Friday Five Writing Challenge with @meganslayer

Check out the Friday Five. It’s a prompt of five words, guaranteed to get you writing. You can take the words in any way you want. Here’s the link so you can participate, too!

This week’s words are: other, ready, digress, tire, orbit

I know it’s not Find Molly, but they’re not speaking to me. Instead, I’ll let the words direct me. Here we go!!

I sat there in the car and fumed. I thought we were ready. Thought we’d thought of everything. Bags, necessities, us… what other things could there be? Plenty. We’d forgotten one thing. To check the tires. It’s rather hard to go on a trip without tires. I mean, how can you go when the tires are bald or you didn’t check one and it’s flat? How do you not look? But I digress… I thought we were good, but my husband’s head is in another orbit. I suppose it’s to be expected. He’s been a real mess since we got in the car. The thing is, my contractions are five minutes apart and we really need to get to the hospital, not be stuck here on the side of the road. I really hope the EMS are on the way…I don’t want to have this baby in the car.

Such is life, right?

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