Stocking Stuffers ~ A Christmas Shift by Angelina Windsor

Today’s stocking stuffer is A Christmas Shift by my good friend Angelina Windsor. It’s a hot one!! Check it out.

A Christmas Shift

A Christmas Shift

Angelina J. Windsor


Aspiring actress Lacy Kennedy arrives in Spirit Lakes, Alaska, a few days before Christmas to spend the holidays with her brother and his family. She’s expecting snow and trees and home cooking but finds instead something she could never have imagined…and doesn’t want.

Just who does tall, broad and sinfully handsome Jackson Stone think he is? Oh, him wanting to screw her is fine. She’s panting for him too. What’s a no-no is all that comes with it. Because they’re wolf shifters and—Lacy suspects—life mates, so once they bond, that’ll be it. It’ll be the marking and the binding and poor Lacy doomed to a life in the snowy north, a million miles from the bright lights of La-La Land and her dreams.

But maybe, just maybe, Christmas is a time for new dreams.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave


And now for an excerpt!!

“Oh my god! What were you doing just standing there?” A man looms over me. Not just any man, but “The Man” everyone talks about when they’re fantasizing about their dream lover. I might have been more excited about this burning hunk of love if I weren’t sprawled like a cat enjoying a patch of sunshine at his extra-large feet. His prominent package appearing to match his ginormous shoe size is at the perfect vantage point and I take a full second to enjoy it before I’m hauled to my feet. What is that delectable fragrance? I breathe in deeply and feel all my senses reel in recognition. No. No. Nooooo. Goddamn it all to hell! What’s he doing in Spirit Lakes, Alaska? No fuckin’ way. I’m not going to be bound by convention. Just because there is supposed to be one mate for everyone and you know that as soon as you meet them doesn’t mean I have to follow the shitty rule and fuck up my whole life. I am an LA kind of girl. Not a life mate for a mountain man. No way.

Still December 21st

“Well, darlin’, you didn’t have to fall at my feet for me to notice the likes of you.”

“That’s two strikes, buddy. One more and you’re out,” I whisper harshly as I smooth down my dress, giving him a full-on TV glare. I don’t want anyone else to notice this dismal entrance. But I realize with dismay that’s an improbability as the crowd behind us is growing quiet. I sense their full rapt attention as my eyeballs appear to be glued to him of their own accord. I gulp nervously. He’s too tall, too handsome and too full of himself.

His mouth curves upward into a smirk and my thoughts turn to kissing those fine, full lips. I try not to breathe but his overwhelming macho-man fragrance turns me on whether I want it to or not. Think John Travolta’s character in the movie Michael. This is great. This is really, really bad.

“See anything you like, beautiful?” he asks, his eyebrows rising as he gets his first good full-on whiff of my lush fragrance. Hell, even I can smell my arousal. My nipples are tightening, my clit is pulsating and my mind has gone to mush.

“Not really,” I deadpan as I bite hard into my bottom lip to keep a more honest answer at bay. My acting ability is all that stands between me and complete disaster.

His eyes bore into mine as if trying to see into my soul and I swallow hard. This is soooo not supposed to happen. I see indecision in his eyes for a full nanosecond. I relish taking down his alpha-male confidence a notch while my girly side goes into hyperdrive. What the hell are you thinking? Jump his bones—now! You know the true test.

He holds out his hand and I reluctantly take it. An electrifying shock almost makes me drop it but I hold on long enough to give it a quick shake. Then drop it like the ticking bomb it is.

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Stocking Stuffers ~ Spanish Christmas by Noa Xireau

The stocking stuffer story for today is Spanish Christmas by my friend, Noa Xireau. Check it out!


