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This week is about my favorite hobby and why it’s my favorite. I have a couple of favorites. First has to be reading. I love to read. Most of the stuff I read for fun isn’t romance, either. I love to read rock biographies and old Hollywood biographies. I like to learn stuff. Right now, I’m reading Dear Martin.


Another thing I like to do is volunteer with my Friends of the Library group. This might not seem like a hobby, but it is. We do lots of things within the group and those are hobby kind of things–like creating artwork for the group, artwork for our author events, sorting books, talking about books. I love it.

KL Friends Logo - 2016

I love to draw, too. I haven’t drawn in a while so I don’t have any artwork to show off right now, but I love it. That’s what I got my degree in–art. 

Blurred art supplies (Unsplash)

so flow soflow [CC0]

What about you? What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite? I’d love to know. Be sure to check out the other posts while you’re at it. I know I will be.


Random Thought ~ Icons and Music with @MeganSlayer #music #icons #gonetoosoon

Seems like when there’s one passing, two more happen. The rule of three or the triangle effect—however you want to look at it. I’m not a fan of dying and death. I’d rather keep enjoying the music, movies, and books!! But I’m right there with the rest of the fans who buy the music, movies, books, etc. when someone passes away. Unfortunately, death happens. There isn’t a cure for death. Not yet. It just happens.

I was talking with someone older than me the other day. The person said they didn’t understand why Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were considered icons and legends. To this person, people like Bob Dylan or Barbara Streisand are legends and icons. Are they? Sure they’ve done some awesome stuff. But should Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell be on the same list? I think they should.

This is my opinion and I stand by it. I’m guessing you have your own and I expect you to. Opinions are good.

Dylan and Streisand are legendary people. They’ve made strides in music and film. The songs are memorable. I can’t name a Streisand song, but she’s also not my cuppa. Dylan…yeah, I can name a few of his tunes, but his vocal style isn’t for everyone. That’s okay.

Then why are they counted above Bennington and Cornell?

Metal and rock music had their starts much later than many other popular genres of music. Some cite Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin as innovators in the rock and metal genres. Those weren’t big bands until the late 60s and early 70s. Pop started back in the 50s, so they’re going to have people with more longevity in those genres. But metal and rock are having their day. Sadly, they’re also starting to feel the sting of death.

If you are like me and grew up in the 90s and 00s, then bands like Cornell’s Soundgarden and Bennington’s Linkin Park were mainstays. A lot of my college and high school days were filled with hours listening to their CDs. Numb from the Meteora album holds a special place in my heart. It got me through a lot of heavy stuff. I wasn’t particularly in to Soundgarden, but you can’t miss the grungy, heavy sound of Black Hole Sun.

So why call these people legends? Because they’re dead? One person claimed the way they passed should keep them from the status of legend or icon. If that’s the case, then Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Brian Jones, plus Keith Moon should be kept off the list. The thing is, drugs, drink, depression…it hits us all in one way or another. Members of Alice in Chains, Drowning Pool and many others are gone too soon because of decisions made that maybe weren’t the best. Just because these people took one pill too many or decided to take their life doesn’t mean they weren’t great.

These guys were depressed. They had fame, fortune, and fans, but when you’re popular, it can be lonely. You can be in the middle of a crowded room and feel like you’re the only one there and it’s not good. It can be sad and yeah, depressing. There is pressure. What if the next record doesn’t score with the fans? What if it doesn’t sell? What if it’s deemed unworthy? What if it’s ‘not good enough’?

To some, the pressures of fame are self-inflicted. If you don’t want the stress, then don’t be famous. It’s not that simple. You generally want some fame and cash so you can keep living. But then, if you’re lucky, it gets bigger and harder to control. There is no such thing as kinda famous. There’s famous in a small town, but not kinda—that’s verging into the one-hit wonder status and that’s its own ball of pressure.

Look at Kurt Cobain. The guy wanted to play music and eat. Okay, he wanted to do drugs to numb the pain from his childhood and a stomach condition, too. Then people saw his skills with songs and lyrics…it blew up out of his control. Some didn’t understand the lyrics to the songs and others misrepresented what he meant. He felt like a sellout. For all we know, Bennington and Cornell felt the same way. I’m not saying I know they did or didn’t. I’m just saying you don’t know how these people were feeling, so it’s hard to condemn them.

It’s tough being an artist. You want to please yourself, plus make the art your soul expects you to create. It’s tiring. It’s hard. You don’t just sit down and create a masterpiece in music, art or literature. It takes time. There are many moments of self-doubt. Moments where you want to destroy what you’ve created in favor of starting over. It’s hard to know if the public will like your work and if they don’t, then that’s torture. You’ve worked so long and hard on the art only to have it rejected. You can get lost in the world of creation, trying to make your art perfect. It’s tough.

