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It’s time for the Sunday Snog and this week, I’m featuring my new box set, Challenges. Check it out!!

Seven women. Seven Challenges. What each woman gets is beyond her wildest dreams.ms_challenges_xl

Make Me: A crop, some rope, a sweet little plug… just what she wants, and all she had to say was “Make me.”

Show Me: Calen’s issued a challenge — her naked before the wall of windows in their sixth floor apartment. Will Elisha please her master or walk away forever?

Take Me: Talia wants nothing more than to shirk her duties on the set of her latest movie so she can be with her heartthrob husband. But she never expected him to kidnap her… or did she?

Watch Me: Kacey and Marc’s lives changed the moment the hunk moves in next door. Will they be willing to make all their fantasies reality, or will they have to live with the view through the window?

Film Me: Jinx has been around the world of adult films for more than five years. Leading man Wes Long challenges Jinx for more. He’ll accept nothing less than her total submission — on and off the set.

Capture Me: Dolly makes her living posing for pinup shots. She’s got the look — the tats, the piercings — but she’s not a size two. Some guys love a wicked hot challenge.

Caught Me: Trick’s offered his girl a challenge — simple, easy, and sure to be decadent. He’s going to make her wildest dreams come true.

Publisher’s Note: Challenges (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Make Me, Show Me, Take Me, Watch Me, Film Me, Capture Me, and Caught Me.

Available from Changeling Press and AllRomance Ebooks!

Now for that snog!!!

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2016 Megan Slayer
Excerpt from Make Me

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, just floated.

Zeke removed the plug and lowered me to my knees. Before I realized what he’d done, he removed the spreader bar and unlocked the handcuffs. I sagged into a sitting position. The room still spun a bit on its axis. Everything throbbed with the perfect ache of rough lovemaking.

I don’t know what he did with the bar or cuffs or the toy for that matter, but when he took me in his arms I snuggled against his sweat-slickened chest. Zeke placed me on the bed.

With careful hands, he unfastened the clamps and kissed my breasts. My ass burned against the cool sheets.

“Sit up, love.” Albeit with help, I moved into position. Zeke unwound the rope and licked a path over the indentations in my skin.

I shivered.

“I’ll cover you in a moment.” He heaved the rope onto the floor, then pulled the comforter over our bodies. I snuggled into his side and closed my eyes. Thoroughly used up, I couldn’t wait to fall asleep in his arms.

A thought crossed my mind. My necklace. For a moment I wondered if they’d fallen off or broken when we fooled around. I touched my throat where the pearls rested.

“Do you like your anniversary present?”

“Yes.” I rolled the beads between my fingers. “Just what I always wanted.”

“Better than sex? My making you behave?”

I smirked and rested my head on his chest. “The whole night was the best present ever.”


Sunday Snog ~ Begin Again by @MeganSlayer ~ #sundaysnog


It’s time for the Sunday Snog. I’ve always liked this story and was thrilled when my editor at MLR Press asked me to take part in the Pause Story submission call. See what you think. I love broken people and second chance romance. 🙂

Begin AgainBeginAgain_200

A Take a Pause Story

By Megan Slayer

Contemporary, LGBTQ

M/M, anal sex, Masturbation

Novella (85 pages)


Taking a pause just might be the cure for his broken heart.

Denver Chalmers thought his world completely collapsed when his twin brother, Deiken, committed suicide. Instead of succumbing to the depression, he took a long breath and kept pushing forward with his life. But he’s not really living. Will a chance meeting at the cemetery be the first step toward his salvation?

Jett Dawson shared Denver’s view of the world. Deiken had been his everything, but their seemingly perfect relationship hid a multitude of problems. Jett won’t forget about his past, but he’s ready to move forward. He’s always had a crush on Denver and although he’s been told its wrong, he wants Denver in his life on a romantic level. Will their common ground and mutual desire lead to disaster or something they both need?

Available from MLR Press

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And from AllRomance Ebooks

Now for that Snog!!

