Meet My Pets! with @meganslayer #pets #critters #cats #dogs

I have always had a zoo. Seriously. I don’t have just one animal. I’ve had only one once. Once we added the dog, we haven’t looked back. There’s always at least two.

Right now, I have the Jellybean babies, otherwise known as Charlie and Roger. They’re the Jellybean babies, a take on the Jellybean twins, from M*A*S*H because they’re super poopers. I know, you didn’t need to know that. Oh well. They’re also known as the littles because I can’t name them the babies when I already have ‘the baby’.

Meet the baby. His given name is Captain America, but he was the baby of the family and it sort of stuck. He comes to Cap or the Baby. He’s weird. He acts like Lucifer from Cinderella and that’s his usual expression. He reminds me of the monster and the machine critter from the Muppets.

Then there’s Vader. He thinks he’s a dog. Yep. He does. He’s not, but he thinks he is. He plays fetch, watches traffic and follows the tot like a dog. He’s weird, too.

And my pup, my heart, my shadow….Agent Peggy Carter. If you have a Cap, you need a Peggy. Just sayin’.

How about you? Who are your pets? These aren’t even all of mine, but the blog just isn’t big enough for everyone. Lol!

10 thoughts on “Meet My Pets! with @meganslayer #pets #critters #cats #dogs

  1. You have awesome pets. I love them all. I wish I could have more than two (limited by landlords). I am loving this week’s hope, getting to visit everyone’s babies.

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