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Saturday Night Special by Wendi Zwaduk Saturday Night Special Cover 2

Scarred Hearts, #2

Publisher: Megan Slayer


She makes his motor run.

Blaine Haeferle drives fast and lives on the edge. He’s not afraid to risk it all for the win—unless his heart is in the mix. He loved once, but things ended in disaster. Can he accept the woman who holds his heart, despite all their jagged past?

Mallory Sweet never intended to leave Blaine without a word. But one night changed everything for her. Instead of facing her past, she ran. Is coming to terms with her past the key to winning the love of her life back?

Anything can happen on a Saturday night under the lights.


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Now for that Flirt!!

©Wendi Zwaduk, 2016, All Rights Reserved

Mallory stilled his hand. “I saw you race. You did well.”

Her touch sparked the feelings he’d long since buried. So much for getting over her. “I had motivation.” Her picture in his pocket and the memories of her on his heart.

Her cheeks paled and her eyes widened. “Motivation?” Her brows knotted. “I see.” She straightened her blouse. “Well, good luck tonight.”

Blaine took a step back. Something happened between them, but fuck if he understood what. “Don’t tell me you came here for small talk. You hate making conversation for the sake of wasting time. What’s going on?” He touched her cheek. “You aren’t even smiling. What’s wrong?”

Her shoulders sagged and a tear slipped down her cheek. The old feelings rushed back into his heart. The longing, the need, wanting to fuck her until she screamed–God, he had it bad for her. He gathered her into his arms and stroked her hair. “Tell me who hurt you. I’ll make it right.”

Mallory stared up at him. “No one hurt me.” She wiped her face with the back of her hand, smearing her mascara. Instead of scrambling for a tissue to fix the damage, she continued staring at him. “I had a plan when I came here. And now it’s all fucked up. I lost my nerve.”

“Oh?” He brushed a lock of her hair off her forehead. “Why is that? What was your plan?”

“This.” She threaded her arms around his neck and bounced on her toes to meet him for a kiss.

The blood rushed from his brain to his groin. He closed his eyes. She still tasted like honey and lemon. He swept his tongue over her lips and moaned when she gave him passage. He tangled his tongue with hers and held her tight to his chest. So soft and strong in his arms. Her light whimpers and the scratch of her nails on his back added to his pleasure. He drifted away, lost in the kiss, drunk on her and in total bliss. If he had more time, he’d throw her over his shoulder and take her into the camper bay of the hauler to have his way with her.

“Thought I’d find you here.”

Blaine opened his eyes. Mallory hadn’t broken the kiss. She mirrored his surprise. She slipped away from him and swiped her tongue across her bottom lip. Blaine held onto her and turned his attention to the interloper.

Well, shit.

Hump Day Hump with Lily by @MeganSlayer #hump #menage #menageromance #fantasy


Now for a new feature…the Hump Day Humps!! Find more humps right here:

For mine, I’m featuring Lily. This book is white hot times two. Double the men, double the fun.

2nd Ed. Lily (Forever Wicked) by Megan Slayer MS_FWLily_XL

Cover art: Marteeka Karland

Page Count: 44 (Novella)

Series: Forever Wicked Multi-Author (#13)

Theme(s): Multiple PartnersSecond EditionsMagicVoyeurism and Exhibitionism

Genre(s): ParanormalBDSMNew ReleasesRomance

John and Michael never forgot how much they cared about their sub, Tiger Lily. She’s the one for them and they love playing with her. Now they’re ready to offer her their collar. No more waiting, they’re ready.

But is she?

Tiger Lily wants both her masters, but she’s convinced they want a toy, not a full time sub. She decides to test them and makes them prove their devotion to her. It’s a risky game of swapped control, but if things work out the way she plans, they’ll all end up satisfied.;jsessionid=41463FC1B18E58D3C72D46EC4AD2C939.prodny_store02-atgap06?ean=2940158851193

For the hump… here we go!

©2017 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

“First, I need to show you how important you are to me. Do you wish to

Did she? Hell, yes. “I do, Sir, and my safe word is wallflower, but I don’t want to
use it.” The words came so easily and from the heart. She scooted forward on the bench
and unbuttoned his trousers. With her gaze fixed on her work, she freed his cock from
the confines of his boxers and through the gap in his pants. A bead of shiny precum
glistened on the tip of his erection. Desire hit her at full force and she flattened her
tongue in his salty cream. A tremor wracked her body. What did he want her to do?
Suck him off in the stairwell? Sounded good to her. She opened her mouth wide to take
him in, but he stilled her by stroking her cheek with the pads of his fingers.

“Not yet, my pet.” He handed her a condom. “Put this on me first.”

Tiger Lily rolled the latex over his dick, then stroked him a couple of times. His
balls jiggled with each caress.

“Fucking Goddess.” John scooped her into his arms and held her flush to his
chest. “I can’t wait any longer.” He hiked her skirt up, baring her lower half to anyone
who potentially walked up the steps. “You make me crazy and needy. Two things I’m
scared to be.”

Tiger Lily nodded. She rather liked seeing him lose control, but then she craved
his domination. Right now, she just plain craved him. She wound her arms around his
neck and gave in to him.

“Take me, Sir,” she pleaded.

“I planned to.” He pinned her between the wall and his body and entered her in
one thrust. No finesse, just raw sexuality and need. She whimpered and rocked her

“Thank you, Sir.” She pressed her face into the crook of his neck. “Sir.”

“Look at me.” When she did, John buried himself fully within her pussy. He
looked into her eyes. “Feels so good inside you, pet. So good.” He kissed her, swiping
his tongue over her bottom lip. She gave into the urge to taste him and scraped her
teeth over his tongue. Tiger Lily swallowed his moan. His fingers bit into her ass and he
started to move.

When he fucked, John moved with gusto. No tentative loving for him. Nope.
Hard, quick thrusts against the wall, scraping her lower back with each insertion. The
pain didn’t bother her. She wanted more. Harder. Rougher. The springy curls at the
base of his cock tickled her clit, and she grabbed his shirt for a better hold. He kept one
arm around her waist and the other one under her ass. The bells chimed in time with
his thrusts.

“My pet,” he chanted, between kisses. “Mine.”

Tuesday Tease! Cordelia from Faeries After Dark by @MeganSlayer #faeries #romance #mf #PNR


Time for the Teaser Tuesday post, where I feature one of my stories and a snippet to tempt you!! This week, I’m featuring Faeries After Dark, primarily my tale, Cordelia!