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“You want to date me?” Denver closed his hand over Jett’s, but didn’t shove him away. “Me? I called you an asshole and told you to leave the cemetery the last time I saw you. I’ve treated you like shit.”

“You’ve been honest.” He rubbed his thumb across the lower swell of Denver’s pectoral muscle. “I’m not looking for a rebound or a replacement.”

Denver removed his sunglasses and bridged the gap between him and Jett. “This is so wrong.” He curled his fingers under Jett’s chin. “So, so wrong.”

Jett held his breath as Denver lowered his mouth. The moment his lips touched Denver’s, his world spun. Electricity zapped him from within. He allowed himself to breathe and willed himself not to panic. He’d wanted this kiss for so long, but he wanted passion behind it.

Denver brushed his lips against Jett’s, then kissed him again. This time, he curled his fingers around the back of Jett’s neck. He pulled Jett closer and bit Jett’s bottom lip.

Was that passion? Desire? Jett hoped so. He kept his hand on Denver’s heart and eased his arm around Denver’s waist.

Denver broke the kiss first. His cheeks were flushed—from the sun or the kiss? Jett wasn’t sure.

“Well?” Jett asked. He flattened his palm on Denver’s side. Part of him never wanted to let go. The rest of him wanted to hide until Denver made his decision.

“It was good. Different.” Denver eased back and let go of him. “I’m conflicted. On one level, you’re still Deiken’s partner. You’re off-limits and I can just hear my mother. On another level, you’re a man and handsome. You’re interested and single.”

“How about a date? Just one. If there’s chemistry, we can take it from there. No strings or expectations.” Although he had plenty of strings and expectations. He’d fallen for Denver more than ten years ago and his feelings hadn’t gone away with time. Sure, he’d had a strong relationship with Deiken, but that seemed like it was a lifetime ago. He wanted to move forward and on with his life. He loved Deiken—always would—but he needed to begin again.

Sunday Snog ~ Together in Cedarwood by @MeganSlayer #Sundaysnog


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My latest release, Together in Cedarwood is a particular favorite of mine. I love when second chance romance, even if it’s not far removed from the first chance, blossoms and becomes something strong. I also have a thing for handsome men coming together. Check out Together in Cedarwood and Bobby and Remy’s hot kiss!!

Together in Cedarwood MS_TogetherInCedarwood

By Megan Slayer

Single Father Society, Book 4

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Super Novel

From Loose Id

Bobby Gagnon came back to town in the hopes of starting over. He’s got his kids and his accounting business, but he wants more. One look at the hot guy sharing the running trail with him is enough to stoke Bobby’s fire. He wants to hook up with the sexy runner, but he doesn’t even know the guy’s name. Will the man even want to be with a single father?

Remy Bard never considered himself a kid person or parent material. He’s happy with his job at the Cedarwood Tribune, but it’s not enough. Something’s always been missing in his life. He keeps seeing the same guy at the park—tall, dark, handsome and hot as hell in those running shorts. Although he’s shy, Remy isn’t about to let this guy get away without at least one night together.

These opposites certainly attract, but will their differences be enough to keep them apart or will they find a way to come together in Cedarwood?

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!!

Available Soon from Loose Id and these fine retailers:

Now for that kiss!

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“I like to walk with my date.” Bobby threw his arm around Remy’s shoulders again. “I’m a touchy kind of guy.”

His date…wowza. Remy unlocked the door and allowed Bobby entry. He flipped on the lights. “It’s not much, but it’s home.”

Bobby closed the door, then pinned Remy against the chilly metal. “I need this. Need you.”

“Yeah.” He mashed his mouth down on Bobby’s and groaned. He couldn’t get his hands beneath Bobby’s shirt fast enough. He tugged the button-down free of Bobby’s jeans, then caressed the smooth skin. Holy fuck, Bobby was ripped. All muscle, like advertised in the tight shirt.

Bobby broke the kiss first and growled. “Like that?” He shrugged out of his shirt and popped the button on Remy’s jeans. “I’m loving this.” He freed Remy’s dick from his underwear. “Take the shirt off.”