When Stella accepted Armando Gonzalez’s invitation to spend her holidays at his hacienda in Spain, she expected the kinkiest Christmas ever and an opportunity to make him fall in love with her sexy curves. Nobody had warned her about Armando’s hot, yummy brothers, the possibility of receiving a few nice spankings, or the risk of losing her heart when she took the Gonzalez brothers up on their crazy bet.
With Armando, Ivan and Carlos making her melt in steaming need, it wasn’t Santa who’d make her naughtiest wishes come true on Three Kings Eve.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!
An adult contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave

Categories: Adult RomanceContemporaryEbook

Tags: ChristmasMenage

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An Excerpt From: SPANISH CHRISTMAS post SX con amazon

Copyright © NOA XIREAU, 2015

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Spain! She was in Spain and she was alone! Stella dropped heavily down onto the king size bed. Upon her arrival at Seville airport, a chauffeur had been waiting for her with a message. Armando was in a business meeting in Madrid—he wouldn’t be back before tomorrow morning. She’d need to spend her first night on holiday alone, at that sucked! She looked around forlornly.

If Armando had been here, she’d have asked him if the bedroom decoration was the usual for Spain or if it was a typical Andalusian style. When she had imagined Armando’s hacienda, she had always pictured some kind of ranch but never the luxurious elegance she had found as soon as she crossed the threshold of the main building. She sighed at the romantic atmosphere. The artistically forged headboard in particular was lovely. Her fingers traced the cold steel. A shiver ran through her as she remembered Armando’s preference for tying her to the bed. This headboard would be perfect to keep her wrists bound with ropes, handcuffs, silken shawls… Enough! Don’t start again!

She needed to control her obsession for Armando. Through the weeks they’d been apart, she hadn’t stopped remembering how he’d seduced her that first morning in the office, right after her boss had presented her as his personal translator during his stay in the States. She kept thinking about how he’d made love to her each day, always taking his time, always in a different way. She couldn’t erase from her mind how he’d provoked and pushed her further than she’d ever thought possible.

Maybe that was the reason she ended up using the first excuse she’d found to escape. His intensity, the unbridled passion he awoke in her, had scared her. For him, she’d done crazy things, performed acts she’d never have considered, if not for him. And what was worse, she’d been anxious for more…to the point of not being able to think of anything else.

She’d masturbated for him in a public restroom as he’d watched through her phone’s cam, giving instructions on how he wanted her to do it. She’d attended a business meeting without underwear and had finished on the conference table completely naked as soon as the last client left, indifferent to the huge, glass walls overlooking Manhattan. He’d tied her to his bed until she’d begged him to fuck her. When had she, Stella Williams, ever asked a man to fuck her? He’d taught her the intricacies of anal sex, shown her the versatility of sex toys, had planted in her the curiosity of the forbidden, and he’d promised more…much, much more.


About Noa XireauNoa Xireau 2 (1)

Multi-published, award-winning romance author. Noa simply tells the stories of the people living in her mind. The reason all of these stories are full of erotic adventures, sexual fantasies and yummy males is still a mystery but she obviously isn’t responsible for that (or at least that’s what she says).

Her motto is “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”. Maybe that’s why she’s always off visiting other worlds, even if her home is in the beautiful south of Spain. But just don’t try to tell her that she isn’t a good girl as that’s about as risky as taking away her beloved chocolate or alpha heroes!

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Twitter: @NoaXireau

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Stocking Stuffer ~ Christmas in July by Bella Brooke

Day Two of the Stuffers!! Today I’m featuring Christmas in July by Bella Brooke.


Christmas in July

Bella Brooke


When Texas Fire Chief Sam Mackenzie agrees to pose in a fundraising photo shoot to benefit the Kids at Christmas charity, he assumes he’ll be sporting a sexy costume like the other guys under his command. Wrong! But being a good sport, Sam’s prepared to appear even after he sees the itchy fake beard and unflattering fat suit he’ll actually be wearing.

But then the charity’s founder, the beautiful and caring July Jones, walks in the door. Instantly aroused—and grimly aware of how completely unarousing his current self is—Sam needs a holiday miracle or at least a little Christmas magic if he wants to get the only present worth unwrapping anywhere near his fireman’s pole.

Luckily Christmas is the season for magic. Even more luckily, Santa’s very secret helper is at hand. And in the twirl of a snowflake, everything changes.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult contemporary romance from Elloras Cave

Also available on Amazon.

And now for an excerpt!!

He came to with a start, realizing Sarah was saying something. “Mmh?” he said absently, his gaze never wavering from July.