Cordelia by Megan Slayer Faeries_After_Dark_Cover_for_Kindle

Faeries After Dark by Madison Sevier and Megan Slayer

Published by WZD and Coffee Queen Publications

Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

M/F pairing



Faeries finding purpose, magic and love…


A faerie on the run with a stolen bear. An attraction neither can deny. Magic is the key when these two hearts collide. Fiona Blake has always been the faerie who’s done the right thing. She’s avoided trouble and love her entire life. Now, she’s unemployed and on the run–with a stolen bear. By using her magic, she’s unbalanced the laws of nature and Fiona is in deep scat. She must fix things before she loses her powers and her heart to a sexy stranger who might get her locked up in faerie prison.

Kash Bruin needed a break from his overbearing, matchmaking father. He never Cordelia LARGE COVER 2imagined he’d wake up in a cage, naked and kidnapped by a crazy, violet-eyed, beautiful woman who believes she’s a faerie. Can a spark of magic bring these two creatures from separate world’s together? Or will the truth be too much to bear and tear them apart fur-ever?


What’s a love faerie supposed to do without her magic?

Cordelia likes to play fast and loose with the rules. So she’s made a few mistakes with magic along the way? No one got hurt…right? The blue-haired faerie, prone to the occasional blue language and dirty jokes, loses her right to create magic after one goof-up too many. But she’s about to find redemption in the form of a merman named Henry and a human named Jinx. Fix them up and she’ll get her right to create magic back. There’s only one problem…Liam.

Liam could be the right man to help Cordelia rise above her troubles…but first she’s got to make him believe she exists. Not impossible, right?

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©Megan Slayer, 2017, All Rights Reserved

She’d have to face the guy some time. She whipped around and collided with a solid wall of male muscle. He smelled like leather and stood at least eight inches taller than her. She splayed her hands on his chest to steady herself, then backed up. “Sorry.”

“I scared you?”

She met his gaze. Holy fuck. He had blue eyes. “Jinx?”

“That’s my brother.” He smiled. “Are you okay? You look lost and a little confused.”

A little? “You’re fucking serious? You’re not Jinx?” She swept her gaze over him. Christ. She’d cream her shorts at this rate. He had muscle in all the right places, a chiseled jaw, reddish blond hair and blue eyes. When he smiled, his dimple showed. He smelled good and when he spoke, shivers ran the length of her spine. And here she was with a wet tank top and hard nipples. She was so fucked.

“I’m serious.” He laughed and offered his hand. “Jinx—er—my brother, Jeremy, tends to be here. He paints. Why are you looking for him? It’s too late for him to paint tonight.”

“Oh. Right.” God. She sounded stupid. “I’ll stop talking now.”

“You don’t have to.” He slipped her hand into his and tugged her to the closest bench. “Have a seat, catch your breath and let’s talk. You look flustered. You can’t possibly be a hitwoman or out to find him because of a secret baby.”

“Why not?” Being a hitwoman wasn’t on her radar, but anything was possible.

“Despite your foul mouth, you’re too sweet.” He nodded to the bench. “Sit. Tell me your name and what’s going on.”

She plopped onto the bench and willed her chest to cooperate. She pressed her knees together. Christ, the heat in her body would overwhelm her sooner than later. She wanted to touch him again and feel that sizzle. “My name is Cory…Cordelia.” She shook hands with him. Damn. Firm grip. What would it feel like to have those hands around her waist during sex? Probably heaven… Shit. She had to focus. “I’m actually trying to find Jinx or Jeremy, as you called him, for a friend of mine. A mutual friend told me to get them in contact and put in a good word.”

“Is either friend a guy?”

“Yeah. One of them is.” She slid her gaze to him. “Why? Didn’t you know he’s gay?”

“I knew.”

“Before we go any farther, what’s your name?” Call her nosy, but she wanted to address him properly when she asked him to bed later.

“Liam. It’s short for William. William Darling.” He shook her hand again. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Cordelia.”


Tuesday Teaser ~ Second Chances by @WendiZwaduk & @MeganSlayer #mf #mfm #romance #teaser


SECOND CHANCES by Wendi Zwaduk

In Ebook format AND Print!

Anything is possible when you only accept the best—even if it takes some second second chanceschances. Four stories of white hot romance from bestselling authors, Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer.


Can this seasoned officer accept what he never knew he wanted? The saucy librarian longs to wrap herself in his muscle-bound arms, but can a chance encounter really be simply the best?


He drives fast, lives on the edge and loved once, but things ended in disaster. Can he accept the woman who holds his heart, despite all of their jagged past? She never intended to leave him, but life got in the way. Is coming to terms with her past the key to winning back the love of her life?


All she wanted was a pint of ice cream, not to be a witness to a double murder. Good thing she has not one, but two sexy men willing to keep her safe. Sam and Quint had it all until she came along. Can these three find love beyond the bedroom or will things go up in flames?


Gage Bell considered Ryan Dane the one that got away—except he never pursued Ryan in the first place. He’s done trying to ignore the way Ryan makes him feel. Now an incident on the track has given him the right incentive to find the sweetness he’s always known he could find in Ryan’s arms. If Ryan will give him an inch and let him take the wheel, Gage is ready to run to the right man over and over again.

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©Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

Gage licked his lips. He could do this. If he could pass in the turn with cars three wide, he could tell Ryan how he felt and ask him out.

“Have you ever liked someone, but you weren’t sure how to tell them?” Christ, he sounded so juvenile. “Like, you knew they were out of your league?”

“I doubt there’s anyone in town out of your league. Just be yourself and ask.” Ryan licked the mayo off his fingers.

Again, the man probably wasn’t trying to turn him on, but damn it, Ryan had Gage on a hair-trigger.

“So you’d consider it?” Gage held his breath and sagged against the side of the truck bed. Asking the question took a lot out of him.

“Sure, I’d consider it. I mean, I doubt anyone in town wants to date me. They all still think I’m either a freak or trying to get attention.” Ryan shrugged. The wind caught a lock of his hair and swept it in front of his eyes. “Most of our class at Gilead High hated me when they found out I’d come out.”

“I didn’t.” No, he’d fantasized about being just as brave as Ryan to come out and to be holding Ryan in his arms.

“Since when? You used to stand back and watch while the others insulted me. I seem to recall the senior squad of the football team pranking my house and my car at the time.”

Gage closed his eyes. He remembered the prank quite well. At the time, he’d only watched and kept his mouth shut. He hadn’t participated, but that probably meant little to Ryan.

“Anyway, if there’s someone you’ve got your eye on, just tell them. Lots of women are very interested in racers. Hell, watch the pits in one of the races where you’ve been knocked out early or there’s a couple of different divisions going. Women come out of the woodwork. I’ve had them come on to me plenty of times.” Ryan held up his sandwich. “Here’s to finding you a date.”

He gritted his teeth. Ryan had missed the point of what he was asking, but then, he hadn’t exactly been forthcoming. He had to take the chance and risk losing his burgeoning friendship with Ryan as well as his pride.