For me, the 90s and 00s will forever be the decades of NuMetal, experimentation in music and the resurgence of the massive concert experience – think Lollapalooza, Lilithfest and the Warped Tour. This music wasn’t made or listened to in a vacuum. A whole generation of people grew up on the tunes from these bands in these concerts and genres. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington’s music represents times in our lives. To discredit these folks or to say one is more important than the other is foolish. What’s an icon to you might not be to me, but that doesn’t mean the contributions to art, whichever it is, wasn’t big.

Streisand is a great singer, but her belting out People didn’t make an impact in my life in the massive way Linkin Park’s Meteora album and Hybrid Theory did. “I know I may end up failing, too, but I know you were just like me with someone disappointed in you.” That’s a heavy lyric.

The music stands up. Soundsgarden and Linkin Park sound as fresh today as they did when the albums dropped.

We all have our legends and icons. #Legends and #rockstars never die because their #music always lives on. That’s what makes these guys #legends and #icons to me.

Random Thought ~ Reused Actors and When the Plot Falls Apart

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First of all, I have to start by saying this post concerns movies. All the way around, it concerns movies.

I’ve been watching the Christmas in July movies on the Hallmark channel. Why? To get into the Christmas headspace to write Christmas stories. Grin. I know when I watch these movies, I’m going to get a happy ending and there will be tension, but the plot is what matters–not the hot stuff or stolen kisses.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish there were a few more stolen kisses and hot moments. I’d love to see them ramp up the sexual tension. No one has to be bound or spanked, but a little heat wouldn’t hurt.

But the thing that’s bothered me this Christmas in July season isn’t that I’m dying for Christmas cookies or a break in the hot temps. Nope. It’s the reusing of actors and the plot holes.

The reusing of actors wouldn’t be bad, but after a while all I can see is who they played in previous movies. Oh, she was a princess in that one. He was a prince, then a plumber, then a corporate raider. I don’t see the character, I see the actor and that ruins the fun of the flick. It kind of drives me crazy.

Then there are the plot problems. How come the boyfriend just let her go? Why didn’t he put up more of an argument? Why didn’t the guy try harder? Why, if he loves her, didn’t he go caveman? Why didn’t she stick up for herself? Why when she DOES stick up for herself, do the powers that be make her look so…cranky?

Maybe I’m too picky as a viewer. Maybe I want too much. Maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there and hoping for what I’d rather see. I’m not sure.

Do you have those things that drive you nuts about movies? About the all weekend sprees of movies on the same theme? I’d love to know.

My Favorite Mistake by @WendiZwaduk out now #newrelease #novel #mf #contemp


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Monday Movie Rundown on Sunday ~ Absolutely Fabulous with @MeganSlayer

Monday Movie Rundown BannerI do love movies and I love a good escapist movie. This week’s movie review concerns Absolutely Fabulous, the movie. I’ve been a fan of the television show since the beginning. Edina and Patsy crack me up. This movie was no different. It’s funny.

Okay, so it’s rather escapist. I mean, think about it. I don’t know too many people who rub elbows with Stella McCartney, let alone have her throw a brick through their window.  So I knew going in this was going to be a silly movie. Some of the lengths Edina and Patsy go through in order to get from point A to point B are ridiculous, but when are they not supposed to be?

Was this a great feat of cinematography? No, but I didn’t expect award-winning. Are the characters a little old to be acting like teenagers? Probably, but what else would Edina and Patsy do? Were the cameos great? Absolutely.

If you want a movie that’s short on plot and requires you just go there with the characters, something that will make you laugh, then this might be the movie for you.

Everyday Kinky Challenge #3


This week’s challenge involves glitter!!! I love glitter. 🙂 Keep reading!

Glitter close up

By Inkwina (Own work) [GFDL (
or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved, Please Do Not Copy or Redistribute Without Written Permission

All I knew was I was supposed to use whatever Sir put in the envelope on the bed. An envelope. Really? Nothing exciting came in envelopes. Okay, so I’d been down in the dumps lately. I wasn’t really in the mood for a session.

But I didn’t want to let Sir down. I opened the envelope like he’d instructed in his note. I wasn’t thrilled, but I dumped the contents onto the bed. A tube. Oh, he’d bought new lube. But this didn’t look like any lube I recognized. I inspected the bottle closer.

Glitter. Holy shit, he’d brought me roll on glitter. Have I mentioned I love glitter? I do.

I stripped down to my birthday suit and picked up the bottle. I should’ve folded my clothes, but I wasn’t paying attention. Screw that. I wanted the punishment and the glitter.