Remy couldn’t reply. The words weren’t there, no matter how hard he tried, but he did yank his shirt up over his head. He braced his shoulders against the door and focused on breathing. Each time Bobby kissed him or tugged on his cock, Remy’s brain misfired. Fire licked him from within. He smoothed his hands over Bobby’s chest. He liked hairless men, and Bobby didn’t disappoint. He plucked Bobby’s nipple.

“Fuck, yeah.” Bobby yanked his belt and unbuckled, then shoved his jeans down around his thighs. He took his dick and Remy’s in his hand.

Remy stared into Bobby’s eyes. For a split second, the world seemed to fade away around them. The only thing that mattered was what Bobby did to his cock.

Sunday Snog ~ Together in Cedarwood by @MeganSlayer ~ #sundaysnog


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It’s Sunday Snog time again. Check out the white hot kisses from my upcoming novel, Together in Cedarwood. It’s the next book in the Single Father Society series and I can’t wait for it to come out. Check it out!

Together in Cedarwood MS_TogetherInCedarwood

By Megan Slayer

Single Father Society, Book 4

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Super Novel

From Loose Id

Bobby Gagnon came back to town in the hopes of starting over. He’s got his kids and his accounting business, but he wants more. One look at the hot guy sharing the running trail with him is enough to stoke Bobby’s fire. He wants to hook up with the sexy runner, but he doesn’t even know the guy’s name. Will the man even want to be with a single father?

Remy Bard never considered himself a kid person or parent material. He’s happy with his job at the Cedarwood Tribune, but it’s not enough. Something’s always been missing in his life. He keeps seeing the same guy at the park—tall, dark, handsome and hot as hell in those running shorts. Although he’s shy, Remy isn’t about to let this guy get away without at least one night together.

These opposites certainly attract, but will their differences be enough to keep them apart or will they find a way to come together in Cedarwood?

Available Soon from Loose Id:

Now for that Sunday Snog:

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“Kind of. It’s nice to see you close up, rather than running past you at full blast.” He brushed his nose along Bobby’s cheek. “I’ve been dying to talk to you since I first saw you.”

“I don’t bite.” Bobby turned Remy around until he faced the fence, then eased behind him. He wrapped both arms around Remy’s waist and rested his chin on Remy’s shoulder. His breath tickled Remy’s ear. “No, I do bite, but only if you want me to.”

Remy groaned. When Bobby spoke, he rubbed the bulge in his jeans along Remy’s ass. The man packed the goods, and Remy wanted to unwrap his present. He threaded his fingers around Bobby’s and ground his butt into Bobby’s groin. Hell, yes, he wanted that dick in his hole tonight.

“You don’t hold back, do you?” Bobby asked. He nipped Remy’s earlobe. “Want me that much?”

“Uh-huh.” He’d rather skip out on the fireworks and make some of their own. “My car’s not too far away.”

“Neither is mine.” He scraped his teeth along the side of Remy’s neck. “You taste as good as you look.”

He paused. He looked good? “Nah.” He knew better. “I’m no one special.”

“Right.” Bobby groaned. “Don’t want to fuck in the car.”

“Me, either.” He managed to turn around in Bobby’s embrace. “My apartment isn’t far away.”

“I’ll follow you.” Bobby let go of Remy long enough to grasp his hand, then made his way across the lot to the cars. “Where am I going?”

“The Deer Crossing apartments. I’m in the strip of apartments facing away from the road.” He stopped at his car. “This is mine.”

“Nice.” Fire lit in Bobby’s eyes. He pinned Remy to the back bumper of the vehicle and mashed his mouth down on Remy’s. When Remy gasped, Bobby swallowed the sound.

Remy draped his arms around Bobby’s neck. Things had moved rather fast, but he didn’t regret a moment. He liked men with the in-charge look like Bobby wore, and he couldn’t wait to get to the apartment. Hell, he couldn’t believe a handsome man like Bobby was even there with him, much less kissing him in public.