“So? Who is it?” Ryan sipped the soda and smacked his lips. “Do I know them? Or her? Whatever.”

“Yes. You know them.” His heart hammered and blood thrummed in his ears. He gulped air and attempted to harness his bravery. “It’s you.”


Smut Sunday ~ Giving In by @MeganSlayer #smutsunday #newrelease


Check out the other smutty fun at:

For my very first Smut Sunday post, I’m sharing a hot moment from my latest novella, Giving In. Shimmer, the drink additive which the story is inspired by, makes each drinker feel differently depending on who they are and what they’ve added it to. Come check out what happens when my characters try Shimmer.

Giving In by Megan SlayerGivingIn_Slayer

A Shimmer Story

M/M, Anal Sex


From MLR Press

MLR Press:

Universal Link:

Mix two guys with simmering desire and add the new drink, Shimmer. What could go wrong?

Ronan’s been more than a little in love with Jaxon since they met four years ago. He wants a romantic relationship with his best friend, but they’re opposites. Jaxon’s bookish, quiet and observational, but Ronan’s the epitome of attention-seeking. Besides, Jaxon’s just out of a relationship. Would he want to start another love match, but this time with Ronan?

Jaxon knows how he feels about Ronan. He’d like to strip him down and kiss every tattooed and pierced inch of him. The thing is, he’s worried he’ll screw up the friendship if the romance fails.

The bar is closed for the night and there’s two shots of Shimmer left. So Shimmer creates a different sensation for each drinker. So it can cause unexpected results. It can’t make two guys on the verge of love fall for each other…can it?

Now for some smutty goodness!

 ©Megan Slayer, 2017, All Rights Reserved

“Since neither of us work tonight, why don’t we get together? My place. I’ll cook and no Shimmer. That way we can see if this is real?” Ronan rubbed his nose along Jaxon’s. “No booze whatsoever.”

“Deal.” He licked his lips, then ground his body against Ronan’s. He’d dreamed of this moment and for once didn’t have any worries. Things could finally be going his way.

Ronan kissed him, but kept his eyes open. “I won’t lie. I’ve wanted to do that for a while.”

“Kiss me?” Jaxon asked, his voice gravelly. He barely recognized the tone, but knew the need well. Ronan might not be the one—he wasn’t sure anyone was—but he was Jaxon’s best friend. He’d wanted Ronan. Was it love? Not yet, but damn it, there was a lot of lust. He wanted to strip Ronan down and taste every inch of him.

“Uh-huh.” Ronan grinned. “I need a shower, shave, and food, but not in that order. Good thing I don’t have classes this week.”

Good thing for the both of them. He’d forgotten all about the upcoming semester starting in seven days. Then again, he had too much on his mind and most of it revolved around Ronan.

“Come over tonight. Text me when you’re on your way. I won’t take no for an answer. We’ll work this out or implode, but we’ll get it sorted through.” Ronan smiled again. “See you.”

First Chapters ~ Together in Cedarwood by @MeganSlayer

Together in Cedarwood

Bobby Gagnon came back to town in the hopes of starting over. He’s got his kids and his MS_TogetherInCedarwoodaccounting business, but he wants more. One look at the hot guy sharing the running trail with him is enough to stoke Bobby’s fire. He wants to hook up with the sexy runner, but he doesn’t even know the guy’s name. Will the man even want to be with a single father?

Remy Bard never considered himself a kid person or parent material. He’s happy with his job at the Cedarwood Tribune, but it’s not enough. Something’s always been missing in his life. He keeps seeing the same guy at the park—tall, dark, handsome and hot as hell in those running shorts. Although he’s shy, Remy isn’t about to let this guy get away without at least one night together.

These opposites certainly attract, but will their differences be enough to keep them apart or will they find a way to come together in Cedarwood?

Available at Loose Id or anywhere Ebooks are sold!

Now for the first chapter!!

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

Chapter One

“Hi. My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bobby. I’m a single father to two great kids—er, young people. My son says he’s not a kid. Chris is fifteen and my daughter, Darcy, is twelve. I’ve got a teen and an almost teen.” Christ, he felt old.

“My daughter swims and my son’s a runner.” Bobby stuffed his hands into his pockets. Talking in public didn’t bother him, but talking about himself did. He had to press on, though. If he didn’t talk, he’d never get this out. “I didn’t plan on being a single parent, but I also couldn’t deny who I am. I tried the traditional route and got married to a woman. Helene and I had some good times. Darcy was our best creation, and when we adopted Chris as an older child, I thought things were great. They were happy and I thought I was, but I was miserable. I knew I was gay, but there was no amount of therapy that my folks could find to fix me before I got married. It took me a long time to understand I wasn’t the one who needed fixing. Anyway, I came out to my wife, and she left me. It turned out all of the happy feelings were a joke. A sham. She had a guy on the side and didn’t want the kids. She’d had Darcy to please me and went through with the adoption because she thought I wanted it. She never wanted either. She turned over parental rights, so for the last five years it’s just been the three of us. I’ve had boyfriends, but nothing worth much. The kids come first.”

He sat down and exhaled. Holy shit. He’d babbled his head off. It felt oddly good to talk, though. He had so much bottled up since the divorce. He hadn’t even mentioned he was the son of the police chief or that he’d grown up in Cedarwood and left because his parents couldn’t handle him being gay.

Another man stood and told his story, then a woman talked about being newly single. The group had been called the Single Father Society, but a few women were there. Two lesbians and a straight woman whose best gay friend had just died and she needed someone to talk to. He appreciated the mix of people and not being the only person with problems.

He barely paid attention to the other speakers. His mind kept returning to his schedule for the next day. With the kids out of school, he’d spend the morning at the metro park. Darcy had to get to swim practice by eight, and Chris had conditioning for cross-country starting at half-past eight. He toyed with the fitness band on his wrist. He’d probably end up running the ten-mile course while he waited. He needed to get stuff done at work. Shit. He’d have to call his mother to see if she’d keep an eye on the kids.


Fuck. Someone had called his name. He snapped his attention back to the group. “Sorry.” He wasn’t—not really. He’d never been able to focus.

“We’re done.” Colin Baker grinned. “You were a million miles away.” He flipped his hair off his brow and shook his head. “A hundred million miles.”

Bobby had been back in town for a month and only spent time with his kids, the parents at the various practices, and his clients. Besides work situations, tonight’s meeting was his first venture out without his children.

“Yeah. Sorry. I’ve got too much on my mind.” And on his plate. He appraised his friend from high school. “You’ve changed,” Bobby said. But so had he. “You’re taller? New glasses? Dyed your hair?”

