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This week’s five words to use as your prompt are: utter, store, proud, begin, amuse

Here we go. Where will the words take me?

It’s an utter shame. I thought the sign on the front of the store would make everyone proud. To begin with, it’s brightly colored and attracts attention. How was I to know no one spellchecked it until today? I didn’t paint it. All I wanted was to bring attention to the store and town. It’s working. People know about our store. Too bad the sign says Booger Books instead of Bigger Books…. At least it’s amusing? 🙂

Friday Five Writing Challenge with @meganslayer

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This week’s words are: other, ready, digress, tire, orbit

I know it’s not Find Molly, but they’re not speaking to me. Instead, I’ll let the words direct me. Here we go!!

I sat there in the car and fumed. I thought we were ready. Thought we’d thought of everything. Bags, necessities, us… what other things could there be? Plenty. We’d forgotten one thing. To check the tires. It’s rather hard to go on a trip without tires. I mean, how can you go when the tires are bald or you didn’t check one and it’s flat? How do you not look? But I digress… I thought we were good, but my husband’s head is in another orbit. I suppose it’s to be expected. He’s been a real mess since we got in the car. The thing is, my contractions are five minutes apart and we really need to get to the hospital, not be stuck here on the side of the road. I really hope the EMS are on the way…I don’t want to have this baby in the car.

Such is life, right?

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #fun

I’m SUPER late on this week’s Friday five because life got in the way. That’s all right. There’s still time to play. You can, too. Here’s the link:

This week’s words are: resort, time, rush, retreat, axis

I’m going to go where they lead me and get back to #findmolly next week.

He told me there was no reason to rush to get to the resort. Said the good rooms weren’t going to be taken because we’d booked ours and we’d have a nice one. I tried to believe him, but I also knew what a lag about he could be. Time wasn’t important to him. Nope. We get there when we get there. But there was a schedule. The computer programmers retreat had a timetable for the activities. How could he not understand I needed to be there, not only to get our room, but to get to the programming on time?

“The world won’t fall off it’s axis if you don’t get there at the exact first event,” he said. “Besides, they won’t start until you’re there.”

I stared at him. “What?”

“You’re the keynote speaker. They won’t start without you.” He grinned. “Surprise!”

I don’t know what happened after that. I was in the car one moment, and surrounded by darkness after that. I must’ve passed out. I had no idea I’d be the keynote speaker… I might have prepared more. Might have worried more. At least I could sleep the rest of the way…

Not bad, right?

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #stories

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This week’s words are: extreme, heel, whisper, latest, clerk

I’m going to go back to #findmolly and see where the words take me.

Willie stared at the photo on his phone. Molly. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. Not that he wanted to. He loved her. He also couldn’t get the words ‘he got her’ out of his mind. What did her sister mean? “Who would take Molly?” he whispered.

Dennis, his former partner on the force, strode up to him. “So, I talked to the clerk for the parks service. The latest is that this pool has been closed for a month. I don’t know who would want to break in here, but there’s nothing to be had. It’s been empty. Even the racoons don’t want anything to do with it.”

“I see.” Willie scrubbed the back of his hand across his mouth. “Why would someone do something so extreme as to leave Nikki here and in such bad shape? How is she?” he asked. “They won’t let me see her.”

“The bruises are nasty and she’s got a concussion, but they’re keeping you away because they’re worried you’re the target,” Dennis said. “You haven’t given up looking for Molly and it’s been almost a year. She’s gone. She doesn’t want you and she’s not coming back. Get that through your head and move on.” Dennis turned on his heel and walked away.

Willie gritted his teeth. Now he remembered why he’d chosen not to be partnered with Dennis–the man quit too easily and wouldn’t chase leads. Now he wondered what in the name of God Dennis knew. He’d been too quick to dismiss this case and too quick to decide Molly was gone. What did he know? Was he the ‘he’ Nikki referred to?

Damn it.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #fridayfive #storystarter #funnystory

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This week’s words are: lot, pill, root, interest, obese

I’m going to let them take me where they want to go. So, here goes.

I stared at the plant. Honestly, I hadn’t thought the thing would grow. Not out here. It rarely gets watered and the critters get at it. I never thought the thing would take root. I mean, it’s a ridiculously sunny lot. Nothing wants to grow here. Nothing that’ll be this big. My goodness, the thing looks obese, it’s growing so well. How was I to know it would germinate and grow so fast? I mean, it was a spilled cholesterol pill. It wasn’t supposed to make anything grow and certainly not an arm.

Now the media’s taking interest. I think I need to hide…

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #shortstory #supershort #prompt #findmolly #suspensestory

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It’s easy, fun and a little challenging, too. This week’s words are: green, tumble, meet, parking, concept

I’m going to get back to #findmolly this week, so here we go!

His stomach churned. The green slime on the floor of the pool smelled of death. His stomach wasn’t churning, no, it’s gone straight to tumble. It wasn’t Molly on the floor. It was Nikki, her best friend.

