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First off, I want to say a huge thank you to Wendi for inviting me onto her blog – it’s always a pleasure to visit other writer’s blogs and I hope she’ll soon make a return visit to mine.

Wendi and I both have stories in Smut in the City, a fabulous anthology brought together by Victoria Blisse and Luce Felthouse – and as you might have guessed, all the stories have an urban theme. Wendi’s story takes place in Cleveland in a sleek apartment overlooking the city. Mine is practically the opposite: the action takes place in London, below the streets in the London underground system.

Most Londoners would admit to a love-hate relationship with the Tube, as it’s affectionately known. It can speed you round the city in moments when the streets are a tangle of traffic jams. But rush hour on the Underground? It can be hell. Hot trains crowded with bodies, no chance of a seat, no air conditioning, and then you get stuck in a tunnel…

My story, however, takes place late at night when the trains are virtually empty. My heroine takes up the challenge, set by her friend, of finding and seducing someone during one lap of the Circle Line. So if you’re feeling a little fed up with your daily commute to work and furious with the New Year fare increases, read the excerpt below for a different take on London’s transport system. It’s not perfect but it can be fun if you let it…

Excerpt from Underground Encounter

As the train pulled out of the station, the boy’s eyes locked mine in a lingering gaze. I ran my tongue around the edge of my lips; those brown eyes were making me hungry. I’d found my target and from the way he was looking at me, I had a feeling that maybe things would work out. If he didn’t try and get out at the next stop…

His eyes slid down to the V-shape made by the collar of my coat, to the tiny crack of cleavage it showed. Self-consciously I put a hand to my neck, pulling at one side of the collar as I scratched an imaginary itch on my shoulder. His stare was unremitting, his eyes two limpid brown pools that were starting to play havoc with my breathing. I slowly looked away but my heart carried on pounding, almost loud enough for me to hear, and it was more than I could do to avert my eyes for long. His wide mouth, even unsmiling, drew my gaze back to his face.

Suddenly he leant forward with his elbows on his knees.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked softly.

His breath smelt pleasantly of alcohol and as I spoke I could see his tongue was stained dark from drinking red wine.

I leant forwards too, letting my coat fall open. His eyes dropped down to my breasts, sculpted to perfection in a black lace bustier Tina had leant me.

I put a finger across my lips.


He nodded and swooped across to sit in the seat next to mine. Our eyes locked and I could feel sexual tension thickening the air between us. I looked around our end of the carriage: an elderly couple were sitting a few seats away from us and beyond them a pale, thin man, with receding hair, even though he didn’t look very old. None of them seemed to be taking any notice of us.

I put my hand on the boy’s thigh and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. His lips were moist and a sheen of sweat made his forehead glisten. Deep in my pussy a familiar flutter told me what was expected of me: I had to get part of this boy inside part of me. Soon.

The train stopped sharply and the doors opened.

A middle-aged woman with short grey hair got on and came and sat in the seat opposite us, the one my boy had just vacated.

I decided not to take any notice of her; after all, that was the whole point of the challenge, to see how far you could get in a public railway carriage. But as the train pulled away, the boy gave her a nervous glance. I wondered how old he was, even though it was something I wouldn’t ask in a million years.

To calm his nerves and my own, I let my hand slip further up his thigh, towards his groin, and at the same time I leaned across and kissed him softly on the lips. His hand immediately went to my shoulder to keep me there as he prolonged the kiss. His mouth encircled mine and I then felt his tongue gently, slowly, probing, inching its way between my lips. I felt a surge of heat between my legs and as I applied pressure to his warm thigh I heard a small, low groan deep in his throat. My tongue met his briefly and then I let my teeth catch his lower lip. His hand slipped from my shoulder to my rib cage, applying the gentlest of pressure through my coat to the side of my breast.

A loud, wholly unrealistic coughing from across the carriage distracted me from what I was doing and I felt the boy’s muscles go tense under my hand. I looked around to find the woman opposite glaring at me with a look of utter disdain.

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