He came to with a start, realizing Sarah was saying something. “Mmh?” he said absently, his gaze never wavering from July.

Sarah smirked. “I said the women are leaving, the TV crew are packing up and we’re about done here.”

“Okay,” Sam mumbled, breathing hard as July brought another cookie to her mouth and started licking the chocolate chips with a slight but audible moan. “Whatever.” He realized he was being a bit of an ass to the photographer, who was giving her time and expertise for free but… He swallowed convulsively—now the minx was licking a smear of melting chocolate off her thumb, eyes closed in ecstasy. It was sheer…blissful…torture.

Sam ignored the comments and catcalls. He stalked over to a pink-cheeked July and scooped her up in his arms.

“I can walk,” she protested, hiding her face in his shoulder.

“Not happening, babe.” Sam strode toward the door, a man on a mission.

“Sam.” Sarah scurried over clutching the Santa hat and a sprig of mistletoe. “These might be useful,” she winked, thrusting them at July. “And Sam…”

“What?” he growled.

“You might want to get dressed.”

Sam thought for a moment. Shorts and fire boots. He shrugged. “Nah, I’m good.”

He looked at the woman in his arms and grinned. “But I’m about to get real bad.”

And now for a little bit about the Author:  dreamstimelarge_7719259

Bella Brooke

Writer of Romance. Sweet and sexy. Wicked and wild. Nice and naughty.

Right guy. Right time. Right now. HEAs with heat!

Born in Scotland. Married to an American. Loves to write.


twitter @BellaBauthor


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Christmas in July

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Week 4 (Really Late, but Present)


Week four is in the books. I’m late to get the quotes up, but that shouldn’t shock anyone much. The Browns fell apart. The Bengals seem to be going strong, but with all the chatter about how good they are, you know the fall is coming.  At least they’re good for drama. 

Let’s switch gears from drama to comedy. It’s time for the funny quotes. Are you ready? Here are the Honorable Mentions:

“A little stick route.”

Does that mean when you go down that road, you’re going to find a guy who isn’t well-endowed?

“Continuing to go to the tight end.”

Well, if one of the guys is small, then a tight end would be a good slot B.

“Trouble in the pocket.”

I guess they just don’t fit right.

“The technology is surely slipping.”

Huh. Sounds like the viagra isn’t working too well. Or it’s unreliable.  

“He tried to get it in there but he’s under pressure.”

So the little blue pills aren’t working, he’s small and the other guy is tight…Sounds like all sorts of bad going on. Hope they get it corrected. 

Hey, it’s always interesting when I listen to the football games. 

Now for those quotes of the week. It always amazes me what’s said on television. 

“He zips that one in there.”

Guess he got his fitting issues from last week sorted out. 

“He can zip it.”

Sounds like he’s very skilled or well-oiled. 

“Some arms never die.”

Does that mean there are zombie arms wandering around refusing to die and plaguing the area? I need to know so if I have to get my zombie kit, I can and am prepared. 

“Able to just find his way inside.”

With what? His arm? Something else? Or does this have to do with the zipping? 

“That’s big–Five guys up front.”

They’ve lined up for the zipping! 

“Just a little dump off.”

Guess that means he wasn’t allowed to the five-some. 

And now for that Doozy of the Week. This time around, I’m opening up the Doozy to my good friend and fellow author, Jocelyn Dex. Gotta give her big credit for this quote. Plus, she’s an awesome person and friend. 

“He’s high and hard.”

He must be in his mid-twenties and still a stallion. High and hard. Bet he’s popular, too. Bet he shows off his hard all over town. Just seems like that kind of guy. 

Thanks for reading and checking out my thoughts on the games. I’ve got release news and cover art to post this week, so stay tuned!!



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

Interview with TL Shaffer!

I’ve got TL Shaffer on the blog today. She’s one of my favorite people. I asked her a ton of questions and here’s what she had to say, plus an excerpt from her latest book, Shoot to Thrill!

  1. Describe yourself in three words.  Go-to-gal. Amazon. Passionate.
  1. Cast your book.  Tell us who would play the main characters in a movie and why (send pictures!).