I smeared the rainbow of colors on my chest, belly and over my arms. Christ, I loved the way I sparkled and the freedom I felt.

“Nice.” Sir stood in the doorway and folded his arms. “You look good, Pet.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I might have been excited, but I knew my place. I knew what I needed that only Sir could give. I bowed my head and clasped my hands together behind my back.

“Your clothes are in a mess. We can’t play with them like that.” Sir didn’t move from the doorway.

The chilly air wrapped around my dick and kissed my nipples. Christ, I was hard all over. My nerve endings sizzled and I bit back a whimper as I knelt to take care of my clothes. Within moments, I had the clothes folded and in a neat pile at Sir’s feet.

“Better.” Sir curled his fingers under my chin. “You should be punished. You’re enjoying that glitter a little too much and were bad. How many?”

I shivered. Oh yes. I wanted every spanking he could give. “Ten.” I didn’t wait for his command. Instead, I leaned over the spanking bench and spread my legs.

“You’re going to get glitter over my bench.” Sir came up behind me and patted my behind. “You’ll clean it up.”

I would do whatever he wanted. He knew how to make me fly. I needed the pushing, the degradation and the pain… along with the glitter.

He brought his hand down hard on my ass. “Count.”

I shivered again and counted each spank. “One, two, three, four.” My ass burned and tears formed at the corners of my eyes. “Five, six, seven, eight.”

He stopped the hard spanks that echoed in the room and massaged my abused skin. The respite only lasted a moment. I didn’t think it would be long. I didn’t want it to. When he spanked me the last two times, I forgot to count. The burn and pain pleased me too much.

“Excuse me?” he asked. “Pet?”

Fuck. “I’m sorry, Sir. I need three more. I’ve lost count.” I’d lied. I knew how many, but I wanted more.

“Better.” He swatted me three more times and I counted along. When he finished, he forked his fingers into my hair and tugged me flush to his body. “Like the glitter, eh?”

“I do, Sir. I love it.” I wanted more.

“Good. You look hot as fuck. You should wear it every day,” he said. “While you’re at work, too. But first, I want you on my bed. Ass in the air and legs open. Show me that dick.”

Excitement rushed through me. I’d pleased Sir and now he’d fuck me. Fuck, yeah.

Snogs in the Snow ~ Reconnecting Christmas by @MeganSlayer #snogsinthesnow #mmromance


It’s time for the Snogs in the Snow for Blissemas!! I love this time of year. To celebrate, I’m featuring my new Christmas short, Reconnecting Christmas. I love my male models and hope you do, too. Keep reading. There’s a contest! Yes! All you have to do is comment on the post with your name, email and a comment about the story… and you’re entered to win a copy of Frost Moon. Good luck!!

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Reconnecting Christmas reconnectingchristmas_wd

Megan Slayer

Short Story from MLR Press

Contemporary, Holiday

Out Soon!

Oliver McNamara knows exactly what he wants for the holidays—his boyfriend to come home. He wants a nice, romantic Christmas with the man he loves. Will he get his perfect present or a lump of coal on the big day?

If Bert gets his way, this will be a holiday Oliver never forgets. But…being a world famous model means Bert doesn’t always set his working hours and giving Oliver what he deserves could be impossible. Can he reconnect with the man he loves over the holidays?

Two hearts will always find a way to become one especially with a little Christmas cheer involved.

Now for that snog!! 

© Megan Slayer 2016, All Rights Reserved

“What you do you want?” Bert rested his hands on his hips and flexed his pectoral muscles.

“You.” Oliver fumbled with his shirt, but instead of getting the garment off he ended up tangling himself in the arms. Where was his sophistication when he needed it?

“Roll over.” Bert swatted Oliver’s hip. Just a gentle love tap kind of swat, but it ratcheted up Oliver’s desire.

But…didn’t he have to get naked first? He glanced down at his arms. The shirt seemed to melt away and his legs were already bare. Well, all right. He wished undressing in real life was this quick. He turned onto his belly and flashed his ass at Bert.

“Nice.” Bert swatted Oliver’s rump hard. The sound echoed in the room. “I can’t wait to bury myself in it.”

“Then stop talking and do it.” He loved to tease Bert in bed. Besides, he couldn’t wait, either.

“I will.” Bet climbed onto the bed behind Oliver and straddled Oliver’s legs. He rained kisses all over Oliver’s back. Soft, sweet kisses that turned into nips and bites.

Oliver shivered and almost said, no marks, but this was a dream. Who gave a fuck if Bert left a hickey on his skin? He wanted proof he belonged to Bert and wanted that proof all over his body.

Bert stretched out along Oliver’s back and spoke in Oliver’s ear. “Ready?”

