What I Collected as a Tot with @meganslayer #toys #collections

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Something I collected as a child…oh boy.

Well, there was the expected stuffed toy collection. I rather loved my Diddly Dog. I have no idea what his real name was, but that’s what my folks called the plush dog (not the beanie baby).

I collected Baby-Sitters Club books. I had a ton of them. Now I see they’re retro… Hm…

Oh! I collected Sweet Valley High books, too. I’d get them from my aunt who wasn’t more than 10 years older than me. I loved those darn books. I see these are vintage, not, too. Who says this stuff?

I’ll admit it. I collected cats – cat stuff and three actual cats. But I still collect cats. And dogs… Shrugs.

The strangest (to the family) thing I collected was those little plastic Smurfs. Yep. I’m that old.

What about you? What did you collect? I’d love to know.

Blogging Challenge ~ #thankful @meganslayer #longandshortreviews

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This week, the prompt is about being thankful. What am I thankful for? I’ve pondered this a lot of late. I’ve looked at my life, what I have in it and who I’m around. When it comes down to being honest, I’m a lucky girl. Here’s my list.

  1. DH. Why? Without him around, I’d be okay, but it’s so much better to have a rock, sounding board, pair of broad shoulders to lean on…him. He drives me crazy on many occasions, but I wouldn’t trade him.
  2. Tot. Okay, so the kid can’t sing on key and has no sense of rhythm. That’s okay. He’s good at comedy, makes me laugh and is a good kid. I trust him. He’s responsible and I know when he goes into public, he’ll behave. He can be a pistol, but who isn’t?
  3. The critters. I worried when brown dog passed and white dog passed, that we’d never find anyone to fill the void. I worried I wouldn’t find anyone to take either gray cat or the orange baby’s place. Now, no one has actually taken their places, but the black dog, white dog and both cats are what we needed–in their own ways. White dog II is just as loyal as brown dog. She’s not in the same ways, but that’s okay. When I come home, she’s excited to see me–even if it’s just to walk out to the garage for something and to be gone for a minute, she’s thrilled. That’s something huge.
  4. My friends. I don’t have a huge circle of close friends. The ride or die kind. That’s okay. I’ve never had those huge circles. I’ve got a couple and they’re the best. I can tell them anything, they’ll listen and they’ll tell me when I’m wrong. That’s important. Love ’em.
  5. A home.
  6. A vehicle.
  7. My health.
  8. Food to eat.
  9. The library.
  10. The ability to write. It keeps me sane. I’ve always had those stories in my head and it’s wonderful to be able to share them with others.
  11. My readers. Without you, this wouldn’t be as much fun. Love all of you.

What about you? What are you thankful for? I’d love to know.

Speaking of Thankful, I wrote a Thanksgiving-themed story. Why not check it out!

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What’s a guy to do when the time to be with family is the time he dreads the most?

All Matt Green wants for Thanksgiving is to propose to his boyfriend in the most epic way he knows-in front of their families. There’s only one catch. His boyfriend, Reed Jordan, doesn’t do family gatherings. To be honest, Reed isn’t wild about Thanksgiving, but he won’t say why.

Matt’s willing to do anything in order to get Reed to talk, but will it make the holiday perfect or or ruin all of Matt’s plans? The Harvest Moon just might be the right omen to make everything all right.

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