For Arin—Angie Harmon (think Rizzoli & Isles)—she was fab in Law & Order, but in R&I she totally captured my imagination as a take-no-shit character who also happens to be smokin’ hot.

For Jonah—Simon Baker (yum)—I *knew* what I wanted for Jonah, but it took me forever to visualize who it was.  When I watched an old episode of The Mentalist, I just knew I had my Jonah.

(Wendi—pull whatever you want from my Pinterest board


  1. What’s your favorite love scene from a movie?

The love scene in The Terminator.  They’re *so* threatened, and when he says he came through time for her—OMG.  Still gets me, even all these years later.  So the love scene becomes that much more powerful.

  1. What’s your wildest fantasy?

Me, hubby, cabana in the Caribbean.  No connectivity.  Just me and him, and no day job to return to.  Ever.  It might seem boring, but we’ve been married almost 25 years, and to me, that’s deserving of the attention J

  1. If you were to lose one of your senses, which would you rather lose and why?

Hearing.  I can’t imagine losing my sight or sense of taste or touch, but I’d SO miss my heavy metal cooking hour playlist.

  1. What is the naughtiest thing you did as a kid?

Stole a candy bar from the hardware store.  Which my mother promptly discovered, and made my seven year old self take back, pay for, and apologize.  Mortifying.

Boxers or Briefs?  Boxer Briefs.  Oh my.

Top or Bottom?  Bottom – there’s nothing hotter than a fit man flexing above you, showing his strength

Pajamas or nude?  Nude

Hairy chests or smooth?  Lightly furred

Alpha or Beta?  Normal.  Alphas and betas are extreme.  I want someone to love and grow old with, not to throttle J

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Shoot to Thrill excerpt:  Shoot-to-Thrill-ebook-Full-Size

Since we’d already paid for the suite, and it had the sitting room, I saw no reason to get another room, especially since the chaise would make Summers uncomfortable.  I was getting a mean little charge out of torturing him, which should have made me ashamed, but didn’t.

And dammit if he didn’t seem to mess with my mind just as much.

He walked out of the bathroom wearing a pair of boxer briefs and nothing else.  To say the man had a droolworthy body was one of the greatest understatements of our time.  Lean but nicely muscled, with a six-pack and cut upper body.  His torso tapered down to narrow hips, a butt to truly die for, and long, strong legs.  I’d pictured him naked before, and the almost-there version was even better than my vivid imagination had been.

He sauntered to the chaise and plopped down on it, not even bothering to look my way.  “Bathroom’s free.”

I grabbed my overnight bag, muttering under my breath at myself as I headed in to change.

When I stared at myself in the mirror, I cursed the blush on my cheeks, the sparkle in my eye.  I’d enjoyed tonight way too much—and now I was sharing a room with one of the finest physical specimens I’d ever seen—and who I was actually starting to like.

As much as I could have stood there all night and dissembled, I had to decide what I was going to do, or not do, about my attraction to Jonah Summers.  No, it didn’t have to be tonight, but scratching that itch would certainly settle me down.  We were both adults, and the sparks that bounced between us weren’t one-sided.

Instead of giving myself a headache thinking about it, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and slipped into an extra long T-shirt.  Let Summers infer what he wanted.

That’s not to say I didn’t sneak a peek as I walked past the chaise, admiring his bare chest from above, where he couldn’t see my ogling.

Then I slipped into the bedroom and closed the door with a resounding click and finished my nightly ritual by lighting a candle for Bianca.

Super Book Blast with Soul Sucker and Kate Pearce


It’s time for a book blast! Kate Pearce is here with her book, Soul Sucker! Check it out! Comment, too. Why? Kate will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B&N GC, winner’s choice, to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour, and a $10 Amazon or B&N GC,winner’s choice, to a randomly drawn host. How cool is that?!?!

Follow her tour here:

Soul Sucker by Kate Pearce


Supernatural Branch of Law Enforcement empath Ella Walsh sucks memories from people’s heads. The job fills her mind with others’ nightmares and leaves her with little time for love, but if she doesn’t pair off with a mate of the government’s choosing soon, the psychic blowback will destroy her powers and her sanity.

