Friday Five with @meganslayer #fridayfive #storystarter #funnystory

You know you want to join in. The Friday Five is a blast. You write based on five words. Can go with other stuff, can be standalone. It’s up to you. Where can you join in? Here:

This week’s words are: lot, pill, root, interest, obese

I’m going to let them take me where they want to go. So, here goes.

I stared at the plant. Honestly, I hadn’t thought the thing would grow. Not out here. It rarely gets watered and the critters get at it. I never thought the thing would take root. I mean, it’s a ridiculously sunny lot. Nothing wants to grow here. Nothing that’ll be this big. My goodness, the thing looks obese, it’s growing so well. How was I to know it would germinate and grow so fast? I mean, it was a spilled cholesterol pill. It wasn’t supposed to make anything grow and certainly not an arm.

Now the media’s taking interest. I think I need to hide…

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