One Task I Wish I Never Had to Do Again with @meganslayer

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This week’s post concerns something I never want to do again. A task. The very idea that it’s a task says it’s not something like saying goodbye to someone I love or getting my feelings hurt.

I can’t think of just one thing I don’t want to do again, but I can name a couple.

Laundry. Not the act of actually putting them in the washer, but I’m good at forgetting to put them in the dryer, then taking them out once they’re in said dryer. I get busy doing other things and forget. Oh and folding laundry. I know I have to do it and I prefer folded clothes, but I hate actually folding them.

Washing dishes. I like clean dishes and I prefer them to be actually clean, not with specks of food on them. The act of loading and unloading the dishwasher isn’t fun. I’d take it any day over sink washing, that’s true.

Dragging the garbage cans to the road. They’re heavy. They’re noisy. They smell. Garbage day inevitably falls on a rainy day or during a windy/rainy night. In the morning, I get the fantastic job of cleaning up what the wind blew over…Yuck. I don’t like doing it.

Now I can hear you saying, these are first world problems. They are. I am thankful I have clothes to wear and a means to wash them in my home. I’m thankful to have a home. I’m thankful to have food to put on said dishes and the dishwasher to wash them in, as well as a sink. I’m thankful to have garbage men that come to pick up the trash and I’m in a position where I can throw some things away. I have a good life. I just wish I didn’t have to do laundry, the dishes or drag out those cans again.

What about you? What do you wish you didn’t have to do?

6 thoughts on “One Task I Wish I Never Had to Do Again with @meganslayer

  1. Yeah, laundry’s another one that isn’t actually that difficult, it’s just that it’s relentless. (After the icepocalypse in Texas back in February, it was July before we got caught back up on the laundry! We were doing enough to stay clothed, but actually managing to empty the laundry baskets? Nope.)

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