“Nope, nope, and nope.” Colin twiddled with his phone. “I’m busy at the bookstore and I lost some weight, but that’s it. I’m in charge of the group here, but I’m not single so I guess I should step down. Remember Jordan?” He turned his phone around. A photo of Colin, a kid, and a guy in a police uniform graced the home page. “That’s him and my son, Gage. We’re getting married. Me and Jordan—not Gage. That would be silly. He’s a kid.”

“I knew what you meant.” The longer he looked at the photo, memories from high school came back to him. He did remember Jordan Hargrove. He hadn’t been in Jordan’s social circle, but he’d been good friends with Colin. He wouldn’t have put Colin and Jordan together. “He used to be a real dick.”

“Funny. My brother says that exact same thing.” Colin tucked the phone into his back pocket.

Farin, Colin’s younger brother, strolled over to where they stood. “What am I guilty of that I might or might not have done?”

“You call Jordan ‘Officer Dick,’” Colin replied.

“I used to.” Farin smiled. “He’s grown on me.” He slid his gaze over Bobby. “I’m glad you’re back, Bobby. This town is becoming a strange version of a high school reunion. If you’re not from school, then we’ve got kids in common.” He held up his cell phone and pointed to a photo on the screen. “My partner is one of the swim instructors over at the metro park. I’ve probably seen you there, and if I haven’t, I’m sure we’ll cross paths there.”

“Partner?” He was coupled up too? Christ. Everyone in the damn support group already had someone. No, he was wrong. Two of them did, but still.

“Steve.” Farin pointed to another photo. “He’s my boy toy and I’m the elder statesman.” He smiled, then wandered over to another group of men who were deep in conversation about what sounded like comic books, but Bobby wasn’t sure.

Colin rolled his eyes and folded his arms. “They’re getting married too.”

“So this is a dating pool?” Bobby snorted. The last thing he needed was a date. Actually, he could use a good fuck, but he wasn’t high on bringing random guys home.

“Kind of.” Colin collected the papers from one of the tables. “Jordan and I met because I got a speeding ticket.”

“He nabbed you with his radar, eh?” Bobby asked and gathered up some of the other papers.

“I earned the violation, sadly. I sped through a school zone. Not my best hour, but I learned.” Colin shrugged. “Farin met Steve at the metro park. They’ve bonded over comics and art.” He paused. “I don’t see Colt or Ashley, but they’re together. Colt owns the diner. Best fries around. Ash teaches at the elementary school. His son, Wyatt, is a trip. Oh, and our friend Niall is now with Michael, who happens to be in a band and goes by the name of Bandit. Got all that?” He grinned. “Niall and Michael don’t have kids, but they’re part of our group, so other than them, yeah, this has become a dating pool.”

“I’m not interested in getting a date.” He’d told himself that lie so many times, he almost believed it. Almost.

“None of us were either. Jordan and I sort of happened, and I might have had a hand in getting Farin to notice Steve.”

“You set me up,” Farin called but didn’t leave the other group.

“Something like that. Ash and Colt were their own organic thing. They met on their own, and Michael and Niall met at the school.” Colin paused again. “How old did you say Darcy was? Twelve? She’ll be too old for their classes. They’re both at the elementary school.”

Bobby rocked on his feet. He’d forgotten how much Colin could talk. “Middle school and high school for us. I got them registered two weeks ago, and Chris already joined the cross-country team. He ran for his old school in Chagrin and had a couple of records.”

“That’s awesome.” Colin beamed, then sobered. He put one hand up. “I have to say this. If you’re contacted by the Coalition for Order in Cedarwood, tread lightly.”

“The anti-gay group?” Bobby asked. He’d had run-ins with them a couple of times and hated it. “I had one approach me at the diving finals at the beginning of the month. The school superintendent talked to me.”

“Yes. Just…they’re trying to rid the town of anyone they don’t like. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, lesbian, have purple hair, or a pet giraffe. They want to clean up the town.” He hooked his fingers in the air like quotes. “It’s garbage, but we’re working to change it.”

“There are lots of sports parents who don’t care. They know about me and haven’t treated me any differently. It’s been refreshing, actually.” Bobby widened his stance. “They’ve been very inclusive.”

“That’s great, but it only takes one or two die-hards to cause serious trouble.” Colin handed Bobby a flier. “The big festival is this weekend. Anyone is welcome. There will be rides, games, fireworks, and a concert. Please come. Bring the kids.”

“Sounds good, but my folks are taking Darce and Chris to the lake this weekend,” Bobby replied. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t support the cause.” God knew he could use a night out. “I’ve still got tons of shit in boxes at the house, and I won’t get done unpacking this weekend, so yeah, count me in.”

“You’ll have fun.” Colin clapped Bobby on the shoulder. “I’m glad you’re back. I missed you.”

“Thanks. I missed home. Yeah, I had that falling out with Dad, but it’s getting better.” He winked. “See you this weekend or at the next meeting.”

“It’s a deal. You can meet Jordan and the rest of the guys.” Colin waved and headed across the room to his brother.

“Re-meet him,” Bobby mumbled. He waved and then made his way out to the parking lot. The sun had already set, but the heat hadn’t dissipated. He shrugged into his T-shirt. He hated sleeping in humid evening air—unless he had a hot guy to share his bed. He sighed and climbed behind the wheel of his car. Who was he kidding? He wasn’t going to find anyone in Cedarwood.

He turned the key and the engine roared to life. He rolled the windows down, then headed out of the lot. He’d thought coming back to Cedarwood would be a smart idea. The notion ended up being a mixed bag result. Things were good because the schools were top-notch with great academic and athletic programs for the kids. The move was also beneficial because he was closer to his parents, which gave his children a better chance to get to know them. But man, there were some big negatives. He hadn’t expected to run into so many former classmates or have to deal with so much of his past. He hated running from things, but his high school years hadn’t been the greatest. He liked change and being free.

He turned onto the main drag. The streetlights threw odd shadows on the pavement as he passed the buildings. He remembered zipping up and down the road a hundred times during his senior year. He smiled and scrubbed his forehead with the back of his hand. He’d driven to clear his mind and to forget the way he’d felt about Damon Barnes. The soccer jock hadn’t noticed him, and he’d been too embarrassed to admit he was gay back then.

He sighed and headed north of town to his development. He’d had so many missed opportunities in life—missed connections with guys he’d liked, jobs he’d wanted, and situations he’d liked to have experienced. After Helene left, he swore he wasn’t going to have any more regrets.

Right now he regretted not having a hot fuck in his bed. He needed someone to share his life with for even just a couple of days, but his self-imposed rule kept most potential partners away. He refused to bring random guys home for sex. He scrubbed his face again, then pulled into his driveway. He’d seen a man around town but hadn’t made a move. What if the guy said no? Or what if he was turned off by a man with kids? What if he wasn’t even gay? He groaned. Time to stop thinking about sex and hot men. He was a dad and had to think about his children—not his dick.