Bobby broke the kiss and rested his forehead against Remy’s. “You’re deep in thought. Either I’m a shitty kisser or I’m not keeping your attention.”

“You’re all I’m thinking about,” he confessed. “I’m not sure why you picked me, but I love it.”

“You’re hard on yourself.” Bobby released his grasp on Remy. “You should stop. You’re creasing your brow too much.”

He rubbed the patch of skin between his eyebrows. Sure enough, he’d etched worry lines there. “Sorry.”

“Take me home, handsome.” Bobby swatted Remy’s hip, then started away. “I’m following you.”

“Good deal.” He managed to climb behind the wheel of his car but didn’t turn on the engine right away. He needed another moment to think. Bobby, the man he’d fantasized about, was following him home. Fucking hell yeah. He backed out of the parking spot and headed out of the lot. He glanced in his mirror. Sure enough, Bobby, in a black sedan, was behind him. His hands shook as he drove the eight blocks to his apartment complex. He stopped in his allotted spot, then waited for Bobby to park.

“I looked at these apartments, but there wasn’t one available.” Bobby joined Remy by his car. “Nice, though.” He slipped his hand into Remy’s pocket. “What’s this?” He pulled out the notebook.

“I’m a journalist.” He reached for the notebook but didn’t fight Bobby. “I write for The Cedarwood Tribune. I’m supposed to do a piece on the festival, along with a few softball games and other sports.”

“You’re into sports?” Bobby handed over the notebook.

“Not really, but it meant keeping my job, so I’m sucking it up.”

“I like suck-ups.” Bobby dropped his voice an octave. “Do you?”

“Uh-huh.” He nodded to the path. “I’m up here.” He started away from the lot, but Bobby grabbed his hand.

“I like to walk with my date.” Bobby threw his arm around Remy’s shoulders again. “I’m a touchy kind of guy.”

His date…wowza.

Sunday Snog ~ Between Us by Wendi Zwaduk #SundaySnog


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I love a good cowboy story and I hope my novella in the Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats Antho, titled Between Us, fits the bill for you. Check out a white hot snog from my book. See what you think. I hope you like it. 🙂

Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats Anthologybetweenus_800

Featuring Between Us by Wendi Zwaduk


M/F, M/F/M, Menage, Anal Sex

Short Story


Sometimes coming home is the best way to heal a broken heart—especially with two ranch hands involved.

Channon Kennedy planned to come home, but she never expected to find herself in the arms of the two men she’s fantasized over since high school. Back then, Shaun and Brian didn’t seem interested. Now, she’s older, wiser and has nothing to lose. If the men of her dreams want her, who is she to resist?

Shaun Maple and Brian Powell have done everything together—work at the farm, live together and love the same woman. They’ve wanted Channon since they first laid eyes on her, but circumstances beyond their control kept the threesome apart. Times have changed and so have Shaun and Brian. They’re not taking no for an answer—they want her between them for good. Can the ranch hands convince her she’s the only woman for them or will the relationship implode before it gets a chance to grow?

Available at:

Totally Bound:


Barnes and Noble:


Now for that snog!

©Copyright Wendi Zwaduk 2016, All Rights Reserved

She didn’t want them with another woman. She had no claim on them, but still.

“We’re alone,” Shaun said.

“Really?” she blurted.

Brian sighed. “How about we have a nice dinner tonight and get things sorted out? Yes?”

She shrugged, unsure of what else to do. “I’d like that.”

“Good.” Brian climbed behind the wheel of the mail truck. “I’ll be back in an hour.” He drove off, leaving her alone with Shaun.

Channon turned her attention to Shaun. “Okay. Spill. What’s going on here?”

“Nothing that I know of.” Shaun leaned on the fence. “We want to treat you right tonight.”

“Because?” God. Being with Jack had made her quick to question every nice thing in her life. She needed to shake that bad habit and fast.

“Just because.” Shaun shrugged and tipped his head. “We want to.”

