed #PNR

Restoring His Howl by Megan Slayer 

Sanctuary Book 10

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Contemporary Paranormal LGBTQIA Erotic Romance

From Megan Slayer Publishing

Opposites can attract, but can they make the love last?

Dillon came to the Sanctuary to hide, but also to heal. He’d been abused and needed a safe place to come into his own. He never expected to find a partner, but love came looking for him. Can he accept what he deserves or will he push away a chance at forever because he feels unlovable?

Cinders knows from the moment he sees Dillon that he wants the wolf shifter for his own. But can a jaguar shifter and a wolf shifter really pair up? He doesn’t know, but he’s banking on the attraction to pay off. What he doesn’t expect is how deep Dillon’s scars run. Is he strong enough to see beyond what’s happened to Dillon and help create a future for them together? 

Anything’s possible when the jaguar shifter, a former stripper, and the wolf shifter figure out how to restore his howl.

Available at:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087QWHHN9/ 

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/3LDzN1



Find the whole series in order here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088FB8WCT?ref_=series_rw_dp_labf

EXCERPT:  ©Megan Slayer, 2020 – All Rights Reserved

“You can talk. Well, fuck me. That’s amazing. I thought you could, but since you don’t, I wondered. You’ve got a nice voice,” Cinders said. He grinned, his bright teeth standing out against his mocha skin. “You’re cute, too.”

Dillon longed to taste Cinders’ mouth and kiss him. Would it feel like heaven?

“So we’re supposed to be at a party tomorrow. I’ve got some costumes. Most of it is tear-away stuff, but it’ll work for one night. You’re welcome to try on anything I’ve got and find something that fits. I’ve got dibs on the naughty cop, though.” He laughed. The throaty sound echoed in the room. “Want to?”

Dillon almost asked what Cinders meant but nodded instead.

“What? I got one word out of you, and now, you won’t talk to me?” Cinders frowned. “If you’re going to use my clothes, you’ve got to speak to me.”

The wolf stood up within Dillon and watched Cinders. The animal tensed.

For a split-second, Dillon had thought Cinders meant he’d make Dillon fuck him for the clothes. He fought the urge to shake his head. Fucking to get things was part of his old life. He had a new one here at the Sanctuary.

Cinders smiled, and his shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry.”

“Why?” Dillon managed. Despite his best attempts, he couldn’t get out any other words. He spent most of his time tongue-tied, but around Cinders, something different happened. His wolf took notice, which was unusual. The wolf distrusted more individuals than his human side did. If the wolf cared to pay Cinders attention, then that meant something, right? He needed to keep an eye on the panther shifter.

“I’m being pushy,” Cinders said. “Ryan will tell you I’m good at pushy. Quiet? Not a chance. Look, you don’t have to talk. I can do that for both of us.” He waved to his end of the corridor. “Come over when you’re ready, and pick out a costume. The jaguar and I won’t bite. Promise.”

Dillon nodded. The first step to healing had to be getting out of his comfort zone. Going with Cinders was a leap. God help him, he really wanted to leap.