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I’ve got a brand new cover. Yay!! I love cover reveal days. They’re so much fun. This cover is for an upcoming anthology I’m taking part in, called the Three’s a Charm anthology. I wrote a short story for it called, A Sinful Tune. I’m excited to show you the cover for Three’s a Charm. Snag your copy early right here:


‘Double Entry’ by Desiree Holt

Two hot guys, a very hot birthday, one scorching romance

Over one too many appletinis, Lauren Henderson created a sexual wish list for her birthday. Little did she know that her friend Marcia would recruit her mouth-watering next-door neighbor Scott Erickson and his brother Curt to make her wishes come true. Neither did she know that not only did both men lust after her, their imaginations would turn her simple list into the most erotic night of her life. A night that taught her what real sexual ecstasy is all about—and how it offers the key to unexpected romance.

Reader Advisory: This book contains menage and explicit sex.


‘A Very Private Performance’ by Ashe Barker

One foolish mistake has cost her dearly—it will take a brave decision to put her back in pole position.

For the avoidance of doubt, please be informed that you are a pair of arrogant, self-serving sh**s. Further, you are bigoted, self-righteous phonies.

Not exactly the best way to address the directors of the law firm if I want to hang on to my job, but I’ve had up to here it with James and Daniel Morgan. If they object so strongly to what I do in my spare time they shouldn’t snoop into my Facebook account. Not that any of this self-righteous indignation is going to help me. I’ve been fired.

So what are they thinking now? First James and Daniel have me dismissed, then they turn up while I’m clearing out my desk as though nothing is wrong and invite me out to lunch? What are they up to? And why am I even going with them?

They may be handsome as sin, the pair of them, and now that they know I’m a pole dancer in my spare time they seem to think I’ll sleep with them to keep my job.

Not that the idea doesn’t have its appeal, but they’re wrong. I have my standards too…and not the double standards these two seem to live by.

If I decide to give James and Daniel Morgan a very private performance it will be on my terms, not theirs.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of MFM sex, oral sex, anal play, sex toys, light spanking and double penetration.


‘Wishful Thinking’ by Helena Maeve

Three can be a fashionable number.

Waking up in bed with two men is not how model-turned-agent Jiya planned on mending her broken heart. One wild party and a pair of handsome strangers, and her previously entrenched principles seem thrown off-kilter. To make matters worse, one half of her extremely ill-considered one-night stand turns out to be none other than the very photographer she signed up months ago—with her ex-boyfriend’s help.

Stefon is both attractive and extremely good at what he does, an irresistible combination. Dating him should be enough—is enough—but Jiya’s quest to recover her missing phone soon has her revisiting both the scene of the party where they first met and its enigmatic but solitary host, Elijah.

Torn between two men, Jiya soon finds herself hurtling toward an impossible choice and a revelation that could change everything.


‘A Sinful Tune’ by Wendi Zwaduk

Two hot rockers and one girl…what could go wrong?

Robbie thought when he formed his band he’d get the girls, the gigs and the money. He’s got the gigs, but the money is a little slower in coming. He’s also got more than a few secrets. He wants the band to succeed, but even more, he wants to find the one woman who can accept him—warts and all, but also with his best friend Dillon involved.

Dillon loves Robbie like a brother. Robbie’s his other half in the music world. He handles the words while Robbie writes the music for the band. But all the music in the world isn’t enough if they don’t have their perfect third—Jess. She hits all the right notes for him and Robbie. The only issue? She may not accept their love in return.

Jess has followed the band for years and worked her way up to selling their merchandise. She knows their music almost as well as they do, but doubts they’d want to be with her. She’s so unlike the other women they’ve had—she’s short, curvy and a purple-haired goth.  When Robbie and Dillon hang out with her after one of the gigs, she has a choice to make. Either head home and wonder or let go of her fears and give the two men of her dreams the chance to make her fantasies come to life.


‘Claiming Zara’ by Kait Gamble

How is she to choose?

Zara King’s life is in shambles and filled with questions.

How had she ended up married to a man who didn’t love her and couldn’t keep his philandering ways under wraps?

How was she to move onto the next phase of her life without revealing a couple of secrets of her own? Namely her lovers, Tobias and Garrett.