He eased the car into the garage and shut off the engine. He hit the button to close the door, then left the vehicle. He thought about the guy he’d seen running at the metro park. If he was meant to find a lover in Cedarwood, then it would happen, but he doubted it. Fate had a certain way of kicking him in the teeth when it came to relationships.

He stopped in the middle of the dark garage. His thoughts turned to Helene. He’d believed they were all happy when he was with her. Well, no. They were fine. Not happy, just fine. He shook his head. He wasn’t fine, and they hadn’t been back then either. Sure, he was glad he had Darcy and Christopher, but he wished he’d been honest with himself from the start. As much as he’d come to dislike Helene, he knew down in his heart that she’d deserved better. She’d left him in a tough spot, but she hadn’t been the one for him and he hadn’t been himself with her.

He made his way over to the man door leading into the house. Time to stop thinking about the past. He needed to be Dad now. He strode into the house and stepped around the boxes in the dining room. One day he’d have everything put where it belonged, but not tonight.

Chris sat on the couch and Darcy was stretched out beside him, but under a blanket. A bowl of half-eaten popcorn remained on the coffee table and sitcoms that were almost as old as Bobby played on the television.

“Watching educational television?” Bobby asked, sarcasm dripping from his words. “I remember this show.” He didn’t, not really, but sometimes getting Chris to talk was harder than complex taxes.

“I like their style,” Chris replied. “She’s asleep if you want to carry her upstairs.”

Crap. He’d planned on getting home before she conked out. “Sorry I was late.” He tossed his keys onto the table, then rounded the couch. He scooped Darcy into his arms. Although she was twelve and strong from the hundreds of thousands of laps in the pool, the girl was tiny. He carried her up to her bedroom and left her under the covers.

“Thanks, Dad,” she murmured, then rolled over.

Bobby kissed her head. “Night, Peanut.” He left her door open a crack, then went back downstairs.

“She wanted to swim. I know you said no, but it helped her blow off steam.” Chris turned off the television. “She’s angry about the move.”

“I know.” He’d expected this. He’d waited until after school let out before he’d had them transferred. Both kids would be starting in new buildings—Chris as a sophomore and Darcy in the seventh grade. He felt for Chris, but the kid could make friends anywhere and had a knack for getting his sister to open up about almost everything. Bobby sat opposite his son on the couch. “What upset her?”

Chris grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl. “There’s a kid on the swim team who said she didn’t belong. She made fun of Darcy’s suit, then her cap because it wasn’t the same as the other kids.” He rolled his eyes. “She wants her old friends and her old room back.”

For being fifteen, the kid could be incredibly mature. Bobby picked up the bowl of popcorn. “We can’t go back to the old house. It sold within hours of putting it on the market. I’ve told her however she wants to decorate her room, we’ll do it.” As for the kid on the team, he’d have to pay attention at practice in the morning. He wouldn’t involve the parents, but he’d listen in and see if he could give his daughter better advice in dealing with the little shit.

“She’s worried you’ll replace Mom.” Chris shrugged. “I’m not.” The muscle in his jaw twitched and if Bobby wasn’t mistaken, the kid had a thin growth of hair on his cheeks.

“Still mad at Mom?” He didn’t blame Chris. Helene’s leaving had been difficult all the way around. “Part of that was my fault.”

“Dad, you’re gay. So what? Mom didn’t have to abandon us because she hated you.” Chris shook his head and stuffed the popcorn into his mouth.

Bobby admired his son’s ability to be frank but still act his age. He grabbed a handful of popcorn but didn’t say anything. If Christopher wanted to talk, then he’d listen.

“She acts like she hates us. She won’t come to the swim meets or my meets. I don’t understand.” Chris flipped his hair out of his eyes. Normally, he had his tresses back in a ponytail at the back of his head. When he wore his hair loose, most of the strands ended up in front of his face. “We’re not bad kids.”

“No, you’re not.”

“It fucking sucks.” Chris’s voice cracked and he averted his gaze when he swore. “Sorry, Dad, but it does. She’s our mom and doesn’t want us, but she’s pregnant with Glenn’s baby.”

Bobby bristled. He knew Helene had moved on, but he’d thought she was with a guy named Trent, not Glenn. He also never expected her to get pregnant—not after the way she pitched a fit after she had Darcy.

“Yeah, she’s gonna marry Glenn and have a perfect life.” Chris hopped up from the couch. “She sent me an e-mail.” He retrieved his phone from the table, then handed the device over to Bobby. “Congratulations. We’re expanding.”

Bobby sighed as he read the words. Sure enough, his ex had announced via email she was going to change her last name again and have a baby. “Good for her.” He only half-meant it. “If this makes her happy, then we should be happy.” Kind of. “You’ve got me and we’re a team. If Mom doesn’t want to be around, then don’t force it.”

“You’re taking it well,” Chris said. He plopped onto the couch. “When are you going to get a boyfriend? No one cares if you do. Darce would love it.”

He paused and measured his words carefully. “I’m waiting for the right one to come along. Nothing drastic or quick. I’ve got you two to worry about, and that’s what’s important.”

“Couldn’t find a hookup at the support group?” Chris crooked his eyebrows. “Maybe next week?”

“You want me married off, huh?” He hugged his son and laughed. The last thing he needed to worry about was a relationship, yet his kids wanted him to be happy and thought that was what he wanted. Fuck. He had no idea what he needed.

“Dad, you’re depressed. Darcy might not understand, but I see it.” Chris shrugged. “You and Terry were pretty happy.”

“I guess.” He clapped Chris on the shoulder. “You’d better get to bed and stop worrying about my love life. Worry about your own and that cute girl at practice. She seemed nice. Nicole? Or was her name Nichelle?”

From his hairline to the neckline of his shirt, Chris blushed. “Her name is Carrie.”

“She’s cute.” He grabbed the popcorn bowl and carried it to the kitchen. “Get some rest so you’re fresh for practice.”

“Got it.” Chris dipped his head and scrambled up the stairs.

Bobby returned to the kitchen and scrubbed both hands over his face. Well, fuck. His kids were worried about his relationship status. It wasn’t their problem, and besides, he’d thought he’d been doing a decent job raising them alone. He groaned. He should call his parents if for no other reason than to find out what they knew. He loved his mother and father, but with the problems they’d had in the past he wasn’t sure he wanted them to know his kids were upset about him being alone. He grabbed another handful of popcorn. Being a single parent wasn’t his idea of fun.

He’d never dated a man who could understand him. He’d thought he found the right man in Terry, but Terry never could accept the kids—not totally. Neil had never been a good choice and couldn’t care emotionally for anyone but himself.