The last time shapeshifting SBLE superstar Vadim Morosov worked with an empath, he got her killed and himself assigned to a desk. He worries about taking on another partner, but helping Ella track down an empath killer might be his only chance to save his career.

Naturally, the government decides to throw them together.

They resist at first, but they can’t deny the simmering heat between them. As the killer’s strikes grow closer to home, their bond gets tighter. And when the murderer finally traps Ella, her developing link with Vadim might be the only thing that can save her.


And now for an excerpt: 

Speaking of misbehaving… Ella’s gaze came to rest on the broad shoulders of an unknown black-haired man who was studying the vending machines with deep suspicion. He wore a nice dark suit, white shirt and tie, which meant he was either a regular government employee, or some religious groupie that had inadvertently slipped through security.

Male was probably a more appropriate word than man, because Ella could already tell there was something not quite human about him. As she approached, he turned more fully toward her, and she got her first good look at him. She sighed. He was way out of her league. With his pretty face, height and distinctive cheekbones he could have graced the cover on any magazine. Her appreciative gaze dropped to his broad chest—imagining him, preferably without his shirt on. She’d just bet he worked out.

“What’s up?” she asked as he continued to study her.

He looked even more confused. “I beg your pardon?”

His Russian accent was as divine as his cheekbones, and she actually wanted to squeal a little. She gestured at the five-dollar bill in his hand and spoke very slowly.

“Are you having trouble with the vending machine? Don’t they have those in your country?”

His sapphire-blue eyes narrowed. “Yes, they do, and you don’t need to worry about whether I can under- stand you. I spent four years at Harvard, so I speak American.”

“You do?” She flashed him her best smile. “Then I’ll leave you to it.”

Text Copyright © 2012 by Kate Pearce

Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. ® and TM are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited or its affiliated companies, used under license.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:KATE

Award winning author, Kate Pearce was born into a large family of girls in England, and spent much of her childhood living very happily in a dream world. Despite being told that she really needed to ‘get with the program’, she graduated from the University College of Wales with an honors degree in history.

A move to the USA finally allowed her to fulfill her dreams and sit down and write her first romance novel. Kate is published by Signet Eclipse, Kensington Aphrodisia, Ellora’s Cave, Carina Press,Cleis Press and Virgin Black Lace/Cheek.

you can find her at:

Twitter as Kate4queen


Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble:


Why Manchester with Victoria Blisse!

When I was thinking of a story to submit for Smut in the City I knew I would write about Manchester.
It’s my home city, I’ve lived within easy reach of it for the great majority of my life and it’s probably
the urban area I know the best.

The problem then became where in the city to focus on. I did wonder about having my characters
get up to naughty things at Old Trafford, the home of the Mighty Manchester United, the best
football team in the world (yes, I am biased) but then I got bogged down in the practicalities of that.

So I went for a mental tour of Manchester and tried to find the perfect setting. I wanted somewhere
recognisable, a little unusual and very Mancunian. I finally settled on a landmark I see every time
I visit Manchester, the water feature in Piccadilly Gardens. It just proves that nothing is safe from
this erotica writer’s dirty mind! Here’s a fountain based excerpt from my story, Mad Fer it in

