Roosters! Party Animal (Roosters 6) by Gale Stanley #contemporary #roosters #changelingpress #romance

Party Animal (Roosters 6)

Party Animal (Roosters 6)

Author: Gale Stanley

BIN: 008530-02755

Genres: Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary)New ReleasesRomance

Themes: GayMultiple Partners

Series: Roosters (#6)

Book Length: Novella

Page Count: 51

Price: $3.99   $3.39
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Casey Cox is a porn star legend. Life is a never-ending party and there’s always a hot guy or two willing to play. Then Casey meets the one man who isn’t interested and suddenly it’s a challenge he can’t resist.
Note from Megan: I can’t wait for this book! Hope you can’t wait, too!