“You two never do anything because. Your wanting to always has a proviso.” Her lack of trust in almost everyone was showing more than she wanted.

“We’re doing it because we want to.” Shaun smiled. “You deserve a nice night.”

For a split second she could’ve sworn he said because we want you, but she knew better. Still, she didn’t trust them. “Oh, well. Thank you.”

“We want you.” Shaun grinned and tugged her into his arms. “Have for a while.” He kissed her hard on the lips, then let go of her and strolled to the tractor.

Channon stared at him in stunned silence. She trusted her hearing this time. He’d said they wanted her. Really? She hoped it was real, but her second-guessing came back to haunt her. She hadn’t heard him incorrectly, but she doubted they’d want her for long.

Shaun glanced back at her and grinned, then climbed into the tractor.

Channon grabbed the fencepost for support. She wasn’t about to try to figure Shaun or Brian out. She knew better. She’d tried before and only ended up with a broken heart. She needed to move forward with her life and focus on the future. She had a farm and three horses to take care of, and no time to worry about how her farm hands made her body sizzle.

She forced herself away from the fence and headed back to the barn. She tossed the mail onto the storage box just inside the building. When she’d left Jack in Cleveland, she’d cleaned the shit out of her life. She picked up the shovel and strode to the first stall. Not the glamorous life, but she loved being back on the farm and close to Brian and Shaun.

Sunday Snoggin’ With Switching Gears by @MeganSlayer #SundaySnog


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It’s time for the Sunday Snogs!! Check out this one from Switching Gears, book three of the Track Domination Series.

Switching Gears  1248280

Track Domination book 3

Megan Slayer

Resplendence Publishing

M/M, BDSM, toys, Spanking, Contemporary, Racing

Ethan’s about to meet his match in the last person he ever expected.

Ethan Long is a man on a mission—finish well and he gets to keep his ride at Flash Racing. Continue to crash and his racing days will be numbered. Other than being behind the wheel of a race vehicle, this good looking hot shot hasn’t got the first clue how to harness his ego or his talent. Until he locks gazes with Royce. Then all bets are off.

Royce Darden doesn’t play around. His no-nonsense attitude propelled him to the head of the merchandise sales at Flash. He’s good with numbers and facts…and a crop. Few people know about his wilder side and what he needs in bed. He sees the inner submissive in Ethan screaming for a turn. Can Royce convince the young driver that switching gears could be the key to his racing future?

Available here:–switching-gears-track-domination-series-book-three-by-megan-slayer.html


and here:

Goodness, I love unconventional snoggin’ posts. 🙂

A knock at the door startled Royce from his thoughts. “Fuck,” he muttered. “Come on in.”

Ethan strode up the stairs, a huge duffle bag in hand and a knapsack slung over his shoulder. “Do you think Collin’s interested in me?”

Royce pressed his lips together. Not the question he’d expected from Ethan.

“Wait, I mean, as a second, fulltime truck driver? I know he’s all up Sam’s ass.” Ethan dropped the bags. “I’m screwing this all up.” He paced the length of the living room area. “I’d love to know I’m secure for next year.”

Okay, the hot and cold shit had to stop. Royce grabbed Ethan by the shoulders. “First, you need to calm down and breathe.” He inched Ethan onto the couch then took a step back. “The only one contracted for next year is Will.”

“‘Cause he’s the golden boy,” Ethan snapped.

Ah, the youth in Ethan reared its ugly head.

“No,” Royce bit out. “He’s settled down and steady.”

“He’s leading the points. Everyone wants him right now.”

Mother of all things holy, Royce would never make it back to North Carolina with Ethan at this rate. “Look, he’s got no ‘did not finishes’ this year. You’ve got two. Both your trucks this week are toast because you used them as battering rams.” Royce’s voice cracked and echoed off the walls. “You need to pull your head out of your ass and settle down or plan on not having a ride next year. Plain and simple.”


