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This week’s post involves authors I wish other people knew about. Now this could be rather subjective. Just because I think they should have more attention doesn’t mean others agree. It also doesn’t mean other authors would think these people aren’t highlighted enough.

Here’s my list, though.

Jocie McKade – suspense/mystery, contemporary romance and all of it has a quirky bend to it.

CC Dragon – suspense/mystery with a paranormal bend, plus drag queens! If it hadn’t been for CC, I wouldn’t know what cozy mystery is.

Another is Emily Carrington – she writes across the romantic spectrum and her stories are hot.

The final one I’m choosing for now is Lena Austin. I’ve known her quite a while and love her work. Again, romance across the spectrum. Plus, she’s multifaceted. Check her out!

What about you? Who do you think I should know more about? I’m game to know!

Since you’re here, check out my latest release, Scoring in Cedarwood!

Scoring in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 3

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

From Pride Publishing

Book three in the Cedarwood Pride series

Tanner Fox wasn’t sure being traded to the Cedarwood Wildcats was the right path for his life, but if Dr. Dane Bloom is part of the package, then he’ll play for keeps.

Tanner “Foxy” Fox knows he can do one thing—play baseball. His days in the outfield are numbered, but he’s a fan favorite. Everyone wants a piece of Foxy—almost everyone. The Anti-Gay Coalition wants nothing of a gay player on the town baseball team, but Tanner isn’t about to back down, especially when he lands sponsorship from the silver-fox doctor in town.

When Dr. Dane Bloom opts to sponsor the baseball team, he knows he’s going to be asked to sponsor a player. Having a younger man living in his home and invading his trust? Why not? Dane’s not wild about opening up, but when he sees Tanner, something in him shatters. He wants to get to know Tanner, beyond the Foxy façade to the man inside. Can he and the player find a way to score in Cedarwood, or will the coalition and self-doubts keep them apart?

Available from these fine etailers:

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This prompt is much easier than last week’s prompt. I won’t lie. List my favorite authors in the romance genre? No sweat. (Cracks knuckles and stretches fingers) Here we go!

Cheryl Dragon

CC Dragon

Jocie McKade

Anne Rainey

Stephanie Burke

KA Mitchell

BA Tortuga

Kris Jacen

Gracie Guy

Morgan Malone

What about you? Who are your favorite authors? I’d love to know!

After the Con…the FanGirl Moment with @meganslayer #meganslayer #fangirl #writers #convention #RAGT18


I have a confession. I’m a terrible fangirl. Really. I’m a writer and a voracious reader. I’m a sucker for a hot cover, too. But getting up the nerve to talk to those authors I love…that’s a challenge.

Cheryl Dragon is one of my favorite authors. So is Jocie McKade. The nice thing about them is I’m already friends with them, so talking to them is easy.

I love Morgan Malone and Gracie Guy, too. I’m friends with them, so that’s not a hardship to talk to them, either.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. When I say hardship, I don’t mean it’s literally impossible or negative to speak to some authors. I don’t mean that at all. I mean, it’s hard for me to gather up the pluck to say, hi, I’m a sucker for your books. Silly, right? I want to hear people like my books, why wouldn’t others want to know I’ve enjoyed theirs?

I hate sounding ridiculous.

But this year, I went out of my comfort zone. I knew Ella Quinn would be at the event. I’ve had her on my blog for ages and loved her books for just as long. I wanted to say thank you for writing those books and put a face to the name, since she’d been on my blog.

I got my chance. Actually, I got to meet her and Jade Lee. I’ve loved Jade Lee’s dressmaker series since the first book. But Ella Quinn is a nice, sweet, soft-spoken lady. It was a great honor to meet her and I don’t think I sounded silly. There’s no guarantee I didn’t, but I hope I didn’t. I’m glad to call her a friend.

That’s one of the great things about #RAGT18. You can arrive feeling alone and leave with a whole slew of new friends. You’re not alone. I started going as a reader and now… well, I’m still a reader, but I put together a few choice words from time to time.

More on the con later. Promise.