We munch on in silence and watch the kids hurtling through the water.
“I don’t know how they do it,” I laugh, “that water must be freezing.”
“Oh,it looks fun to me.” Stuart grins, “and I’m so hot in this damn suit.”
“Yes you are,” I reply without thinking and his smile expands to cover his whole face.
I try to find some way of covering up my little slip. “So go on then, I dare you to stand on
there with the kiddies.”
“I bet you I can do it and not get wet.”
“How much?”
“Winner gets a kiss.”
Now that sounds like a win-win situation to me.
“You’re on!” I settle back in the grass. He jumps up, pulls off his jacket and drops
it to the floor beside me. It smells of him, spicy and fresh. I resist the urge to run the heavy
material against my cheek. I carry on watching him and yes, he’s doing it. He’s standing in
the middle of the fountain. It’s completely dry now but you know it’s going to spurt soon.
The little kids are laughing nervously, anticipating the cooling jets that will explode beneath
them at any minute. I hold my breath. Will he get wet?
“Ha, see!” He taunts as the water shoots up a metre or so away from him, “told, you.”
I’m just about to respond when a spout of water comes to my rescue and squirts up
directly beside him, showering him in ice cold water.
“You were saying?” I clap my hands in delight.
He just laughs and wipes his wet hair from his eyes. His white shirt is clinging to his
chest now and I can see the outline of his nipples and the dip of his bellybutton.
“Come on in, Lauren, the water is fine.”
“No, we need to go get you dry.” I look at my watch. “We’ve only got twenty
“Okay, bring me my jacket.”
I stand and walk towards the fountain. He’s perched on the edge and holds out his
hand. I pass him the jacket but he grabs hold of me and pulls me towards him. I follow him
with a yell, leaping up the step and onto the wet marble top.
“What are you doing?” I squeal, “I’ll get soaked.”
“That’s what I am hoping for.” He spins me round right into the path of one of the
jets. I scream as the ice cold water soaks through my skirt and my blouse and hits my heated
cheeks. It’s cold and all my senses jump alive from the shock.
“You little…” Just in time I realise we’re surrounded by kids so I refrain from calling
him a nasty name. He laughs, grabs me around the waist and pulls me to him.
“I like you wet,” He whispers.

If you want more you’ll need to pick up a copy of the awesome anthology
(yes, I’m a little biased) Smut in the City from, http:/

All Romance Ebooks,

and all good ebook retailers.

Victoria Blisse Bio:

Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

Find out more at or follow and friend Victoria:

Tuesday in Toronto ~ A Guest Post with Giselle Renarde, Author of “Saturday on a Tuesday”

Thanks to Wendi for welcoming me as a guest! In case you don’t know me, my name is Giselle Renarde and I’m a contributor to a great anthology called Smut in the City. Smut in the City is full of erotic stories about (you guessed it!) encounters in “the city.”

Which city, you ask?

Some authors were inspired to write about the romance of cities they’d visited, but I’m not much of a traveller so I wrote about the city I live in. I wrote about Toronto. More than that, I wrote about people who live here, doing what many of them do: working long hours in glass towers.

Yes, I wrote about office workers. Why? Because when I think about the city, it’s business that comes to mind. Ducks’ feet kicking wildly and never quite managing to maintain slick operations.

My story “Saturday on a Tuesday” opens on overworked, underappreciated, middle-aged Gemma sitting in her office at eight in the evening, staring at the CN Tower. Until she gets up for another cup of coffee, she has no idea someone else is still at work.

Here, have an excerpt:

With her coffee cup in hand, Liddy slumped into one of the lunchroom chairs. “I can’t stand the thought of going home to an empty apartment.”

“I could come with you,” Gemma offered.

Liddy rolled her eyes and laughed, like she thought it was a joke. She took a sip of her coffee, and then stared into the mug in silence. “Can I tell you a secret?”
“Absolutely!” Gemma abandoned the counter without a coffee. She didn’t need one anymore. She was electrified by the possibilities.

Biting her lip, Liddy traced the outlines of her plain white mug with one finger. She heaved a sigh. “My girlfriend left me. I had a girlfriend and… now she’s gone.”
Gemma’s pussy throbbed in time with her racing heart. “I didn’t know you had a penchant for women.”

“Nobody knows.” Liddy bowed her head and her long hair feathered the sides of her coffee cup. “That was the problem, according to Sarah. She called me a Saturday Night Lesbian.”

“Oh yes,” Gemma agreed. “A woman who’s crazy for pussy on Saturday nights, but acts like she’s straight the rest of the week.”

Liddy’s eyes seemed so sad, but she smiled sweetly. “I’d never heard it before. Sarah had to tell me what it meant, and I was so hurt. She thought I was ashamed of myself, and ashamed of her.”

“Are you ashamed?”


Every Tuesday in Toronto can’t be full of hot, kinky lesbian bondage and office sex… but this one sure is!