He finished the popcorn, then ruffled through the stack of mail. He recognized the names on the envelopes. Two were bills, one was a check, and the fourth…he wished he had his glasses. He held the envelope closer and reread the return address.

The Coalition for Order in Cedarwood.

Good God. He checked the name on the front once more. “Dear occupant,” he mumbled. They hadn’t necessarily zeroed in on him. No, they were blanketing the community. He shook his head and opened the envelope.

He scanned the letter and bit back a gag. The Coalition made it sound like they welcomed everyone to town and looked forward to the festival. They wanted unity within the community. Sure, they did. He tossed the letter into the garbage. He didn’t want his kids seeing that crap.

He locked the back and front doors and turned the lights off along the way upstairs. A dull ache started behind his eyes. He glanced over at the clock. Shit. Was it almost eleven already? He stripped out of his clothes and put on sleep shorts, then collapsed on his bed. Maybe things would work out in the morning.

* * * *

The next morning, Bobby drove the kids to the metro park. He parked by the wooden fence. If he came back to the car, he could see the cross-country team and the pools.

“Thanks, Dad.” Chris climbed out of the vehicle first. “Meet you here at noon?”

“Practice is that long?” he asked.

“The high school practice lasts longer than the junior high, but they’re having a meeting too.” Chris pointed to the pond. “You’ll be able to see us when you’re done with your run. If we get done early, I’ll come over to the pools.”

“Good deal.” He waited for Chris to join the knot of runners before he turned his attention to Darcy. “I hear there’s a kid giving you trouble.”

“I knew Chris would tell.” She folded her arms. “It’s not a big deal.”

“No?” He turned around as best he could in the seat and met her gaze. “Peanut, no one has the right to make fun of you, but what have I told you?”

“If they make fun, they’re doing it because they’re not feeling good about themselves,” she answered, her tone flat.

At least she’d heard him. “Okay, then don’t let her get to you.”

“Dad, you don’t understand.” Darcy grabbed the back of the seat and scooted forward. “I want to go home. I hate it here. We were good in Chagrin. My room is there and so are my friends. We can visit Grandma and Grandpa without being in the same town.”

“Sweetheart, I can’t change what happened.” But now he felt helpless.

“You said not to let people make fun of me, but when Neil made fun of you we moved.”

“He didn’t make fun of me.” There was so much more to the change than just Neil’s attitude and he knew damn well she’d never understand. How should he put some of this into a way to explain? “We moved from Chagrin because I wanted to have my own accounting business. I could get the building and our new house for the best deal. If I’d opened the same business in Chagrin, I still would’ve had to sell the house. Yes, Neil acted like a jerk, but that’s his problem.”

“Oh.” She toyed with her swim cap. “Sorry, Dad.”

“I know this is tough. Moving isn’t fun for any of us.”

“Chris isn’t having a bad time,” she replied.

“He handles things differently than you do. I’m sure he’s having some problems, but he found friends.” He pointed over his shoulder at the pool. “Other than the girl who is jealous of your suit, aren’t there other kids who are nice?”

“Yes.” She half-smiled. “Some of them.”

“Be yourself, Peanut. Until you do that, you won’t be happy.” He turned and climbed out of the car. He opened the door for his daughter. He knew all too well about now being honest with himself. Things were different for Darcy, but it all boiled down to being happy with herself.

Darcy flung her arms around his waist. “Thanks, Dad.” She held on another moment. “At least you bought the house with the pool.”

“For a certain swimmer. Grab your bag and get moving so you’re not late. I’ll be on the trails, then I’ll meet you when you’re done. I might even watch during practice.” He winked as she slung her duffle bag onto her shoulder. “Okay?”

“Thanks.” She nodded and her smile widened. “Have fun on your run.”

He sagged against the side of the car and watched her join the other kids at the pool. Things weren’t settled with her and she’d have more questions, but he’d bought himself some time.

Bobby clipped the lanyard onto his keys, then draped the lanyard around his neck. He picked up his water bottle and downed half of the cool liquid. He ran through his battery of stretches while he also mentally worked through his schedule for the day. Once the kids were done with practice, he had to drop them off with his parents so he could get a solid six hours in at the office. Thank God tax season was over and he’d waited until after April to move the family. He’d never be able to finish taxes for his various clients and box up his belongings at the same time.

“Dad.” Darcy bounded back up to him but without her bag. “They’re moving practice to the indoor pool so they can open the outside pool up to everyone else.”

“Okay. I’ll catch you there.” He waited once again until she disappeared into the building with the other kids on her swim team before he set out on his run. He glanced over at the cross-country team. Christopher, plus two boys and three girls, were off to the side going through their stretches.

At least he knew where his kids were. He adjusted his fitness band and rolled his shoulders. He hadn’t done enough pre-run stretching, but he needed to get moving. The stress of the day—which hadn’t even really started yet—washed over him. He had too much on his plate. He checked his laces and finished loosening up.

Bobby headed off in the direction of the trails. He liked to start at the north end and work his way back around the serpentine track. The sound of the crushed limestone under his shoes lulled him. He could get lost in his thoughts during his runs and preferred things that way. As he rounded through the woods, he noticed a pair of runners coming toward him.

A woman and a man. He didn’t mind sharing the track with others, but liked the solitary qualities. He wasn’t one for talking while he worked out.

The pair hustled up to him, and he made eye contact with the guy. A shiver ran the length of his spine and he could’ve sworn he’d been hit by lightning. He’d never felt so off balance in his life.

The man smiled and nodded but didn’t stop running. The woman seemed to look right through him.

He kept going and tried to shake the prickly feeling. He had no idea if the handsome shirtless man was even gay. This was his problem. The men he was attracted to weren’t attracted to him. He flexed his fingers and kept running. He wasn’t an ugly man—was he? He kept himself in shape and wasn’t covered in body hair. He wasn’t tattooed up or pierced in strange places.

Maybe that was his problem. He wasn’t original enough. He blended in everywhere he went. He’d been told he was handsome but distant. He had kids! He had to make sure things were on the level before he introduced the new person into his family equation. He and Terry couldn’t make the distance thing work, and he was okay with that. He hated not having his lover there to hold at night. Better to be without than with and not getting any. He chuckled. Only he could come to that conclusion.

Then there was the second long-term boyfriend, Neil. The guy swore he loved Bobby, but when the truth came out that hadn’t been the case. Neil didn’t want to be a father. He wanted someone in his life who could take care of him, but God forbid he have to care for other human beings. He should’ve known the moment he and Neil got together that they weren’t going to work. He’d pushed his better judgment aside in favor of a hot man. That was his problem. He’d lowered his standards.

He was crazy. He glanced over his shoulder, but the man and woman weren’t on the track. Probably good. He needed to get his head out of his ass and stop thinking about sex and hot men.