“You’re only hot shit until the next wonder kid comes along. Prove why you’ve got staying power so Collin will have to keep you around.” Royce gasped for breath. Few people

worked him up to the point of yelling. Ethan had made the short list. Royce shoved both hands into his hair. “Maybe no one has ever told you no, but I will. Stop being a shit so you can do what you love.”

Ethan didn’t say anything for the longest time. He stared toward the floor and shuffled his boot-clad feet.

“Thanks,” Ethan mumbled. “Collin told me we needed to hang out more. Said you’d be able to sell my crap better if you got to know me. Sounds like you already do.”

Before Royce could respond, Ethan met his gaze and grinned. “Now, do you want to fuck?”

“You can’t be serious.” So much for the emotional breakthrough Royce had expected.

“I can be, and I am.” The grin widened. Ethan winked then headed to the back of the motor coach. “And you can’t knock a guy for trying. Now, where do we sleep while this sucker’s in motion? Ooh! Bunks. Top one’s mine.”

Royce groaned. Dear Lord, this would be a long ride.

Sunday Snog ~ Mixing Mike by @MeganSlayer #SundaySnog


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It’s Sunday Snoggin’ time and I thought I’d share a teeny bit from one of my favorite stories, Mixing Mike. Two guys who deserve to fall in love have to find the right record for the moment. Grin.

Mixing Mike by Megan Slayer1374813

Zero, Ohio, Book 3

Zero, Ohio, where the temperatures might be below freezing but you can always melt the frost with smoking hot sex. 

* * *

For these two men, this record could be the soundtrack to their lives – if they’re willing to mix things up.

Meticulous and organized, air traffic controller Mike Larson has every reason to be wary of mixing his passion for music with love. When Mike’s hunt to complete his Top 100 of the ‘80s list brings him to Vintage Vinyl, a shock of guyliner, dyed hair and flamboyant personality rocks his orderly world. Can he risk a step outside his comfort zone for a chance with Leon?

Flamboyant Leon Sanders uses attitude to keep others at a distance, because he doesn’t believe in love or a lasting relationship. When he turns up the charm at his music store Vintage Vinyl, he makes the best sales. Something about the quiet man beckons Leon to give love a chance, but does he dare mix it up with Mike?


Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Decadent

What the readers are saying:

“Watching these two flirt and find love was sizzling hot.  They have chemistry that just leaps off the pages of this book.  Pretty sure I have singed fingers now.  I like the idea that opposites really can find love and each brings what the other needs to the relationship. I pick up Ms. Slayer’s works for two reasons, she brings me stories that are original and well thought out and she always makes me fall in love and want more. I know I will be looking for more in the Zero, Ohio series in the future. Bring on the man love!” Redz World – Rated 5 shooting stars

Here’s that snog!!

“If you ever want to quit the center, I could totally use you at the store. You’re more anal than I am, and I didn’t think that was possible.”

“You don’t want me.”

Leon wasn’t sure what he meant by those words, but they still pricked at his heart. “I don’t know where you got that idea, but yeah, I do.” He placed Mike’s hand on his crotch. “If my words don’t convince you, the erection I’ve had for the last two days should.” He walked his soon-to-be lover backward to the bedroom and dropped his bag on the floor. More albums lined the walls. More pieces of Mike on display.

“I’m going to take care of you and show you how sexy you are.” He nudged Mike onto the bed. “You’re beautiful, and I want all of you.”

Time to take control—tender control. He climbed on top of his friend, kissing, touching, and learning every inch of the preppy looking man. He groaned into the kiss, sucking on the other man’s tongue. Mouth-to-mouth, chest-to-chest, and groin-to-groin, he straddled Mike. Their cocks rubbed together, despite the fabric between them. He wrapped his arms around the air traffic controller.

Leon broke the kiss first, overwhelmed by the onslaught of emotion in his heart. Lust, desire, need, and a healthy dose of craving.

“You’re easy to love,” he whispered. The thought scared him to death.

Easy to love and dangerous because Mike was quickly becoming very important to him. Leon kissed Mike once again, pinning him to the bed. He planted his knees on either side of his hips.

“I’m going to show you how easy.”