One Book I Wish Was a Movie or Series…with @meganslayer

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The topic is what book I’d like to see made into a movie. Honestly, this one is hard because most of the books I love have already been made into movies. Field of Dreams (Shoeless Joe), Lisey’s Story, A Time to Kill, To Kill a Mockingbird, and so many more.

But upon having a longer think (I’ve been to Pooh Corners), I thought of a couple books that would be good, but probably tear-jerkers as movies. One would be Dewey, the library cat. First off, I love orange cats. Second, I love libraries and this book has both.

Then there is Daughters of Erietown by Connie Schultz. This book reads like it could easily be made into a movie. I could see it on Lifetime or Hallmark, save for the harder tinge to the topics. It really feels like it’s written where I live, which is probably how it should be as this is the wife of my state senator and she lives a few towns over. No joke.

If I could pick two of my own that I would make into movies, it would be Runaway Royal and My Favorite Mistake. I love these stories and can see them as moving images. 🙂

Will this runaway royal ever find her place…and true love?

All Princess Catherine Zara of Lysianna wants to do is attend college like everyone else her age. So she’s a royal and requires a security guard to move about in public, but if she goes to university, she doesn’t have to marry the man chosen for her. He’s not her true love, so why torture herself? All she has to do to get her life started is to run away to the US…

And then she meets Luke.

Luke Cobb wants to survive college with a degree in studio art and guarantees that he can show his paintings in the local galleries. All he needs is the right break to get his work mainstream and the right woman to stoke his dormant muse. When he meets Zara, he’s smitten and his creativity sparks.

Except, she’s a princess and he’s a commoner, which could be a big problem…

She’s always known who she wanted. Now she needs to find the strength to make him see they’re more than a mistake.

Molly Neff creates promotional art for companies with confidence and her working partner is sex on legs. Austin Dean is sexy, smart and everything she’s wanted in a man since the moment they met. They’ve slept together a couple of times, but things haven’t worked out between them. When another woman enters the picture, can Molly convince Austin they belong together or will the relationship end up scrapped for a better idea?

As much as he likes working with Molly, Austin wants more out of life than creating advertising campaigns for others. He wants to be the star. Molly has always been his good luck charm—with her brains and charisma, she helps him make his dream come true. But his starring role comes with complications. He’s always sort of known he loved Molly, but another woman wants his attention. Will he choose Molly and a simple life with her or the bright lights of fame?

What about you? What books do you want to see made into movies? Maybe you can trip my memory and make me remember the third book I was thinking of.

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