He kept going down the trail. Sooner or later he’d run his problems out of his mind or he’d simply work off his breakfast. Something like that. Running helped him clear his brain. He noticed the cross-country team through the trees. He’d pass them soon. He’d promised Chris he wouldn’t embarrass him. He picked up the pace and smiled at the runners as he passed them. He waved at Chris, but didn’t say a word.

“That’s Dad,” Chris said. He turned his attention to Bobby. “Hi, Dad.”

“Hey, kid.” He focused on the path ahead, but could’ve sworn he heard one of the girls speak.

“That’s your dad? He looks so…not like a dad.”

Bobby smothered a smile behind his hand and continued running. He wasn’t invisible to everyone, and now he didn’t look like a dad. Maybe next he could look like a hot guy and get a date. Maybe.

Sunday Snog ~ Molten Steel by @WendiZwaduk #SundaySnog #kindleworld #newrelease


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Time for the Sunday Snog. I’ve been off the last few weeks, so this is a perfect time to come back. This is a snog from my latest release, Molten Steel. If you like what you read, grab a copy and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Molten Steel by Wendi Zwaduk molten-steel-cover-final3

A Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World Story



M/F, Anal Sex, Toys

Breaking down was never this freeing.

Rory Speedle charms the world and rocks the stage with his band, Disaster Transport. He’s dealt with ex-girlfriends, overzealous fans and letters from a stalker, but nothing has prepared him for his next concert date. When the tour bus catches fire on the outskirts of Dallas, he loses more than just his instruments. His desire to create music is gone and he believes his hope is next. Then he meets Cady Hollister and everything changes. She inspires him and stokes his desire.

Cady knows the handsome rock and roller won’t be in town long. He’s only at her hotel until the band bus is replaced. Still, he makes her feel like a woman again—sexy, desirable and beautiful. He claims he wants her in his life as more than a passing fancy. Can he convince her to five him a try or will his fame keep them from finding the love they both deserve?

Love could be his salvation, if he’s willing to work for the woman he wants.

Available from Amazon:

 Now for that snog!!

©Wendi Zwaduk, 2016, All Rights Reserved

She had no idea what he looked like in his Kane persona, but she had a feeling he oozed sex appeal. She allowed herself to think about him without his clothes on.

Tall and lanky, but strong. What would the ridges of his chest feel like under her fingers? She sandwiched her hands between her thighs to keep from reaching for him. Did he have tattoos? Would he kiss the back of her neck until she moaned and hold her during thunderstorms? Maybe whisper to her the words to his latest song?

“Cady?” Rory waved his hand in front of her face. “You in there?”

She snapped out of her daydream. “Fuck.”

“Not now, but eventually.” Rory smiled and leaned on the piano top. “What were you thinking about? I doubt you were that into the song.” He glanced over at the dog. “Henri liked it.”

“Huh?” He had her all out of sorts. Being honest now wouldn’t do her any good. “I was listening.”

He scooted across the bench until their knees touched. “You said fuck.” He curled his fingers under her chin. “Such a dirty word from a pretty mouth.”

She wasn’t sure if he’d crossed out of the realm of sexy to skeevy or if this was part of his persona. She shrugged and pulled away from him.

“What?” Rory scrambled to his feet. “What’d I do?”

“Nothing.” She backed up. “I just—I remembered I was needed at the desk.”

“No you weren’t.” He didn’t move. Just stared at her. “What’d I say that upset you?”

She rubbed her hands on her jeans. “The dirty word thing. It sounded pervy.”

“Oh.” He chuckled. “It wasn’t meant to.” He inched over to her. He towered over her and his hair dipped in front of his eyes. “I was trying to kiss you. I’ve never been good at romancing women. A crowd, yeah, but one woman? Nope. May I kiss you?”

“Me?” Her voice cracked. “Don’t you have a girlfriend or something? I’m sure you do. Probably lots of them.” What was she doing? He’d put the moves on her and she was pushing him away—the exact opposite of what she’d wanted.

“Nope.” He curled his fingers under her chin again. “I like you, Cady.” He brushed his nose against hers. “You intrigue me.”

She flattened her hands on her pants to keep from reaching for him. He intrigued her, too. She closed her eyes and although her brain screamed for her to put distance between her and him, she tipped her head to the side. The moment he fluttered his lips over hers, her insides superheated. She couldn’t breathe. He swiped his tongue across the seam of her mouth, then pressed the kiss further.

Oh my God. This is real. She smoothed her palms over his chest and he swallowed her sigh. Damn, the man was all muscle under the bulky sweatshirt. He eased his arms around her and held her flush against him. Being with him was dangerous. If she kept kissing him, her mind would wander and she’d get ideas like keeping things going with him. She knew better than to lower her defenses. He’d leave her. He was in a band and bands toured. This was a stop—maybe a long one—but still a pause. Eventually, he’d walk out of her life. She caught herself. What the hell was she doing? Overthinking. Yeah, he’d leave, but this was only a kiss. Not a declaration of love or even a night of passion.

Rory rested his forehead against hers and rubbed his nose on hers again. “I wish the bus hadn’t caught fire, but I’m glad we got to stop here.” He cupped her jaw in both hands. “I’m glad I met you.”

“Same here.” She closed her eyes and kissed him, this time taking the lead. She’d never know if she’d get her heart broken if she didn’t give Rory a try. He groaned into the kiss. The bulge in his sweat pants rubbed between her legs. The heat from his body overwhelmed her. Oh hell, she could get lost in his eyes and his arms.

Saturday Spanking ~ Raining Men by @MeganSlayer ~ #SatSpanks

This week, I thought I’d feature one my most favorite current books, Raining Men. I loved Leo from Blue Satin and am glad he got his own story. I had to get him to talk first, but it was worth the wait. See what you think of Leo and Ty, his baseball playing sub.

Raining MenRaining Men

Club Desire book 8


M/M, Anal Sex, BDSM, Spanking, Toys,


Resplendence Publishing


Sparks fly in the midst of a glitter rain.

Tyrone Zade fell for his Dom the first time they were together. He knew Sir was the only one for him. He needs the spanking and domination to level himself out. He knows his heart and what he desires. When he visits Raining Men night and sees Leo in the glitter shower, he can’t hold back. But can this baseball player who isn’t out yet, be true to himself and the game he loves?

Leo never planned to settle down. Hell, he never planned on taking on a permanent sub. He lives his life freely and doesn’t report to anyone. But he’s lying to himself. He’s seen the other Doms pairing up as well as others finding love at Club Desire and when he’s with Ty, his life balances out. Can he accept the sub he needs and the life he wants, or will he allow fear to win and push Ty away?

Anything can happen when it’s raining men.

