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Today’s post is about an average day in my life. I have to admit, the first thing that came to mind was the Beatles song, A Day in the Life. Woke up, got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head…

But this is a day in my life. An average one. I don’t know if any of them are average anymore. This world we’re in isn’t exactly playing to par at the moment. Really.

But back to a day in my life.

I get up. Get dressed, have my chocolate milk (I don’t drink coffee – never acquired the taste). I feed the dogs, ensure the big dog has his meds, then trip over at least one of the cats. While the tot gets ready for school, I work on the EDJ. It’s not really that evil, but when you’re rather be writing, everything is evil. Lol. I work on the EDJ until ten-ish. Usually by then, I’m interrupted a hundred times. My dog is very needy. She’s like having a toddler again. If there’s something she can get into, she’ll find it. She likes to watch the traffic on our road, so if I can get her to do that, she’ll behave enough I can get work done. Most of the time she’d rather play with her fire hydrant and howl. Yup, she’s a hound dog.

I do whatever chores need done, try to write, deal with dogs who like to interrupt, take them for walks, try to get my miles in and maybe get back to writing. I’m not the chef in our house. That’s DH’s job. I tend to do most of my writing at night, which means waiting for everyone to go to bed. The only issue? My dog is a early bird. I’m a night owl. Sigh.

What about you? What’s the latest and greatest in your day?

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Christmas in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

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Two men, one kid and the frayed nerves that come with the holidays…can they make it through to Christmas without a blow-up?

Colt Harrison knew when he met Ashley Willis that he’d found the one man for him. He loves Ashley’s son, Wyatt, as if he were his own son. But the stress of living together, compounded with buying a home and adopting pets has worn him down…not to mention the aggravation that comes with the diner he owns. He wants to make Christmas special for his family, but how can they have a great holiday when Colt’s never home?

Ashley’s got a two-week vacation from his job at the elementary school teaching art. All he wants is time with Colt and Wyatt. He loves Colt, but not the long hours spent at the diner, especially around the holidays. Can he be honest about what he wants from Colt and keep the man he loves?

Anything is possible if they embrace the magic of Christmas.

Reader advisory: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been expanded and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.

General Release Date: 22nd December 2020

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This week’s challenge topic involves a day in my life. I don’t know if it’s that exciting but I’ll give it a stab. While you’re here, check out the other posts. You can find them here: http://www.longandshortreviews.com/miscellaneous-musings/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-for-march-13-2019/

A day in my life tends to look like this:

Get up way earlier than I’d like because I’m the taxi to take the tot to school. Tot gets up on his own and takes care of himself in the morning, but since tot can’t drive…

While waiting for tot to  get ready for school, I do part of the EDJ, which isn’t as evil as it might seem. I rather like the EDJ, but I’d also rather be sleeping instead. I also try to make sure the emails have been read/addressed and I’ve done a cursory check of social media. It’s not nearly as glamorous as it looks.

Once tot has been delivered to school, the dogs get fed and usually attempt to trip me. They like to run crazy through the house. Once they’re settled, I get my 2-3 mile walk in for the day. I’ve tried to walk every day and am up to over 180 miles walked for the year (my goal is actually 1000). I’m behind on my goal, but I’ll get there.

After a shower and clothes change, I tend to try to write. But Dh is home and there are chores to do, so until lunch I’m either attending to chores or whatever DH has in mind.

After lunch is writing time. I wish I could say I get to do this every day, but I don’t. Sometimes it’s impeded by vet visits, dentist visits or time spent with the Friends of the Library. Right now I’m spending a lot of time working on our upcoming author event.

I retrieve the tot from school, then once we’re home that’s about the time DH leaves. My afternoons are there to feed the dogs, meal prep, ensuring tot gets homework done, listening to drum/guitar practice (I don’t actively listen…it’s more like it’s thundering through the ceiling, so I have no choice), feed cats or they being to conspire my downfall, laundry and once the tot settles for the night, more writing. I’m a night owl, so I like to write later. I’d also like to sleep later in the morning, but one wish at a time… I carry the dog upstairs because that’s what she thinks I should do and crash.

So that’s my day.

What about yours? I’ll bet yours is much more exciting. Grin.