How was she supposed to decide on one when she wanted them both in her life?

What would happen if they found out her desire?

Zara’s about to get some answers.

Reader Advisory: This book contains MFM threesome and double penetration.


‘Ménage on the Rocks’ by Willa Edwards

Take two stubborn people, add another determined to make them all happy, mix in a creative use of chocolate and you get one hot Ménage on the Rocks.

As manager of the Rockshore Tavern and Grill, Stella Matthews has to deal with a lot of difficult personalities. But none are more difficult than the Rockshore’s demanding chef Ozzy DeMeer. Luckily, she has her boyfriend Raj Anand—the Rockshore‘s most popular bartender—to keep her sane.

But when Raj suggests that maybe the reason she and Ozzy are so combative is because they are attracted to each other, she doesn’t know what to say, but no, no, no. NO! Not easily convinced, Raj approaches Ozzy with a special proposal, and together they hatch a plan to give Stella what she really wants—a hot man sandwich—even if she doesn’t know it yet.

The chemistry between the three of them is explosive. But when fireworks in the bedroom turn into even bigger fireworks at the Rockshore, Stella walks away, unwilling to risk her reputation and position for a little bit of fun. Can two determined men convince her that love is worth the risk? Or is their blissful ménage determined to hit the rocks before they’ve even started?

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex and inappropriate uses of food.

Cover Reveal ~ One Night With You by @MeganSlayer ~ #mmromance #military #contemporary #coverreveal

Check it Out Banner

I was blessed this week with some fantastic cover art. The faery loved me. Check out this artwork for One Night With You, coming as a single title in November from Pride Publishing. Art by Posh Gosh. 🙂


Love it!!

Here’s a little bit about the book:

‘One Night with You’ by Megan Slayer

One night to find the man of his dreams in the least likely place…

Airman Tate Gibson thought going to a party at the local college with his friends would take his mind off his troubles. He’ll head back to Korea in two days’ time—after the funeral of his baby sister. He’s always taken responsibility for her and he’s not ready to deal with her being gone. He wants someone to help him deal with his sadness and give him a reason to get through his deployment.

Raine has had a crush on his neighbor across the hallway, but once he spots the hunky airman his thoughts center on Tate. He wants to strip the handsome blue-eyed hunk down and lick him everywhere, but geeks like Raine never get the man. He’s stuck playing the perpetual wallflower.

Will one night tear them apart before things get hot or will it be enough to bring these two wounded souls together for a long-term engagement?

Available in the Brothers in Arms Anthology from Pride Publishing, out today!


Sunday Snog ~ Between Us by Wendi Zwaduk #SundaySnog


Catch the other snogs right here:

I love a good cowboy story and I hope my novella in the Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats Antho, titled Between Us, fits the bill for you. Check out a white hot snog from my book. See what you think. I hope you like it. 🙂

Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats Anthologybetweenus_800

Featuring Between Us by Wendi Zwaduk


M/F, M/F/M, Menage, Anal Sex

Short Story


Sometimes coming home is the best way to heal a broken heart—especially with two ranch hands involved.

Channon Kennedy planned to come home, but she never expected to find herself in the arms of the two men she’s fantasized over since high school. Back then, Shaun and Brian didn’t seem interested. Now, she’s older, wiser and has nothing to lose. If the men of her dreams want her, who is she to resist?

Shaun Maple and Brian Powell have done everything together—work at the farm, live together and love the same woman. They’ve wanted Channon since they first laid eyes on her, but circumstances beyond their control kept the threesome apart. Times have changed and so have Shaun and Brian. They’re not taking no for an answer—they want her between them for good. Can the ranch hands convince her she’s the only woman for them or will the relationship implode before it gets a chance to grow?

Available at:

Totally Bound:


Barnes and Noble:


Now for that snog!

©Copyright Wendi Zwaduk 2016, All Rights Reserved

She didn’t want them with another woman. She had no claim on them, but still.

“We’re alone,” Shaun said.

“Really?” she blurted.

Brian sighed. “How about we have a nice dinner tonight and get things sorted out? Yes?”

She shrugged, unsure of what else to do. “I’d like that.”

