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I’ve been covering books and libraries this month for Love My Library Month and National Library Week, and I thought I’d touch on the series that made me fall in love with reading. I started reading at age 4 because my aunt who was 13 at the time decided I should learn. I’ve never looked back and have loved reading ever since. I love hanging out at the library, too.

Not in an particular order, of course, here are my seven series at one time or another I had to have!

7. The Babysitters Club – Ann M Martin

6. Sweet Valley High – Francine Pascal

5. The Black Dagger Brotherhood – JR Ward

4. Immortals After Dark Series – Kresley Cole

3. Nancy Drew Mysteries – Carolyn Keene

2. The Ramona Quimby Books – Beverly Cleary

1. The Fudge Books – Judy Blume


National Library Week ~ 13 Books I Discovered at the Library with @meganslayer #libraryweek

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I love to troll the shelves and see what I can find. The biography and romance sections are my favorites. These are in no particular order and all books. 🙂 Don’t ask my why the #14 showed up. I guess it was lonely.

  1. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward
  2. The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole
  3. The MacCarrick Brothers series by Kresley Cole
  4. Anna Faris is Unqualified by Anna Faris
  5. This ‘n That by Bette Davis
  6. Just about any Harlequin book, since my family didn’t want me to read them
  7. The Babysitters Club series by Ann M Martin
  8. Peter Lawford – the Man Who Kept the Secrets by James Spada
  9. Platinum Girl: The Life and Legends of Jean Harlow by Eve Golden
  10. Bombshell: The Life and Death of Jean Harlow by David Stern
  11. Tyrone Power: The Last Idol by Fred Lawrence Gilles
  12. The Films of Tyrone Power by Dennis Belafonte
  13. Dorothy Dandridge by Donald Bogle

Love My Library Week with @MeganSlayer #library #reading #writing

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I love when I’m asked how I came to be a writer. I usually say something about reading a book and thinking, hey I can do that, too. But the truth is, I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a kid. I’ve loved to read since I was four. When I was a kid, my mother insisted we go to the library. For me, it was a treat. We went there because we’d been good or whatever, but I loved getting lost in the books.

The library in the town I grew up has changed since I was small, but when I was a kid, the building was kind of old already. It had this mildly scary winding staircase where you couldn’t always see who was coming and couldn’t always pass around each other, but that staircase opened up to the children’s section and I loved it. The circulation desk was this fantastic round counter. Seemed like the whole middle of the room was this counter. And over the counter? There was this gigantic (Well, it looked huge when I was a kid) stained glass window. I can’t tell you what the image was in the glass, but I remember spending hours staring at it.

I used to participate in every Summer Reading program the library had. As soon as I knew it was time, I signed right up. I loved to read and to get rewarded for it? Yes, please. I remember reading the Babysitters Club books and creating a diorama about one of the books. Totally self directed. I thought, okay, there’s this contest, I’m doing it. I don’t even think I told my mother. I just did it. The funniest part was, I’d done it because I wanted to ‘earn rewards’. That’s it. I loved the book wanted to get something out of it. I won. The project I did on the quiet got me on TV on the local channel. It wasn’t the greatest little program and I think I got scared into not saying much, but still. I got to have that experience because of my library. How cool is that?

So I ask you…what’s your fondest memory of the library? It’s national library week. Join in and share your story!

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Meeting Authors at the #Library with @Meganslayer #libraryweek #authors

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I love going to the library–you’ve probably noticed that. I mean, adventure time in a building? I’m there.

But there are a few things I love about the library. My local branch has a fantastic local author section. If you’re an author in my area and you have a book, they’ll get it on the shelf. You may have to donate a copy, but hey, it’s still exposure and a feel good thing. I donate every time.

The other awesome thing is they bring the authors in often to speak. How cool is that? Author events at the library. I’ve done one event a few times called the Cascade of Authors. The neat thing about this event, other than it’s named after a waterfall in the local town, is the way it brings together authors of multiple genres. I’ve met friars, nuns, poets, non-fiction and fiction authors at this event. We all get a chance to speak and we’re all featured. Another event I’ve done is the Books and Brunch. This is a much smaller event, featuring four authors, but this year the theme is mystery. Four authors who write mystery books, in addition to other genres. It’s fun. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Plus, there’s food!

I’ve also had the pleasure of doing a few solo events. I’ve hosted an event at the library entitled, “So You Want to Be an Author.” I enjoy helping other aspiring writers find their legs and get going in the business. I believe we’re all in this together and I’ll do my part to cheerlead for everyone. I’ve done solo events about my personal books, which were fun and attended events for other authors.

If you get the chance, visit the library. See what events are going on. You never know who will show up at the library. You never know what you’ll learn. Check them out!

I Love My #Library with @meganslayer #libraryweek

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There are few places I love to visit more than my library. Honestly, I haven’t found a library I don’t like. The Elyria Public Library system is my local library and I love heading there. It’s an adventure each time I visit. There are a bunch of buildings within the system and each are different. The one in Keystone is so tiny, but quaint. The branch at West River is huge with lots of glass. And Central? That’s where my favorite librarian is…Miss Melissa. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to have a friend and champion at the library. If you’re a writer, you need to make friends with your librarian. What about you? Do you get a sense of adventure when you venture into the library? What’s your favorite section? I want to know.