“Uh-huh. Beyond ready.” Oliver panted and tried his best to relax. Having Bert inside of him brought every sense to life and made every nerve ending tingle.

Bert slid one of his fingers between Oliver’s ass cheeks. Fire licked Oliver from within. He breathed in the scent of Bert’s cologne and savored the sound of his lover’s voice. Passion for Bert bubbled within his heart. He needed this more than he needed his next breath.

Cover Reveal ~ Reconnecting Christmas by @MeganSlayer #coverreveal #mmromance #hot #mm

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New art by Winterheart Designs!! If you liked my male models in the Seeing Me series, then you’ll love the newest installment, Reconnecting Christmas. Check out the cover! I love it.


Here’s a little bit about the book:

Reconnecting Christmas

book 4 in the Seeing Me Series

M/M, Anal Sex

A Contemporary Holiday Novella

releasing from MLR Press

Cover art by Winterheart Designs

Oliver McNamara knows exactly what he wants for the holidays—his boyfriend to come home. He wants a nice, romantic Christmas with the man he loves. Will he get his perfect present or a lump of coal on the big day?

If Bert gets his way, this will be a holiday Oliver never forgets. But…being a world famous model means Bert doesn’t always set his working hours and giving Oliver what he deserves could be impossible. Can he reconnect with the man he loves over the holidays?

Two hearts will always find a way to become one especially with a little Christmas cheer involved.

Coming in December from MLR Press!


Sunday Snog ~ Beautiful Music Together by @MeganSlayer #sundaysnog #mm #mmromance


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Since it’s ten years published for Victoria Blisse – love her! – I’m celebrating with her. Congrats, hon! If you haven’t read her work, you should. It’s fab!

For my celebration, I’m posting my snog from my latest release, Beautiful Music Together. I might have listened to a little too much jazz during the writing of this story, but who is counting? I hope you love it as much as I do. 🙂

Beautiful Music Together BeautifulMusicTogether_Slayer_KJacen.jpg

Megan Slayer

From MLR Press

Contemporary, M/M, Anal Sex


Artwork by Kris Jacen


Can these two opposites find the right rhythm?

Jon Kagan likes his life. He’s carefree unless he’s in the recording studio with his trumpet. Then he’s serious as hell. He plays the field like he does the notes on each track, but the single life isn’t fun any longer. He wants a lover and partner. But how can he find the man of his dreams when the only people he spends time with are the same musicians night after night? He’s convinced he won’t–until he meets Benny. Then all bets are off.

Benny Walters burns the midnight oil, too, but not in the music business. He’d rather work on houses than play tunes. Putting in a good sweat over a flooring job or painting a room makes him happy–almost as much as watching the hot guy who jogs across the neighborhood in the middle of the day. When he finally talks to Jon, sparks fly. He’d love to get to know Jon better, but confidence isn’t his strong point. Will he be able to get beyond his past and find the future he deserves?

Love happens in the strangest places, especially when it hits all the right notes.

Available from MLR Press:


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Now for an EXCERPT:

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“Would it gain me any points if I said I dressed like this to get your attention?”

“It might snag you a few.” Try the whole lot of points. Good Lord. Benny resisted the urge to drool.

“Cool.” Jon sighed. “So what are you working on today?”

“Screwing up the courage to ask why you dressed for me,” he blurted.

Jon stepped closer and smoothed the wrinkles in Benny’s shirt. “Because you’re handsome and I got the feeling you were interested.” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “I’ve got a thing for knights in shining armor, too.”

He’d forgotten about his rescue attempt. “Just doing my job.” He tried to sound casual, but nervousness crept in anyway.

Jon inched up to him, close enough for his breath to warm Benny’s cheeks. “Please tell me you’re gay and single, because I really don’t want to look stupid when I kiss you,” Jon said.

“You want to kiss me?” Benny stared into Jon’s eyes. Guys like Jon were out of his league. They wanted flashy men—not ones that worked with their hands.

“I’ve wanted to since the moment I first saw you.” Jon curled his fingers under Benny’s chin. “So?”

“I’m gay and single…yes.” He paused a moment to collect his thoughts. “I’m nervous. Sorry.”

“I make you nervous?” Jon rested his free hand on Benny’s hip.

Benny nodded. He couldn’t say anything else.

“Scared is good.” Jon bridged the gap between them and kissed Benny. Not forceful, but not super gentle. Commanding with a bit of sweetness. Jon swiped his tongue across Benny’s bottom lip, then nipped him.

Damn. Benny melted a little. The heat outside was nothing compared to the fever within him. He hooked his fingers on his belt loops. “Nice.”

Jon rested his forehead against Benny’s. “How long until you’re done for the day?”