Where in the hell was she? He stood and fumbled with his phone, then called 911. Someone had to help him. Mostly, they needed to help Nikki. He watched the parking lot for the EMS vehicle. He wanted to be able to meet, warn and give them the story when the cops arrived as well. When he saw the flashing lights, he turned his attention back to Nikki.

“Honey? Are you okay?” He knew she wasn’t, but he had to be soothing. “Nikki?”

“Everything. Hurts.” She didn’t open her eyes and barely moved as she groaned again. “He got her.”

“Who?” He waved to the EMS, then focused on Nikki. “Who got her?” He wanted to shake her, but he had to be calm. “Nik?”

The paramedics muscled him out the way and one of the cops approached. “We need to take your story,” the cop said. “What happened and why are you out here?” The cop, Frank Miller, tipped his head. “Willy, you’re not even on the job any longer. What are you doing?”

Not on the job. What a concept. He’d forgotten about being removed from the case. Hell, he was one of the suspects in Molly’s disappearance. Always look at the spouse. But his cop instincts took over. He had to help. He had to find her.

“You need to go to the cruiser and have a seat. McMillian will talk to you.” Miller shook his head. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah.” Before or after they found Molly? And who had Molly? What did Nikki mean?

Damn it.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writingprompt #fun #writing #cutestory

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This week’s words are: storm, push, swallow, morsel, square

I thought I’d take a step back from #findmolly, since my brain isn’t wanting to go that direction. So instead, here’s this week’s entry:

I love chocolate, especially brownies. Every chewy square, tasty morsel…I love it. Now, I’m told eating half a pan of brownies is probably more than I can swallow. I’d say it’s correct. I’ve never done it, but the desire is there. I know. I’m bad. I’ve never pushed myself to try, although, I can’t say I haven’t wanted to. What do I do instead? Especially when the craving hits?

I eat a hunk of carrot. I know. It’s not what I want, but any port in a storm, right? It might so happen that being a rabbit shifter, I’m not supposed to eat chocolate. I’m not supposed to, but there’s nothing wrong in living dangerously from time to time, right?


Friday Five with @meganslayer #findmolly #storystarter #suspense

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Sorry I’m so late in getting to this. This week’s words are: bullet, risk, groan, ignore, absence So…here we go. Let’s #findmolly

Willie crept up to the pool. He couldn’t mistake the form or the lack of noise coming from the pile of–was it a person? Clothes? He wasn’t sure. If he touched the clothing he risked upsetting a crime scene. If he left the situation alone, he risked potentially helping Molly–if that was Molly.

He couldn’t live with her absence any longer. He couldn’t ignore the ache in his heart, either. She made him happy, no matter how much she drove him berserk. He’d take a bullet for her–if he could find her.

He knelt next to the form and touched the hair. “Molly?”

The person groaned.

He moved the tattered clothing, revealing the face of the person. “Molly?” His heart hammered. “Babe?”

The person opened her eyes.

Not Molly.


Damn it.

Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #prompt #findmolly

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This week’s words are : ally, fool, pool, revenge, tense. I’m going to go back to the saga of Willie and Molly. #findmolly

Maybe he was a fool, but he’d thought he had an ally in her sister. Now he couldn’t get answers from her. What the hell did she want? Revenge? He’d never even looked at Molly’s sister. The moment he saw Molly, he’d fallen in love. Molly was the only one who mattered.

He flexed his hands on the steering wheel. Driving so long made his hands tense. But he had to find Molly. He glanced over at his phone and reread the address listed. The city pool? What in the hell was she doing at the pool? Was she even there or was this another dead end?

He parked in the lot and made his way through the fog to the chain-link fence. He pushed aside the broken piece of fence and entered the property. Trespassing? Yes, but he had to find his wife. He inched up to the empty pool. The city drained the massive hole every October and it was already the 27th of the month.

He made his way across the sidewalk to the empty pool. His heart lodged in his throat and he slid his hand over his pistol. If she was there, then he’d rescue her, but he’d also shoot anyone else. He crept up to the edge of the pool and sucked in a ragged breath.

A rumpled form had been dumped in the deep end of the empty pool. He noticed a lock of dark hair.


Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #storystarter

This week’s words are: track, manner, chin, live, blonde

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I thought this week, since I’m super late, I’d go back to #findmolly The words just worked for it.

Willie got the mail when he returned to his house and rifled through the letters. He preferred to live conservatively – cheaply, as Molly would say – and there weren’t many bills, but one envelope stuck out.

He’d know that handwriting anywhere.


He should’ve checked the piece of mail for fingerprints before he’d touched it the first time. Drat. He grabbed a latex glove from his kit, then used his letter opener to get into the contents of the envelope.

A picture. Nothing more.

Willie stared at the photo of Molly. He’d always known her as a blonde, but this picture was of her as a brunette. In the picture, she’d jutted her chin out in a defiant glare. Whoever had taken the image must’ve upset her. She tended to smile in photos, not look at the photographer in such a manner.

He continued to stare at the photo, searching for anything that might give a clue to her whereabouts. Was she alive? Dead? He needed to track her but how?

It just might be time to bring in the experts…