“Good.” Brian climbed behind the wheel of the mail truck. “I’ll be back in an hour.” He drove off, leaving her alone with Shaun.

Channon turned her attention to Shaun. “Okay. Spill. What’s going on here?”

“Nothing that I know of.” Shaun leaned on the fence. “We want to treat you right tonight.”

“Because?” God. Being with Jack had made her quick to question every nice thing in her life. She needed to shake that bad habit and fast.

“Just because.” Shaun shrugged and tipped his head. “We want to.”

“You two never do anything because. Your wanting to always has a proviso.” Her lack of trust in almost everyone was showing more than she wanted.

“We’re doing it because we want to.” Shaun smiled. “You deserve a nice night.”

For a split second she could’ve sworn he said because we want you, but she knew better. Still, she didn’t trust them. “Oh, well. Thank you.”

“We want you.” Shaun grinned and tugged her into his arms. “Have for a while.” He kissed her hard on the lips, then let go of her and strolled to the tractor.

Channon stared at him in stunned silence. She trusted her hearing this time. He’d said they wanted her. Really? She hoped it was real, but her second-guessing came back to haunt her. She hadn’t heard him incorrectly, but she doubted they’d want her for long.

Shaun glanced back at her and grinned, then climbed into the tractor.

Channon grabbed the fencepost for support. She wasn’t about to try to figure Shaun or Brian out. She knew better. She’d tried before and only ended up with a broken heart. She needed to move forward with her life and focus on the future. She had a farm and three horses to take care of, and no time to worry about how her farm hands made her body sizzle.

She forced herself away from the fence and headed back to the barn. She tossed the mail onto the storage box just inside the building. When she’d left Jack in Cleveland, she’d cleaned the shit out of her life. She picked up the shovel and strode to the first stall. Not the glamorous life, but she loved being back on the farm and close to Brian and Shaun.

Sunday Snog ~ Simply the Best by @WendiZwaduk


Check out the other snogs here! You should. They’re awesome. 🙂

Do you like kisses? Love reading books with kisses in them? So do I. Part of the group of books I got back from one of my publishers that closed was Simply the Best. I couldn’t let it languish in the folder and not come back out to play. So… I self-published it.

Now it’s back out there for you to enjoy. Here’s a snippet and a wicked hot kiss!

Simply the Best by Wendi ZwadukSimply the Best NEW Cover 1

Scarred Hearts, #3

Publisher: Megan Slayer Publications

Product Description: 

A chance meeting leading to a lasting love?

Sam Rhodes swore he had his life sorted out. He loves his job at the Gates Mills Police Department and his dating life—all the guys he wants as long as he keeps things quiet. But a chance meeting at the library has him rethinking everything he knows. Can this seasoned officer accept what he never knew he wanted, especially if the love of his life could be a woman?

Emma Haeferle’s plans for the day included shelving books at the Gates Mills library, hanging out with her friend and avoiding the leering glances from her boss. When she locks gazes with the handsome bald man across the second floor of the library, all bets are off. She longs to wrap herself in his muscle-bound arms, but can a chance encounter really be simply the best?

Anything is possible when you only accept the best.

Available at:

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BN –

How about that kiss? Here you go!!

“You’re too good to be true.” She opened the driver’s side door. “I don’t know whether to believe you or go with my gut.”

A test? Let her test him. He’d do whatever she needed to feel safe. “What does your gut say?”

“You’ve probably got at least one person on the side and this isn’t going to last.”

Shit. “I don’t have anyone on the side.” He rested his forehead on hers. “Let me take you out. Tomorrow or Saturday? I’m off this week and next so whenever you want, I’m yours.”

“My brother’s racing over at the speedway in Lindale tomorrow. I’m sure we can get into the pits.” She half-laughed. “Wow. What an ice breaker. Come to the race and meet my family.  Just forget—”

“Perfect.” Sam kissed her again, stopping her protest. “I’ll pick you up and we can rock that speedway.” He’d wait as long as she asked. “I’d like to meet your family.”

“Now I know you’re full of it.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. Emma swiped her tongue along his bottom lip. When she backed away, blush spread across her cheeks. “How about we end this night right here?”