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller

Available from these fine retailers:


AllRomance Ebooks:


Now for that Spank!

©MeganSlayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“You’re so rigid. Relax.” He massaged Ty’s shoulders and kissed the wet skin. “Yes, a date.”

“I’m confused.” Ty put his hands up but didn’t touch Leo. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Showering?” He grinned. “Getting clean?” When Ty didn’t grin or loosen up, Leo switched his approach. “Ty, don’t get all upset. We’re getting to know each other. Pretend I’m one of the guys on the team.” He washed Ty’s hips then his ass. God, the man had a nice butt. Enough to grab, with a little jiggle, but not too much.

“I doubt you’d smack me with a rolled-up towel or call me a motherfucker because I messed up a line drive or the last hit didn’t quite make it over the fence.” Ty splayed his hands on the wall. Water dripped from his hair, and the dark tresses slicked to his temples. Tension rippled down his back and broke Leo’s heart.

“They swat each other? I bet some of the players get upset that the team didn’t win, but that’s a little destructive.” He wound his arms around Ty’s waist. “I’ll only spank you if you want me to.”

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Saturday Spankings ~ Believe by @MeganSlayer #SatSpanks


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I went the rather unorthodox route this week and decided to go with one of my older titles, Believe. Yes, this is a holiday book, but love doesn’t happen only on the holidays. It’s all year-round. This particular Sat Spank is the precursor to the actual spanking. The play leading up to the spanking and the language used is just as important. 😉 Read on!

Believe believe

A Trust novella

Megan Slayer

Liquid Silver Books


M/M, Anal Sex, BDSM, Shibari, Bondage, Spanking, Toys


Long distance relationships are never easy, especially at Christmas time. But if Raylan and Chase can learn to trust each other and believe in the power of love, they’ll not only get their Christmas wish this year, but for all the Christmases to come!

Raylan believed himself unworthy of love until he met Chase. Chase brought out Raylan’s natural need to control and the power to force submission. But time and distance make having a relationship hard. Can Raylan prove to Chase they have what it takes for love to last through this Christmas and every other Christmas for the rest of their lives?

Chase found the muse for his songs in Raylan. Each time they touch, kiss, make love, music fills his soul. But working odd gigs to make ends meet while Raylan photographs rock and roll royalty isn’t beneficial to Chase’s creativity. Can he convince Raylan they’re better off together than apart?

Available at:

Liquid Silver Books:

AllRomance Ebooks:



Now how about that Spanking? 🙂 It’s a precursor to a spanking, but sometimes the play up to the moment is just as hot.

©Megan Slayer, 2011, All Rights Reserved

“Raylan.” Chase’s eyes glittered in the sparkling light. “I missed…you…” His smile
drooped, and his jaw tensed. “Happy holidays, indeed.”

“It’s not what you think.” Raylan shoved out of Brian’s grasp and took his place
beside Chase. “Hey, babe.” God, he hated sounding so wimpy. Damn Brian and his

“I saw you across the bar. I know what’s going on.” Chase wrapped his arms around
his lover. “You came home, dressed up for me and wanted to prove you don’t want
anyone besides me. I like it.” He nibbled along Raylan’s jaw and murmured in his ear. “I
can’t wait for you to take me home. My ass needs a good spanking.”

Raylan shuddered at the lust and desire in Chase’s voice. Yes, they needed to go
home and soon. A good spanking… He turned in Chase’s arms and feathered his lips
across Chase’s. The simple kiss turned feral in an instant. God, he needed this man.
Forever. As soon as they got away from prying eyes, he’d do what he came home to do.

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Sunday Snog ~ Bases Loaded by Megan Slayer #sundaysnog


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There’s something exciting about a kiss. The magic of it, the desire involved…all of that and I love it. I love posting those kiss excerpts, too. Enjoy this one from Bases Loaded. It’s white hot.

Bases Loaded by Megan Slayer 1463766

Club Desire Series, Book Two

M/M, Anal Sex, M/M/M, Menage, Double Penetration, Toys, Spanking, BDSM, Voyeurism


Resplendence Publishing

Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.


Mix one lanky shortstop with two brawny Doms and what do you get? A white hot good time.

On the baseball field, shortstop Rocke Houseman commands the crowd. They cheer as he makes plays and hits home runs. He loves his job in professional sports, but there’s something missing. He wants to be true to himself. When he tears up his knees during a critical play, his whole life is thrown into chaos. He turns to the one place he knows to find balance—Club Desire.

Carson and Jeremiah are a packaged deal. You deal with one, you deal with both. When the gutsy sub comes into Desire and wants a Dom, they step in to help him out. Rocke fits their bill—he’s athletic and lanky, but knows how to take direction. Can they help him work out his issues one ménage at a time? Or will the passion exploding amongst them be the final out?

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!

Available here:–bases-loaded-club-desire-series-book-two-by-megan-slayer.html


AllRomance Ebooks:

Now for that Snog!!

©Megan Slayer 2014

“Didn’t come, did you?”

“No, sirs. I waited for you.” He’d been too excited to be with them again and too determined to please them.

“Good pet.” Jeremiah tore open the button holding Rocke’s trousers in place. The button zinged out of sight, and his pants tumbled to the floor in a heap.

Rocke bit back a groan. The chill in the playroom wrapped around him, tempering some of the fever in his veins.

“He’s hard for us.” Carson grabbed the elastic of Rocke’s boxer shorts and pulled. The fabric gave way, revealing the rest of Rocke’s body. “That’s better.”

“What should we do with him?” Jeremiah strolled around Rocke until he reached Carson. The men embraced.

The sight of Jeremiah and Carson kissing stole Rocke’s breath. He’d seen plenty of sexy scenes, but nothing quite compared to the view of two men together who truly loved each other. He longed to wriggle between them and be the object of their shared affection. How selfish. They wanted him for a toy. He fought the urge to cover his nudity. This was a private moment—not one for him to play the voyeur.

Carson pulled away from Jeremiah. “He’s losing his hard-on. What the fuck? You didn’t like watching us?”

“He’s over-thinking.” Jeremiah waggled his brows. “Time to play. Tell me your safe word one more time.”

“Home run.” Rocke wasn’t sure what they had planned. Once again, he debated covering his dick but refrained. Would they punish him? He wanted to be punished and made to regret his actions.

“Do you want to use your safe word?” Jeremiah asked. He rested his hands on his hips. His tattoos seemed to bulge with each move. He meant business.

“No, sirs.” Rocke tried to sound strong, but all his confidence had faded away. “I want to play, sirs.”

“You’ll give yourself over to us and trust us to give you pleasure in every way you need to be pleasured?” Carson stroked Rocke’s chest. “You’re willing to be ours all night long?”

“I do, sirs. I want to be yours.”