Inked & Sweet (Malachi Brothers 3) by Megan Slayer

I’m on Viviana MacKade’s blog today, talking about my #badboy #romance Inked and Sweet. There’s redemption, love and it’s hot! Come check it out!

Viviana MacKade

A classic, dark tale that’s always good to read.

Inked & Sweet (Malachi Brothers 3)by Megan Slayer released in June in the Contemporary Erotic Romance genre.

Dante Malachi screwed his life up to epic proportions. His addictions nearly killed him before he hit rock bottom. Getting kicked out of the Malachi family was his motivation to clean up his act, but leaving his old life behind meant leaving her, as well. Rona’s the one he never forgot.

Rona never wanted to see Dante again. She blames him for the bad in her life — but also most of the good. When he comes back into her orbit, she knows she has to let him in — or get rid of him for good.

When a bomb threat throws them together, it’s up to Rona and Dante to decide if they want to extinguish the desire between them or reignite their…

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