“You got it. Good night, sweetheart.” Sam closed her car door and watched her drive away. A piece of his heart went with her. His phone buzzed in his pocket. A new text. He gritted his teeth. With no family around, the only people texting him were from the police force. He bit back a smile. Quinton Reynolds. The only man he’d risk losing Emma over.

Checking up on you during your vacation. The beat isn’t the same without you. Call if you need anything.

Yeah, he needed something, but he refused to ask Quint. Not yet at least. He wanted to see where things were going with Emma before he even considered introducing anyone else into the mix.

Sam stared into the blackness of the sky. One of these days he’d figure himself out—who he wanted, what he needed and how to make everything work.

One day.

Cover Reveal ~ Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats Anthology

I was given the opportunity to take part in a cowboy anthology with Totally Bound. Now I love my anthologies and those stories, but to get the opportunity to write cowboys? Um, yeah. Sign me up. My contribution is called Between Us. M/F/M. Yum! Stuck between two ranch hands. Dream come true!!

Cover art courtesy of Emmy Ellisbootschapsandcowboyhats_800

Out Soon from Totally Bound!

Sexy Snippet Saturday… On Monday!

I’m a little late with the Sexy Snippet Saturday post, but I’ve got it now. Grin. Enjoy Seven Sexy lines from one of my favorite books, Savin’ Me. Sinful!

Saturday Snippet Badge

Savin’ Me by Wendi Zwaduk

Part of the Treble Anthologysavinme_800

Total-E-Bound Publishing

M/F, M/F/M, M/M, M/M/F, Toys, BDSM, D/s, Anal sex, Menage, Contemporary



Three is their magic number. Now they’ve got to decide if the magic is worth saving.

Razrs Edge used to pack stadiums, fuelled by the inner turmoil and passion of the three founding members. Now that the threesome has parted ways, the lights aren’t as bright and the cheers of the crowds not as loud.

It’s time to bring the magic back.
Parkur has never been convinced the split was for good. They were meant to be three. But can he write the music to convince Juniper and Jacoby to give him a second chance?

Juniper and Jacoby want the triad intact. Is the love they shared as three enough to erase the destruction in their collective past?

Reader Advisory: This book contains two heroes hell bent on making sweet music with the woman of their dreams, the rediscovery of passion between three people, hot manlove and ménage action, a little spanking, some toy play, and some bondage…oh yes…

Available here:



AllRomance Ebooks:


And now for those seven sinful lines…Maybe it’s a little longer than seven, but it’s worth it!

Groaning, Juniper rocked her hips against his thigh. Cream from her pussy slicked his denim-covered crotch. Damn, she wanted him. Jacoby ground into her then reached down between them, rubbing her clit with the pad of his thumb. “Fuck, pet.” Jacoby panted and stroked his cock against her lower belly. “Need you now.”

“Take me.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, granting him access as he lifted her from the floor. “Please fuck me, Sir.”

Releasing her long enough to unzip and withdraw his erection, Jacoby gathered her back into his embrace and slid into her body. The walls of her pussy clenched around him, creating delicious friction. Damn, he’d never last. He built the rhythm in time with her writhing and drove into her slick channel. A melody played in his brain, the same one he heard whenever he made love to her. All he needed to make it perfect was Parkur’s steady drumbeat, his soul with them…

Sexy Saturday Snippet ~

Saturday Snippet Badge

I’m going to try a new feature on the blog. Sexy Snippet Saturday. For my 1937687first seven line snippet, I’m featuring my short story, Sweet in His Arms. It’s a departure for me. Sweet romance. I know, I know. I’m an erotic romance author. But this was a fun departure. It’s also featured in the Romancing the Sweet Side Anthology. All of the profits from this anthology go to the One Way Farm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check it out!

Now here are those seven lines:

The moment Ryan’s lips touched Gage’s, sparks shot through Gage’s system. His thoughts frayed and every nerve ending buzzed. He’d waited for this moment for so long.

Gage eased his fingers from his belt loops and wound his arms around Ryan’s strong body. Having Ryan against him was so sweet. Like they were meant to be together. He allowed Ryan to push the kiss deeper and to swallow his moan. Sweet Jesus, yes.

Yum? I thought so. Grab a copy of the anthology and help kids who could use the love. Thank you.