~ ~
Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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~ ~

Where to purchase Smut in the City?, http:/

All Romance Ebooks,

Smut in the City with Tamsin Flowers


First off, I want to say a huge thank you to Wendi for inviting me onto her blog – it’s always a pleasure to visit other writer’s blogs and I hope she’ll soon make a return visit to mine.

Wendi and I both have stories in Smut in the City, a fabulous anthology brought together by Victoria Blisse and Luce Felthouse – and as you might have guessed, all the stories have an urban theme. Wendi’s story takes place in Cleveland in a sleek apartment overlooking the city. Mine is practically the opposite: the action takes place in London, below the streets in the London underground system.

Most Londoners would admit to a love-hate relationship with the Tube, as it’s affectionately known. It can speed you round the city in moments when the streets are a tangle of traffic jams. But rush hour on the Underground? It can be hell. Hot trains crowded with bodies, no chance of a seat, no air conditioning, and then you get stuck in a tunnel…

My story, however, takes place late at night when the trains are virtually empty. My heroine takes up the challenge, set by her friend, of finding and seducing someone during one lap of the Circle Line. So if you’re feeling a little fed up with your daily commute to work and furious with the New Year fare increases, read the excerpt below for a different take on London’s transport system. It’s not perfect but it can be fun if you let it…

Excerpt from Underground Encounter

As the train pulled out of the station, the boy’s eyes locked mine in a lingering gaze. I ran my tongue around the edge of my lips; those brown eyes were making me hungry. I’d found my target and from the way he was looking at me, I had a feeling that maybe things would work out. If he didn’t try and get out at the next stop…

His eyes slid down to the V-shape made by the collar of my coat, to the tiny crack of cleavage it showed. Self-consciously I put a hand to my neck, pulling at one side of the collar as I scratched an imaginary itch on my shoulder. His stare was unremitting, his eyes two limpid brown pools that were starting to play havoc with my breathing. I slowly looked away but my heart carried on pounding, almost loud enough for me to hear, and it was more than I could do to avert my eyes for long. His wide mouth, even unsmiling, drew my gaze back to his face.

Suddenly he leant forward with his elbows on his knees.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked softly.

His breath smelt pleasantly of alcohol and as I spoke I could see his tongue was stained dark from drinking red wine.

I leant forwards too, letting my coat fall open. His eyes dropped down to my breasts, sculpted to perfection in a black lace bustier Tina had leant me.

I put a finger across my lips.


He nodded and swooped across to sit in the seat next to mine. Our eyes locked and I could feel sexual tension thickening the air between us. I looked around our end of the carriage: an elderly couple were sitting a few seats away from us and beyond them a pale, thin man, with receding hair, even though he didn’t look very old. None of them seemed to be taking any notice of us.

I put my hand on the boy’s thigh and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. His lips were moist and a sheen of sweat made his forehead glisten. Deep in my pussy a familiar flutter told me what was expected of me: I had to get part of this boy inside part of me. Soon.

The train stopped sharply and the doors opened.

A middle-aged woman with short grey hair got on and came and sat in the seat opposite us, the one my boy had just vacated.

I decided not to take any notice of her; after all, that was the whole point of the challenge, to see how far you could get in a public railway carriage. But as the train pulled away, the boy gave her a nervous glance. I wondered how old he was, even though it was something I wouldn’t ask in a million years.

To calm his nerves and my own, I let my hand slip further up his thigh, towards his groin, and at the same time I leaned across and kissed him softly on the lips. His hand immediately went to my shoulder to keep me there as he prolonged the kiss. His mouth encircled mine and I then felt his tongue gently, slowly, probing, inching its way between my lips. I felt a surge of heat between my legs and as I applied pressure to his warm thigh I heard a small, low groan deep in his throat. My tongue met his briefly and then I let my teeth catch his lower lip. His hand slipped from my shoulder to my rib cage, applying the gentlest of pressure through my coat to the side of my breast.

A loud, wholly unrealistic coughing from across the carriage distracted me from what I was doing and I felt the boy’s muscles go tense under my hand. I looked around to find the woman opposite glaring at me with a look of utter disdain.

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